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About Me

Dear Swappers, if because of any reasons I can't send my stuff in time I WILL contact you. If I haven't and you received nothing, please be kind and send me a message before leaving a bad rating. Mail from Germany also may take a bit longer than a few days to get around the world plus they did a few prize changes and I did notice MONTHS later, so it might be possible that if your swaps got lost in the mail thatÄs the reason for it. Of course I'll resend! If you signed up for an Type 1 Swap and don't get any mail from me... ask me! Send a message! I've got this problem with my internet over here because I live in a very rural area of Germany where internet still is very slow. I'm looking forward to hear from you, till then: happy swapping! :)

Important: I'll move to England in April. I'll come back to Germany in 2013. I will take part in some swaps, but you won't send them to England (but to Germany) because I'll live with another family and I think they wouldn't like me putting their adress online ... So if I can take part in any swaps I only can rate you when I'm back home for a visit! Please don't be angry and respect me rating your swap later... Than you a lot for understanding!

Hi, my name is Klara and I'm a 18 years old girl from Germany. Right now I'm in my last year of school and everything is pretty ... urghs. Finished with school I want do be an art therapist or just work in a bookstore, or.... doing something totally different. Maybe going to another country for some time, right now I really don't know.

I live in a small village near a forest and I enjoy taking photos, spending time with my dog, writing, reading, watching movies and TV series and of course doing some stuff with my friends. If you're searching for me, you probably will find me hiding on my balcony with my diary or dancing around in the kitchen, trying out some new recipe for my cooking blog.

Friends describe me as crazy, funny and sometimes a bit moody. But I also can be a very open minded and friendly person.

Favorite Music

My music taste is kind of like a rainbow. I can't say there is anything I don't listen too. Of course I have my favourites, but it's not like there is some genre I really hate.

The musician I will never get sick of is Yann Tiersen, who inspires me every second I listen to him. His music is so amazing and powerful, seems like every song gets a new meaning in every different situation I'm listening to it.

In general you can say that my preferred music genres are indie, alternative and folk.

Favorite Books

The books I love mostly are about nothing. I love reading for reading, not for a story which is full of action and so on. So the books I read are more about friendship and travelling, about people living anywhere doing something.

My favourite book of all times is called Hunting and Gathering by Anna Gavalda. It's about 4 people living together in Paris and they are so totally different that it kind of seems impossible that they can share the same apartment. I love this book so much because each character changes a bit with every page you read and with every page the characters get a bit more of your own. Even if they act so weird sometimes you can't do anything but love them for who they are.

Favorite Movies

You've Got Mail Perfect movie. My favourite since.... 6 years? Normally I'm so not this romance-movie-girl. But this one is so lovely!

Sofia Coppola makes amazing movies. Virgin Suicides and Somewhere are wonderful, same as Marie Antoinette.

As the last one I really love historical movies. Or just... movies who play in former times. I have this Jane Austen crush and kind of collect her books and the movies made out of them.


Please, if you send me some postcards write something on the back. It has not to be something special, just write about your day, the weather, what's in front of the postcard or just a nice quote you like. I really enjoy reading anything you write!

I'm not very picky with what picture is on the postcard you send me. For me the nice part of the postcard is getting it, not judging about it's cover.


I love drinking tea! It's so much better than coffee. There is nearly nothing better than a cold winters day with a good book and a nice cup of tea in your bed.

I love getting fruit tea and even strang mixures, but I don't like Black Tea or Green Tea. So if it's fruity or a bit like peppermint/balm I'd be very happy!

I like...

  • Animals

    Birds, Cows, Dogs, Elephants, Foxes, Frogs, Horses, Owls, Zebras

  • Art

    Art is one of the coolest things in the world. It's like getting the things you feel into a picture and let other see inside of you. Well not really let others seeing inside of you, because somehow you did code it. So sometimes people have to look at the painting for a pretty long time before they get what it really means... I think that's the thing I love the most about art, the secrets.

  • Books

    But only if they are in german! I love reading and could spend every free second behind a book, but please before sending me a book check the 'favourite book' part of my profile!

  • Booksmarks

    Somehow I'm talented in loosing them. I really love bookmarks and prefer them a dog-eared book, so I'm always happy to get new ones!

  • Boxes

    Listening too my Mum I keep too much stuff in my room and it's always too messy. Because I'm not a huge fan of tiding up I like to put things in boxes. It's so much easier to keep your room clean if everything is in its space!

  • Candy

    I love candy, nearly every kind of candy! And I really do enjoy trying new kind of sweets from other countrys. Please be sure that it's nothing coconut / banana / pineapple favoured or something with liquorice. I really don't like it and can't even smell it!

  • Chocolate

    Chocolate just needs a second section because I really love chocolate... like... a lot!

  • Journals

    I stared my first 'real journal' in March 2011. First it was quite difficult for me wiriting in it every evening but then I got used to it and now I really do enjoy looking at old pages and reading about what I've done that day. Sometimes it feels so good decorating the pages for the evening that it is a bot more fun than the writing itself. I do love my journal, every day a little more!

  • Nailpolish

    I'm not very particular on what colour it has to be, but I do prefer light colours a bit. And I don't like black nailpolish.

