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About Me

I live in Sandwich, Illinois. It is a small rural town, with lots of farm land. Even though Sandwich is a small town, it is fairly close to Chicago, Illinois - about 60 miles. I am married and have two grown boys and two fun loving Dachshunds.

*** 10/3/2016 *** I'm current on outgoing swaps and should be caught up on rating. I will be on vacation until mid-October. If I receive something, while I'm away, please know that I will rate as soon as I return.

So we've been planning a cruise (my first ever) with my Mom and Stepdad for almost a year. Now that the time has arrived, so has hurricane Matthew. We are all expecting to make our flights to get to/on the cruise. The cruise is along the northeast coast and up to Novia Scotia. We are anticipating some rainy days while stopping at ports throughout New England. Hopefully, rain will be the worst of it.

*** 07/30/2016 *** Back in the craft room :-) OMG did July just fly by. My brother is doing very well. He graduated from a walker to a cane and doesn't need a lot of added help anymore. We were able to attend my husband's nephews wedding last weekend in Newport News, VA. It was a quick trip overall, but the 15 hours on the road made it seem a bit longer. We love road trips, so we had a lot of fun. Would have liked to stay a bit longer, but it was a heatwave of 95-99 degree days, so we headed back.

*** 07/03/2016 *** Hold that thought on more crafting/swapping time. On 6/22/16, my brother fell when he was getting off of his roof. The ladder went right out from under him. He fell directly on concrete and broke his pelvis in 3 places. Given all the other things that could have happened, he actually was very lucky. Once he was released from the hospital, my husband and I and my son are helping him. It will be a 6-12 week recovery time for the bones to heal. We are very close and luckily live very close, so I am glad that we can help him as much as he needs.

*** 06/14/2016 *** Back to swapping :-) Received #happymail today and getting ready to do/send out some swaps and sign up for new ones! It was a busy May/early June.
---Returned from Portland and a whirlwind trip to the Pacific Northwest of Washington with my older son. Both the scenic views of the northwest coast and Portland were amazing, while getting to vist with my son. While in Portland, I met a fellow swapper in person. It was a first for both of us and we both had a great visit, shared crafty ideas and actually shopped at a craft store and antique mall.

*** 05/30/2016 **** Back from Florida - my FIL is just about ready to move into a new place now and my SIL will be there to help. Some of the major tests results for my Mom came back with good news! She still had to have surgery and is now recovering. I leave soon to see my older son in Portland, so I'm not in any new swaps (missing them). Getting caught up on my incoming mail now.

*** 05/15/2016 **** So while I had expected to be unwinding from work and figuring out my "new normal" post retirement, some unexpected things are happening... My 90 yr old FIL sold his home and needs our help to find a place and get ready for the move. Around the same time, my mom called with unexpected health issues. So we have headed to Florida to see our parents. The packing is in progress and we find out more about my Mom tomorrow. I'm taking a break from swapping until I really can unwind-hoping for positive outcomes in both cases.

**** Big Update 04/15/2016 ***** After 32 years of working at various places in Information Technology (aka:IT), I have decided to retire. It was a big decision since I'm a bit young for full retirement..there are no benefits from work regardless of age and I'm still too young to qualify for Socsecurity/Medicare. But my husband is a bit older and we are able to make due on his benefits. Work had become very stressful, so choosing to do with a little less in order to enjoy life more became the better option. I plan to remain active on swap-bot and look forward to more time crafting and meeting people with similar interests.

^^^^^ My favorite time of year is the Fall and this year it started out with some family visits. My FIL stayed with us in September for two 2 weeks and he celebrated his 90th Birthday with us. We enjoyed showing him our home town and attended the Sandwich Fair, visited Starved Rock State Park, did a cookout and my husband's sister came to town to celebrate as well. My FIL is amazing for being 90 years young.

Hobbies and Fun

I love to do many things and try something new all the time. I have just started making cards with stamps, inks, glitter, embossing and more. I also make stationary and note cards, with homemade envelopes and started writing penpal letters. I also love to take pictures and learn all new technologies.

