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Last day to signup/drop:August 7, 2007
Date items must be sent by:August 21, 2007
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Hi everyone! You will have 1 partner who you will send candy, lollies or chocolate to. You can display it nicely in a box or just stuff a parcel full of the stuff. hehe!

Please look at your partner's profile to see what they might like and dislike. Spend up $15 on the candy. Or if you prefer stick a msg below with your likes or dislikes.


-Ok I'm going to have to go bold so the newbies notice what I type. Newbies if you can't msg me first before signing up then you will be banned. As simple as that...MSG ME FIRST. Thankyou!

I'm going to have to add another bold section once again! Newbies please msg me first before signing up and WAIT for me to reply to your msg before clicking the sign up link please.


-Feedback of 4.7 and up pls.

Please note that I don't consider email or url swaps as real feedback. If that's all you got as your feedback score then I might have to let you go.

Hope you all get some great candy!

Any questions or queries please msg me on the comment section or PM me.



user8908 06/27/2007 #

I love candy! But I do not like chocolate with nuts or black licorice(sp).

I LOVE starbursts and any other fruity tasting candy!


ollieotson 06/27/2007 #

im so on it! :D

i love all sort of candies, specially the ones that dont exist in my country ( few examples : reeses, pocky, clodhoppers, japanese candy etc)

my favorite tastes in candy are : strawberry/almond/chocolate/peanut/ all sorts of candy really! this will be fun!

(i dont really like orange and mint things, although my bf likes it (but not in chocolate bars) so just a tiny piece so we can taste would be perfect :))

Baccarita 06/28/2007 #

Want to take part in this :)

DISLIKES: black liquorice and fizzy stuff LIKE: Chocolates and not available in my country candies

user8754 06/29/2007 #

likes:: candy that I can't buy in the UK (reeses, pocky, hi-chews, milky, almond joy, oreos, fazer etc) milk/white/dark chocolate, coconut, mint, peanut butter, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, fizzy/sour things

dislikes:: banana, licorice (black), orange, lemon

user5682 06/29/2007 #

Candy swap! Yay!

I dislike cherry, cocnut, banana and licorice but am fine with any other!

happyichigo 06/30/2007 #

I'm from Asia and its hard to get US candies! i love to have anything! i dunno what is black licorice..i wish to have one, but why people hate black licorice...? and please put the candy in a box or case...okie?

Mo0fin 06/30/2007 #

I'm open minded to most kind of candies. Especially if it's something local to your country/city! but...

Dislike: white chocolate & licorice. I'd prefer to get unique candies that I can't get my hands on, so hopefully no American?

LeighLeigh 07/ 1/2007 #

I love fruity and tangy things. Especially starbursts, skittles, strawberry bootlaces. I reaaaaaaaaaaally love jelly beans and hersheys nut cups. Not the nutrageous bar. I only really eat chocolate if it is with peanut butter =). I have an addiction to liqurice too =s

fudge 07/ 2/2007 #

i like all types not with nuts in though

embryonichappyperson 07/ 2/2007 #

Wow! My swap is in the top swaps! LOL!

mere 07/ 2/2007 #

no chocolate. love it but live in florida

Kezewawa 07/ 2/2007 #

I love milk chocolate..white too, black licorice, gummy type candy.....this is going to be so much fun!!!

bethanne 07/ 2/2007 #

I love candy! (Especially chocolate!) The only thing I don't like is hazelnuts. I can't wait until September!

silver 07/ 2/2007 #

Anything but chocolate.

TerryJo 07/ 2/2007 #

Hello all...

I love Crystal rock candy, Chocolate but especially dark chocolate. I am allergic to walnuts and hazelnuts. I like smarties, sweet/sour things like sour patch kids. I am partial to berry flavored things... and Grape!!! oooohhhh I do love black licorice.

I can't wait for september... Terry-Jo

ideiascomestilo 07/ 3/2007 #

The only thing I dont like is licorice!

And i would love to receive some items that i cant find in Portugal, like reeses, pocky, clodhoppers, japanese candy, hersheys, etc.

