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Edited: 10th March 2013

Hi, I'm Nicola. I am a 31 year old working mum-of-three living in the North East of England, United Kingdom.

The cost of sending swaps has dramatically increased, especially for International swaps. However, this means I will just be a bit more selective with my swaps!

I'M PARTICULARLY INTERESTED IN GETTING US COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY MERCHANDISE - I'd like ladies top. I don't mind which college or university. Please PM me to discuss setting up a swap.


I really do appreciate the time and effort that people put in putting a swap together. However, it is important to know what your recipient likes and dislikes are, and so here we go:


Mugs (as in 'something to put your drink in') - anything with an interesting design on.

Chocolate/sweets/candy also anything chewy/gummy (although please read my 'dislikes' below).

I love bath and body products eg. full size and/or sample size bottles or sachets of things like shower gel, body lotions, bubble bath, lip balm, face masks that kind of thing.

Stationary - notebooks (A5 or A6 size), nice writing pens (any colour), lettersets and/or notecards (however, please I prefer notecards to be made from thicker card, and not thin paper).

Flavoured hot chocolate/cocoa sachets (but please NO coffee/mocha!). I love the Land o' Lake flavoured sachets and would like more of the following flavours ONLY: Caramel, Butterscotch, White Arctic, French Vanilla, and Supreme.

Baking supplies - anything like sprinkles for cakes/cookies, cookie cutters (either metal or plastic), icing sachets, decorated cupcake/baking cases, recipe books etc.

Anything Moomin! I would especially like to get a pillowcase for my youngest daughter.

My favourite band is METALLICA.

Postcards from where you live, or where you have visited - with or without a handwritten message. If you choose to send them, I prefer them sent NAKED (no envelope).

My favourite colour is YELLOW. I also like purple, pink and silver.

Themes/designs that I like: strawberries, CUPCAKES, hearts, polka dots, OWLS, cats/kittens and BUTTERFLIES.

MY DISLIKES - please do not send me :o(

Anything coffee/mocha or aniseed flavoured. This includes coffee!

Anything Body Shop - I used to work there and am fed up with all their stuff (as nice as it is!).

I'm not into papercrafts, so anything of this nature I cannot really find a use for.

Also, quite importantly - I am allergic to NICKEL, which is found in some costume jewellery. If you are in any doubt, please don't send me something that 'might' contain nickel. I'd rather not take the chance.

My Children!

I will be taking part in some children's swaps, and so, in anticipation of this:

Bradley (male) is 10 years old. He was born in September 2002. Besides his PS3, he LOVES Lego. His other likes include Skylanders, Trash Packs, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Horrid Henry, Finneus and Ferb, and any family/Disney film. He loves DVD's (Region 2). Because he is tall, he wears clothing suitable for a 12-13 year old. His favourite colour is green. He does not really eat candy/sweets - he prefers chocolate, although not flavoured chocolate. He avoids fruit and vegetables at all costs!

Megan (female) is nearly 8 years old. She was born in March 2005. She also loves Lego (although her collection is much smaller than Bradley's, much to her disappointment!) and she likes in particular the Lego Friends range. She also likes Barbies/Moxie Girls, Monster High, Sylvanian Families, High School Musical, Hannah Montana and Hello Kitty. She also likes colouring books/notepads, pens/pencils, and she enjoys books. She would wear clothing suitable for a 8-9 year old. Her favourite colours are pink, purple and silver! She can be quite fussy with chocolate and candy/sweets but she does like lollies/suckers, but please only red or purple coloured ones - just don't ask why! lol

My second daughter, Bronte is 3 years old. Clothing wise, she would need 4-5 years. She loves Fisher Price Little People, ELC Happyland figures, Peppa Pig, Lalaloopsy and Littlest Pet Shop, however, saying that, she will play with pretty much anything, especially if a) it's not hers and b) she's not allowed to! Haha

Finally my lovely hubby P is a size XXL in t-shirt. He likes white chocolate, motorcycles, Metallica, Aerosmith as well as keeping and tending to his marine fish! :o) He is in an original heavy metal/rock band and one day plans to take over the world! :o)


My current wishlist items are as follows:

From Anywhere:

Address labels - but PLEASE ensure you spell my name and my address correctly! (Believe it or not, I've been stung before!)

Thimbles - Bradley brought me one from a school trip towards the end of last year and I now have a collection of....SEVEN! So I would like more to add to my collection! :o)

Specifically from the USA:

American Pop Tarts in the following flavours ONLY: Chocolate Chip, Hot Fudge Sundae, Frosted Chocolate Fudge, S'mores, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies and Creme, Apple Strudel.

American Chocolate: Butterfinger, Mr Goodbar, Baby Ruth, 100 Grand, Milky Way, Peanut Butter or Coconut M&M's, Hersheys Cookies and Cream chocolate, Hersheys Symphony Toffee and Almond chocolate. American Candy: Now and Laters. Also Wrigleys Dessert Delights SUGAR FREE gum (just not the Root Beer flavour). I would absolutely LOVE some more Harry and David's Moose Munch Chocolate bars! :o) I have had them a couple of times and they were YUMMY.

I would really really LOVE the Yankee Candle Lip Balms in the following flavours: Buttercream, Sparkling Vanilla, Christmas Cookie and Vanilla Cupcake.

Lipsmackers - any flavour.

I am also getting into any USA college/university items including clothing and souveniers. Please let me know if you have anything you can offer.


PLEASE mark any packages as a 'GIFT', if you are given the option to do so. This is because I could get charged an import duty on them (especially if you send from the USA and outside of the EU). In the (albeit unlikely) event that I get charged an import duty, I regret that I will NOT be able to collect the items that you have sent me.

