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What? I thought you'd like it! #2

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Swap Coordinator:oblivionspin (contact)
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Number of people in swap:21
Location:Regional - USA ONLY
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:March 23, 2015
Date items must be sent by:March 28, 2015
Number of swap partners:1

Back by popular demand! (Ok, one person asked for it specifically, but close enough)

For this swap you will send one something to your partner along with a little note. It's more complicated than that, of course, but that's the gist of it.

I'm sure anyone who has been swapping for a while will have gotten some extra that made them raise their eyebrows a little bit. We're going to take that to the next level.

You will send your partner one flat thing that you suspect they have probably never gotten in the mail before, or that should make them scratch their heads.
Examples include:
A particularly flat rock
A barbie dress
A packet of sugar from a restaurant
A (new) pantyliner
We're going for flat and odd here.

You should not send things like -tea, cocktail napkins, ugly stickers, colouring book pages, etc, as those are all fairly common things to get as extras. (Well, I've gotten multiple cocktail napkins anyways...)
You should also not send anything that is actually gross. So no sending a thin slice of raw potato as that will be nasty on arrival. A single potato chip, however, is welcome.
I would also avoid sauce packets and honey sticks as they have the potential to create a pretty gross mess.

Along with the weird item, please send a facetious note explaining why you thought your partner would appreciate the item.

Feel free to get as silly as possible.
This swap should not cost you more than 71 cents to send. It's perfectly alright if you send something that only takes one forever stamp to post. (:

So, one thing, with one note justifying said thing, to one partner.

Please do not post what you are sending in the comments! We do not want the weirdness ruined! Any comments stating what the person is sending will be removed!


To join this swap you must have a 4.96 rating or higher.
No ones that are recent or could be made up.
No recent threes.
If you believe you have an extraordinary circumstance regarding a recent three or one, it is your job to message me as soon as you sign up for this swap with an explanation so we can talk about it. If I don't have a message from you, I will drop you.

You need to have at least 5 completed and rated type 2 (or type 3) swaps under your belt to join.

This swap is 110% sender's choice. If you are picky, or are joining this swap expecting to receive something you can use/ will actually want you are missing the point of this swap and should not join.

Please write your favorite fruit in the comments so I know you read the requirements. If I am in a bad mood I very well might drop people who fail to do this. Cucumbers are a fruit, by the way.

I will angel if necessary as long as you have rated your partner a one. But let’s not flake, okay? I will drop anyone I feel is sketchy or unfit for the swap.

If you need something through the course of this swap, please be sure to message me. I am here to help.

This swap is USA only. Due to postage and the ridiculous nature of this swap, I will not be hosting an international version. If you are a reliable swapper and would like to host an international version please give me a heads up first and be sure to credit my brilliance. (:


oblivionspin 03/18/2015 #

Pomegranates <3

PookiePie1307 03/18/2015 #

Dude. You are awesome. Also, cucumbers. And sauce packets.

oblivionspin 03/18/2015 #

I'm (to steal my husband's term) a cranky wanky. And I know it. :P but the system worked really well on the speed dating swap as far as I can tell so...

JypsyJenifer 03/18/2015 #

Bananas!! ;) * spins around in her chair cause it is after midnight and she is tired*

oblivionspin 03/18/2015 #

@JypsyJenifer you're bananas! :P

CANNEKCUL 03/18/2015 #


PookiePie1307 03/18/2015 #

Dude, peaches. There's a place called Fredricksburg in TX...until you eat a peach right off on of their trees you haven't freaking lived.

user2637 03/19/2015 #

Spread the fruity gospel of cucumbers, haha!

atinagrace 03/19/2015 #

Tomatoes, for me!!

dwarfmatergirl 03/19/2015 #


ChrisAnne 03/19/2015 #

Kiwi, just trying to be different and practice the weirdness for the swap. But kiwi really are pretty good!

institches 03/19/2015 #

This is funny....several years ago in a Yahoo group swap I participated in was to send your partner something you couldn't live without. My partner sent me a pubic hair shaver. She said it was the best she had ever used....it was only in a plastic bag, so I wasn't sure if it was one she actually used or not. I threw it away and spent the rest of the day washing my hands.

Luckily, I have a very unique sense of humor, otherwise I think I would have given up swapping there and then! LOL

madhen 03/19/2015 #

Tomatoes. They are a berry, right?

