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Coronavirus, my life in 6 words

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Coronavirus, my life in 6 words
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  1. This is electronic

  2. You play by posting in the comments your coronavirus life, in 6 words only.

  3. You must rate your parents, haha, and your partners, with a 5 and a Heart and a comment. No silent 5s; those are considered rude. Take the time to thank someone.

  4. You may post more than once.

  5. Even those with lower ratings may play, but I might ban folks that I suspect will not RATE their partners.

Here are some examples, ones I came up with

"I coughed, they tested, I passed."

"No sneezes please, cover your cough."

"Sick of being inside in pajamas."

No links to INFO on the virus, no other comments, Just the 6 word comments. This is meant as stress relief, no room for conspiracy info.

To rate your partners, may I suggest you do command/control F and type in the partners swapbot name to find their comments one person at time.

ETA: the idea is that you post at least one 6 word story, when you sign up. You do that here in the thread not on your partners profiles. # here below and now. I will remove players who do not post, if I can. I would not want any person to get ten 1 ratings for not posting a comment. I will not be able to take responsibility for players who dont follow the swap rules. So please read and comment, and rate.

Also you do need to do the 6 word story. No more, no less, use punctuation. Periods. You can most more than one. DOUBLE space in your post to get them separated.


AZmom875 03/26/2020 #

"I coughed, they tested, I passed."

"No sneezes please, cover your cough."

"Sick of being inside in pajamas."

thebragal 03/26/2020 #

Miss my friend. Otherwise the same.

thebragal 03/26/2020 #

Kids home. hubby works. Love pajamas!

CraftyShana76 03/26/2020 #

Risking my life to save yours.

Tverne05 03/26/2020 #

Social distancing and working from home

myancey 03/26/2020 #

I still hAve to serve food

Drachenfrau 03/27/2020 #

Sweetie and I miss our family!

CraftyShana76 03/27/2020 #

On the front lines for you

WanderingStar 03/27/2020 #

Hahaha it says: "Rate your parents" ;p

WanderingStar 03/27/2020 #

"So thankful for my wonderful job" <3

"There's a classroom in my kitchen!"

"I hope my marriage will survive!"

ccap 03/27/2020 #

Miss friends. Miss family. Worry hurts.

03Scarlett 03/27/2020 #

"First responders, YOU are my HEROES!" "Stay home. Stay home. Stay home." "Have no chocolate, PLEASE send some!" "Afraid to go to the store."

dakotadee 03/27/2020 #

Miss talking to others than hubby! Hubby driving me batty at home!

dakotadee 03/27/2020 #

Sewing masks for others to use

Rabbitfreedom 03/27/2020 #

All these answers are so good!

Wore hazmat suit to grocery store

I took a nap today - again

I miss riding the subway - not!

New York City, I miss you!

simplyfunmom 03/27/2020 #

Trips to Walmart; nothing there, again.

CookieMomster78 03/27/2020 #

Dumbfounded with humans barbaric primal instincts!

CookieMomster78 03/27/2020 #

Maybe An Animal, But Still Rational!

mcall 03/27/2020 #

12 hour shifts are worth it. I'm there with my RN team. We need masks and sanitizer please.

mcall 03/27/2020 #

Patients trust in us is heartwarming.

AZmom875 03/27/2020 #

Found TP, but then got mugged! (not really)

AZmom875 03/27/2020 #

This is fun, helping my stress.

AZmom875 03/27/2020 #

Wore my PJs all day long!

AZmom875 03/27/2020 #

wanting icecream, not safe to shop.

AZmom875 03/27/2020 #

You are all making me laugh.

cherlita 03/27/2020 #

Working from home for countless hours.

cherlita 03/27/2020 #

Conference calls in my cozy pajamas.

cherlita 03/27/2020 #

Regretting over out of stock vegetables.

euniceq 03/28/2020 #

I'm barely personally affected at all!

euniceq 03/28/2020 #

Listening to fiancé take online classes.

euniceq 03/28/2020 #

Playing Dungeons and Dragons online often!

