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Birthday: September 13
Country: Belgium
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Important notes

I am a global financier. What about you?

I reuse packaging. swappersbadge badge
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Ratings are an essential part of a swap : they confirm that a swap was well received and how it is appreciated. As I like to know the appreciation of my efforts, I assume others do too. Therefore I rate my partners as soon as I have received their swaps. If you haven't been rated on a swap you sent to me, it's simply because I haven't received it yet.

I saw a note on @spinjenny 's profile that also reflects my view on swapping and rating, so I'll copy the text she wrote :

I give lots of hearts but not just because of extras, as I believe the swap item is what is important. I will appreciate anything extra you choose to send because you think I will like it, but it will not automatically earn you a heart. When I send extras myself, I do it in the hope of making my partner smile, regardless of possible hearts.

Also, in the spirit of "treat others like you'd like to be treated", I am not into plummeting someone's rating for a late send (I have more interesting things to do than checking dates on stamps). I consider myself a rather patient and comprehensive person. There is a life outside of swap-bot (luckily enough) and sometimes that life can have the better of you. So if you have a problem and cannot send by the due date, just PM me and we'll work it out. :o) Communication is the key and is common courtesy!

I ALWAYS sent out my swaps and 90% of the time, ahead of the deadline. If I have marked it "sent" and you haven't received it yet, please contact me before giving a bad rating but keep in mind that postal services can be a bit slow when they have to cross the big pond between Europe and the US (or any other continent for that matter). Should something get lost in the mail (I hope not !), I am willing to re-send when possible. Btw, I take pics of every swap I send out, so feel free to check it out on my flickr, if you're having doubts :o)

As swappers seem to be very sensitive about allergies, I just want to inform you that I live with a smoker and I have two cats who roam freely about the house. I never had any complaints about the swaps I sent out (nor smells nor cat hair), but if you are concerned by having me as your partner, feel free to send me a PM and we can try to work out a solution.

About me

Always difficult to summarize in a few words, who I am but here it comes.

Besides taking Japanese lessons (which take up a lot of my free time), I love reading novels, mangas and magazines (rel. to news, travel, crafts, cooking, animals and chick lit); writing letters to all my penpals; going out to the movies, a concert, the theatre or a exotic restaurant; listening to a wide range of music; cooking (traditional and exotic dishes), baking (cookies and pastries) and taking courses in those areas; watching TV and doing some cross stitching on a cold winter's evening.

I love travelling and if I'm no travelling, I'm already planning the next trip. I have been to most countries in Western Europe and as far as the other continents are concerned I went to Florida, Brazil and Morocco. I'd like to return to Southern America to visit more of Brazil and the other countries and a trip to Japan is also scheduled, but that will be in a few years when I will have mastered enough of that language to venture out there. If you want to have a look at my travelmap, you can find it here

I am at the back and call of Lancelot & Lisa Lynn, two 3 years old silver tabby sibling cats (the type of cat famous from the Whiskas TV commercials) and I love animals in general, provided they are furry and four-legged. Bugs and spiders make my hair stand on ends.

I used to collect perfume minatures but once my display was full I stopped buying new ones. I still buy the large models for personal use of course :o). Nowadays the only collection I have going, are Swarovski crystal figurines, only animals. UPDATE : On October 18, 2010 my home was broken into and my whole swarovski collection was stolen. :o(

Favorite Movies

In general, I prefer movies with a message or based on a true story like "Hotel Ruanda","Va, vis et deviens" or "Trade", but any drama, comedy or thriller will do, as long as it isn't too scary or bloody (ok, I'll admit I'm chicken :o)). I also have some Bollywood movies on the shelves (a.o. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and Kal Ho Naa Ho). I just love their dances and the high voices of the female characters :o) You will however never see me in the audience of a horror/sci-fi/war movie.

My favourite directors are David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino and Pedro Almodovar with a special mention for "Mulholland Drive","Kill Bill" and "Hable con ella".

