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Photo Scavenger Hunt - International

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Swap Coordinator:kawaiirene (contact)
Swap categories: Photography 
Number of people in swap:25
Last day to signup/drop:February 14, 2009
Date items must be sent by:March 7, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

This swap was originally created by a person who is no longer on swap-bot... I really liked the idea, and found nothing similar being hosted at the moment, so I decided to make it my first swap as a host ^^

Do you enjoy photography and being behind the lens? Are you up for a bit of a creative challenge??

Each participant will make a list of 15 random themes they would like to recieve a photograph of. You must post this list in the comment section below. Please try to post the list as soon as possible (BEFORE the sign-up deadline), so that your partner can start taking pictures as soon as partners are assigned. Try to chose themes which are not too restrictive... for example, "a dog wearing a dinosaur costume" is not a good idea... "an unusual dog portrait" would be much better ;)

Once partners are assigned, check our your partner's list and choose 10 of their suggested themes to take a creative photo of!! You may take more than ten, if you wish to! 10 is the minimum required.

Photos must be of quality... well focused, sharp, and creative. Of course, ALL PHOTOS MUST BE TAKEN BY YOU. PLEASE, DO NOT USE OTHER PEOPLE'S PHOTOS.

The photos will be printed, then sent by snail mail to your partner. Minimum size is 4x6 inches (10x15cm). You can choose a larger size, but not smaller.
Photos should be of good quality: either store printed, or printed at home, using photography paper... no regular paper, please!

Please make sure to package the pictures to avoid moisture (ex: plastic ziptop bag) -- or other ailments that might damage photos -- and w/ sturdiness to avoid being bent in transit.

If you do not understand or cannot find one of the items on your partners list, try emailing them or skip it and go on to a different option. If you run into difficulties completing 10 items from their list, email them asking for a few more suggestions or any explanations.

It would be nice to include a note or label each photo (on the back) listing which item it is a representation of. Do not write on the actual photo, but use a sticky note. Writing on the actual backs may distort the image on the front.

Newbies with complete profiles are welcome. Ratings 4.6 and above, with no recent no-sends, please!

Thanks for your participation! Let the HUNT begin....


kawaiirene 01/31/2009 #

Here's my list: 1.- Water 2.- Red fruit 3.- Self portrait 4.- Handmade 5.- Stripes 6.-Something in your home 7.- Refection 8.- Kiss 9.- Typical of your hometown 10.- Coffee 11.- Unposed portrait of a stranger 12.- Grass 13.- Sexy 14.- Extreme close-up (macro) 15.- Lime green and pink

eadaoin 01/31/2009 #

Hi, here's my list 1. Door, 2 Architectural detail, 3. Water, 4. Horse, 5. interior shot, 6. shop window, 7. Colour, 8. Food, 9. Something from your hometown/local area, 10. Grafitti/street art, 11. Sign, 12. Performance, 13. texture, 14. Flower, 15. Bird

Net3811 01/31/2009 #

My list: 1. Interesting Building, 2. Feminine, 3 - water feature, 4 - Sculpture, 5 - Modern, 6 - Music , 7 - Smiles (more than one), 8 - Floral, 9 - Shoes, 10 - Transport, 11 - Garden, 12 - Weather, 13 - Street scene, 14 - animal, 15 - Pink

SkippyMom 01/31/2009 #

This is the coolest swap...definitely on my watch list!

bionicwoman03 01/31/2009 #

Putting it on my watch list as well. Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm an amature photographer but I love taking pics. Is it ok to join if you don't have a lot of experience?

kawaiirene 02/ 1/2009 #

Of couse, no minimum level is required, anyone can join! ^^ The advantage is (if you are shooting digital), you can take any number of pictures! Choose the subject, shoot away (don't be afraid to take dozens of shots on the same subject!), then, on your computer, choose the one you like best ^^

Nano88 02/ 1/2009 #

This is going to be SO MUCH FUN! My list: 1. leaves 2. interesting architecture 3. people behaving strangely 5. green 6, 7, 8, 9 your home town/environment 10 11 12 abstracted image 13 self-portrait 14 nature 15 travel

boatingbelle 02/ 1/2009 #

I like the sound of this, what a challenge !

