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Updated 11/16/17

Please note: For the last several months I have had a difficult time with health problems, but I am slowly getting back into swapping so please be patient with me. Thank you friends!

I'm Janis from Texas. Yee Haw!

I have 21 year old twin boys and a 26 year old son who is developmentally delayed due to a rare chromosome disorder called "Ring 4". More information on this disorder can be found HERE.

Grayson is such a sweet boy. He loves everyone & leaves smiles wherever he goes. He is 26 yrs. old.

Stocking Stuffer/Card Swaps: Please address to Grayson Bowen at my address. Thanks!!

LIKES: Grayson is very easy to please. A card with a dollar bill & some corny jokes written inside would make his day. Every card he receives gets hung up on his bedroom door & every dollar bill he receives gets put into a special bank & is used for his favorite pastime...going to the movies. He likes dollar bills b/c he can count them out & pay all by himself.

He has 2 baby dolls (12" Baby Alive named Suzy & an 18" Ashton Drake baby named Emily). He loves to get any baby stuff for them...clothes, blankets, hats, socks hair accessories, etc.

He loves the Power Rangers & has watched it since he was 4 yrs. old.

He loves books (preschool/kindergarten level - gently used is OK), comics, trading cards, any blind bag, box or surprise toys, all of the characters on current cartoons TV & movies such as..My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, Paw Patrol, Tsum Tsums, Wiggles, Magic School Bus, Spiderman, Dogs & cats, All Disney, Disney Junior, Mickey & friends, Nickelodeon - boy or girl stuff. He loves popcorn, gummy candy (reg. or sour) & bubble gum. Painting kits for figures, banks, ornaments, etc.

No tattoos, stickers cars, trucks please.

If you want some specifics or have any questions please PM me :)

I ♥ killer whales...all whales really, but Orcas are my all time favorite!!

I love Steve Perry!!

He is such a wonderful singer & seems like a really great person. I ♥ 80's music too!

My Pets

I have 3 dogs...Baloney (9 yr old daushund mix), Sprocket (7 yr old Schnoodle) & we just rescued Bianca (6 yr old miniature greyhound).They are spoiled, happy little dogs who get lots of love & treats :)


Likes/Wishlist in no particular order...

  • My #1 favorite thing to swap & receive is ATC's!
  • I also ♥ Inchies & Twinchies.
  • My favorite animal is the killer whale!
  • Stickers, stickers, stickers - see my section below!
  • I collect older postcards & photos from Miami Seaquarium, Sea World, Sea Land of the Pacific, Marineland & any other aquariums or destinations depicting whales/dolphins in aquariums.
  • I love the Mayor from Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • I like Mexican art, Day of the Dead & Sugar Skulls.
  • I collect new & used dog rabies or registration tags
  • I need Buttons! (I got a bigger jar to collect them in so now I am looking for more...any type)
  • I love roosters like Hei Hei from Moana & Chicken Boo from Animaniacs.
  • Animals dressed in hipster clothes
  • Artist pens/pencils/markers
  • I love the look & style of Jim Shore figures
  • Popular character ornaments from Hallmark, Carlton, or Disney.
  • Love cutesy & creepy cute too.
  • Bright colors esp. lime green & orange
  • I ♥ little Guatemalan worry dolls & any other kind too.
  • Worry stones
  • Fidget items
  • I collect coins & tokens such as: tax, ration, phone, bathroom, car wash, train, etc.
  • Vintage casino poker chips
  • Wooden nickels
  • Good Luck anything - Pennies, coins, tokens, clover, charms, pocket cards, etc.
  • I love Squished Pennies.
  • Any metal keys (house, car, suitcase, etc.)
  • Animal ♥'s...All whales, especially Orca, Dolphins, dachshunds, roosters, elephants (except circus elephants), all cats & dogs, blue-jay's & black & white colored cows.

  • Some of the characters I like are...Ferdinand the Bull, Snoopy & the Peanuts Gang, Suzy's Zoo, Stitch, cute Disney animal characters, Batman, Aquaman, Animaniacs, Chicken Boo, Tiny Toons & Looney Tunes, Dexter's Lab, Courage the cowardly dog & all the characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas.



