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Country: Canada

About Me

Please when sending me a swap use my first and last name, not my swap-bot name. Please don't mark the name of the swap on the outside. If you post my swap please do not include my name online with it. Thanks!

***If you have not received a swap from me, please contact me first. I always send my swaps.****

I did not receive any swaps while I was away in August (2017), nothing to rate.

Hi! I live in Canada and work in the food industry. We lost our four-legged girl on January 7th 2016. July 2017 we adopted a female puppy. She is just like having a little kid in the house, yes tonz of toys to. She annoys her 11 year old "brother" also four-legged and of the same breed, but he loves her and wags his tail.

Two grandchildren and five grand cats.

I love to read, listening to music, take pictures with my little camera, visiting old cemeteries. I love genealogy my own and other peoples. I love day trips in the car, going to lunch with my lady friends, spending time with family and friends.

I am interested in learning new crafts, though I am probably not very good in them. But I like to learn. Cupcakes fascinate me - like Cupcake Wars on television. I love to watch holiday movies, love Christmas and Halloween. Love pinterest so many great ideas there.

I love to day dream and have always wished I could win the lottery so there were money to pay the bills and set up something for my grandsons for later on in life.

I love to read about the mainland moose of Nova Scotia. I love anything moose related.

I love teas of different types although the doctor has said no. I still indulge so don't let that worry you. As I will with hot chocolate from time to time and regular chocolate - I favor dark and white chocolate. I love smoothies. Love going to Dairy Queen and get a blizzard or McD for a flurry. Love love love white pizza and love pretzel bagels they are the best!

MAJOR ALLERGIES -Tomato products, Nuts esp. Almonds and Peanuts, Strawberries.

We try to eat healthy lots of fruits and veggies.

Things I am interested in learning more about - Moose (mainland herd), living on a budget, work at home jobs, blogging.

Have I mentioned that my favorite groups are Home Free Acapella Group and the Oak Ridge Boys. I grew up loving Donny Osmond and the Osmond Brothers and still like them as well.

My music varies I also like Dean Brody, Great Big Sea, Joel Plaskett, David Myles, Elvis, Bon Jovi and lots of music from the 50s, 60, and 70s.

I love a lot of different types of musics as well. Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Dean Martin, Beach Boys, music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s.

I love to pen pal and would love to have more friends.

Favorite Books, TV, Movies and

Debbie Macomber - Ceder Cove series

Maggie Sefton

Nora Roberts

Beverly Lewis

Sheryl Woods

Jeff Yeager

Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Jennifer Chiaverini check out the Elm Creek Quilters Series - loving it!

I read many authors, I read books that interest me, educate me and topics that fascinate me as well. My reading covers a variety of topics.

The Big Bang Theory, Long Island Medium, Eat Yourself Sexy, The Nanny, Buying the Bayou, American Pickers, How I Met Your Mother, The Good Witch, Boy Meets World, Biggest Loser, Princess, Til Debt Do Us Part, The Sing off and Murdoch Mysteries are a few I like to see.

The Lake House, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Hairspray, Lincoln, Beauty and the Beast (Disney), While You Were Sleeping, Trading Christmas, Christmas Belle

*Home Free

*Oak Ridge Boys


*Megan Trainor


*Bon Jovi

*The Stanfields

*Florida Georgia Line

*Home Free really love um!!!!

*Dean Brody

*Joel Plaskett

*David Myles

*Great Big Sea

*Chris Rupp (formerly of Home Free)

*Henry O'Neill

I CANNOT get enough of HOME FREE. I watch them on YOUTUBE and was lucky enough to see and meet them in September of 2015 in Moncton, New Brunswick. Also April 2017 we saw them.

I love a lot of different types of musics as well. Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Dean Martin, Beach Boys, music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s.

Favorite Crafts

Scrap booking

Making cards for Christmas and Halloween

Rubber stamping

Artist Trading Cards

Mini albums

Button Angels

Taking pictures and making them into something - post card, card, putting them in a frame, adding them to scrap booking, etc.