Ida 03/28/2020 #

Long distance relationship is even harder.

Happy about people offering free workshops. (online)

Overwhelmed by people's kindness and charity.

Silly dancing in living room everyday. ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐

Daycie 03/28/2020 #

People buy alot of toiletpaper, why?

Stay strong and stay healthy people!

Love being in pyamas all day.

I miss all my lovely friends..

LiliLuv 03/28/2020 #

Brings out worst, but also best!

Lucky I always work from home.

Boyfriend is bus driver; miss him.

Boyfriend brought toilet paper - how romantic!

So worried about my faraway family.

Dad's high risk, I'm so worried.

Only place I go - the mailbox.

Hope you are and stay healthy!

AZmom875 03/28/2020 #

Trash day. What should I wear!

Traderjoe's, had TP, doing happy dance.

AZmom875 03/28/2020 #

All this coffee, nowhere to go.

CookieMomster78 03/28/2020 #

This is fun, thank you @AZmom875

mcall 03/28/2020 #

no more free donuts gloves please. no more free pizza masks please.

AZmom875 03/29/2020 #

Wearing makeup, to put out trash.

CraftyShana76 03/29/2020 #

PAPR up, they may have COVID

KarenLaneWV 03/29/2020 #

Great life in my woods, always!

armadillogal 03/29/2020 #

No BINGO, no thrift shopping, Bored!

institches 03/29/2020 #

Staying home, my life as usual

Itti 03/29/2020 #

seekingsunshine on twitter brightens my day.

Escaping the flat helps mental health.

Why is everyone suddenly making sourdough?!

Itti 03/29/2020 #

Whoops apparently starting a sentence with a # makes it giant!

klover 03/29/2020 #

No longer missing my craft room:-)

9O96O 03/29/2020 #

Getting used to working from home.

sojourner 03/29/2020 #

Never has my house been cleaner

sojourner 03/29/2020 #

Now finding time to make art

LavenderSprinkles 03/29/2020 #

No more dining out on Sundays.

LavenderSprinkles 03/29/2020 #

Currently suffering from extreme cabin fever.

LavenderSprinkles 03/29/2020 #

Just ordered me some toilet paper. The kids are driving me nuts. Never have experienced sanitizing this much.

shirleyinCA 03/29/2020 #

Grandson's first birthday, sadly just Facetime. Refrigerator tempts me all day long! Missing my job helping Disneyland tourists.

feminista 03/29/2020 #

Scared to death, will this stop?

Kirkdebb 03/29/2020 #

Nine confined people in small house.

Artistic 03/29/2020 #

Working from home; miss seeing friends.

Binge eating Oreos, stress on overload.

Sideeye to neighbors passing in halls.

greenwindow 03/30/2020 #

working in retail whilst social distancing

jledford012 03/30/2020 #

stuck playing in my she shed

waiting for settlement check COME ON! ( got hurt on jan 3erd)

will have to shop online SAD

lonely lonely lonely miss my friends

All us humans sticking together AWESOME

itsnobody 03/30/2020 #

My life is just the same...

Wake up at lunch every day

keahirada 03/30/2020 #

Essential job, blessing to get out.

Working with seniors, scared for them

sidewalks should currently be 6 feet wide

Focusing on the positives, sending gratitude!

dakotadee 03/30/2020 #

Want to visit family but can't

Pet cats loving, wanting constant petting

dakotadee 03/30/2020 #

Parents long gone, miss their wisdom

kasa 03/30/2020 #

Self isolation lock down holiday. Worried about family living overseas. All family members living alone. Enjoying the peace, quiet and non busyness.

IdlersDesign 03/30/2020 #

Now everyone homeschools! Teach online classes.

IdlersDesign 03/30/2020 #

Supermarkets still crowded. Sending online hugs.