Here's my list:




4.feature from your home town

5.your garden

6.your pet

7.stormy sky


9.traffic sign

10.something you have made





15.something that appeals to you

I can't wait to get my partner !

Bluelily 02/ 1/2009 #

Can the photo be one you have taken a bit earlier than the swap?? It is hard to fing things like snow and storms in sunny Ca right now. Thanks

kawaiirene 02/ 1/2009 #

Sure, you can use an old photo if it fits one of your partner's themes, but it would be nice if most of the photos were taken specially for the swap ;)

phussann 02/ 2/2009 #

I'm so down for this. Here's my list to be interpreted as you see fit.

  1. A religious symbol or icon.

  2. A dramatic shadow.

  3. A beautiful reflection.

  4. Letters in nature.

  5. Something NOT like the others.

  6. Peeling paint or rust.

  7. Something you find interesting.

  8. Street stencil art or graffiti.

  9. Something circular.

  10. Something forgotten.

  11. Texture.

  12. A symbol, sign or recognizable place from your town or city.

  13. A self-portrait.

  14. Something meaningful to you.

  15. Something out of place.

hotlava 02/ 2/2009 #

I just bought a new camera, so I'm looking forward to this challenge!

1) busy street scene 2) technology: old and new 3) someone you love and why you love them 4) 4-legged 5) one of the four seasons 6) baseball 7) fun on the playground 8) the elderly 9) vanishing points 10) macro: food 11) cobalt blue 12) stairs 13) solitude 14) public transportation 15) shoes or feet

Most of these are open for your interpretation, just please explain. I'd really prefer store printed photos, thanks!

TennesseeSannie 02/ 3/2009 #

This is going to be fun and challenging! I love a good challenge! Ok.... 1}A self family Portrait 2}Dinner in progress 3}Low to the ground 4}The place you go to find PEACE 5} Self Portrait 6}You with your favorite cup & coffee in the place you have it. 7}Favorite View of downtown 8}Female Bonding 9}Activity you regularly participate in. 10}An Old Church 11}multicolors 12}An Antique 13}Down the Road 14}A light in the dark 15}Surprise Me!!

marilavado 02/ 4/2009 #

My themes:

  1. Dog

  2. Wild

  3. Silence

  4. Nature

  5. Green

  6. Purple

  7. Love

  8. Play

  9. Music

  10. Architecture

  11. Art

  12. Craft

  13. Flower

  14. Walk

  15. Brave or adventure girl

sillycdngrrl 02/ 4/2009 #

this sounds like a lot of fun! i am really looking forward to it! Here is my list. 1. red velvet cake -- 2. yourself -- 3. a perfect reflection -- 4. something you treasure -- 5. ocean/lake view -- 6. strangers -- 7. your family -- 8. rocks -- 9. nature -- 10. city (buildings) -- 11. your home town -- 12. piece of art --13. your vehicle -- 14. your favourite dish -- 15. sender's choice

TennesseeSannie 02/ 5/2009 #

I can hardly wait to get started takin my pictures!!!!!

farmerswife 02/ 6/2009 #

Farmerswife 1. feet 2. your favorite place 3.nature 4. something that makes you cry 5. you 6. your hobby 7.crafts 8 old barns 9.animals 10. something calming 11. something that makes you laugh 12. looking up 13. frabics (colorful) 14.rain 15 out on a limb

missmoney 02/ 7/2009 #

1.hometown 2.water 3. self-portrait 4.color 5. texture 6. outdoors 7. home 8. party 9. food/drink 10. yellow 11. warm 12. learn 13. hands 14. kiss 15. cozy

