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10-11-12 Postcard Swap

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Swap Coordinator:nativegan (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing  Postcards  Mail Art 
Number of people in swap:97
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:October 1, 2012
Date items must be sent by:October 11, 2012
Number of swap partners:3

This is a very simple postcard swap for a very unique day, October 11th, 2012. It is also my WEDDING DAY!!!

So, since it is a very special day for me I wanted to make it special for all of my fellow Swappers.

Simple rules:

  • 3 Partners

  • ONE Postcard each

  • MUST be postmarked OCTOBER 11, 2012

  • Share something that is special to you. It could be your favorite quote, a special event, you get the idea. Put some thought into and make it special.

  • NO free/ad cards

  • Handmade cards are welcome and encouraged as long as they are of sturdy construction to make it through the postal system without being damaged.

  • Sender's Choice but please try to take the time to read your partners profile.

  • Newbies welcome!


Taavia 03/19/2012 #

In Europe, the date is usually written like this: 11-10-2012 and not 10-11-12 ...would that be a problem?

nativegan 03/21/2012 #

Not at all!! :o)

Peaches91011 04/30/2012 #

How sweet my wedding was on 9 - 10 - 11!! Congratulations and I will be watching for now but will join closer to the date. ^_^

decolover 07/23/2012 #

Taavia, not sure which country you're in, but in Sweden we write 12-10-11 (year, month day)! So it varies a lot around the world, as well as within Europe, and can be completely confusing.

VivaLaDiane 08/ 2/2012 #

I'd hosted a similar swap without being aware of this one. I apologize and have deleted mine. Sorry.

art3osb 08/ 2/2012 #

I would like to make my pc's but if my partner would rather have a store bought I can go that way. What about a 12-12-12 pc too.

craftybarbie 08/ 2/2012 #

That is cool my wedding anniversary day is Oct.10

nativegan 08/ 3/2012 #

COOL!!! I made the Top Ten! Thanks guys!!

Grammycj 08/ 3/2012 #

Would love to be a part of this swap but will be on a cruise on Oct 11 so no guarantees of getting my cards post marked that day so I'll wait for another one.

ktk8 08/14/2012 #

Oh wow I am excited about this....when will I know who I am partnered with.... I love both kinds of cards....store bought and hand made..... looking forward to hearing from ya'll....

nativegan 08/14/2012 #

@ktk8 You will receive your partners at the end of the day August 1st. Thanks so much for joining!!

royalshyness 08/24/2012 #

That's my birthday! :o)

Slightly ignorant question: How do you ensure that your postcard is postmarked on that day? Do you drop it in the post box on that day, or on the day before so that it's stamped/sorted on the actual day?

nativegan 08/24/2012 #

@royalshyness : If you drop it of in the morning of that day it will get postmarked that day. The other option you have is to have it hand-canceled if you have the time to go into the post office to the counter.

art3osb 08/26/2012 #

@royalshyness If you drop it off before they close it should get postmarked that day and go out.

@ktk8 Last day to sign up is Oct. 1st so you can assign partners at midnight or wait until the next day.

royalshyness 08/26/2012 #

Thanks :o) In that case I'll pass. I won't be anywhere near a post box on Oct 11, although I will on Oct 10. Happy swapping.

(I don't usually have my life planned so precisely; it's only that week :P)

ColoradoKate 09/ 5/2012 #

OF COUSE that's the day we have school, then parent-teacher conferences all afternoon and evening!!!! * pouts *

nativegan 09/ 6/2012 #

@royalshyness If you drop it off on the evening of the 10th after the post office clothes it will be postmarked on the 11th.

@ColoradoKate Same thing, drop it off after they close on the 10th and they will be postmarked on the 11th.

Disassociation 09/ 9/2012 #

I hope no one minds if I join this swap. I really like the idea and my birthday is one the 12th which is a huge coincidence! :D

nativegan 09/11/2012 #

@Disassociation You are more than welcome! Newbies need to start somewhere, right??

Anna27 09/11/2012 #

hello do it matter what is on the front of the card can it be a area where we live etc ?

nativegan 09/11/2012 #

@Anna27 It is sender's choice which means you can send just about anything except free ad cards.

KarlaKC 09/26/2012 #

I ran across my postcards from two years ago when I joined an 8/9/10 postcard swap....so I gotta join this year's 10-11-12 one! :) Thanks for hosting it!