CraftyShana76 03/30/2020 #

Can’t see parents. Worried for them.

pixiegirlanna 03/30/2020 #

I work from home either way.

pixiegirlanna 03/30/2020 #

I don't get out anyway. Hermit.

pixiegirlanna 03/30/2020 #

Flight cancelled. Can't see future husband:(

pixiegirlanna 03/30/2020 #

Penpal in jail. Mail hasn't come:(

Jaimiepaige 03/31/2020 #

Love how everyone is pulling together.

Missing my family during these times.

More time with partner and dogs!

(Love this idea, so interesting to see what everyone's said!)

hispanka77 03/31/2020 #
  • God, my head is going now! *

  • My claustrophobia is killing me imperceptibly:( *

dakotadee 03/31/2020 #

Daughter is sick, worried about her lots of sewing time, good fix

zurdoswifey 03/31/2020 #

I have found my inner baker

Cabin fever is no joke folks!!

My house cant get any cleaner

thebragal 03/31/2020 #

House still messy. Kids fight remotely. (my 13 yo is with my mom yet they still fight while playing Minecraft over the internet and FaceTime)

Hubby works and son works. Worried!

Usually home bound. Why stir crazy?

Grateful hubby does all the shopping.

Wish I could train service dog. (Mine, she’s 4.5 months. Hard to take her places to get used to distractions.)

Too cold still to walk dog. She is going crazy being indoors.

lostincalligraphy 04/ 1/2020 #

Toilet paper and corona beer. Cheers!

Dog's the happiest in the house!

Language learning, yoga training, Netflix chilling :)

tizzicat 04/ 1/2020 #

Business as usual, except hubby home.

Stop panic buying, I need pasta!

AZmom875 04/ 1/2020 #

You are all making me smile!

luckylynnl 04/ 1/2020 #

Learning to not plan by calendar!

carol 04/ 1/2020 #

Mine disappeared! Trying again:

Baking therapy lead to eating therapy.

Making art, walking, gardening, writing, waiting.

dakotadee 04/ 1/2020 #

Sewing masks for others non stop! Glad I hoarded fabric right now!!

dakotadee 04/ 1/2020 #

Virus at daughter's work,scared mom.

Alivia0asthetics 04/ 1/2020 #

“No school but more craft time.” “ you must be six feet apart “ “Never realized I could miss you”

scrappermama 04/ 1/2020 #

Coffee & daily wisdom devotionals for women. Lord give me patience!!! Husband working from home too 😬. 100 day project starts April 3rd!!!

CherryBlossomLady 04/ 2/2020 #

I could get used to teleworking!

Homeschooling my kids is definitely doable!

Family Dinner Night is every night.

Praying my smoker dad stays healthy.

Can't believe I miss the gym!??

CherryBlossomLady 04/ 2/2020 #

My dog could not be happier!

CraftyShana76 04/ 2/2020 #

School is done for the year 😞

CraftyShana76 04/ 2/2020 #

Donning on doffing off and repeat!

brooklynboo 04/ 2/2020 #

Not phased, online schooling, messy bun planning all meals definitely the hardest

AZmom875 04/ 2/2020 #

So bored, this swap made #1.

brooklynboo 04/ 2/2020 #

there is 2 in mine just wont space them out!

Autist 04/ 2/2020 #

Welcome to my so called life.

Social distancing? This is my normal.

So much for my fancy planner.

Can’t go out? BEST DAY EVER!

In pajamas all day every day.

Onesie pajamas are the new black.

I need TP for my bungholio.

This Apocalypse is an introverts dream.

Rogers Said, “Always find the helpers.”

Try and find the bright side.

Make people smile when they’re scared.

AZmom875 04/ 2/2020 #

Just a reminder 6 words only.

@brooklynboo BTW to space them out, you DOUBLE space and then it comes out correctly. We can read it fine, so dont worry. Loved the messy bun part.