Please send me something tradicional from your country!!!!! (if you have it, lol, saying this because in Portugal we dont have that many tradicional candy/chocolate)


fluffyknitting 07/ 3/2007 #

I love chocolate, but not dark chocolate. I hate liquorice and am a vegetarian so nothing with gelatine in it please! I don't like sour things either. Thank you!

alohabeauti99 07/ 3/2007 #

I am so happy that I get to be a part of this swap!

Dislikes: white chocolate, super caramel-y things and black licorice.

Luv's: dark chocolate the darker the better! truffles, coconut, gummies, unusual fruit flavors or weird candies. Candies from your country or region that wouldn't be able to get.

Also, if possible not too many lollypops or gums.

starrycat 07/ 3/2007 #

yea! another candy swap. I dislike coconut, and am allergic to Walnuts and Pecans. I also don't like sour candies, or things like sweet tarts, smarties, nerds, or shock tarts.

I positively love chocolate and gummy candies! Oh! And I LOVE foreign candies!!!! Especially Japanese candies or gummies from Germany, Swiss chocolate...lol. I'm crossing my fingers that I get an international partner since I'd rather have foreign candies than US candies, lol. But it's no biggie!

caramwah 07/ 3/2007 #

I love lollies YUUUUMMMMYYYY. . :)

I love gummy lollies and choloate.

I dont like nuts or Dark / Cooking chocolate but everything else sweet im all for it. I also love foreign lollies and chocolates too, ones I cant get in Australia.

Cant wait to swap yumy sweet goods. :)

Dibrittain 07/ 4/2007 #

I really don't like gel cup candy. I like about anything or my kids will take it. Anything is fine just make sure it is not too hot to mail chocolate. It can get messy.

Agnetha 07/ 4/2007 #

To my partner: Please check out my profile! I have written down there my like and dislikes!!

missvickieschips 07/ 4/2007 #

It doesnt matter to me what kind of candy I get, cuz I cab always give my sister or my parents stuff im not crazy about :). If I get an american partner PLEASE send me a few 100 Grands! We cant get them in Canada and me and my mum love them! :D ;)

ghostcake 07/ 4/2007 #

yummm I can't wait. I've not really got any "restrictions" as such, but I do prefer chocolatey goodness & things you can't get in Australia. I have braces, so nothing that's likely to snap them... but then again, I break that rule all the time, so really, only pay attention to this "preference" if you're stuck for ideas and need some limits ;)

welovepandas 07/ 5/2007 #

I love all chocolate and any flavour combination mint/orange/coffee/caramel etc (but I don't like Turksih Delight in it).

I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat gelatine (so no chewy sweets like Haribo thanks) plus I don't like e-numbers. Not too keen on boiled sweets either. Hope I'm not being a complete pain.

My tip is to go for chocolate heehee!

Kelli 07/ 6/2007 #

I really shouldn't do this swap because I have braces and am not supposed to eat a lot of sweet stuff!

If my swap partner reads this I would prefer no really hard stuff as I have two little kids who I don't give hard lollies too (and I cant have it either).

Chocolate is good!!! White chocolate my favourite!!!

Phoenyx 07/ 6/2007 #

I prefer soft candies over hard/boiled candies.

No "diet" candies please, as I am sensitive to saccharin and aspartame, and cannot have them in my food.

I love white chocolate and filled chocolates (creams, nuts, fruits).. NO BUGS AND STUFF PLEASE!

I can only get Pocky in chocolate and strawberry here.. so any other flavors would be nice too.

Thank you so much.

krisssssyyyyyyyyyyy 07/ 7/2007 #

I Like pretty much anything but sour, hot/spicy and dark chocolate. Dont really like those. I do love anything cream filled and love milk chocolate. I rather soft or chewy than hard. I Also like coconut and ghram wafer/crumb anything. But I am open to trying new things :)

mercuriousmith 07/ 8/2007 #

I want to share my candy with my kiddo. He likes it all. So most all kinds are good except milk & white chocolate bars (because it'll probably melt in our local post office) and black licorice. Candy from outside the U.S. would be fun (he's tried some asian hard candies that he liked a lot).

corm 07/ 8/2007 #

I HATE fruit in my chocolate. But nuts are OK. Besides that I'm not a big fan of filled chocolate. Everything else is yummy!

hudykamis 07/ 9/2007 #

i think this is one of the most ingenious swap ever!

i like anything and everything,except black licorice and white/fruits chocolate.and also candies you can't get in singapore,especially american.

also,please do not send me anything with animal gelatin,for i am muslim.

and trust me,gum is banned in sinagpore.haha.


user9507 07/ 9/2007 #

I like almost all candy. Fruit flavored, chocolate etc.

