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Update 8th August 2018.

I have been on a break from Swap-Bot for quite a while now initially through swap burn out, then a series of issues at home with my mums health etc. but (touch wood) things are starting to level off and I feel in a good place. I have had a couple of false starts returning to the swapping world, but am now feeling really positive about things, and am ready to break myself back in gently!

In my absence from the world of Swap-Bot I have kept myself busy! the previously mentioned issues with my mum having breast cancer again, then resultant health concerns from the cancer treatment! I have also set up my own business on Facebook & Etsy selling my handmade jewellery and hand embroidered hoop art.. I also taught myself to embroider, and I totally fell in love with it! If anyone is interested in an embroidery swap, please let me know!

So, the rest of my profile is a condensed version of my old one, I just wanted to take the opportunity above to explain myself a little! Looking forward to getting to know all the new swappers that have joined in my absence, and really looking forward to touching base with some old friends xxxxxxx

Who Am I?

Zoe!! Zoe Victoria Richardson to be precise. I am now 43, but still haven't grown up. I share the house that I was born in with my mum, two dogs, eight birds, and whatever other creatures happen along. I live in a small town in Derbyshire, which is right in the centre of the UK. I am incredibly lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world. Derbyshire has a lot of countryside & fields, woods, rivers etc.

What Do I like?

Nature - animals, birds, forests, rivers and the sea and everything in between. My particular favourites are seahorses, foxes, owls, squirrels, badgers, mushrooms, flowers. I have also recently discovered a deep love for wombats, sloths, pangolins and armadillos!

Mythology and Fairy tales -I enjoy the traditional fairy tales, and love the illustrations by artists such as Arthur Rackham. Not too keen on Disney, but don't mind some of the older styles. I love, love, love Mythology. My particular favourite is Greek mythology, but also enjoy Egyptian and Norse.

Crafts - I lost my confidence in my crafting for quite a while after receiving some seriously belittling comments, but am gradually getting my mojo back. I make jewellery when the mood takes me, or when I can't find something to go with an outfit! I also really enjoy photography but I only really photograph nature -no people! I have zero drawing ability, but I have discovered an absolute love of embroidery! In fact my main crafting activity nowadays is embroidery, in its many forms.

Stationery - I am addicted to stationery. If I have a nice notebook, and a pretty pen to write with, all is well with my world. Love stickers of all descriptions (except reward)

Food & Drink - I drink tea and hot chocolate and that is about it! I am slightly addicted to chocolate covered mints - peppermint patties are the best! I could live on cheese, and I adore sweet potato. One thing I am completely jealous of is in the US you have so much pumpkin spice flavoured goodies! I would love to try something!

Swapping - I don't do many postcard swaps unless the theme really appeals to me, so most of the swaps I do are packages. I really enjoy putting together a package of goodies for someone along a theme, or a profile. Always up for private swaps. I don't join a lot of public swaps, so swap mostly in groups.

What Do I Not Like?

I am an animal lover, so please do not send me anything to do with fur or the fur trade, anything to do with hunting etc. I am not a vegetarian, but I do try to limit my meat consumption. I also only use products that are not tested on animals. If for a swap you happen to send any lotions or potions, please check before sending - thank you.

Please no items designed for children. I have a deep love for childrens stories, fairytales etc. but would prefer not to receive actual items aimed at children.

I cannot even stand the smell of coffee so would be very grateful if you do not send it me! Also don't like swaps that smell of smoke when they arrive, but that can be dealt with if it cannot be avoided.

Please, please do not send me loose memo pad sheets, loose note sheets, pads with 3 sticky notes, single sheets of letter writing paper etc. I am drowning under a sea of them! The same applies to random bits of fabric or embellishments. If you have something that you think I would love - great send it! If you are sending something for the sake of padding an envelope out, or extras to encourage a heart, please don't! I would much rather have one well thought out item, than 5 random bits.