AZmom875 04/ 2/2020 #

I googled Donning on doffing off.

Bored? you can google it too.

AZmom875 04/ 2/2020 #

You are amazing, 6 word authors!!!!!

lilmissthrifty 04/ 2/2020 #

I will dance during quarantine time

I am still not embracing cooking

2 goats, 6 hens, 3 kids

do teachers drink during the day?

thank goodness we still have swapping

Artistic 04/ 2/2020 #

Went outside today. Gloves, mask, scared.

Artistic 04/ 2/2020 #

Funny memes help with the stress.

Artistic 04/ 2/2020 #

Quarantine equals crafting, reading, sleeping, waiting.

bstrong 04/ 3/2020 #

Learned to make deep fried donuts

Ate all those yummy, sugary donuts

Gym closed, can't burn off donuts

Houston we have a serious problem!

I want to make more donuts!

bstrong 04/ 3/2020 #

My husband is still making suppers 5 ❤

If he continues he will survive 5 ❤

If not - he has good life ins 5 ❤ 🤣🤣🤣

manaelsa 04/ 3/2020 #

Mandatory isolation is almost over, finally.

Plenty of introspective time to think.

Will we hurry back to 'normal'?

What parts of 'normal' are valuable?

Hugs... elderly... community... kindness... outdoors... health.

luckylynnl 04/ 3/2020 #

Seem to change priorities every day

bstrong makes me want some donuts.

MovingShakingandMaking 04/ 3/2020 #

Work more at home than office.

Help, barky dog driving me crazy.

Where did all the M&M's go?

Who bought neighbors kid a 4-wheeler?

Thank a nurse, thank a doctor.

Be safe, be healthy, you're loved.

shirleyinCA 04/ 3/2020 #

This is my best daily read.

Lizard filled yard, never noticed before.

Dislike lizards; hubby finds them fascinating.

"Look at their push-ups!" he marvels.

Why did I marry a biologist?

Cows' eyeballs stored in my fridge.

His students dissected those big things.

He let them dissect my placenta.

Told him last organ I donate!

Donuts! I want big chocolatey donuts!

Brownies OK, but need ice cream.

MsBellaDonna 04/ 3/2020 #

Missing my friends at the bar.

Can't play Trivial Pursuit by myself.

Still serving seniors their daily meal.

I know that brightens their day.

Thanks to all who are helping.

Hope things get back to normal.

Whatever that was, I miss it!

Rita2 04/ 4/2020 #

Day 01, my mother stocked toilet paper.

I miss going to send letters.

I released the chef inside me.

I miss Sundays with my brothers.

Take good care, stay home please.

Everything will be fine, just believe!

BeHappyToday 04/ 4/2020 #

Finding essentials is a scavenger hunt. Don gloves 🧤 and wear mask please❣️ You look warm, grab the thermometer. I heard you cough, get tested! Working together will end this pandemic.

Corina 04/ 4/2020 #

Loving it, yet also dying inside.

lemooon 04/ 4/2020 #

Doing deep deep deep spring cleaning.

I find some time to painting.

AZmom875 04/ 4/2020 #

These are tough times, keep smiling.

thebragal 04/ 4/2020 #

Made rainbow art for front window.

Making one for my neighbour too.

Hope is new 4 letter word.

But a good 4 letter word.

Probably no school again this year.

Moms will solve COVID before scientists.

Warm weather. Come here very soon!

hanifahsekar98 04/ 4/2020 #

I really bored staying at home.

But I can play fun games.

I wish I can go outside.

I really miss my best friends.

why the weather is so good?

I wish I can go outside.

MovingShakingandMaking 04/ 4/2020 #

PlayStation with my brothers is fun.

Even when I lose every race.

We can't hug, we can game.

I'm still looking for the M&Ms.

MovingShakingandMaking 04/ 4/2020 #

Made a mask, I can't sew.

Crooked stitches, forgot to back stitch.