Favorite Day

On a sunny 75 degree day - I usually enjoy it out on the patio with a great cup of coffee and chocolate of course. I also love going to concerts and small parities with close friends and family.


ANY Postcard to make it a fun mail day.
(Note: I prefer NAKED and Stamped, unless it is a swap of many PC's in an envie).

It is interesting to learn about each place as well as get beautiful or fun pictures. I love mountains, fall scenery, dogs, horses and really anything in between.

  • Historical buildings
  • Museums-
  • Cafes - any coffee cafe
  • Churches
  • Victorian/Vintage Homes
  • Nature - all types of outdoor photos
    • Mountains, Waterfalls, Sunsets, Winter, Spring or Fall
  • Animals - I love dogs and especially Dachshunds. ** I have two dachshunds that we rescued. Olive and Truffles - they are so much fun.

Office Supplies

So I have always had a love of Office Supplies as long as I can remember. When I was dating my husband, he bought me a bag full of Staples and Office Max like items, for my birthday.

-Push Pins..in rainbow colors :-)
-Notebooks -Post-it Notes
-Label Sheets


noun pl. ephemeras or ephemerae 1.mayfly 2. a.an ephemeral thing b.ephemeral things collectively 3. printed matter (as theater programs, posters, guidebooks) meant to be of use for only a short time but preserved by collectors

Origin of ephemera Modern Latin ; from Classical Greek ephēmeron: see ephemeron

I've always loved the items below. I had no idea, until I joined swap-both that it was called Ephemera and who knew there were so many others that have similar interests.

-Newspaper/Magazine Articles
-Greeting Cards

Favorite Books

I will always pick up a good romance (Nicholas Sparks my favorite) or legal thriller (John Grisham and more)..have read so many can't ever put them down.

Now I love a lot of non-fiction especially memoirs.
The New Cool - about robotics competitions Memoirs of a Geisha, Eat, Pray, Love. Steve Jobs

Favorite Music

I listen to all types of music and have it have it going all the time. There is nothing that helps my mood like Music. I've used Pandora for two years and have just recently switched to slacker.com for streaming.

An endless list Adelle, Elton John, Coldplay, Five for Fighting, Lifehouse, Michael Buble, Parachute, The Script, Train, and so on. I've seen Sister Hazel enough times to be considered a "HazelNut". I listened to classical Bach, Bethoven and more, while growing up. It is still so beautiful.

Favorite Television

I love Sundays with Sunday Morning to start the day and 60 Minutes to finish it.

Other fun favorites - Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Private Practice, Smash - oh and hooked on American Idol - thank goodness for a DVR - otherwise it would take to long.


I will always send my swaps out. If for some reason you don't receive my swap in a timely manner, if you could let let me know before rating me. With other postcards swaps, I have noticed that it does take a while to get to Russia and a few other countries. If the swap package or postcards, for some reason don't make it to you, please message me and I will resend.