My Beliefs;-

I respect any and all religions and belief systems, even if I do not follow them myself. If I was forced to say what I was, I would say Nature Worshipper.

I cannot stand intolerance of any kind. I do not care if you are black, white or pink with purple spots. I do not care if you are Christian, Hindu, Druid, Pagan, or Witch. I do not care if you are gay, straight, bi, or trans. All I am bothered about is the person inside - if you are nice to me, I am nice to you - that's all that matters. I do not like it if you try to cram your beliefs down my throat, but I will always defend your right to have those beliefs.


I rate according to the Swap-Bot rules. I give hearts when I can see genuine thought and effort has gone into a swap, not because of extras. I am not unreasonable - if you are going to send late for a good reason, just let me know! But if you send late and don't let me know, or if you send a swap that doesn't meet requirements and have no interest in putting it right, please do not complain when you get the appropriate rating!


irishconnie rated for SIE: One Big Gift Swap September on Sep 20, 2017
Comment: Wow what a really thoughful gift, I love that you shopped local to me, and its something i wil be able to use in lots of other crafts, im gonna be flowering everything :)) ty again xx
Midsummerlily rated for MLF: Postcard swap ~ INT on Sep 16, 2017
Comment: Hey Zoe! Thank you so much for the lovely postcard! I've not seen the new beauty and the beast yet...I'm scared it'll ruin my favourite fairytale too! Hmm maybe I'll pass! Great to swap with you Hun 💖💖
frogginghappy rated for Summer Fairytale on Sep 9, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful items! I've always loved Snow White, having been partial to any fairytale princess that wasn't blond and instead shared my dark hair 😂. I love the charms - they are going to become a journal charm for the spine of my fantasy junk journal - and all the items and their cute little bags are amazing 😍 Thank you 🤗
Ikran3 rated for TNW-Summer on Sep 3, 2017
Comment: Thank you Zoe, always a pleasure to have you as a swap partner! I'm so impressed you made the little butterfly yourself!!! So cute! Cute little rabbit mirror too :)
KatrienVD rated for Thread/Yarn on Sep 1, 2017
Comment: Dear Zoe, Thank you very much for the nice thread/Yarn. I will certainly use them! All the best! Katrien
Itchy rated for A Gift a Month August on Aug 3, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the nice DIY jewellery set! It's a perfect gift for me, not just that Igot the jewellery-set,I will also learn to do a new technique that I can use at other occasions. :)
gizmodust rated for TNW-Summer on Jun 30, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the Wonderful package of goodies !! I love the manicure set. I sure can put that to good use and always can use stationary. Sorry I am so late getting this rated. Been ill and am facing surgery. Thanks again.
laurieburkett17 rated for M/L/FT-Summer Fairytale on Jun 29, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for all the neat items!
Comment: thanks for my wishes! :)
Snuggles555 rated for Private: @Snuggles555/@zoev1975 on Apr 19, 2016
Comment: Just loved these cute match boxes Zoe! Wow!!! Did you disassemble the one to color/draw in it? Also what was it that you used to color the ends with? Pen, markers, colored pencils? It was just gorgeous whatever it was. Thanks for swapping with me! Susan ♥
jpngirl rated for jpngirl & zoev1975 on Apr 15, 2016
Comment: Thanks for the great swap! Can't wait to try the chocolate raspberry creams. :) I love the anchor and the turtles are adorable! And the stamps will definitely come in handy. :) Thank you!! Looking forward to doing it again soon. :)
LahDeeDah rated for PVT: Sweet Revenge on Apr 2, 2016
Comment: Royal Mail landed in my box today! Yippee! You did such a great job with your letter that now I really DO want to come for a visit! I love how you planned the trip around shopping and eating. Those are my two favorite pastimes. :-) I appreciate the brochures explaining upcoming activities and sights to see and, of course, I am over the moon about the chocolate! Thank you so much, Zoe. This truly was a WIN-WIN situation. XOXO
Comment: Thank you so much for the washi tapes! I've been eyeing that panda roll for months! I love it! I also love that etsy shop, MindtheWrap. They even sent me an extra roll! I appreciate your generosity!
thriftymermaid rated for MLU: Filled Easter Eggs #2 on Mar 13, 2016
Comment: Hello, You Wonderful Bling Girl!! Thank you so much for another amazing swap!! I LOVE everything and I loved how you packaged the little eggs and the big tin egg is so much fun!! I have so much new bling to wear!! Thank you. I love the sea horse pin and the mermaid necklaces. Love the fox earrings and the fox necklace. And I love the woodland erasers--so little and cute. Thank you for the deco and washi tapes!! And I absolutely adore the lovely whale key chain!! So adorable. Thank you for a wonderful swap and for making my weekend brighter! You are an amazing swapper and a wonderful friend!! Big hugs to you!
Trader1244 rated for WIYM: Filled Easter Eggs on Mar 11, 2016
Comment: What a great package. I can tell you looked at my porofile. Loved everything you sent. Thank you so very much Ann S
tingtinga2602 rated for IPS-Trip Around The World on Mar 9, 2016
Comment: lovely assorted items.. love them all.. will join this swap again. many thanks
kiddomerriweather rated for M/L/FT-Crytozoology on Mar 7, 2016
Comment: An amazing swap! Never did I dream I'd receive a Flatwoods Monster Japanese vinyl figure! I love the stickers. The artwork in the zine is amazing and inspired me to make one of my own (for an upcoming Breaking Bad swap). The unicorn necklace is so pretty. Thank you for everything. I couldn't have asked for a better partner.
jpngirl rated for MLU-Mermaid Swap Kit on Mar 3, 2016
Comment: What a great assortment of items! I loved all the cards and stationery. It *does* seem like ages since we've swapped -- we should definitely do it more often! :) Thanks!
Ikran3 rated for TNW-Spring Equinox on Mar 2, 2016
Comment: I smiled when I knew you had me as your partner again :) thank you so much for the package - I adore the daisy socks in particular and the bee bag is awesome too! :)
suntattoo rated for NH; Pick 3 - Sea Creatures on Mar 1, 2016
Comment: Wow, thank you! The necklace is beautiful and the clothespegs are adorable :D

