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Country: Denmark
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Profile updated 6th of April

I'm in the process of moving apartment!

And will not join any swaps until I'm settled.
The swap (Antler Headdress) I'm hosting has been postponed until I can swap again.
Thank you for taking your time to read this :)

Just lost a close family member and a beloved family pet, in the matter of 2 days during this week, on top of the move.... I'm a little stressed and don't have that much time for Swap-bot at the moment....

My name is Mia, I live with my husband near Copenhagen in Denmark. I don't have any kids, but I do have a cat :D His name is Misling, he is old and grumpy and I love him very much.

I am a kitchen/hedge/nature witch and work with nature, mother earth, plants, amulets, rituals, spells, meditation, myths, dreams, tarot, candlemagic, herbs, flowermagic, incense, Sabbats, esbats, folklore, food magic and much more

I'm also af medieval re-enactor, so I love anything medieval.... food, music, art, history, fashion, crafts, folklore and so on

Favorite Music

I listen to a lot of music, mostly black metal, gothic metal/rock and medieval music. But also doom-, death-, viking-, epic-, folk-, trash-metal and Scandinavian folk music.

To name some bands: Emperor, The Cult, Sisters of Mercy, Type O Negative, Mörk Gryning, Otyg, Borknagar, Fields of the nephilim, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Virelai, In Extremo, Corvus Corax, Martin Best medieval ensemble, Ranarim, Garmarna, Gjallarhorn, Sortenmuld, Saturnus, Danzig, Orphaned Land, Moonspell, Loreena Mckennitt, Blackmores Night, Tristania, In the woods, london after midnight, Siebenbürgen, Morgul, Vintersorg, My dying Bride, Satarial, Abney Park, Svartsot, Huldre, Heidra, Ghost B.C. Vogelfrey, Damh The Bard, Lisa Thiel.

Favorite Books

I tend to read old gothic horror like Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelly, Bram Stoker, H. P. Lovecraft, Robert L. Stevenson, Arthur Conan Doyle and so on.

But I must admit that I do have this thing for Alice Hoffman :)

And when it comes to non-fiction I read books about herbs, pagan stuff, history, medieval things, legends, myths...

Favorite Movies

I like films by Tim Burton, M. Night Shyamalan and Vincent Price.

My favourite movies of all time: Legend, The Lost Boys, The pit and the pendulum, The labyrinth, Ginger snaps, Frostbiten, vidouq, The fearless vampire killers, Död Sne.

Favorite Artists

I love art and have many favourites :)

Otto Frello, John Bauer, Robert Ingpen, Brian Froud, Allan Lee, Linda and Roger Garland, Erik Hjort-Nielsen, Hieronimus Bosch, Cicely Mary Barker, Alfons Mucha, Amy Brown, Stephen Mackey, Jeppe Eisner, Monica Ljungbjerg-Örhn, Josephine Wall.

Favorite Crafts

Drawing, painting, sewing, designing, redesigning, customizing, woodcarving, candle making, soap making, jewellery making, medieval crafts, upcycling and much much more

And I would really like to work more with goddess dolls, paper dolls, matchboxes, nalebinding, tablet weaving, felting, shrines and maybe some wood working :)


Animals: Cats!!!!!!!!!!, owls, foxes, squirrels, dolphins, ravens, crows, mice, dragonflies. (actually I love all animals (but monkeys scare me), some people have the opinion that I seem to value the life of an animal higher then life of a human and sometimes that's true... as twisted as it might be)

Colours: Blue!!!! I LOVE anything blue! I also like purple, green and black. But that does not mean that I dislike every other colour ;) But jewel tones are preferred.

Materials: Old vintage stuff, lace, feathers, leather, paper, silks, bones, glass, things found in nature,wool, metal findings, brass.

Styles: Art nouveau, gothic, steampunk, whimsical, egyptian, celtic, viking, greek, magical, celestial, victorian, fairytale like things, art and crafts movement, medieval.