TechnoAnime 02/ 7/2009 #
  1. Water
  2. Reflection
  3. Abandon
  4. Weather
  5. Innocence
  6. Sunset
  7. Abstract
  8. Scary (or something you think is scary)
  9. Past
  10. Energy
  11. Beauty
  12. Bird's view perspective
  13. Work
  14. End
  15. Meaning
Paralistocrat 02/ 7/2009 #

omg what an amazing swap!!! heres my list! I'm also including 4 extras in case you need a back up! 1- NEON, 2- fashionable 3- Japanese 4- shadowy 5- black and white 6- nerdy 7- something you fear 8- something you love 9- delicious 10- a picture with something you hid (hide and seek hehe) 11- something tacky 12- something beautiful 13- something grotesque 14- street fashion 15- water AND here aer the extras if you can't get some of the above * Fire * Fish * Mystical * something kawaii (super cute)

orit 02/ 9/2009 #

Cool idea! Here's my list - contact me if you have any doubt: 1. hands 2. sky 3. feet 4. heart 5. book 6. morning 7. texture 8. letters 9. calm 10. abstract 11. green 12. rainbow 13. what's in your bag 14. food ingredients for a recipe (before starting to cook) 15. craft you make while making it

grannylove60 02/10/2009 #

Here my list in a easier to read format. kawaiirene, would you please delete my previous list since it's all mottled together? Thanks:) I'm looking forward participating in my first photography swap:)

  1. something sticky

  2. someone or something you love

  3. something religious

  4. landmark from your hometown

  5. falling snow (this is something I don't see much here in TN:)

  6. your favorite pet

  7. something funny

  8. something you made

  9. something country

  10. something of nature or something wild & free

  11. something fun

  12. self-portrait of yourself

  13. something in water

  14. something that is peaceful/serene to you

  15. mountains or hillside

ifluctuate 02/10/2009 #

here is my list:

-1- words on a door -2- a bird -3- a billboard sign -4- a house in your neigbourhood -5- something grouped together -6- the clock time when you wake up in the morning -7- someone taking a picture -8- self portrait in a mirror -9- a 4-legged creature -10- your feet outside (can be in shoes) -11- pills -12- scenery -13- a rundown building -14- body of water -15- a speedometer

can't wait!!

kawaiirene 02/11/2009 #

Thanks everyone for joining! This is going to be fun! ^^

Kugusch 02/11/2009 #

eek, I can't join this swap, many of the things on many of the lists you can't find around here....especially a way to get photos PRINTED LOL. Just wanted to comment @phusann What an AWESOME list! I might have to "borrow" it and go on a personal photo safari with your list, just for myself, because those are things I always look for! A few years ago a friend had a fire dept. come burn down a trailer on his property, and later I went and took tons of closeups of the warped metal and rusty matress springs. Love them!----------------------------------------------Have lots of fun, everyone!

phussann 02/11/2009 #

Thanks Kugusch for your comment. I wanted a list that the shooter could interpret in many different ways. I'm really looking forward to receiving my photos. And, I'm with you on rust, peeling paint, and texture- beautiful decay as I call it.

ryken 02/11/2009 #

(1) macro flower (2) macro anything (3) nature (4) representation of your heritage (5) food (6) hometown (7) water (8) architecture (9) view from outside your front door (10) green (11) animal (12) a grouping and/or collection (13) "welcome to (your city)...population X" sign (14) your environment (15) night time sky

grannylove60 02/11/2009 #

Hum, I never thought of taking shots of rusting metal, decay and stuff like that. Do you zoom in and take super close ups, kinda like texture pics or something I guess:) Total newbie here just playing around and trying to get it all figured out:)

phussann 02/11/2009 #

critterlove57 - definitely zoom in but not necessarily in macro mode (i.e. super close-ups). Of course, zooming in is normally a good idea anyway as it gets rid of all the distractions in the background. Frame your subject and then zoom in a bit more. Rust or peeling paint as an abstract image can be really lovely. Some of the "prettiest" I've seen has been on the sides of trains. Good luck!