Favorite Television

Most TV shows shown in Belgium are US formats and in that category my preference goes to (in random order) : CSI (all 3 of them), Without a trace, Cold Case, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, Rome, Grey's anatomy, Ghost Whisperer, TrueBlood (thanks to Internet), Supernatural (I'm a Dean-girl! :o) ), L word, Queer as folk, the Eleventh Hour and Criminal Minds. From Down Under, the series McLeod's Daughters, is definitely worth watching.

I rarely see them when they are transmitted on TV, but I usually buy the complete season DVD boxes. The advantage is also that I can watch all the episodes one after the other without having to wait for a whole week to know what happens next - I'm not too fond of clifhangers really, I'd like to know everything right away. That's why I am also the type of person who will read the last chapter of a "whodunit" halfway through the novel. Way too curious, just cannot help myself :o)

Favorite Books

I prefer mystery, detective and historic novels although I do not shy away from the occasional non-fiction work. I try to read all novels in their original language, as the writer intended them to be read. Of course this only goes for the languages I speak :o) (unfortunately not as many as I would like to).

As I am always reading several books at the same time, you will find at the moment the following books on my nightstand/desk/handbag :

  • La mano de Fatima by Ildefonso Falcones;
  • Undead and unreturnable by MaryJanice Davidson,;
  • Kafka on the shore by Haruki Murakami

Favorite Music

My musical taste is quite large : from world music (fado, flamenco, rai, latin) over jazz, R&B, country, soul, blues, pop and rock to classical and opera. If you hit shuffle on my ipod, you might be surprised at what you'll hear.

To give you an idea, my latest downloads from itunes included: Corneille, Buika, Susan Boyle, Marc Lavoine, Matchbox 20 & Black Eyed Peas.


My interest for Japan goes beyond the Japanese language and manga. I recently rediscovered "kawaii" and realised I never really forgot the cuteness of the wide-eyed anime characters of my childhood. I'm not really a collector though : I buy things to use, not to lock away (although some items have no usefullness, besides being pretty to look at :o) ). I love cute foods and animals but am not too fond of any human-like or scary/gross characters (Domo kun, skulls, poo). I like Sanrio Designs and Charmmy Kitty & Chococat in particular. Although San-x's Nyan nyanko and Kutusitanyanko are very cute also.
Hmmm, I think you'll start to see a pattern in here :o). Basically if it purrs and has whiskers, you cannot be wrong.
Nevertheless, these are just my favourites. As long as it isn't a human-like or realistic character (like real puppies, kitties,...) or scary, anything is welcome, really! And although Kawaii means cute, and some Disney or Diddl characters can be "cute", I'd rather not receive those (there are loads of diddl and diddlina stuff around here). I am really looking for the Japanese/Asian brands.

Favorite Crafts

Ever since I tapped into Swap-bot, my "crafts" have been evolving, so I thought that I should update this section on my profile.

I like cross-stitching counted designs, which I find easier than following a pre-coloured canvas. I find inspiration in cross stitching magazines and buy all the separate flosses, or I just buy a complete kit containing pattern, canvas and all the necessary threads. Most of my "works" are animal themed or a bit Asian inspired. If I had to choose a favourite in the "all in one kits" category, it would undoubtedly be Lanarte (check out their website for their gorgeous designs).

Through SB I discovered loads of new crafting possibilities o.a. ATCs, Matchboxes, Bottlecaps, Dotees, altered journals and Stuffies. As you have to try everything at least once in your life, I joined beginners' swaps to see how they worked out. ATCs have by far exceeded my expectations and these little cards are quite addictive. So it comes to no surprise that I find myself joining more and more ATC swaps. I love making digital ATCs as well, although not everyone considers them to be of equal "artistic value", which is a pity. In the same "papercrafting" spirit, I am also looking a bit closer at scrapbooking courses they are giving near my home. I have already tried digital scrapbooking, which is fun, but I miss the textured feeling of real cardboard, ribbons and other embellishments.

I recently got into jewelry making as well, but I am just barely making my first steps in this craft so my "creations" don't have a very elaborated design (yet :oP). Now that I am looking more closely at beads and crystals, I'd love to create my own beads using polymer clay/fimo but I think this is still a bit too farfetched for my skills at the moment.