More about me.....

I collect -

baby elephants items - postcards, etc

snowman items

Home Free (vocal group) items

Chris Rupp pictures/music/etc

moose related items

photos/post cards of old barns and old and abandoned houses - strange i know but..........

butterfly items

buttons - decorative/all kinds - you know the ones that go on clothing and sweaters and button fairies are made from

postcards - old and new

Artist Trading cards

McDonald related items - toys or pins

Disney pins

Disney's Haunted House related items

Epcot related items

pumpkin related items

country look items - stars, snowmen, etc.



Favorite holidays - Christmas and Halloween

I love to read magazines from the library. I read hard cover books and soft cover books from the library or the used book stores. I love to use digital media for my e-reader and find I read so much more using it.

I also love teas with different flavors and hot chocolates with regular to different flavors.

I can only have chocolate from a nut-free facility so Mars bars in Canada are made in a nut free facility. Mars bars in other country, check the packaging.

The other half loves dark chocolate bars with or without nuts.

I would absolutely love packages of instant quaker grits. Cannot get them here, only in US.


I love working on genealogies (mine or yours), learning about new places and rides in the car. I also love to watch movies on tv. I love watching music videos on the computer and on the tv as well. I love to take pictures.

There are things here at swap-bot that fascinate me and I have tried my hand at postcard making and love it, though I'm not all that good at drawing, but I find other ways.

I love trying new crafts so bear with me if I send you a "new" craft I have tried, its all so much fun trying new things!

I am fascinated with stories of ghosts, the paranormal, mediums. I also love old historic buildings/homes, abandoned buildings and homes, architecture in general. I love old sanitariums, old mills, anything old with a history attached to it and perhaps a spirit or two. Love, love old cemeteries!!!!


Items that come in the mail smelling of smoke, I do not smoke and am allergic to it. Please don't send me something that smells of it. I will have to rate and throw it away.

I do not like rude people, animal abuse, people that are abusive to others or people that take advantage of other people - bullies.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND . . . Makeup,Creams,Lotion's,Perfume Or Anything Scented, thanks!!!!


Scraps of paper, trust me I have plenty of my own. Thanks!!! (smile)

No individual stickers, if you want to send a whole sheet that is fine, no school age stickers though, can't use them.


Home Free pictures Close to My Heart stamp set - sensational season it has Halloween stamps in it i need the little black cat but would love the whole set as well

Stickers - especially trains like Thomas, Halloween related, Christmas related, 3-D or flat stickers. Not school stickers or kiddie stickers though Hello Kitty stickers are okay.

Quakers Instant Grits (packets)

anything you send would make me happy a letter from you to me learning more about you


I PROMISE NOT TO FLAKE, if you don't receive your swap, please contact me first. I live in Canada and sometimes it takes a little longer for things to get where they are going.

IF I DO NOT RECEIVE your swap, I will let you know before I rate you. Things do get lost as well.


Things I like for Halloween -

Love stickers no school or kiddie stickers though Love candy - allergic to nuts and strawberries Love hot drinks in a package

Love everything - witches, ghosts, ghouls, bats (not real though do have a problem with those), mummies, etc. There really isn't anything I don't like Halloween related.

Hand-made stuff I love. But hey store bought is fine too. If it comes from you, I am sure I will love it. Its the thought that counts to me.

Halloween stuff - there is nothing I don't like.


