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Handmade Jewelry Swap!

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Swap Coordinator:MissMayhem (contact)
Swap categories: Jewelry  Handmade 
Number of people in swap:43
Last day to signup/drop:January 30, 2009
Date items must be sent by:March 30, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

Do you like handmade jewelry? Do you enjoy making it? And if you can't make it, do you enjoy buying it? If so, this swap is for you!

I love making jewelry and giving it away to my family and friends. I also love to browse Etsy and find cool and unusual jewelry.

If anyone else has hosted this before, I am not stealing from you. I only want to make my own swap with handmade jewelry! Cause there aren't any listed right now!

Here's the details:

  • Yes, it's international! If you want to do a US/Canada only, please do so!!

  • You will have one (1) swap partner.

  • Your item of handmade jewelry must be of Etsy quality. Please check out etsy for questions, or PM me.

  • You will send one (1) item of handmade jewelry. You may send a necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings (you can use any medium you like!). You do NOT have to send all three! Only ONE item! If you are not of the crafty persuasion you may buy an item from Etsy, or a local craft person, but it MUST be handmade! NO store (Wal-mart, Target or dollar store, etc) bought!

  • There is no money requirement on this swap, because supplies cost different amounts in different places.

  • Ratings: 4.9 and higher. No no-sends in the last 3 months. I will check this too!! NEWBIES: Please have a filled out profile and at least 3 rated, NON-EMAIL swaps. I reserve the right to ban anyone I see fit. Thank you.

  • I will also check log in dates. IF you haven't logged in for a month I'll ban you. Sorry.

  • Please comment on what type of jewelry you would prefer to receive.


  • I can angel if needed up to 4 people..

  • For the person on the receiving end...If you get a piece of handmade jewelry, you need to rate a 5. You should not rate lower than that because you don't like what you got.

Please be kind, courteous and most of all, have fun!!!


scmartins 12/29/2008 #

Hi! I'm a newbie...can I join the swap? Sandra

Drachenfrau 12/29/2008 #

will watch this swap. :-)

Drachenfrau 12/29/2008 #

will watch this swap. :-)

MissMayhem 12/29/2008 #

@scmartins Please fill out your profile! Check out a few of the people you see around to get an idea of what to add. I have this pushed back a month so you can feasibly complete 3 swaps and get rated before the signup deadline. If not I will definitely push the sign up date back...

croqzine 12/29/2008 #

I'm joining! Woo hoo!

lindsayymariie 01/ 1/2009 #

newbies join??

MissMayhem 01/ 2/2009 #

I've edited the swap to reflect anything about newbies. Also, I prefer necklaces 16-18" long!

RACHEL 01/ 5/2009 #

great swap/ i like all kind of jewlerry/ little earing' big necklace .like it longgg.also special big rings. like colors of blew. great. brown and pink/ anything will be fine. thanks.

Franstuff 01/ 5/2009 #

Thank you for creating a swap geared to handmade jewelry. I have seen a few saying dollar store was ok, but handmade was not. I will have completed 3 swaps in a couple of days, and I should have ratings by the sign up deadline. I have it on watch until I get the ratings.

MissMayhem 01/ 6/2009 #

Yeah I'm tired of dollar store jewelry swaps...C'mon my stuff is WAAAAY better than that!! lol So yes, as soon as you get your ratings please join!! The more the merrier!

stacirose 01/ 7/2009 #

Some preferences...I wear gold more than silver, prefer jewelry that is very different than my own (wire work or pmc or resin or !!!). I don't wear earrings, but a bracelet (7.5-8") or necklace (17-18") would be nice. Nothing plastic - you can check out my etsy shop and etsy favorites for some ideas. Please contact me if you need more info.

barmeychick 01/15/2009 #

This is fantastic! I too am dismayed by the "cheap, dollar store, no handemade" swaps. Handmade, even if not by yourself is much better than the mass produced ***p! Thankyou for setting this swap up!

Christie 01/17/2009 #

me--I'm a jewelry junkie lol

alwaysjoy 01/20/2009 #

I so want to join this - I am a little intimidated but will just say a quick prayer that I get a partner who likes what I make.

thistlecraft 01/20/2009 #

I am really excited about this swap -- I LOVE handmade jewelry!!! . I do not wear earrings, but a necklace (20" or longer) or bracelet (9") would be wonderful! Yes, those measurements are correct -- I am 6 foot tall and built much more like my 6' 6" father than my 5' 5" mother! Oh, and my big clumsy arthritic fingers would much prefer toggle clasps or magnetic clasps if at all possible -- THANKS!!!

Ceinwyn 01/21/2009 #

Great swap idea :o) I still have find out my measurements in inches, but you can count me in.

Oread 01/22/2009 #

I would prefer either earrings or a bracelet... I rarely wear necklaces.

sonyaoku 01/22/2009 #

I am sooo watching this swap. I am a newbie but would have made the grade by feb/march. My stuff is already on etsy so I hope someone will like my style; I'm just getting into vintage style jewellery. I'll be back... ;)

LavenderLizard 01/23/2009 #

Yay! I wear more silver than gold, and would prefer a necklace, as I don't usually wear bracelets and don't have pierced ears...

midsummermuse 01/23/2009 #

I like silver color metal best, but copper or gold or gunmetal or just about any tone would be fine if you don't have silver stuff! I like beads and wire, resin, domino and slide pendants. I like a wide variety of jewelry types and I have pierced ears, so earrings, a necklace or a bracelet would be fine!! My favorite color is purple, but I also like green, blue and black (those are just my top ones, again--I don't want to be too picky and make people go out and buy new supplies when you can use your stash!).