LisaLuEulalie2 09/27/2012 #

Horray! This is my first swap. Looking forward to it.

Darkshadowmoor 09/27/2012 #


rachelcdoyle 09/28/2012 #

Personally, I'd take it in to get Hand Cancelled. There is NO guarantee (especially if it's a small post office like mine) that it will be postmarked the 11th just by dropping it in the box. I'd hate to have to rate someone a 3 just because it wasn't postmarked the correct day since that is the point of the swap. :(

sapphiregypsy 09/30/2012 #

Aw! I just learned my duty will not make it possible to have my pc's postmarked on the 11th. I was really excited about this! Darn. Thanks for letting newbies join. But I have to drop out.

Mamabemus 10/ 1/2012 #

I agree you should take it in to get it hand cancelled. I've dropped stuff in the mail box and not have it postmarked until 3-4 days later.

katemishkin 10/ 2/2012 #

Sorry, I'm a newbie. How do I see my partners?

Anna27 10/ 2/2012 #

what would be the best day to drop the cards in the mail box, i have 1 in the uk and 2 out of the uk, so would like to know when to send to get the right date on the cards ? xx

ju671ne 10/ 2/2012 #

is it alright to just a quote on the postcard? do we have to decorate it? thanks!

rachelcdoyle 10/ 3/2012 #

@Anna27 there is no guarantee that dropping it in the postal box will get it handstamped ON 10/11/12 by any certain day. Your best bet is taking them TO the post office and having them hand stamped. If the postcards I receive aren't postmarked October 11th 2012 I will rate a 3 and I'm sure I'm not the only one who will do that. :(

Marleen1979 10/ 3/2012 #

In the Netherlands there is no possibility to have cards handstamped, only on special Postal events. Well, I drop them in the mailbox on Oct 11 and rely on PostNL to have them sorted the same day.

Vempire 10/ 5/2012 #

That is not true Marleen, you can ask at your local postal-point if they hand stamp the card. I did that yesterday at the Bruna and they do hand stamp mail. I am taking my cards with me next week and get them hand-stamped. The only thing is that they will end up in the postbag and get stamped twice :P

Marleen1979 10/ 5/2012 #

Ah, thank you Vempire, I didn't know that. I had a discussion last time with my postoffice and they said it's not possible. So I have to go to a Bruna, not a post office;)

Vempire 10/ 5/2012 #

I don't think the postal-pont in the Albert Heijn or another supermarket will do it (heck when I ask for stamps they think I want the AH stamps instead of stamps for mail), but a postal-point in a Bruna should be not a big deal :)

julebear 10/ 6/2012 #

my PCs are ready, waiting for 10-11-12:)

cspt 10/ 6/2012 #

Finished them. . .awaiting Wed. . .

sarahjo 10/ 9/2012 #

How do they know who sent it? Are we supposed to put our swap-bot name on there somewhere? This is my very first swap ever, sorry! :)

Vempire 10/10/2012 #

Always write your (nick)name on the card and the name of the swap, so people know it is a Swap-bot card, and for this swap in particular, makes it a lot easier to rate :)

KarlaKC 10/10/2012 #

I noticed that some of us marked our swaps "Sent" as early as 10-2-12...won't the stamps be postmarked too soon if they're out that early? How do you get around that?

eepy 10/10/2012 #

The thing is, you're not supposed to mail them until October 11th.

The whole point of the swap is the 10-11-12 postmark.

rguldy 10/11/2012 #

Mine are sent out today and I had the post office hand cancel them for my partners.

fawnscrafts 10/11/2012 #

what if the [post mark is blurred?

fawnscrafts 10/11/2012 #

Hubby took mine in and said they need hand canceled the guy just tossed them in the pile, so there are many of us that if the date is wrong it will not be our fault.

That is those of us that honestly got them sent out today.

LisaLuEulalie2 10/14/2012 #

@fawnscrafts even if they just got tossed into the pile of other outgoing mail, they should be brought to a processing center that evening and been run through the automatic cancelling machines at the plant. At least they are supposed to be! All mail received is processed the same day and postmarked. I was thinking the same about the blurry or badly printed postmark.

Fanfreak 10/15/2012 #

So sorry! I posted 10-11-12, but forgot to sign in and click the link. :/

Anna27 10/16/2012 #

Hello admin can you inbox me please, i did write to you but nothing back

thank you Anna

ju671ne 10/31/2012 #

i got flaked on. ):

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