Some examples of things I made or am working on :

Things I like

I am editing this list every time I think of something, so this tends to get a bit long (sorry !). A list of things I like in general (random order) and which will always be appreciated :

  • all things kawaii (lettersets, stickers, memopads, plush toys, stamps especially cute non-realistic animal characters and foods) preferably without scents (most of them give me a headache)
  • (in case you didn't notice by looking at this profile :o)) all cat-related stuff (i.e. items featuring cats or items for my two little feline monsters. They don't like fish, so any "fish-flavoured" treats would (have to) be passed on to one of the local shelters. But to prove they do not discriminate against fish : they have a blue stuffed fish toy called Nemo (and thanks to madiegrace41 a chewing fish toy called Sushi) they like to play around with. LOL) Thanks to @Brittercat 's swap package, they discovered Bellrock Growers Pet Green Chicken Treats and they are very fond of it. It's only available in the US unfortunately :o(
  • Recipes (pastries, exotic & tradional dishes, desserts, chocolates and others). I just bought scrapcooking paper (sorry it's only in French ) and coloured sugar to decorate home made cookies, but I haven't come round to using them yet. So any cookie-recipe would be fine too.
  • Spices. I love cooking and preparing foreign dishes and I find the smell of those exotic spices, a form of culinary travel. Tarragon, coriander, cardamon, star anise, tandoori ... I love it all.
  • discovering new things I do not know I adore yet. I think ATC's and stuffies fall under this category, I never heard of them before joining swapbot, and they have turned out to be really fun. Who knows what other great crafts still remain undiscovered?
  • receiving postcards from around the world (feat. animals, people, nature, landmarks, ...) and long letters from penpals
  • X-stitch related things (patterns, threads, ...)
  • Vintage cards, posters and ephemera from the 1800's to 1920's and also the 50/60's : edwardian & victorian photos, daguerrotypes, art-nouveau (Jugendstiel - Mucha) and pin-up style.
  • On an "arty" level, my favourite artists/designers/illustrators/photographers are : Monet, Dalì, Mucha, Klimt, Magritte, Ai Yamaguchi, Feebee, Simone Legno, Kimiko Yoshida, Isabel Muñoz, Frans Lanting
  • My all-time favourite colours are the paler shades of purple and yellow, but I love most colours with the exception of orange. As the perception of colours seems to be different from one person to another, my favourites look like these (with a special mention for the 2nd from the left in both colours) :
    purple -- yellow

  • Being a "Japanese" student, I like most things from that country : bento boxes and accessories, fabrics, maneki neko (aka beckoning or lucky cats), candy, manga, craft books and magazines, ... I'm not able to read them yet, but I grasp the essentials (like a pattern :o)) I also like the traditional Japanese prints, especially those by Hokusai, Hiroshige and Utamaro.In a more modern version (traditional Japanese & urban graffiti), I'd love to visit a exhibition of Gajin Fujita, if one is ever held closer to home.
    Hiroshige-Hokusai-Utamaro Fujita

  • Bento. Although I had some boxes for quite some time, it's only since November 2009 that I started making bento on a daily basis. You can have a look at what I take to work for lunch on my bento blog.
  • Although I am not particularly fashion minded, I do have an shopping (& etsy) addiction (and having an internet access doesn't help LOL). I particularly like (designer) leather purses, out of the ordinary hair accessories (check out Manoel's page for her great pins) and earrings. When it comes to earrings, except for gold (which I cannot stand, go figure!), I don't have any specific allergy problem.
  • Teas (herbal, spicy, floral) and hot chocolates (flavoured or not, especially with whipped cream - yummy !)
  • Chocolate : dark, milk, white, stuffed, with fruits, spices, flowers. (Do I need to mention I have a sweet tooth? :o)) The only chocolate I really don't like are those filled with cherries and/or licour. I recently discovered a chocolatier on a "gourmet book fair" and his star anise and cinnamon chocolate are yummy! The website is still under construction but you can have a look at it over here. I recently tried a dark chocolate with chili. Hmm, not sure what to think of that one. I'll have to put it in the "dislike" column, but if anyone wants to try, I have an easy access to it :o)
  • One of my favourite flavours/scents is cinnamon. I like to put it in a lot of things and I even had a apple/cinnamon scented shower gel once :o) I discovered cinnamon tictac in the US in 1999 and had to wait for 8 years for them to become available over here. Now I always have a box in my purse :o)
  • My favourite flowers are roses, calla lilies, freesia and iris.
  • I really like all Indian things (Indian as in India not Native American) : the colours, the saris, the patterns, Bollywood movies and music, the food.
  • Magazines : crafts (especially Japanese), nature, travel, history, lifestyle, ... I'm just not particularly into fashion or gossip/showbizz nor music or film. One exception however to this last point though, I'd love anything Bollywood related (music and/or film) :o)
  • I am very interested in all asian philosophies at the moment : Confucianism, Taoism and Shintoism...