Finally, I am NOT a flaker, I always send my packages, if for any reason you have not received your package after what you consider to be a reasonable length of time since I marked as 'sent', please PM me and I will ALWAYS re-send. I always rate when I receive swaps.

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile! :o)


melimar rated for Items for Megan on Apr 26, 2014
Comment: I'm really sad to leave this rating. I did my best to send you all the items as fast as I could in order to have them there for your daughter's school. We've then discussed many times and you told me you'll send late because of real life being in the middle and you wanted to send me something nice. It's 2 months after the deadline and although we had a good communication, the last 15 days I don't hear back from you even on FB. When I receive I'll gladly change the rating.
Patty66 rated for October Birthday Cards on Jan 6, 2014
Comment: sorry but I have send you mail twice and never got a card.
Response: I am sorry this has not arrived. I have messaged you 8/1/2014
Comment: thank you! the notecards (my favorite) are adorable!! :)
lavenderlulu rated for smilernpb&lavenderlulu on Jun 21, 2013
Comment: Thanks a lot for an amazing swap Nicola!
ladyaries7 rated for Trashies and Goodies on Mar 13, 2013
Comment: Yummy candy and I LOVE the cupcake notecard set! thanks so much :)
ladyaries7 rated for Goodies Swap - US & UK on Mar 13, 2013
Comment: the package arrived! thanks so much :)
morwesong rated for morwesong and smilernpb on Nov 27, 2012
Comment: What an amazing package to open! I am giddy with all of my sweets - I am having to restrain myself from eating them all at once!! Thanks so much for the fabulous swap!
ladyaries7 rated for Toys & Sweets on Nov 18, 2012
Comment: Thanks for all of the hot chocolate! cant wait to try all these yummy flavors! As usual, it has been a wonderful trade :)
morwesong rated for morwesong and smilernpb on Sep 22, 2012
Comment: Thank you sooo much! I am thrilled to have more Olympic duckies for my collection, and I love the variety of sweets you sent. Everything is great, and I hope we are able to swap again in the future!
Biff rated for Toy Cars Swap - smilernpb and Biff on Sep 4, 2012
Comment: ''Arhh wow cars & chocolate that is so ace!'' Thank you very much - boys both very happy. (hope Brontes arrived today too)
TwiggyFairy rated for TwiggyFairy X smilernpb on Aug 30, 2012
Comment: i got it!!! thank you so much! it was just so nice :) feels like childhood ^^
Comment: Thank you, Carsyn loved his cars and the candy.
sweetest0sin rated for Book of stamps flat mail ~U.K~ on Aug 17, 2012
Comment: Thank you :)Thank you :)Thank you :)
rachelw1 rated for Book of stamps flat mail ~U.K~ on Aug 9, 2012
Comment: sorry i forgot to rate you the other day. thanks
morwesong rated for morwesong and smilernpb on Aug 3, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much! I love the duckies and cannot wait to swap for some more! :-)
twistedriver rated for Norway - UK Swap on Aug 2, 2012
Comment: Such a pretty package! I love it to bits. The brochures where really interesting and now there is so much I want to see! And so much yummie candy in there too, and lovely postcards. Thanks a bunch for a lovely swap!
Mieke rated for Belgium - UK swap on Jul 30, 2012
Comment: WOW! The children went crazy when they saw your package. That is a lot of goodlooking candy. I am sure we will like it. Thank you very much.
Bizabeth25 rated for Lego Friends and Olympic Pin swap on Jul 30, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much... The pins are WONDERFUL!!!!
Rainsembellishments rated for My Country on Jul 3, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much! Marianna says that the package is "Awesome" and that "I love it!". She wants to make a Youtube video of herself eating all the different candy - lol! :)
Toupti rated for {Private} @smilernpb & @Toupti on Jun 27, 2012
Comment: I just LOVE the selection of nice FQs you sent me. Especially the blue one with hearts all over it. I can already see how well it's going to fit in my project. Thanks for having this private swap with me. :-D

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NaomiRisa on Sep 29, 2018:

Hi Nicola, if you decided to come back, let's swap again :) Nice swapping with you :) Cheers, Naomi

Paige1900 on May 6, 2014:


TwiggyFairy on Jul 18, 2012:

ho! such a great idea that i totally firgot about! you see, i even know ahead that i'll forget about it lol >< well i would love to have a private swap for touristy stuff. i can offer store bought PC's, hanmade PC's, a few coins, some snacks or something, teas and maybe i can arrange you a pen with pictures of Israel inside. would that be cool? :)

TwiggyFairy on Jul 18, 2012:

i'm sorry i don't remember what message have i sent you... was it a PM or something?

Mieke on Jul 17, 2012:

I am working in our swap, need to buy two more things and then offffff it goes to the UK. I did not forget the swap. ;)

Paige1900 on Nov 1, 2011:

I just got some AWESOME PCs of Georgia...I am going to mail you another (in addition to the replacement I mailed a couple of days ago). I had really wanted to send you one of my home state! I will put this on in the mail in the morning! :) Hope all is well you with you. ♥♥♥

Paige1900 on Oct 29, 2011:

I mailed out your replacement PC today. I am so sorry the other never made it. It was of the beach on the coast of Georgia...:(

Hugs....and let me know when it makes it. :)

Paige1900 on Oct 9, 2011:

Happy Birthday!!!!

Bizabeth25 on Sep 22, 2011:

Thanks for the wonderful postcard. I am sending you one today.... Hope all is well.. Have a great weekend!!!

Paige1900 on Aug 28, 2011:

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