  • I'm really easy to please. If you think it's cute or pretty I'm sure I will too.
  • I prefer cute, cartoony, bright colored stickers over realistic & pastel colored stickers.
  • Any animals that are cute, colorful, happy, bright. This includes butterflies, ladybugs, bees.
  • Domesticated animals. (Realistic dogs & cats are OK)
  • Farm, jungle, ocean, zoo, forest animals (cute over realistic please).
  • Owls & other birds (cute over realistic please)
  • Stamp stickers - stickers that look like postage stamps.
  • Suzy's Zoo, Snoopy & Peanuts
  • Bright flowers, realistic flowers.
  • Stickers for any holiday.
  • PETA or animal charity stickers.
  • I prefer flat, paper or thin plastic type stickers.

Please do not send:

  • Epoxy & puffy stickers
  • Dimensional stickers
  • Reward stickers
  • Foam Stickers
  • Prismatic or holographic stickers
  • Kids characters (like Sesame Street, Batman, Spiderman, Dora, etc.)
  • Sports, cars, or boy themed stickers
  • Old stickers that don't stick well


Dislikes/Don't Send

**Things I don't like...

  • Sticker flakes (It infuriates me when I can't peel the back off) LOL!
  • Sea shells
  • Circus themed animal items
  • Improperly packaged items that get damaged during shipping
  • Strong smell of cigarette smoke
  • Nudes (not prude, just not my thing)
  • Gore, or gross stuff like dismembered babies, medical specimens, serial killer art.
  • Spiders

Do not send: These are things I do not need or use & while I appreciate you sending them, I will re-share with others.

  • Clothes or socks
  • Rub On's, Iron on's
  • Journals, notebooks, recipe cards
  • Key Chains, Jewelry
  • Paper pieces/punchies
  • Napkins, scented sachets or perfume scented anything
  • Books or Bookmarks (I do audiobooks)
  • Gems, rhinestones, LOOSE GLITTER!! spangles, confetti or sequins.
  • Make up, Nail Polish, Perfume, any Bath & body stuff
  • Items from Dollar Tree (I go there all the time)
  • Food or drink of any kind (no tea bags/drink packets)

My ATC Themes

I am the founder of the group: Experienced ATC Swappers USA. Please click on the name & check it out.

I like all types of ATC's especially if they are hand drawn/painted in your unique "style". I also like...

  • All Whales (esp. Killer whales♥), Narwhals, Sperm whales & Beluga whales & Bottlenose Dolphins too.
  • Dachshunds♥ (or any dogs really)
  • Cats (my son Grayson collects cat ATC's) ** Day of the Dead/Sugar Skulls/Mariachi Singers/Mexican style art
  • Any character from The Nightmare before Christmas...especially the Mayor.
  • Things that are "creepy cute"
  • Elephants, blk. & white cows, cute woodland critters, golfdfish, beta fish.
  • Ferdinand the Bull
  • Whimsical style, Zetti style
  • Houses: row houses or house shaped
  • Backyard birds - especially blue jays, chickadees, cardinals, sparrows & crows.
  • Hand drawn or hand painted over collage.
  • Big eyed characters
  • Your hand drawn/painted unique characters

My Swapping Policies

I swap USA only due to postage costs, wait times & reliability.

Feel free to use any of my past swap ideas or wording to host your own swap or to start an International version of a swap I am currently hosting. After all, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I always send & I always rate, so if you are missing a card, package or rating from me please let me know & I will fix it.

If something prevents me from sending on time I will always let you know.

If something comes up missing (don't we all love the post office) I will ALWAYS re-send. Please contact me before giving a negative rating so I can make it right.

I always angel all of my swaps as long as you rate the person that flaked on you a 1.

Please don't hesitate to PM me if something doesn't look right or I made a mistake on something. I welcome any FRIENDLY guidance, advice or reminders.

SMOKE STINKS! - I prefer not to swap with smokers unless you are very careful about keeping your items away from the smoke.


