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3 wishes International Swap!

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Swap Coordinator:marilavado (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous  Accessories  Handmade 
Number of people in swap:38
Last day to signup/drop:November 2, 2008
Date items must be sent by:November 30, 2008
Number of swap partners:1

Become someone's magic fairy and grant them 3 wishes!

For this swap you will have one partner and you will be sending this partner AT LEAST three things from their wishlist. You can always send more aiming for hearts!

When you sign in, remember to write your wishlist in this page. If the day of assigning partners arrives and you haven't written your wish list you will have to be banned. Be realistic: don't make a list full of expensive or very heavy things! Remember this has to be posted to you!

Rules: newbies welcome if they have a filled profile and message me first. No flakers. No rates below 4. If you have a rating of 1 or more, you will have to give me a reasonable explanation or I will have to let you out. Please be communicative!

Enjoy! =D

For any questions, feel free to message me!


marilavado 10/ 1/2008 #

I'd love to receive:

  • bookmarks (handmade or bought, but cute!)

  • dotees

  • ATCs

  • plushies of animals

  • anything related to anime or Nintendo

  • handmade jewelry or accesories

  • anigurumis

  • a profile surprise

  • a nice calendar

  • anything decorated with beautiful drawings

  • photo prints (of photos made by you)

AuntieM 10/ 1/2008 #

Anything Eeyore
Any turtle item
Tony Stewart things
Profile surprise
something pink and girly
earings or and anklet

You can also see my profile for more ideas

athenasowl 10/ 1/2008 #

My wishes: - bookmark - necklace - anything with owls - origami paper - brooch - profile surprise

Check my profile for more ideas.

vannasmom 10/ 5/2008 #

my wish list...i am bery easy to please :) gelpens inchies {blank} any kind of fabric glue dots profile surprise atc embellies sharpies blank journals (i like to alter these)

Lamyaa 10/ 5/2008 #

Profile Surprise

Natural Fiber for Spinning OR natural (not synthetic), soft yarn

I am in the US, so it would be nice to receive something "folksy" or traditional from another country along with its history

To echo meggert: Warm fluffy socks for winter

handmade soaps or candles

Banshee 10/ 6/2008 #

my wishlist:

  • something for a newborn baby boy named Isaac
  • Wiccan stuff (no incenses nor herbs)
  • toe socks (size S)
  • cat shirts (size S)
  • totebags of all kinds =)
  • Nightmare Before Christmas stuff
  • Corpse Bride stuff
  • Gothic Stuff for my boyfriend (can even be gothic love cards)
  • Singles (CDs) you do not want anymore
glendas 10/10/2008 #

my wishlist.
* glitter glue pens.
* craft mag,can be old one you dont want.
* christmas decorations.
* wooden birdhouse.
* something wooden to paint on.
* small doll to dress.
* any craft supplies for scrapbooking.
thank you and Merry Christmas.

igobylorib 10/11/2008 #

Here's my wishlist:

  • polka dot 100% cotton fabric
  • something birdy
  • wool felt (cut up thrifted sweaters are great)
  • thimble
  • a bookmark that is either Nightmare Before Christmas, Jonas Brothers or Camp Rock (for my daughter)
  • anything Spiderman (for my son)
  • blank notecards with polka dots on them
LadyBathory 10/11/2008 #

My wishlist :)

Button fairies Celestial fabric Stuff with moons (moon pattern, moon shapes...) Halloween stuff (hard to get here in Denmark) Pagan stuff Witchy stuff Things with black cats Vintage buttons Pretty ribbons Bookmarks (owls, cats, celtic, foxes, witches) Pretty blue stuff (love the colour blue) Vintage nude postcards Profile suprise

thatshot7 10/12/2008 #

My Wishlist:

-eyeliner(not black) -anything with horses/unicorns -cherry/strawberry scented body lotion/spray -ATC's -t-shirts(size S) -a necklace -colorful wrist bangles

My profile pretty much has everything a wishlist would need, so you could check there as well :)

marilavado 10/12/2008 #

Oh, I'd like to add... in my etsy favourites there are lots of ideas too!