Things I would really like to receive AKA Whishlist

  • Sour skittles. I discovered these in a swap and they are my latest crave. Impossible to get around here, I depend on international generosity to get my fix ;o).
  • Decorated matchboxes. As I don't have an easy access to large 250 ct matchboxes, any empty non decorated box of that size is also welcome.
  • A Whimsey Jar.
  • A Lucky Parcel.
  • An amigurumi : I have been struggling to master the basics of crochet, but I only manage to do the straightforward chain stitch. I bought some lovely patterns but am a bit at a loss with them (just deciphering them is already a full time job :o)).
  • Quality ATCs and inchies are never turned down.
  • Decorated bottlecaps. I bought myself some clean empty bottlecaps but I’m not sure how to start off with them. So if you like to inspire me, feel free to do so.
  • As I can never have too much crafting supplies, feel free to send things my way that you do not longer like or use : embellishments, brads, ribbons, eyelets, ink pads, distress ink/powder and embossing powders, buttons … Don’t hold back, I love buying new storage boxes LOL Nevertheless I am looking in particular for embossing powders which give a smooth and shiny finish. The only colours I have found over here with that texture result are : Xmas green and red, baby blue and pink, ivory, white, clear and the metallics (bronze, silver, gold).
  • Bento supplies anything from the bento themselves, to hashi (chopsticks), furoshiki (to wrap my boxes in) and all accessories in general that I can use in my daily lunches (cute picks, baran (dividers), cups, food cutters, ...).
  • An unazukin. I already have Hydrangea, Violet (thank you @Mello ) and Cherry Blossom but as fairies like company, they extend their/my hospitability to any migrating fairies :o).
  • A Labbit by Frank Kozik, especially the fifth series. I looked for it at Kidrobot, but they charge more than twice the price of the labbit just for shipping :o(
  • A joanna zhou or itchy feet doll (I already have Sakura, Pinku and Mika living at home) or other kokeshi type of doll, and by extension anything from Momiji would be great.
  • Thick Mulberry paper to make Tear Bears.
  • Anything from my etsy favourites
  • Anything from my Amazon wishlist
  • Anything from my WishPot List
  • Sakura Pigma Micron 005 pens in any colour besides black. I have a hard time finding them here and would love to work with these fineliners. But any fineliner (0,1mm or smaller) in another colour than black would be welcome too. I use the black fineliners for zentangles but would love to make colour zentangles too.
  • I recently discovered the world of tokidoki and have joined the growing group of vinyl toys collectors (I know, I should start to act my age :o) ). I started with the Moofia series and have already the whole gang. I am currently only missing Mozzarella and her new boyfriend Bulletto. So, if someone has won the lottery and wants to complete my collection with those two figures, be my guest :o)
  • I am looking for Emily the Strange Patchwork Miles Kitty but I haven’t found any shop on the net that has the item still in stock. If someone could redirect me to a site where it is still available, it would be highly appreciated.