Other stuff I like: The moon, nature, ponds, bonfires, the sun, Halloween, stars, curiosa, the sea, mermaids, fairies, elfs, jack the ripper, absinthe, graveyards, the forest, the night, autumn, candle light, pumpkins, sabbath decorations, bells, brass, belly dance, gypsies, fairy tales, things that tend to be a bit macabre, chocolate, pretty ribbons, bindies, coinbelts, zombies, skulls, almonds, specimen jars, celestial patterns, feathers, big gypsy-ish earrings, amulets, strange jewellery (I have more then once in my lifetime been called a Magpie, I love anything that shines), herb tea, knee socks, hair jewellery, brass chains, eyes, bloomers, crinolines, lace, goggles, top hats, waist coats, pocket watches, spats, cuffs, Egyptian mint tea.

My pagan related info:

Favorite goddess: Isis
Favorite god: Anubis and Bacchus
Favorite incense: Sandalwood, Frankincense, musk.
Favorite symbols: Ankh, pentacle, triple moon, crescent moon.
Element: Water
Favorite beings: Merfolk, fairies, trolls.
Star sign: Scorpio
Spirit animal: Seagull (have had: cow, penguin, deer)
Favorite mythology: Egyptian
Favorite herbs: Lavender, mint, datura
Favorite tarot card: The Moon
Favorite crystal/stone: Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, moonstone, opal.

Wish list

Please don't see the wish list as a "shopping list" but more as an insight to the things I like and enjoy. I have put it on my profile, because I like it when people I swap with have it, it gives me a great idea of what kind of things they like. Thank you :)

  • Old clock parts
  • Vintage buttons
  • Pagan stuff
  • Witchy stuff
  • Halloween things
  • Sabbath decorations
  • Hand made or special candles
  • Spell kits
  • Old wooden boxes
  • Old broken jewellery
  • Steampunk stuff
  • Gothic stuff
  • Handmade BOS pages
  • Bones
  • Feathers from Ravens, eagles, hawks... well any birds actually and if you know what kind the feather is from... even better :D
  • glass beads
  • Celestial fabric
  • Anything with moons on it or in shape of moons
  • Embroidery thread
  • Pretty ribbons
  • Cute skull things
  • Sugar/candy skulls
  • Día de los Muertos stuff
  • Whimsy jars
  • Pretty blue things (yarns, fibres, buttons, pendants, fabric, glass beads)
  • Wool yarn in natural colours (for medieval crafts)
  • Chocolate with almonds
  • Cookie cutters in cool shapes
  • Cookie stamps
  • Bindies
  • Medieval things
  • Bells
  • Costume and historical sewing patterns
  • Medieval recipes
  • Cool hair accessories, I have quite a lot of hair!
  • Big gypsy dangle earrings
  • Stripy knee socks, I love socks :)
  • Recipes on low calorie food
  • Nail polish in strange colours
  • Anything Dr Who
  • Mint teas
  • Inchies in pagan and sabbat themes, so I can glue them in journals


  • Overly cute things
  • manga
  • anime
  • political things
  • floral incense
  • Rabbit fur (allergy)
  • monkeys and apes (they scare me ô_Ô)
  • Chocolate with cinnamon, with chilli and white chocolate.
  • Well I'm not really an ATC kinda person :-/ Sorry
  • Not to fond of coffee
  • Plastic beads

Random swapbot related info

  • I don't mind reused packaging and reuse sometimes myself.
  • I don't mind second-hand items.
  • You do not have to send me extras to get a heart, just put your own heart into it ;) (well not the real bloody one...)
  • I try not to get carried away, so I try to join a minimum of swaps.