Gabrielle rated for Hello Stranger PC Swap INT March on Mar 23, 2017
Comment: thanks for the lovely card and the very nice note. I miss the seasons too, and we visit our kids in Oregon and Idaho when we can. Happy swapping!
Comment: Thanks, Happy Swapping!! Sorry for late rating
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful selection of things I will definitely use them soon :)
lou rated for CHWH: The weather I like most ... Int'l on Mar 16, 2017
Comment: Thanks very much for your note and the extra things you included, loved it all - those letter writing stamps are among my favorites, too!
changeling316 rated for P&M Make a Choice Postcard 2 on Mar 15, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the awesome postcard 😊 I used to really enjoy watching MST3K and I am looking forward to seeing some new ones.
marinda rated for PTG: Science PC Swap on Mar 15, 2017
Comment: I love the postcard! Thank you very much.
dally rated for WIYM - *updated* RAINBOW Ephemera on Mar 12, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the bright cheery package Annette! I knew what swap it was for as soon as I grabbed it out of the mail box. :D Love the paper you used for the envelope, and it's awesome you got all the different colour stamps!! Great assortment of items too, thank you for your generosity. My husband already store the Dr Seuss stickers (LOL). I think my fave item is the NYC pc, of course, since I adore NYC. That's so cool that you've been up here; normally when Americans visit Canada it's either Montreal or Toronto. We're nicer here in the east though, and we have a lot of beautiful scenery.
Response: Thank YOU for BOTH the GREAT Rating and HEART :-) Also thank you for the kind words too! I'm just as excited to send happy mail as I am to find some in my mailbox. Too funny that you're husband stole the Dr Seuss stickers and I was so happy I could send a NYC card. Also everyone was very nice. After we took our tour we had plenty of time to get a bite to eat and found a wonderful pub. The food was great and the server was amazing and the overall crowd was fun. Have a great day. Take care, Annette
Dsweeny rated for 3 Things in an Envie #2 on Mar 10, 2017
Comment: I'm so sorry for the late rating - I have had pneumonia! I love LOVE LOVED your envelope where you mapped out where you had been in my area - and what amazing imagination you have in what you put together. One of my favorites so far. I have a LOT to learn! Thank you again, Dina
Response: Thank you for a GREAT rating with a HEART. No worries on the timing to rate - I hope you are better. You have to be very careful recovering from pneumonia, so make sure you take it easy even if they say it's gone. I am so happy to hear how much you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun highlighting the trip and putting it all together. My son did all the driving and I would send a map screenshot of where we were at and where we were headed to my husband. We covered a lot of miles and it was breathtaking. Have a great day. Take care, Annette
Kvwanderlost rated for MAE - Victorian/antique on Mar 3, 2017
Comment: Annette I LOVE your envies, all the special touches! They are beautiful :D And thanks also for the labels and I love the Seed packet sticker, awesome! Many hearts to you!
Response: Thank YOU for the great rating, heart and kind words. I love making envies and have fun when there is a theme to find the right papers. Have a great day. (Just now catching up on responses.) Take care, Annette
Comment: Thanks for these great map pc's and the one from your area too. I lived the first 40 years of my life in Wisconsin so the WI card is especially appreciated! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: Thank you for both the great rating and a HEART!! So fun to know you lived in WI. Growing up we went to WI a lot and went to Williams Bay and Lake Geneva. I just recently showed my husband the area. At least you are use to snow now that you are in AK. Have a great day. (Just now catching up on responses.) Take care, Annette
Comment: Thank you for the cards. I loved seeing your town
Response: Thank you for the GREAT rating and the HEART too! Sandwich is a nice area and we love the small town life. Have a great day. (Just now catching up on responses.) Take care, Annette
sunrising42 rated for Postcard Purge Feb 2017 on Mar 1, 2017
Comment: Thanks! I love the variety of cards you sent.
Response: Thank you for the great rating with HEART :-) So glad you enjoyed the types I selected. Have a great day. (Just now catching up on responses.) Take care, Annette
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful note cards! The dachshund one is one of my favorites! So cute! And I love that you had some washi tape for the envie with dachsunds on it!!! The air mail one is cool as well!
Response: Thank you for a GrEaT rating with a HeArT too. It is so fun to find things with a dachshund on it. It seems they are getting more popular all the time. We just love them. Have a great day. (Just now catching up on responses.) Take care, Annette
simcoe54 rated for Two Maps and Two Touristy PCs #2 on Feb 28, 2017
Comment: Thanks for all the great postcards and extras.
Response: Thank you for the GREAT rating and HEART. It's so fun to swap the map cards and I've amassed quite a stack of touristy cards. Have a great day. (Just now catching up on responses.) Take care, Annette
Comment: Thank you for the spiffy postie! I've received a handful of posties from New York over the years but this is my first of the Brooklyn Bridge. <3
Response: Thank you for both the great rating and a heart. Glad you hear that you liked the bridge. We are visiting family in FL soon but wish we would head back to NYC one of these days. Have a great day. (Just now catching up on responses.) Take care, Annette
Victorianna60 rated for P-NS: Valentines postcard on Feb 16, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the cute cupid PC !
Response: Thank you for a great rating AND the heart. Glad you enjoyed the card. They were in a set I found a while ago and knew I would be able to find a swap for them someday. Have a great day. (Just now catching up on responses.) Take care, Annette
Comment: Thank you! I have been to the fountain- my husbands family live in Hindale/Willowbrook :)
Response: Thank you for a Great rating. We had friends that lived in Hinsdale but they moved to MI a few years ago. It's a very nice area to visit. Have a great day. (Just now catching up on responses.) Take care, Annette
Footprint rated for One Map PC (Blank or Naked) #2 on Feb 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the New Brunswick map..took me awhile to remember that it's a Canadian province and not an American state :) I only have one map from Canada . Hope you enjoyed your time on the cruise!
Response: Thank you for a great rating with a heart. So glad you enjoyed it and can add it to your collection. Have a great day. (Just now catching up on responses.) Take care, Annette
Belleoftheball89 rated for Homemade envelopes on Feb 2, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much!!!
Response: Thank YOU for a great rating with a heart. I love making envies and I'm so glad I caught the error and could get some more out. Have a great day. Take care, Annette
Victorianna60 rated for MAE - Purple/Violet Mail Art on Jan 30, 2017
Comment: Love the envies ! Thanks for the extra stickers and the neat note !
Response: Thank you for the great rating and a HEART. I'm sure I mentioned that making envies is a favorite. Glad you enjoyed them and how can you go wrong with a Purple/Violet theme - lol. Take care, Annette