Things I dislike

Things I dislike :

  • everything overtly religious : I'm not into crosses/rosaries/bible quotes or any other exterior sign of membership of a spiritual group.
  • the colour orange
  • spiders, bugs, reptiles and to a lesser extent fish, in whatever form or size they come (spiders definitely the #1 of the "do not send" list - obviously no live ones, but now pics of them neither). Exception to this rule : butterflies and ladybirds, I won't freak out if I get any pictures of those.
  • all things rude/obscene. I know this is a rather vague description, because it's subjective by nature. Someone might be extremely shocked by something which I would only consider tasteless. Let's just say I am not easily offended, but I draw the line at cruelty and humilitation. Btw, risqué and burlesque don't fit into my definition of obscenity ;o)
  • dirty things and this is not the same as weathered, which is OK when it comes to old prints etc. - one cannot expect things to pass unscratched through several decades
  • coffee, I'm more of a tea- or even a milk-person (although my SO is a heavy coffee drinker and any coffee sent would therefore not go to waste)
  • licourice
  • cherries & raspberries. I am gradually learning to appreciate the red/blue berries but these two are still a no-no.
  • marzipan
  • clows & dolls. Ever since I saw "IT", Pennywise look alikes give me the creeps and I guess I was traumatized by Chucky as well :o(.
  • real fur. Synthetic fur can be just as pretty and I am firmly opposed to breeding animals for the sole purpose of skinning them. As I am not a vegetarian, I am aware that fur (like leather) is a by-product of the meat industry. However since one of the animal protection societies I support found out while researching some shops and boutiques, that clothes with fur they claimed to be coming from rabbits, turned out to be from CATS (!)(with genetic proof to back up that statement), I am definitely opposed to real fur in whatever form in comes.
  • Perfume samples. I have been using the same perfume for more years than I care to count (Chanel n° 5), so I don't need any fragrance samples. Best give those to someone who will appreciate them.
  • Please do not send any make-up or skin care products. I have a very sensitive skin and have regretted every time I strayed from my habitual brands (for those interested : Environ for skincare and Jane Iredale for make-up; these really changed my life and they aren't tested on animals, an important +).

Tags & Others

Tags, Games, RAKs & Angels

I owe :

  • up to date

I am looking forward to receiving :

  • up to date

Pending ratings

I am still waiting for the following swaps to be rated :o(

Never gotten ratings (partner accounts deleted or fully suspended)

I have sent out swaps that will never receive a rating, some because the recipient decided to delete her account without bothering to rate and some were sent to what are now identified as serial flakers :o(