My profile has some more info, and I don't mind if you used recycled parts from broken jewelry either. I just love handmade stuff!!

midsummermuse 01/23/2009 #

Oh--another note--I do have sensitive skin, so if you send me earrings I would appreciate if they were sterling silver finding (or coated). Thanks!

MissPrincess 01/23/2009 #

Hi! I'd love to join! I just started beading actually and have made a few great things! I like braclets and necklaces only, no earrings please. I'm easy, I like blues because I wear a lot of blue jeans! Nothing gaudy please, I don't wear much so when I do it's just a little something!

MissMayhem 01/24/2009 #

Thank you to all who have joined my swap!! I think this will be a wonderful swap!!

MissMayhem 01/27/2009 #

To everyone: I will start the process of screening participants today, and will ban anyone deemed inappropriate tomorrow.

youkolaguna 01/27/2009 #

I love any handmade jewelry! I would love a bracelet the best but it must be 7", and no bangels please, I have yet to find one that I can slip my hand through ;_;. As for necklaces it would have to be 18" min. That would be a choker for me and since I wear a collar 24/7 then I wouldn't get to wear it often. And I have 7 piercings to fill so earring are always appreciated! I can't wait to start making something!

gooddog56 01/27/2009 #

I'm looking forward to swapping--have some ideas, but waiting for my partner...my own preference is for earrings (pierced ears) or bracelet (7-8 inches long). Thanks for hosting this swap!!

Junkolove 01/27/2009 #

I love ^^ handmade jewelry!

Some preferences:

  • earrings (love love) or
  • or bracelet (7-8 inches long)


thriftymermaid 01/27/2009 #

This is a great idea for a swap, I hope you do it again, I don't thinkn I'll have 3 ratings in time :o(

Carmel 01/28/2009 #

I can't wait to get started!! I'd really prefer earrings (pierced ears). I never wear bracelets, and I hardly ever wear necklaces, but if you're more of a necklace making kind of person, you may surprise me with a special one, still, I'l more likely use earrings (never walk out of my door without those... I mostly like big earrings , ethnic looking ('im not sure if you can say that in english...) Please no pastel colors, I would deffinately prefer natural shades of green, brown-yellowish, or metals.... Buy still- feel free to surprise me with something else you think I might like. Thanks!

violin21 01/29/2009 #

I can't wait to send the jewellery that I have made using swarovski beads which are expensive to buy as they are real crystal. :)

katgal40 01/29/2009 #

Hi, I would like anything antique metal, copper or brass....no gold please....other than that anything goes !!!

chimerix 01/30/2009 #

I wear lots of earrings (pierced) and necklaces (any lenght). Bracelets less.

I prefer silver to gold. I prefer dark colors, dislike pastels.

Nese 01/30/2009 #
  • I like longer necklaces..

  • I wear earrings, mainly in my upper holes (I have 14 gauge in lower), but sometimes I wear dangling in with my gauges...

  • I do wear bracelets, but not all that often...

  • I prefer metal and glass... no plastic please!

  • Colors: blue, teal, green, yellow, white, black, pink, teal, brown and silver... I'm NOT big on gold or pastels...

  • I love pendants in any shape or size! (I'm a fan of scrabble tiles)

wokeupmissing 01/30/2009 #

Just a few notes, to my partner...

I have stretched ears, so no earrings, please.

I'm really into bracelets & necklaces & pendants.

<3 black & dark grey.

not a fan of gold at all.

<3 the oxidized look.

I usually wear my necklaces short, 18" max.

I tend to wear my jewelry nonstop, so something that is fairly strong and water resistant would be great.

I have a ton of jewelry on my Etsy favorites, just in case you're in need of some ideas of what I'd wear.

Tooi 01/30/2009 #

I'm excited for this swap =D I prefer silver to gold (though steampunk jewelry usually uses gold or brass, if you decide to try that style). I mostly wear earrings (I have 3 piercings in each ear plus a helix piercing in my right ear), but I would also appreciate a necklace if that is what you would rather make. =D I don't really wear bracelets. I really like elegant looking jewelry. I really like blues and purples, though I'm okay with most colors. Please be creative because I'm sure I'll love whatever you make. <3

MissMayhem 01/31/2009 #

Okay, partners are now assigned!! Have fun making your creations!!

kchristisen 01/31/2009 #

Love both braclets and necklaces....wear alot of black.....always silver for me...never gold!

tigerlilly327 01/31/2009 #

I like all kinds of jewelry but rarely wear pins or brooches. :)

artlady53 01/31/2009 #

I'm excited about this swap. I will be thrilled with whatever I receive. I wear jewelry daily...prefer silver to gold but I have clothes that gold would look great with. I have pierced ears.

sonyaoku 02/ 9/2009 #

Hi, I would like anything antique metal, copper or brass....no gold-plated please....other than that anything goes !!! Love long necklaces I'm okay with most colors, so please feel free to go all creative because I'm sure I'll love it. No bangles or braclets, just dont wear them.

PS MissMayhem if ever you need a share angel for this swap, I'm quite happy to step up.

mlookyloo1 03/ 1/2009 #

I love earrings any kind

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