Back to papercrafts

MovingShakingandMaking 04/ 4/2020 #

Made a mask, I can't sew.

Crooked stitches, forgot to back stitch.

Back to paper crafting I go.

BeHappyToday 04/ 4/2020 #

Show the love, elbow bump together❣️

Marin 04/ 4/2020 #

Sad not with family for Easter! :( Risky job not worth Families Lives. So visit I will not soon. Zoom will be the vessel O'love <3

CookieMomster78 04/ 4/2020 #

Flu kills more people than COVID-19!

Perspective is critical when perceptions reality

The media is the worst instigator.

Stop watching news - use common sense!

This requires teamwork to stop spreading

Please stay healthy for goodness sake!

tootiredtothink 04/ 5/2020 #

Still at work, so much stupid.

Tacos for dinner, cake for breakfast.

Kids are crazy, home school sucks.

smartymartyky 04/ 5/2020 #

I am watching too much TV today. I should probably read more or at the very least, clean my house. My cats sleep more than I realized. I am so mad that I will probably not be able to go to Montreal in May.

AZmom875 04/ 5/2020 #

6 words stories. no more please.

AZmom875 04/ 5/2020 #

One death is one too many

smartymartyky 04/ 5/2020 #

My allergies are killing me today. My cat is super awesome fat, I am listening to Jack White.

Gobarb 04/ 5/2020 #

Stay healthy, stay happy, stay home! I am working on my crafts. Staying in Pajamas all day long. I walk several times a week. Walking to mailbox is quarter mile. Walking back makes total half mile. My house is still a mess! Looking to hire a cleaning person. My hubby is driving me crazy! Saving money by not eating out. Cooking a lot of good meals. Tired and have to take nap. That's all I have to say...

basykes 04/ 5/2020 #

Introverts really like sheltering in place.

ericabella 04/ 5/2020 #

I'm getting bored but staying happy.

MsBellaDonna 04/ 5/2020 #

Stop hoarding all the toilet paper!

Honestly, how much do you need?

Yes, my patience is wearing thin!

bluecrayons 04/ 5/2020 #

i'm tired of staying at home.

making face masks is going good.

law says florida stays in doors.

i can only scrapbook so much.

Denarth51 04/ 6/2020 #

Turned off TV; can’t watch anymore, Cooking so much, wishing for restaurants. Morning walks, afternoon crafts, evening wine.

AZmom875 04/ 6/2020 #

@CookieMomster78 is hosting some fun swaps that are electronic. Loaded questions. see her profile. Click on her blue name above.

LaughingLoon 04/ 6/2020 #

More family time. Less toilet paper.

Made ten face masks today; fun!

Postman is my very best friend.

Only ponytails work with my mask.

Decorated our door for Palm Sunday.

Watched Mass on Television during dinner.

In love with my spouse again.

My orchids bloomed - they love me!

thebragal 04/ 6/2020 #

Hubby’s co-workers sick and in hospital.

He works for Toronto Ambulance Services.

Everyone should wear a mask always.

According to Centers for Disease Control.

Using fabric masks saves N95 masks.

Scariest time I can ever remember.

Gobarb 04/ 6/2020 #

Baked cookies for winner of auction. Need to read too many emails! I think they will never stop. Been homebound for over 3 weeks. I don't mind staying at home. My hubby is driving me crazy! This is fine for my cancer. We have everything that we need. We purchased stuff way before COVD19. Talk to family and friends often. Signing up for much more Swaps. Love to receive my happy mail. I guess I have said enough.

lovesreward 04/ 6/2020 #

I just can't sleep at night.

I take daily walks around cemetery.

I shoot photos of pretty flowers.

My husband works from home sometimes.

I keep calling all my friends.

I have called so much family.

Thanks for making this swap available.

ChristieTrout 04/ 6/2020 #

Learning a new hobby is fun!

megan1230 04/ 6/2020 #

Safe at home. Still miss places.