Comment: Thank you for the postcard and the cute patterned paper.
Response: You are very welcome! Thank you for rating me and for the heart!
Comment: Thank you so much :)
Response: You are very welcome! I am so glad you liked what I sent! Thank you for rating me and for the heart!
Cariboocarol rated for Mason Jar on Oct 11, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for the ATC--it is very attractive!! Also thanks for the extras---the backgrounds are really lovely!!
Response: Your very welcome, so glad u liked everything!! Thank you for rating me and for the heart!
kfaye rated for 13 Nights of Halloween Swap # 8 - on Jul 27, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much! :D I love it!
Response: Your very welcome! Thank you for taking part and for rating me. Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Thanks so much. I'm looking forward to opening this over the holidays. Hope you are having a great day. Happy Swapping!
Response: Your very welcome! Always glad to hear when a swap has reached its destination!!! Thank you for the heart and for rating me!!! Happy Swapping to you as well!
aprilivy rated for Winning at Losing on Jul 16, 2017
Response: Thank you its good to hear you received my letter. Thank you for rating me as well.
JadeFan rated for PICK A TOPIC Letter Swap on Jul 14, 2017
Comment: Every time I get a swap with you it makes me want to meet you for a cup of tea. You seem so sweet and caring. I understand the empathy and frustration you shared.
Response: Thank you! Perhaps some time after the summer we could do just that! I am so glad you received my letter! Thank you for the heart and rating me.
BluGinhm rated for GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS SWAP #9 on Jun 27, 2017
Comment: This is so nice - I love all the little hidden goodies, too! Thanks so much!
Response: Your very welcome! I am so glad you like it! I loved making it for you! Thank you for rating me and for the heart as well! Thank you for taking part in the swap as well!
kfaye rated for 13 Nights of Halloween Swap #7 - on Jun 17, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the ornament you made & the stationary drawing :)
Response: Your very welcome! Thank you for rating me and for the heart. Hope to swap again, thank you for taking part in the swap!
kittyhahahotbot rated for Encourage Me Card Swap on Jun 6, 2017
Comment: Thats a card! Wow. How can I get that onto my wall to help encourage me? Hmmmm. Its so pretty.Thank you!
Response: Your welcome! I am so glad you liked it. Thank you for taking part in the swap! Thank you for rating me and for the heart.
carterj rated for GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS SWAP #8 on Jun 2, 2017
Response: Thank you for rating me on this swap and for taking part in the swap.
eel rated for Picture and a Letter on May 31, 2017
Comment: Hej Dottie, Thank you for your letter with photo. I shall check out Home Free as I love accapela. Will reply as soon as I am able. eel
Response: Thank you for rating me and for the heart! Would love to hear back from you. You are very welcome. Look forward to swapping again.
mejulia rated for My Favorite Hobbies Letter Swap on May 30, 2017
Comment: I enjoyed your letter and will most certainly answer.
Response: Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for rating me and for the heart! Hope we get to swap again soon.
Comment: Thank you for the lovely note and card!
Response: Your very welcome!!! I am so glad that you liked it. Thank you for rating me and for the heart as well!
Cariboocarol rated for Bunny Atc on Apr 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the colored bunny ATC and stickers. They arrived today.
Response: You are very welcome! Glad to hear they arrived. Thank you for rating me and for the heart! I hope you will take part in many more ATC swaps. Look forward to swapping again.
tigermousecat rated for Easter Card on Apr 13, 2017
Comment: A lovely card! Hope you and yours have a peaceful and happy holiday! Bring on the chocolate!
Response: Thank you! I am so glad you liked the card. The chocolate and the jellybeans, cannot forget the jelly beans. We had a lovely Easter, thank you. Thank you for rating me and for the heart!
couponlover rated for WINTER WARM UP SWAP on Apr 7, 2017
Comment: Loved everything you sent, especially the socks!! I wear them all the time!
Response: So glad to hear you loved everything!!!! I love socks too! Wear them all the time!!!! Thank you for taking part in the swap and thank you for rating me and for the heart! I look forward to swapping with you again!
kweandee rated for 13 Nights of Halloween Swap #6 on Mar 31, 2017
Comment: Great ATC...I love it lol, Thanks hun :)
Response: Thank you!!! I am so glad you liked it! Thank you for taking part in the swap! Look forward to swapping again! Thank you for rating me and fo the heart!!!
nalaqueen rated for Easter Card with a note on Mar 31, 2017
Comment: Hellowww and thank you so much for the card and letter :) The card is super pretty!!!!!!!!!! I will reply your letter as soon as I can :)
Response: Hello!!!!! You are very welcome!!! Thank you for rating me and for the heart! I look forward to hearing back from you!!! Happy Easter!!!
Comment: I never like to do this, rating a "1". I have extreme patience with international items arriving, sometimes very late. I have communicated often starting with contacting you June 22nd concerned because you have not been on line, item was not marked sent and you were the host. Deadline was June 13th. I wanted to make sure all was ok. July 6th, it was marked sent. 7-28-16 advised you nothing arrived yet. 8-29-16 advised nothing arrived yet. 9-4-16 advise I will wait for the resend and not rate until then because I know how international mail can be delayed. Oct 28-16, I advised I have not gotten anything. On 11-9-16 advised I have gotten anything. On 12-23-16 you advised you will mail me the resend the day after boxing day (you are in Canada). I do believe that would of been 12-27-16. As of today February 10 2017, a full 7 months has passed since the swap was to be mailed out. I have nothing. I feel my patience has been long enough holding off on this rating. When I receive the swap, I will re-rate. I am sure with many swaps you are a wonderful partner. ******UPDATE 3-28-17 ******** I have received a very wonderful package from Dottie. It meets all the requirements and then some..LOVE the photos you sent so I felt like I could explore your days with you. I wish I could give you the 5 and heart but since it was so very over-due, I can only leave it as a 3. But I realize how much you wanted to fix this scenario and I give you A+ for effort. The note cards will be perfect to use up on the upcoming April--Write-On challenge. The bridal stickers will be used in my son's wedding and the christmas stickers I use up all year long in my Stocking stuffer swaps. Hope to see you again in future swaps. Blessing and Happy Easter Season.
Response: OMG this still hasn't arrived, I don't know what to say. I have had swaps going missing for months on hand which the post office has tried to locate (right here in Canada). I am so embarressed. I will try to send again. I do agree you have been very very patient with this and I thank you for that. I will try again starting this evening, I will start rewriting and we can try this again. I am so sorry my mail hasn't reached you. The latest resend on this went out today March 23, 2017. ****Update 3/30/17**** I am so glad this one arrived and that you liked the extras I sent to you. I found a few more pictures that didn't make the envelope and plan on sending them to you as well. Thank you for changing my swap rate to a 3 I really appreciate that. I am so glad that this arrived!!!!! Thank you so much for re-rating me! Happy Easter to you as well! I look forward to swapping again with you!!!