terralily 02/11/2009 #

I really like this idea. My list: 1) your pet...or a friend's pet....or a neighborhood pet 2) abstract image 3) pattern 4) travel inspired 5) something with water 6) something fashionable 7) monochromatic 8) self-portrait 9) feet 10) reduce reuse recycle 11) tree 12) penguin...think creatively ;) 13) serenity 14) your favorite color 15) shadow

Christie 02/13/2009 #

1)an animal 2)nature 3)something yellow 4)something sad 5)a family moment 6)elbows 7)food 8)something silly 9)a statue 10)something in black and white or sepia 11)something old
12)something cold 13)something cultural 14)your worst hair day 15)famous encounter

thishandmadelife 02/13/2009 #

Oops... here is my "fixed" comment....

This is wonderful :)

Here is my list:

  1. Something Peaceful
  2. A Wild Animal
  3. Something From Your Downtown
  4. Something with tons of Bokeh
  5. Something (not someone) That You Love
  6. An Interesting Door
  7. A Stranger
  8. An Empty Chair Outside of Your Home (Restaurant, Park, etc)
  9. Something Scary
  10. Something Tasty
  11. Your Bookcase full of books/goodies
  12. A Graveyard Pic
  13. Something You Crafted or Someone Else Crafted 14.Something Vintage
  14. Self-Portrait

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!! Love, Jodi

thishandmadelife 02/13/2009 #

I guess it didn't fix after all.... but I think you can see that there are 2 #14s .... but the last one is actually #15. Sorry about that. ~ Jodi

SkippyMom 02/14/2009 #

Hi all! Here is my list: Something cold~Flowers~A pet [doesn't have to be yours, but would be great if it was!]~Shoes~An interesting street sign~A door~A b & w photo~A tree [I love trees]~Something yellow~A self portrait [thanks Jodi!]~Favorite place in your home or outside~Hands holding something [ yours or someone else's]~An afternoon snack~A nighttime photo~your favorite photo.

If you have any questions please let me know via pm. Have fun!

ChelelosGirl 02/14/2009 #

I LOVE these challenge/scavenger hunt swaps! :-)) I have to say, I am NOT a professional photographer, but I love snapping pics nonstop so I think I can get this one! Okay, so here are my choices... 1. something interesting in your hometown 2. your collection 3. sweet and innocent 4. something you see every day 5. a poorly written sign 6. a blending of 2 cultures 7. something forgotten 8. water 9. fire 10. getting dirty (lol, but please keep it clean :-) my kiddies will see these!) 11. graffiti 12. what NOT to wear 13. an oddity, something out of place, or just plain strange 14. something embarrassing (not neccessarily to you!) 15. black and white

sweetz15767 02/14/2009 #

1.(if possible a black and white print) of a kiss 2.flowers 3.two ppl holding hands (just the hands and some arm)4.sexy/or crazy embellished shoes 5.im stealing this as well a self portrait good idea 6.a picture of a piece of your artwork if you paint/sculpt/etc any form of art7.picture of someone doing ballet or some form of dance(black and white would be insanely great with that)8.some form of water (lake ocean pond :P) 9.something crazy colorful 10.feet outside (stole that from above a really cute idea) 11.energy 12.fire 13.horse 14.graffitti 15.rain

bleh 02/15/2009 #

I prefer black and white (but i know some things look better in color).

  1. a fruit, 2. sign, like stop sign type sign, 3. a flower, 4. some sort of reflection, 5. a building(s), 6. water mass (like lake, ocean, pond...), 7.something in your hometown, 8. nature, 9. nighttime, 10. a rainbow (okay i know this one is difficult... and should be in color... so i'll think of 16, since this is pretty hard), 11. red, 12. orange, 13. yellow, 14. green, 15. blue, 16. purple (it could be a cool collection!)
kawaiirene 02/15/2009 #

Partners have been assigned, it's time to start shooting!!! ^^

Thanks for joining!
Enjoy the swap!!

plaidgiraffe 02/26/2009 #

id LOVE to do this one... Hope you host it again. I missed out. :(

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