Artistic 04/ 7/2020 #

Feeling much better. Zoom a godsend.

Elliepatterson 04/ 7/2020 #

Good days good, bad days bad. Stuck with my husband and Dad. Is it time to eat yet? When will this quarantine be done? There is no place to run. When this over I’ll run free. Naked with scissors if need be.

akebi 04/ 7/2020 #

please don't take my toilet paper :'>

NRGordon 04/ 7/2020 #

I want to hug my granddaughter.

Ikran3 04/ 8/2020 #

Our world changed in one week.

How much can you miss someone?

Is this what war feels like?

3 weeks in isolation, 9 left.

Crying when I can't buy food

My heart breaks when I feel

I miss driving, swimming, life outdoors.

8pm every Thursday I'm outside clapping

Ikran3 04/ 8/2020 #

9am workouts with Joe Wicks!

Anettethhjertnes 04/ 8/2020 #

My hands have become an alcoholic.

not single, so I get sex

afraid I end up social awkwared

Anettethhjertnes 04/ 8/2020 #

People stand 6,7 feet from me

Wondering if I smell real bad

No sellers nocking on my door

fairladybuff 04/ 8/2020 #

Extrovert in need of meaningful interactions.

Netflix and chilled with Tiger King.

Do not watch Freud, it's terrible.

I'm making Irish Soda Bread.

I'm so ready for farmer's markets.

I surely need a bath, now.

God will take care of us. :)

Jesus saved and gave me life.

Sunshine is the best therapy today.

AZmom875 04/ 8/2020 #

The land of no paper products.

kristyrogers 04/ 8/2020 #

Sleepily desperately in need of hugs Thoroughly enjoying church on front porch!

Ellesbells 04/ 8/2020 #

On the front lines. Need masks :(

This nurse needs more naps. Yes please!

Don't stand so close to me.

Some one stole my hand sanitizer!

parakeetmails 04/ 8/2020 #

"There is too much propaganda unfortunately"

"People are going crazy over this"

"Sigh, there goes the toilet paper"

ellie 04/ 9/2020 #

Hi risk senior, free to craft,

Going crazy talking to my cat.

I miss hugs, I miss friends,

dakotadee 04/ 9/2020 #

Hubby has to eat healthy cooking!

Wife loves watching him eat healthy

dakotadee 04/ 9/2020 #

watching hand raised dove come back

she brings her mate along too

dakotadee 04/ 9/2020 #

Hubby misses his junk food badly

wife laughs evilly as cooking vegetables

AZmom875 04/ 9/2020 #

If you are interested I posted 2 more electronic swaps to help with your boredom. See my profile.

MsBellaDonna 04/ 9/2020 #

Social distancing is the new normal.

Air hugs for family and friends!

Kathy821 04/ 9/2020 #

Do how many lessons a week?🥴 There’s a reason I didn’t homeschool? Is it not time for recess?

Luvslife3 04/ 9/2020 #

Working, why don't I feel lucky?

Made Voodoo doll, looks like hubby!!

Las Vegas is quiet, really wierd!!

Rediscovered kitchen, I love to cook!!

Nothing changed, still hate to clean!!

Missing Grandkids, they make me smile!!

grammypammy 04/10/2020 #

My sleeping pattern, is way off!

grammypammy 04/10/2020 #

I go for a walk everyday.

grammypammy 04/10/2020 #

Did someone just cough near me?

ChristieTrout 04/10/2020 #

When you realize you are nonessential....

AZmom875 04/10/2020 #

Tomorrow is the last day to play this game.

lovesreward 04/11/2020 #

I miss my friends so much.

Gloomy and rainy, makes me sad.

I'm not doing well with this.

Each day passes much more slowly.

These have been longest three weeks.

I traded lemons for pasta sauce.

My friend made me some masks!

Solo dance parties no longer fun.

Did a puppet show on Zoom!

I can't eat one more potato!