Teggybear 10/12/2008 #

Ooooo goodie, here is my wish list:

-An owl necklace -Chunky plastic bead necklace -Big vintage buttons -A nice floaty summer scarf polka dots or floral -Small funky photo frame -Anything with birds -Proflie suprise!!

Thanks, what fun!

teardrop 10/12/2008 #

OOh! I wish for...

Anything from my etsy favorites
Flickr Pro Account
Profile Suprise
Mini bells for my sewing
Kwik klip tool for my quilting
Sewing machine spools of thread
Dear Jane Book of patchwork blocks
matryoshka dolly to cuddle

Thank you! :D

BeaRBeE 10/12/2008 #

i'd love to receive:

  • loose memo pad

  • letter sets

  • deco tapes

  • fridge magnets

  • ouh you can see my profile for more details ..

thanks and have a nice day !

LadyBathory 10/14/2008 #

Oh no... I have to drop this swap :( It will crash with my holiday (3 weeks away from home) and would only leave me with one week to complete the swap, that would not be fair to my partner.

But I hope you all will have alot of fun :)

NaughtyElf 10/14/2008 #

Hello everyone!

Wow, this is exciting, let's see my wishlist:

  • Sticks of sealing wax
  • Anything for a 3 month old baby girl (see profile for more info on her under About Me)
  • Incense, tealights for alter
  • A nice Fantasy/Gothic calendar for the new year
  • Anything Harry Potter
  • Bookmarks
  • Magnets for fridge
  • and anything from my profile basically

Thanks and happy swapping everyone!

indigored 10/16/2008 #

Profile surprise fabric yarn chocolate fridge magnets wool felt momiji/kokeshi items note pads/blank journals softie dolls

This looks like it is going to be a fun swap!

Lamyaa 10/16/2008 #

I wanted to add refrigerator magnets to my list (of another country or state)

vannasmom 10/17/2008 #

HERE IS MY WISH LIST... stamps (any kind) blank notecards gel pens stamping ink (black) glue dots glue sticks atc card sleeves suprise fabric profile surprise cupcake decorations magnets for my firdge or board

honey7971 10/18/2008 #

I WISH.... 100% cotton fabrics sewing materials baking supplies profile suprise (me,hubby and both my sons) vintage cookies cutter-cartoons shape,wierd shape fancy ribbons used cross stitch magazines ( it would be great if i got a brand new) cute aprons

spinweaver 10/18/2008 #

MY WISH LIST... socks, gardening gloves, gnomes, blank note cards or stationary, candy, yarn, decaf flavored coffee, dotees of any theme, salty snacks. Thank you in advance!

ForsakenxVoices 10/20/2008 #

bookmarks ATC's A Profile Surprise Stationary To echo Lamyaa something "folksy" or traditional from another country along with its history Pagan stuff Mixed Cd's Check my profile for more

giraffeandrabbti 10/21/2008 #

I'm so excited! Thank you in advance and here is my wishlist:

  • an Etsy favourite off my list -- I've made sure there are lots of inexpensive items on it, starting from $0.20!
  • kawaii stationary
  • a $5 gift voucher from janetstore. This can be purchased online so you don't need to ship it either ^_^
  • brightly coloured buttons that are unusual
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  • small adhesive rhinestones
  • a profile surprise
  • anything cupcake related
  • kawaii stickers
  • something for my boyfriend Ben - there's a list of his likes on my profile
  • a cute box to put my kawaii things in. It needs to be at least large enough to put sticker sacks in :)
  • a very fine, black Sharpie pen
  • sugar/icing flowers for putting on top of cupcakes

Hope that makes it easy -- if there are any problems please pm me :3

JennaLo 10/21/2008 #

Sounds like fun! Thank you, in advance.