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LahDeeDah on Aug 10, 2018:

Hi Zoe. I can't open my messages today. Either the site is being glitchy or my computer is being antisocial. I'll respond to your PM as soon as I can open it. :-)

VivaLaDiane on Aug 9, 2018:

Welcome back sweetie!! ♥♥♥

LahDeeDah on Aug 8, 2018:

Solstice3 on Aug 8, 2018:

Nice to see you back Zoe, not sure you remember me but we did a birthday swap once and a few others :D

Xira on Aug 3, 2018:

Hi! Hope you are okay, still up to help you as founder on MLFT, hope to hear from you! Groetjes Barbara

thriftymermaid on Jan 4, 2018:

Miss you here! I hope you have an amazing 2018!! Hugs.

RooBaRoo on Nov 10, 2017:

I hope everything is alright with you & your family, you've not come online a while.

I'm sorry to bug you! I really want in on "Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales" ... & only you can approve my request. Please do approve next time you come online!

anicka22 on Aug 22, 2017:

Thank you so very much for the lovely birthday suprises! I adore the cute red riding hood notebook and keychain. Also so happy that you are back :)

phillaine on Aug 20, 2017:

Hi sweet Zoe! I'm so glad you're back to the 'bot. Thank you for getting the ALBOL group back together and up and running; it's one of my favorites. ♥ And of course, thank you so much for thinking of me and sending me a great big bundle of MechaKucha delights! I adore them, of course, and am excited to use them to put together some fun happy mail. ♥

Marryth on Aug 13, 2017:

Thank you so much for the washi tape towards my August Wishlist wishes - they are much appreciated! Looking forward to getting a chance to play with them! :)

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