Comment: Thank you for the beautiful card I love the colors, so vibrant and the stickers are cute. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
Comment: Thank you
Comment: Thanks so much, Janis! Great card, loved the envie! The stickers are ADORABLE! THANKS for sharing your menu, sounds Yummy! I will only cook a turkey breast, and some healthy sides, as we are diabetic, but it will be great!
Comment: Thank you for the nice card and quote. Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thanks for the quick send!
Comment: thank you
Comment: Thank you for the card and all the stickers. I like how you decorated the envelope.
Comment: Thanks for the cute Halloween card.
Comment: Thank you!!
Response: You are very welcome. Nice swapping with you :)
Comment: Thank you for the cute kitty card and all of the stickers. Happy Halloween!
Response: You are very welcome. Nice swapping with you :)
jlink rated for Halloween Greeting Cards - #2 USA only on Oct 23, 2017
Comment: thanks for all the fun stickers. My favorites were the candy corn emoji style ones
Response: You are very welcome. Nice swapping with you :)
Comment: Thanks for the cute cat card and the great assortment of Halloween stickers!
Response: You are very welcome. Nice swapping with you :)
Comment: Wow!!! so many packages to open. I can hardly wait to open them. It's hard to keep the kids away from them. Every time they are over they always look at the stack! Thank you so much for being a great swap partner and I look forward to next year! Hugs, Mona
Response: Haha! I really enjoyed swapping with you this year too & I am looking forward to doing this again with you next year. My presents are in the closet, out of sight, otherwise I'd want to open them already too. I've already felt them all & tried to get some clues as to what they are, but no luck - LOL! Take care!!
birgitph rated for EASU: June Free Theme ATC Swap on Aug 7, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for the cute card! Sorry I am rating so late, but I was out of the country for three weeks.
debrbrts rated for USATC: Free Theme ATC Swap for June on Jul 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the nice ATC
sweetgypsy rated for EASU: Hand Drawn Female ATC Swap on Jun 3, 2017
Comment: Love the pink haired girl - she is fantastic! Thank you! :)
joybells2426 rated for EASU: May Free Themed ATC Swap on May 30, 2017
Comment: I love this card so much! Thank you! I don't think you sent two as this is the only one I've gotten.
Comment: Love it, sorry for the late rating!
Comment: Loved the ATC you created! Thanks!!!
Comment: Thank you for the big box of goodness that came today. You really have some very cute wrapping paper! They are all so cute and have officially filled the stocking I am using. What's a girl to do with so many prezzies? Thank you and as always, look forward to opening and you! PS - Had Starbucks two times today!!!!!! Yeah and thank you again. Hugs, Mona

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ladydy5 on Oct 18, 2017:

How the word lest" is in there I don't know. It should say "always glad" so please delete that message Diane

ladydy5 on Oct 18, 2017:

Lest glad to have you in our group Artistically Inclined

CurlyTea on Oct 16, 2017:

OrigamiGrace on Oct 5, 2017:

From Cheap Postage Group!


anrtist on Jun 5, 2017:

Hi! This is ORCA love month and we have a swap in the APDG, I thought of you! I sent a group invite if you wanna join in the fun! ;-) I hope you do & enjoy the group too! We like making pretty profiles ;-)

Somebody give that baby a fish! he wanted a fish ;-)

Blessings, cc

Babsmomof5 on May 6, 2017:

Oh, Janis, thank you so much for the wonderful PC RAK! There were so many awesome postcards, it was just so sweet of you! I have Grayson another little goodie planned, that I'll try to get out to him this week. Thank you again ❤️

theaterfan23 on May 2, 2017:

Thank so much for the awesome assortment of gel pens!!!!

marinda on May 1, 2017:

Wow! Thank you SO much for the wonderful postcards you sent me for the destash RAK!! I am doing the happy dance right now. :)

jamicam on May 1, 2017:

THANK YOU! You're awesome!!

karry on May 1, 2017:

Janis, I received an amazing "Space Cat" ATC from you but I can't figure out what swap it was for. Was it a RAK? It is really wonderful; it makes me smile. I have one of your ATCs from 8/13/2011 hanging in my office at work. :-)

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