I wish for... ...cupcake pan liner papers ...your favorite craft to make (surprise me!) ...blank postcards ...stamps (of the postage variety) ...ribbon/deco tape ...crimp beads for making jewelry ...socks ...beads

astarael 10/22/2008 #

my wishlist: - nice paper (e.g. scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper), of any size really (i use it mostly for cardmaking/collaging so i can use even small pieces). i really like amy butler scrapbooking paper, but i can't find it anywhere in australia! - vintage or art inspired postcards - japanese washi or origami paper - christmas fabric - anything to do with tea - "shabby chic" inspired trinkets/decorations for my room - anything inspired by my profile, in particular, anything with owls (or other birds) or deer - sweet treats from your country (but not liquorice! yuck!) - maybe wrap these separately e.g. in plastic bag if there's a possibility they might melt - i don't mind eating resolidified chocolate but i don't want to have to lick it off other swap goodies haha! :-P - also, it's totally fine with me if for one of the wishes, you would like to send something (she likes kawaii things) for my twin sister, who is also on swap-bot, her profile is @lovelygangster

MrsRankin 10/23/2008 #

My wishlist...

  • Christian items
  • Fat Quarters
  • Hot chocolate
  • Blank journals
  • Sharpie pens - I have never seen one!
  • Reece's peanut butter candy
  • Letter sets
  • Something for Wyatt (see profile)
  • An Etsy favourite off my list - I've made sure there are lots of inexpensive items on it
  • Profile surprise


missheili 10/23/2008 #

My Wishlist....

  • Stickers (No Letter Or Numbers or loose ones)
  • Scratch And Sniff Stickers
  • A5 Lined Writing Pads
  • A4 Lined Writing Pads
  • Disney Stationary
  • Diddl Stationary
  • Hello Kitty Stationary
  • Deco Tape
  • Address Labels
  • Mr & Miss Men Stationary
  • Lipgloss
allie9 10/26/2008 #

for my wishlist, please check my profile!

PrairieMouse 10/26/2008 #

I am really looking forward to this swap. My wish list would contain.... anything with MICE (plush, pictures, apparrel, magnets, anything Just cute) Eeyore (anthing with him on it too) Magnets Bookmarks ATC's Mice (patches, figures, books) postcards notecards Anything to do with TEA flavored coffee Mice (cards, stamps, stickers) Jewelry socks (size 8 shoe USA) Indian music (flute) Indian items (dream cathers, figurines, bookmarks, anything) Oh and did I mention Mice (anything)

nylelyn23 10/26/2008 #

okay i'll have a go:

hot chocolate (normal chocolate flavored ones instead of fruit flavoured or vanilla flavoured) letter writing sets body scrubs untinted oil control primer from: http://www.silknaturals.com/creb/productinfo.php?cPath=35&productsid=429 address labels small sized, please if you're from US: candies like LOOK!, lemon heads, cheesecake flavoured hershey's kisses or from Europe: Daim candy Mr & Miss Men Stationary cookies or nice biscuits (free from meat product ingredients and alcohol please) cute earrings (studs) hoop earring set postcard booklets

thehorses 10/26/2008 #

my wishlist rubber stamps, lettraset, antique looking necklaces and brooches, polaroids (especially at the beach), black and white photos, vintage or art inspired postcards, illustrations of ferris wheels, power lines, birds, etc , zines, embossing powder, check my profile for more ideas

nylelyn23 10/26/2008 #

the previous one seemed messy. i don't know why it appeared like that so i'll give it another try

*hot chocolate (normal chocolate/caramel flavored ones instead of fruit flavoured or vanilla flavoured) * letter writing sets body scrubs * untinted oil control primer from: http://www.silknaturals.com/creb/productinfo.php?cPath=35&productsid=429 * address labels small sized, please * if you're from US: candies like LOOK!, lemon heads, cheesecake flavoured hershey's kisses * or from Europe: Daim candy or anything that tastes like it! * Mr & Miss Men Stationary * cookies or nice biscuits (free from meat product ingredients and alcohol please) *cute earrings (studs) * hoop earring set * postcard booklets * an album from Panic At The Disco or Fall Out Boy for my sister (i think it's cheaper there than here in Singapore) * a nice box to keep all the postcards i get from postcrossing or swap-bot!