Loonstruck 03/19/2015 #

Oranges. Fresh off someone else's tree.

(I really like eating other people's hard work.)

JeanetteC 03/19/2015 #

Strawberries bought in the San Joaquin valley on the side of the field just picked by some poor soul who doesn't make nearly enough. But man were they the best strawberries ever!

oblivionspin 03/19/2015 #

@institches I am really going to have to host a swap horror story soon because I am always amused by the weird and awful things people have been sent... Oh my...

Also, you guys are cracking me up (:

PookiePie1307 03/19/2015 #

You all are amazing

JypsyJenifer 03/19/2015 #

oblivionspin 03/19/2015 #

MindfulOne 03/19/2015 #


kingsleyzissou 03/19/2015 #


Bizzitybam 03/19/2015 #


also... passion fruit.. have you ever eaten a real passion fruit? It's like a weird... snotty, delicious tropical wonderland.

Bizzitybam 03/19/2015 #

also, keeping this on my watch list for a couple days, but i'll join as we get closer!

oblivionspin 03/19/2015 #

I don't think I've ever had actual passion fruit...They look like weird-o figs.

I want to change my answer. I forgot about figs. Fresh figgies are my favourite fruit. Pom comes second to fig.

PookiePie1307 03/19/2015 #

Fig preserves on a tortilla are my childhood.

RooBaRoo 03/20/2015 #

Custard-Apple. Okra are also a fruit, also a favourite, but I have the sense to shallow fry them.

Rcinderella7 03/20/2015 #

Hmmm... Pineapple. They stink to cut up. But so good....

snailmailsurprise 03/20/2015 #


PokerHontaz 03/21/2015 #

Peachezzzz :P

dyp 03/21/2015 #

Dark chocolate covered cherries and cranberries!

oblivionspin 03/22/2015 #

Mmmmmm I love dark chocolate and fruit. I like those weirdo fruits that have the colored chocolatey candy coating.

tristitia 03/22/2015 #

I like figs. Pears are second, but they can go either way. Sometimes they're gritty and flavorless.

lilymonmomma 03/22/2015 #

Hope you have another one of these in the future it sounds like fun! I would love to join once I obtain more 2's and 3's

oblivionspin 03/22/2015 #

@lilymonmomma there will likely be another one end of April or early May. I will try to give you a heads up when I host it again. (: thank you for rearing the requirements instead of just joining!

mommyofmultiples 03/22/2015 #

Cara cara oranges at the moment! :)

Fabriqueen 03/22/2015 #

Bananas. Please don't send one!

lilymonmomma 03/22/2015 #

@oblivionspin Not a problem! That's a part of being a good swapper right? :) Thank you for keeping me in mind, I look forward too it.

PookiePie1307 03/23/2015 #

@Fabriqueen I'm mailing you a banana.

pbcquiltlover 03/23/2015 #

Soursop - aka custard apple! Oooh!

oblivionspin 03/23/2015 #

note to self: profiles checked through @pbcquiltlover

Note to everyone else, partners will be assigned sometime tomorrow before noon, I am not a morning person and I am on the west coast.
Speaking of, WOW the west coast is represented in this swap. I guess us west coast girls are just sillier :P

myshoesdontmatch 03/23/2015 #


njstauter 03/23/2015 #

favorite fruit is an apricot...picked fresh from a tree and eaten with the juice dripping out all over

oblivionspin 03/23/2015 #

just jokin' guys. I didn't realize partner assignment opened before midnight :O happy swapping and be weird my friends.

JeanetteC 03/24/2015 #

I didn't either oblivionspin...I guess it's midnight some where LOL

oblivionspin 03/24/2015 #

I had just assumed it opened at midnight swap-bot time, which is PST. Apparently it opens around 11 pm or so PST. Good enough for me.

oblivionspin 03/29/2015 #

I have messaged all the people who have not marked sent yet. What a bummer, this is the most messages I have had to send out for one swap ):

ChrisAnne 03/29/2015 #

So, what fun is everyone receiving???

Loonstruck 04/ 3/2015 #

I received grass. Like actual lawn grass and it made me cackle.

PookiePie1307 04/ 6/2015 #

@Loonstruck that's awesome! I received a sponge with a fun blog post to read!

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