Please nothing spicy or painfully sour, no black licorice or coconut.

Coralily 07/10/2007 #

Obviously candy is well liked! I am especially interested in foreign candy and like just about anything. I don't know how well chocolate would travel though...

ideiascomestilo 07/11/2007 #

Cant make it with the new dates, i'll be on vacation, so im out! sorry!!!

Mo0fin 07/11/2007 #

Yikes, my last comment didn't come out right. I would be happy with an american partner as well! You can see my candy section on my profile, thanx!

Saor 07/11/2007 #

Please nothing with saccharine or aspartame as I have a sensitivity to them. Also I try to go easy on E numbers. Thank you:)

Chocolate is good specially with nuts - all types white, dark or milk. I really like Herseys' peanut butter kisses and any sour Altoids - can't get them here:(I like any sour sweets in general) and mints.

I don't like liqourice. I would try to try something local and different.

dephal 07/11/2007 #

Although I looooove caramel, I'd be happy with just about anything EXCEPT: 1. chocolate--I love chocolate, but I'm in California's HOT Central Valley, and it'd just be a melted mess by the time I got it 2. anything with animal ingredients (I'm semi-vegetarian)

I'm also not terrifically fond of nuts, but I don't hate them either.

blushingapples 07/11/2007 #

why the changed of dates?

embryonichappyperson 07/12/2007 #

Because I thought waiting to Sep was to long and I decided I would rather do it in August and alot of people are looking forward to this swap and can't wait. :))) They want candy! Hehe!

kaylarose2 07/12/2007 #


i love all candy i just cant eat n e thing with nuts in them because i have a nut allergy

laura x

Sally 07/12/2007 #

ok here goes I don't like licorice, dark chocolate, chocolate with fruit, hershey or reeces. Probably, in view of the time of year chocolate is not a good idea as it will melt by the time it reaches me. Love fruity, sour, mint, nut. Well most things apart from what is in my list. Would be good to try new things

Chinita 07/12/2007 #

Okay-so dark chocolate, black licorice, red licorice, cinnamon flavored candies, gum, chocolate with nuts are my faves. i also like skittles & starburst. lollipops are fine. smarties & sweetarts are good too.

I don't like anything too chewy like swedish fish. nothing like fun dip or willy wonka. I also don't like tootsie rolls, bb batts, boston beans, caramels.

dreamerkins 07/12/2007 #

I'm mostly joining this for my kids. I doubt they'll like black licorice. they lOVE all suckers, but no gum, in sucker or besides. they are too small. anything else, they'll like it or I will. My personal favorite suckers are the lifesavers creamy ones!

qnkrla 07/12/2007 #

I love all kinds of candy. Haven't yet met a candy I haven't liked!

Qwarkus 07/12/2007 #

I love sweets (lollies/candy), just about any kinds. Here in Australia we don't get many US or UK sweets, and there are some that I can remember from my childhood in UK, such as spangles and polo mints. From US, I have had Reeces Pieces when my foster son went over there. I'll be more than happy to send Aussie chocolates and lollies to wherever.

chompps 07/13/2007 #

to my partner:

I love reeses, chocolates, strawberries&cream lollies and gummies. I hate nuts, and no licorice please.

butterscotch and caramel's niceee. i like jelly beans too. i like both hard and soft candy. likes lemon/strawberries/mint flavored ones. (:

Minmeismom 07/13/2007 #

To my partner:

Likes: anything chocolatey, fruity, mint, peanut butter, caramel, nuts, coconut

Dislikes: licorce, raspberry, cherry, raisins, sesame

TackyTiffany 07/14/2007 #

I have no rating as of yet, but I have lovely feedback at Etsy and Ebay (check same name). I have a British import store in my area and I can send candy from there. I also would love to send receive candy from Asia, please consider me for your swap. I love to trade things I often do on Etsy and I think this trade sounds exceptionally fun!