Juliuslove28 10/27/2008 #

A profile surprise

anything from my Etsy wishlist

Dotee doll


chocolate with ALMONDS!

A big jar/tin/whatever decorated for me to put in my classroom




cozy comfy warm socks!

SolvaNabila 10/27/2008 #

*Anything Kawaii *Candy from the world *Peel-offs to use on FBs *Any scrapbooking-items *Gelpens *Stickersacks *Small purses *Letterpads of any kind (I am not picky, but no Diddl, we got that here, loads of it hehe) *KoolAid

And just really anything. If I cant use it, someone else in this house sure can hehe. I got two girls and a boy¸so someone will always be happy hehe.

marmot 10/29/2008 #

my wish list: * vintage or vintage repro fabrics * patterned cotton in chocolate brown, burgundy, red, orange, yellow & pink for my very first quilt (it's autumn inspired) * your art for my wall. * collage sheets * big lables (decorative would be nice) for me to write addresses on * anything moomin, woodland, narwhal or chartreuse I wish for: * I would really love to get alexander henry birdseed fabric or joel dewberry woodgrain fabric or heather ross mermaids a FQ would be amazing. I realise that this is a more expensive wish, I'm just unable to find it here and really want it. if you have any on hand or can pick some up at a local shoppe it would be amazing! * photocopies of instructions for appliqué from a craft magazine or book * thrifted books about making stuffies * profile surprise

mirrymir 10/30/2008 #

I wish for anything with fairies, cherries, strawberries, hearts on. i love vintage stuff such as vintage fabric, postcards, cards etc. Anything to do with baking and cupcakes i.e. pretty cupcake cases, cookie cutters, moulds etc. Christmas ornaments particularly the feather bird ones. Parisian items i.e French notecards, charms. Old copies of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland or anything else you can find related to these books :) Hmmm...think that's enough!! :) xxx

Artistic 10/30/2008 #

I wish for:

  • address labels with flowers or hearts or teapots

  • tea-related stickers

  • tea-related stationery or notecards

  • a state or province map from where you live

  • book: "Morning Yet On Creation Day" by Chinua Achebe

  • book: "This Is Your Year To Write Your Novel" by Walter Mosley

  • a postcard stamped and mailed to me once a week for a month

  • address labels -- yes, you see this again! :)

  • a dotee doll with a reading or book theme

  • a maid to come clean my house! :) Hey, it's a wishlist! :)

Starberrie 10/30/2008 #

Here I go !

-Hello Kitty/Other Kawaii pencils/pens

-Tokidoki Stuff [hah I'm dreaming]

  • Manga: Crimson Hero & Cat Street

  • Book: The Blood Ties [any] by Jennifer Armintrout

-Profile Surprise!

Sorry I'm getting sleepy !

BlackDiamond 10/30/2008 #

I'd love any of the following:

  • address labels
  • stationery
  • anything Kawaii
  • assorted teas
  • candy/chocolate
  • incense
  • makeup
  • stuffies/plushies
  • anything handmade
  • profile surprise
nylelyn23 10/31/2008 #

just in case my list is hard for you, i'll add a few more items:

cute letter writing sets that comes with envelopes chocolate with hazelnuts or hazelnut cream filing (no alcohol or meat ingredients please) my favourite colour is royal purple, btw!

and oh, when i mentioned mr men and little miss stationary, i meant letter writing sets. sorry!