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bombardiette on Nov 11, 2015:

Thank you so, so much for such a lovely "make up" for the Letter...Card...Cup of Cheer swap. Everything was brilliant. I truly appreciate you doing this. xoxoxo

miablancs on Mar 18, 2015:

Hi There I am your partner for the swap Comment on your Partners Profile from the group Dis and Dat Canada. I hope you have been able to survive well enough this horrible winter that we have been having. I can hardly wait for the spring weather and even better Summer and we can all go to Dairy Queen and eat blizzards! As a fellow Osmonds fan I have to share with you my Donny Osmond story. My sister bought me a ticket to go with her to see Donny and Marie perform their Christmas Special last November. We were in isle seats and stood up when we heard screams coming from the back of the theater. It was Donny Osmond coming down the isle and he came right over to me and hugged me. I felt so stupid because I said I LOVE YOU but I mean who can beat that hugging Donny Osmond. I told my sister it was the best Christmas gift she ever gave me!

Aumonae on Jun 27, 2014:

Thank you so much for your well wishes and thinking of me! <3

anrtist on Jan 8, 2014:

LLL Greetings!

Blessings, cc

moonlightlaura on Mar 7, 2013:

Thank you for the lovely comment! I love Christmas!!! :)

Reallusionista on Feb 27, 2013:

Hello to you too, my lovely!! So very nice to hear from you...bad day. How are you?

Reallusionista on Feb 9, 2013:

Awesome!! Did you notice that I'm sending to you for the list journal?? Yay!!

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