  • Photographs

  • Postcards
  • Socks

    I do wear European Size 38

  • Vintage Stuff

    I collect old vinatge stuff. So if you do have something like old boxes/books/keys and think I might like it... send it! I'm in love with old stuff!

  • Recipes

    I'm quite new into this baking/cooking stuff. But I really like it! I started my own little recipe box not that long time ago and I love to try out new recipes! If you're up to a private recipe swap just let me know! Please notice: if you want to send me a recipe card we have different unit of measurement over here in Germany. Of course I love trying out recipes from other countrys, but I don't like to spend more time with converting than cooking!

  • Tea

I DON'T like...

  • ATCs
  • Coffee
  • Kawaii
  • Smells

    Yes, I do like some smells, but here are those which I really hate. Please make sure the item (whatever it is) does not smell like this: coconut, vanilla, peppermint, pineapple, banana, loquorice,...

  • Sport

    I don't do sport and I won't do any sport. The only thing I do (which is way too much fun to be sport) is dancing. So... I hate sports.


Countrymom rated for After The Rush is Over on Jan 17, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the letter. I got it today.
kgeslab rated for Advent Calendar - TEA with a twist on Dec 15, 2011
Comment: Thanks!
pucelilina rated for Europe A-Z Xmas Treasure Swap on Dec 12, 2011
necrocake rated for Christmas chocolate Novelty swap on Dec 9, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the chocolate. I LOVE dominosteine :D
Response: Aaaaw I'm happy you like them! :) They are so typically christmals over here!
pinkbixi rated for Weihnachtswichteln 2011 on Dec 6, 2011
Comment: Ich konnte einfach nicht warten.... habs schon aufgemacht..... und ich freu mich sooooooooo!!!! Hab sowas noch nieeee gesehen.... das Set ist herzallerliebst... vielen, vielen lieben Dank...... und schöne Weihnachten noch
Response: :D Meines ist noch nicht angekommen, aber ich glaube ich werde mich auch arg zurückhalten müssen! :D Juhu! Ich hab echt ewig überlegt ob dir das auch gefallen wird, aber man verschenkt am Besten ja auch die Dinge, die man selbst schön findet, und nachdem ich es gekauft hatte hätte ich es am Liebsten selbst behalten ;) Dankeschön! Dir auch noch einen schönen Dezember und fröhliche Weihnachten!
kindledwhimsy rated for Doodle-a-Monster Postcard Swap on Nov 22, 2011
Comment: Hello and thank you for the fantastic pc! (Your monster is absolutely deserving of love!) Cheers! Ainslie
Nekozet rated for Advent Calendar - TEA with a twist on Nov 21, 2011
Comment: What darling little tea packets you created! And they're so cute I can't even peek inside at the teas for fear of messing up the pretty packaging - hee hee! I'll let you know how I like the teas once I open them all! THANK YOU also for the really awesome shimmery Joyeux Noel postcard - I really love it and am posting it with my holiday cards! If you did accidentally duplicate teas, I'll just enjoy it twice! I had the same fear as I was packaging up mine! lol! Thank you SO much for a great package - I'll be back in touch!! :)
anooshka rated for Advent Calendar - TEA with a twist on Nov 16, 2011
Comment: Thank you very much :) Cant wait to try all those teas!!
ina rated for Advent Calendar - TEA with a twist on Nov 11, 2011
Comment: Thaks for your adventenvies.I know I have to wait till December,grrrr. groetjes,Ina.
HappyPassion rated for Tea Swap on Nov 10, 2011
Comment: Hi Klara, glad that i received your package safely and thank you :))))
TwinMom rated for Quotecard Postcard #53 on Nov 8, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the postcard & quote! Have a great day!
mpontalba rated for Quotecard Postcard #53 on Nov 6, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful card! It has two of my favorite things on it: books and a foreign language. The quotation you included was so bleak---I hope that you find some rays of light to illuminate your mood!
Response: I'm glad you like it! :) And thank you, I hope so too because somehow right now everything seems to go south.
MamaWulf rated for Tumblr Swap on Nov 6, 2011
amberrenee rated for 35 Random Questions on Nov 6, 2011
CraftilyClever rated for Tea Swap on Nov 3, 2011
Comment: Lovely!! Thank you!
sarahc6967 rated for 35 Random Questions on Oct 31, 2011
Azhuresjewels rated for Email - Our Favorite Songs #73 on Oct 30, 2011
lttleetoile rated for Quotecard Postcard #53 on Oct 29, 2011
Comment: Love Winnie the Pooh!
cathydolphinlvr rated for 35 Random Questions on Oct 29, 2011
Comment: The art journal and other journals would be very important to protect ! Most of them have invaluable and personal treasures. And it good that you can only carry a hard disk instead of millions of CD's, or diskettes !

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Teraceee on Dec 17, 2011:

indigorose on Nov 30, 2011:

Danke für dein liebes Kommentar! Ich hatte viel Spaß dabei, den Swap für dich zusammenzustellen und ich hoffe, ich habe deinen Geschmack getroffen! :)

pinkwishjenn on Sep 15, 2011:

hi Klara, I want to rate you for the 100 truths swap! but i'm not sure how...so sorry. if you know how please PM me so that i can rate you :) thank you!

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