pandascandles 10/31/2008 #

I am making a super long list so my partner has many items to chose from, the items can be new or used, or just pieces or things. It is not about cost for me. I love just things I can use. I would like: anything from my etsy fav's-- antyhing Death Note anime for my boyfriend(or dragons)-- gel pens-- scrapbooking paper(any kind,can be wraping paper!)-- scissors that cut funky-- sharpies-- funky socks-- anything from my profile-- a album or scrap book I can put my post cards in-- ribbon-- anything for scrapbooking or ATC making-- blank post cards-- anything for chihuahuas--

precious 10/31/2008 #

blank post cards

christmas rubber stamps

christmas ornament

warm soft socks

glitter glue

glass beads

wax melts

profile surprise

juliewong96 11/ 1/2008 #

*Map and Calendar 2009 Postcards-

*DIY Blank Postcards 4 X 6

  • LUSH products

  • Handmade Amigurumi

  • Tare Panda (anything)

  • Body Scrub of either vanilla or orange or cherry blossom

  • Matchbox fill with surprises ie stickers, buttons, ribbons

  • Dotee dolls

  • 1 yard of Japanese Fabric eg Panda Bear, Bunnies, Matryouska

  • Scrapbook

  • Hand made Coin Purse

  • Hand made Wallet

  • Kokeshi Doll

  • Hand made Eye Mask

  • Fave colours are Black, Navy Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple

janien 11/ 1/2008 #

my wishes are ... * something 'cat' related

  • something with a ladybug on it

  • hot chocolate or coffee with a flavour

  • earrings (long)

  • notecards

  • socks

  • a kitchen towel

  • cross stitch items (ex dmc thread)

  • scrapbooking or cardmaking paper

  • ... anything you choose is welcome ! You're great!

Thanks in advance Janien (antwerpin belgium)

allie9 11/ 2/2008 #

♥My wishlist... :1-Lip Smacker or LOTTALUV lip balms/lip sticks:

:2-a kawaii letter set:

:3-An Animal crossing or a kawaii phonecharm:

:4-Jelly belly beans!! I can't find them here in Italy!:

:5-bento stuff:

:6-random nice/funny stickers:

:7-kawaii nail stickers:3 :

:8-an hat with cat ears and/or gloves with paws x3 :

:9-something with skulls or guitars on it:

:10-a Stephen King book in english- I would love to read and translate it!:

:11-Some deco band-aids:

:12-A pastel lilac nail polish:

:13-Some Disney Plushies!:

:14-Nice Beads and Buttons:

allie9 11/ 2/2008 #

also... -anthing about my faves rock band -anything blak cat related -amigurumi -animal related bookmarks

tampagirl 11/ 2/2008 #

My wishlist includes:

  1. paperchase products

  2. black sharpie

  3. food stickers

  4. mints

  5. baby bibs (handmade is fabulous)

  6. sleep mask

  7. modpodge/ decopauge

  8. tea

  9. envelopes

  10. felt (any colors)

NaughtyElf 11/ 3/2008 #

Oh, my 3 month old is in 6-9 month clothing already! I added a Misc. section to my profile, you can get more info there! Thanks!

LiveTheChaos 11/ 3/2008 #

My wishlist:

  1. Anything Nintendo related (especially Yoshi!)

  2. Funky bracelets

  3. Cool envelopes

  4. Nice pens, in silver and/or white

  5. Headbands

  6. Plaid scarf

  7. Blank leather journal

  8. Cool picture frame

  9. Something with owls

  10. Something handmade

giraffeandrabbti 11/ 3/2008 #

So sorry everyone -- cutting back on swaps because I am watching how I am spending money. But have fun anyway!

honey7971 11/ 4/2008 #

Am i too late to send my wish list just in case my partner can choose what items will she send me...

crocheting needles 2 or 3 kinds of size

hardcover crocheting book for beginner

my birthday is around a corner and i would be happy if i received cute beads,buttons and a cross stitch set

Cute and nice birthday card with nice and good word on it oh....maybe a handmade birthday card for my son too,we share the same month on our birthday...

Banshee 11/ 4/2008 #

adding more:

  • Large deco tapes
  • used cross stitch or patchwork magazines
  • used rock magazines
  • salty snacks
  • used books
  • sample perfumes
  • something with skulls or guitars on it
  • cute panties size S
  • Gothic stuff
Artistic 11/10/2008 #

A small box is en route to my partner in Malaysia. Enjoy!

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