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OrigamiGrace on Jan 3, 2017:

From Cheap Postage Group!


widelo123 on Nov 8, 2016:

Postcards each week in 2016 week 44

Annette, first I want to thank you for the Portland Head Lighthouse postcard. It was one of my favorite places to visit when I lived in Massachusetts. Just reading your postcard made me homesick. Though I have never taken the cruise up through New England and Canada, I bet it was beautiful. I told my husband, "I don't care if you have seen it all, I haven't and I am going with or without you". Just the name "lobster roll" had my mouth watering. Oh, the wonderful taste! They don't exaggerate when they say it is good. Lobster with toasted buttered hot dog roll. Mmmmmm good! Shirley

DeBovine on Sep 22, 2016:


widelo123 on Aug 30, 2016:

Postcards each week in 2016 Week 34

Annette, Thank you for the postcard of the Sandwich Fair. I wish I still lived in Illinois. I surely would have gone to it. Shirley

widelo123 on Jan 20, 2016:

Postcards each week Jan Feb Mar week 4

Annette, thank you for the Martin Mitchel Mansion postcard. I love to go into places like this and see how people lived. Boy, are we spoiled in what we have now. Shirley

Xira on Jul 7, 2015:

Hi Annette! I'm so sorry! I see I have sent you a card for the New and Old postcard swappers and marked it as 200.000th swap. Now I understand why you have not rated yet. It was one of my first, can you forgive me... and rate me? If you have received of course. Otherwise I'll do a resend. Groetjes Barbara

3goldkeys on May 19, 2015:

Hi Annette. I just received, in today's mail, one of your traveling postcards (the Stone Mill). It has been floating around since September 2013. :) It doesn't say which round it was started in. It still has room for two-three more names, including mine. I'll send it out in R43.~nancy

Hollycarole92 on Feb 12, 2015:

Hello! Have you received my letter for Lots of Letters - Ladies Only Jan 2015 yet? I sent it two weeks ago so I was jw. :)

PookiePie1307 on Jan 9, 2015:

Let me know if you have not received my post card for Tourist PC Swap #2! I sent Dec 28 and you're the only one I have received a rating from yet, so I'm a smidge worried

Happy swapping!

PS: messages don't seem to be working right now so I'm commenting

virgoleanne on Nov 8, 2014:

Thanks for being part of Postcard - November Aviation History Month Swap! Please check out more of my swaps @virgoleanne Swapbot thanks

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