Swaps/Tags I was flaked on


cayce rated for Get crafty! #2 on Apr 22, 2011
Comment: Thanks so much, Ingrid! I love what you sent, and I really appreciate you did twice!! Gorgeous Echino fabrics, oh my... And the jewelry you made, this is extra special to me! Thanks again and *hugs* :)
glittergothgurl rated for A Tangled Heart on Mar 14, 2011
Comment: very lovely tangles! so nice and neat :D tyvm!
Tenfingers rated for A Tangled Heart on Feb 22, 2011
Comment: Wonderful cards. Thank you very much.
Janetburns rated for # 16 Color Combo ATC Swap.... on Dec 13, 2010
Comment: Thank you :)
cayce rated for Hot drinks - let's warm up for fall! on Nov 9, 2010
Comment: Hello Ingrid and thanks a lot! This package will help me through cold, dark and rainy days for shure. :o) The green tea smells amazing and I think I will become a fan of this belgium greek bread. Yum! *hugs*
SevenSins rated for Zentangle ATC Swap # 4 It curls on Sep 21, 2010
Comment: Simply gorgeous!
cayce rated for summer birdies on Aug 16, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful lil` spool dollie and her pillow! Makes me smile everytime I look at her. :)
ElsD rated for Zentangle ATC Swap # 3 Checks/Blocks on May 27, 2010
Comment: Hi Ingrid,your zentangle atc card arrived this morning,you are nice and early and as the previous one very beautiful will rate you at a later date ElsD
Comment: So cute! Thank you! I spent so long trying to untie the knot and then I realized I could just slide the loop off the back, haha! The necklace is pretty cool! I know just the outfit to wear it with :) Thanks bunches!
fede rated for Matchbox Mafia - Pink & Black on Apr 28, 2010
Comment: your adorable matchbox was delivered today, thanks a lot, it's really super cute! Thanks for reading my profile and removing the feather...just to let you know, I love how feathers look (especially on birds:D) but the idea of touching them just freaks me out..weird, I know..
Response: Thanks for the rating and the heart. I'm glad it arrived safely and that you liked it. And a to the feather issue ... we all have our weirdnesses :o)
orit rated for chirp chirp birdies! on Apr 17, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome umbrellas decotape! It's so cute and will come in handy in ALL future swaps :) I love it!
MissThundercat rated for Een Opkikkertje :D on Apr 10, 2010
Comment: thank you SO much for the craft pudding stamps and FQ! I really love them, they looks so great in person! thanks for the great swap my friend! hugs!!
Response: Thanks for the heart :o) I'm so glad they arrived. i was starting to get worried. Craftpudding makes the greatest things, I am a fan of her work too :o)
Comment: Thank you once again for a beautiful ATC. It has been a pleasure being your partner for this season of the Amazing Race. Hope to start a new season soon and maybe see you there.
Response: Thanks for the rating and the heart. I will look forward to the new series although I hope for your sake that we won't get partnered again then ... after 4 ATCs by me, you might want to see something else :o)
Comment: Well my wish come true so to speak, you are my partner for this leg of the race too, cool. Thank you once again for a very beautiful ATC. It has finally arrive and thank you for resending as well.
Response: I'm glad you liked my vision of China and that the envie didn't go astray this time. The postal services are very unkind to me lately :o( maybe I should try and bribe the postal gods by sending them ATCs as well :o)
grethekristin rated for Profile Surprise Swap! on Apr 8, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the yarn:)
Response: You're welcome. As you liked knitting I thought that might come in handy :o)
powderpuffmom rated for Cat ATC on Mar 9, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the pretty cat ATC - I think it's perfect just the way it is! Cats don't need a lot of embellishment!
LMM rated for Country Alphabet ATC's UVW (X) YZ on Feb 24, 2010
Comment: These were well worth the wait! So sorry you had to resend, but I am so glad you did--Very inspiring and a great way to lose out this swap series! Thanks!!
ElsD rated for Heart Zentangle ATC on Feb 14, 2010
Comment: Hi Ingrid, I did get your Heart zentangle ATC card Very artistic,yes I like black and white too but made mine in colour.ElsD
emsan rated for Purple Haze on Jan 30, 2010
Comment: Yaaay! I love all the purple goodies you sent me! The scarf is so pretty and cozy, I'm already wearing the necklace and the tin is full of candy now. THANK YOU! Hugs //Em
cleopatra rated for I <3 Hearts ATC on Jan 29, 2010
Comment: Absolutely gorgeous. I love your swap card !

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Canariangal78 on Sep 7, 2019:

Hola Ingrid! Alles goed met jou? you left Swap-bot a few years ago. Hope everything is fine and you are now fluent in Japanese :-) I still keep the handwritten lesson you sent me in a swap. Greetings! Yuri

orit on Dec 27, 2011:

Thank you for the lovely Hannuka card :D Have a wonderful year!!

jennecy on Nov 14, 2011:

Oooh what a lovely postcard! Thank you for brightening my day with happy mail. I hope you had a wonderful trip!! xo Jen

suessstoff on Nov 14, 2011:

Thank you so much for the lovely postcard, Ingrid! I hope you had a wonderful relaxing time and are now ready for some more swapping. We miss you in the B.I.R.D.S. group!

Mello on Nov 14, 2011:

Thank you for the postcard from Italy Ingrid! So good to hear from you - we miss you big times over in the BIRDS Group, we actually have a thread regarding your whereabouts! We'd love to have you back with us again. Hugs you big times, Mello

suessstoff on Sep 7, 2011:

Are you okay, Ingrid? We miss you in the BIRDS group!

jennecy on Jun 16, 2011:

Ingrid I am in love with the gorgeous post card from Prague! Thank you so much for thinking of me on your wonderful travels!! xo Jen

orit on Apr 12, 2011:

Thank you so much for the lovely clutch snap wallet for the Etsy WTA tag game! I love it!

emsan on Feb 25, 2011:

Thank you so much for the sweet baby gifts for Eila! We love everything you sent! HUGS

Anniehall on Jan 31, 2011:

Ingrid, I got a beautiful and shiny christmassy card from you - you really surprised me, thank you very much for your good wishes! Have a wonderful year full of happy moments. Recuerdos.

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