I heard that summer is cancelled.

kristyrogers 04/11/2020 #

First full homestead tour since moving.

luckylynnl 04/11/2020 #

I've resorted to watching Hallmark Mystery!

Hyshu 04/11/2020 #

Corona virus,stay AWAY from me!

I wash my hands, do you?

I wear a mask? Where's yours?

Been decluttering and finding cool stuff!!

Eel9585 04/11/2020 #

Turned my kitchen into my office

I’ve been joining clap for carers

Inside is now the new outside

A whole new meaning to staycation

thebragal 04/11/2020 #

Homeschooling my 8 year old sucks.

He’s so emotional and very grumpy.

Misses his teacher and fellow students.

I made 20 masks, no sales.

Wish I could sell them to help.

Haven’t worked in 10 years, health.

Wish I could contribute to family.

Miss my kid. grandmas for month.

ellie 04/11/2020 #

Sleeping all day, I accomplished nothing

What am I, a new catbed.

Seeing my brothers through glass doors.

Too many movies, have enough time.

institches 04/11/2020 #

Hubby so bored, watching Disney Channel

institches 04/11/2020 #

Making blanket forts for the cat

MsBellaDonna 04/11/2020 #

Sometimes I eat popcorn for dinner.

Very stressed, trying to stay strong.

Worried about my mom, she's 82.

We are all in this together!!

riftvegan 04/11/2020 #

Creativity is hard when so worried.

Comfort eating, the jeans are tight!

Reading books all day is bliss.

(But that makes me feel lazy!)

Local nature walks make me happy.

Cheerful greetings and two meter distance!

riftvegan 04/11/2020 #

Heart goes out to medical workers!

Kirkdebb 04/11/2020 #

Sewed and mailed parents face masks.

Donated face masks to state workers.

Many prayers for our medical warriors.

Gobarb 04/11/2020 #

Did a Zentangle class on Zoom.

It was a lot of fun.

Can't wait to do it again.

Hubby went shopping for groceries again.

Hubby is still driving me crazy!

Wish he would get a life!

It's time to go to bed...

MovingShakingandMaking 04/12/2020 #

Easter parade through my neighborhood this morning. Sirens scared me and the dog. Happy to see the Easter Bunny.

MovingShakingandMaking 04/12/2020 #

Watching a movie with hubby today;

Nice to be home on Sunday.

Neighbor kids playing, driving hubby nuts.

AZmom875 04/12/2020 #

I am ready to assign partners. I will remove anyone, if I can catch it, that did not leave a 6 word story. This is an electronic swap and it would be sad to get 10 one ratings because you didnt understand the swap.

CraftyShana76 04/12/2020 #

Talking to parents from a distance

CraftyShana76 04/12/2020 #

Just leave it on the porch.

mcall 04/12/2020 #

its ok to snack a lot snacking is my new past time. snacks snacks everyone loves good snacks.

Gobarb 04/12/2020 #

That's all there is now folks.

I'm sorry this swap is over.

I had a really good time.

AZmom875 04/13/2020 #

Rule 3 no silent 5s

sojourner 04/13/2020 #

Rule 3 rate 5 with heart

lovesreward 04/15/2020 #

I've received a "silent 5" :( But at least they are rating a "5"! :)

Corina 04/15/2020 #

We were supposed to rate with a ❤️... 😔

lovesreward 04/16/2020 #

Still waiting for two more ratings.

It seems silly but it's not.

Ratings make the world go around.

I'm still talking in six words.

It seems weird to do so.

brooklynboo 04/20/2020 #

sorry for being late I've been sick! All caught up :)

sojourner 04/21/2020 #

Also waiting for two ratings

AZmom875 04/28/2020 #

RULE # 3

You must rate your parents, haha, and your partners, with a 5 and a Heart and a comment. No silent 5s; those are considered rude. Take the time to thank someone.

ChristieTrout 04/29/2020 #

5 and a heart...I guess people don't read or care about the requirements.

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