This is just for my own convenience

  • I owe:

  • I'm owed:


lynnerfb rated for Ostara Postcard Swap on Mar 27, 2014
Comment: Beautiful I put it on my door.
JemStone rated for Ostara Pinterest Board Swap on Mar 16, 2014
Comment: Love your board! I loved the flower coffee filter one!
JasNemi rated for Spring Egg Europe on Mar 3, 2014
Comment: This is so awesome! The egg itself was very pretty and as you know I absolutely LOVED the contents! Thank you <3
Comment: The goddess is so incredibly beautiful, but you already know I think that :D I've hung her on the wall where I can see her from my sofa always <3 Can't wait to get crackin' on the patterns from the book too!
Ayla rated for Pillar Candle Collar on Feb 25, 2014
Comment: So pretty ^^
lynnerfb rated for Imbolc Postcard Swap on Feb 10, 2014
Comment: Absolutely beautiful thank you !
Rattie rated for *New Member swap* Pinterest Imbolc on Jan 23, 2014
Comment: Thank you for sharing your board - it's fantastic! :)
Morgaine rated for Decorated mini besom on Apr 12, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful besom :-) Better late than never ;-) Glad you are feeling better again.
SGriffin rated for Pagan reading on Mar 3, 2013
Comment: Thank you! I look forward to new reads!
Aleksis rated for LadyBathory & Aleksis on Dec 25, 2012
Comment: Thank you very much :)
Comment: So sorry I forgot to rate! Thank you for swapping with me! I love the boxes!!!
Comment: Thank you so much for the bag. :)
Comment: Gorgeous, I am using the bag right niw and my chalice is on my altar :)
Gofeen rated for Beltane Pocket Goddess Doll on Apr 26, 2012
Comment: Thank you Mia for such an exquisite little goddess. It must have taken you ages to make. I shall treasure it always. Thank you too for the nice bookmark.
Comment: You deserve extra hearts for this swap! Thank you so much for the beautiful package :)
Comment: Thank you very much!
Comment: What a beautiful little figure! I especially love the little beadwork flowers all over her! :)
butterfly123 rated for Hello Goddess Card on Feb 21, 2011
Comment: Thank you for my beautiful card. I saw that drawing on your Flickr account and admired it there so now I am so pleased it belongs to me. I really enjoyed learning a bit about you and I also hope we can swap again in the future.
cobaltgypsy rated for Invite only swap #1 on Feb 6, 2011
Comment: I know you said to give you a 3 for being late, but I just didn't feel right about doing that. I love the Goddess painting and the tarot cloths are wonderful. Thank you so much! blessings, Gypsy
tinnuwen rated for Yule gift calendar on Dec 21, 2010
Comment: I would give you a hundred hearts if only I could! I loved every single thing and there was so much simply fascinating and different than I know - here's one excited and happy witch. :) I've only just opened my last gift and that had a serious jaw-drop effect on me - it's so beautiful and it couldn't be more perfect and right for me. THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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tinnuwen on Oct 11, 2015:

Hi Mia :) so great to hear from you :) yes, we're going to Witchfest this year - that would be me, two friends and my mum as well. :D It would be great to see you there, as in actually SEE you... heeheeh :)

sebastian122 on May 1, 2014:

Happy Beltane

sebastian122 on Apr 6, 2014:


tinnuwen on Nov 23, 2013:

So happy you like the pouch :D One of the incense blends was by me, the others were bought but also self-made by a lady... I partly make blends myself and partly buy them if they appeal to me. :)

RyeRye on Sep 25, 2012:

anrtist on Sep 2, 2012:

HEY! I sent u an invite to the LLL~Location, Location, Location Group. I hope you join in & check in occassionally to see who's swapbotting in your area!!! ;-) It 's for all Swapbotters, so u can invite anyone too, ENJOY ;-) Blessings, cc


EmilyT on Jul 12, 2012:

Thank you so much for the castle frame from the tag! I just love it. Now I just need to make a little cross stitch to put in it. :-)

mimmeli on Apr 25, 2012:

Love your Beltane Goddess Doll! Very nice bead work you did!

BigHillGoddess on Mar 19, 2012:

Thank you for the gorgeous dragon Ostara egg! It is so pretty and I am so excited about the goodies tucked in with it! You're the best!


BigHillGoddess on Feb 6, 2012:

Oh my goodness. I can't believe it made it with no customs form! Hmmmm. Makes me wonder if I could send something even thicker. Thanks for letting me know.... I wish I could have sent more, but until I am working, have to be careful.

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