Griffie 07/14/2007 #

I love chocolate, minus nuts and dried fruit! Not into licorice, either. Love lollies (candy, sweets) of all descriptions, like most people on this list LOL.

Trischi 07/15/2007 #

weeeeeeeee! candy! Dislike: white chocolate, seasme, chewing gum. Like: ALL THE REST :0) specially Licorice of all sorts, toffee and butterscotch, exotic fruit (even dried ones!). Homemade toffee/hard candy, if you ever make any, is a real treat ^-^ if you're sending to me, remember it's likely your candy will travel a very long way...

morgraine 07/15/2007 #

I love just about all candies. I really like dark choclate and green tea as flavoured stuff and would love to get stuff that is special to where my parnter is.

One thing though since I do live in Hawaii if it stuff that might melt you may want to package it separtly so it doesn't melt into a gigantic lump. Tho I havent had a lot of problems with chocolate melting. My BF sends me Smarties all the time and they make it just fine.

user9643 07/16/2007 #

i love almost anything!! especially sour stuff! I don't really like nuts though..or black licorice. otherwise i'm open to pretty much anything!!

QueenBof3 07/16/2007 #

when i heard of this swap i thought it was a great idea, then i told my kids. well it has now gone to a swap for them, instead of me. oh well. the only thing they don't like are nuts(hint,hint). other than that anything is good

firebirdgirl65 07/17/2007 #

I love Candy made out of Marshmallows But not Chocolate covered Marshmallows. I love candy That is shaped like foods made out of Marshmallows or peeps and stuff like that. Also if it is new nad unusal I will love it.

happyichigo 07/17/2007 #

omg, i am so shocked to see my current swap at my profile's right panel. candy and lolly? i never join this swap and i just remember it was the candy swap, changed the title...pheeew!

susanfoo 07/17/2007 #

Oubliette, thanks for letting me join the swap.

I love candies make out of toffee, chocolate, peanut butter any favours.

I dislike licorice and coconut

ozrob 07/17/2007 #

I love chocolate and lollies, including licorice! but I'm not fond of sours or bubble/chewing gum. I DON'T like Tootsie Rolls or peanut butter cups. I like variety, not lots of the same thing. thanks :o)

embryonichappyperson 07/17/2007 #

Right I thought I should add my dislikes and likes!

I like: white chocolate, chocolate with a mind centre, gummy type candy, red licorice and I'm willing to try some new things.

I don't like: black licorice, jelly beans, chocolate with fruit in it, lollypops, toffee and sherbert.

saalis 07/18/2007 #

Hi, partner. :)

I don't like lollipops, toy candy, or creamy/caramel/toffee candy.

Everything else I love, especially jelly beans, sour candy, soft gum candy, M&Ms, Orbit, Starburst... I'd be extremely happy if I got Pocky (I've only tasted it once but loved it), or a Japanese candy called Konpeito that looks something like this:


xDISAx 07/19/2007 #

I'll be abroad during this swap, I hope there will be another one in September!

semfox74 07/19/2007 #

Thanks for letting me join! I don't like chocolate, or orange/lemon flavours. I love fruit candy especially cherry, tropical fruit and licorice.

bren 07/19/2007 #

Woohoo! I made 100! I like any candy, but the more odd and strange the better! It seems quite a few don't like black licorice, but I like it, especially a certain kind from New Zealand. It had a kookabura bird on the bag. Good stuff! Sadly, the store I bought it from no longer carries it.

ideiascomestilo 07/20/2007 #

My vacation plans turn around, so i will be able to participate in this!!!! ;o) :o) Im in again!!!!!

TryshaH81 07/20/2007 #

I am so joining in on this one! I love carmel,banana,strawberry,watermelon,green apple,GUM (will get you hearts),Overseas Candy (things I can't get in US),Chocolate is good but prefer not to get it because it is so hot here and might melt),Love Pecans/Walnuts/Almonds,Razzles,Starburst,Rolo,Payday,Butterfingers,snickers.I love surprises and new things so I am really up for anything!

Please no Licorice (cherry ok but not black),No Coconuts,Nothing sour,Not big on suckers but my kids are! Patricia in AL

EmeraldDragonfly 07/20/2007 #

To my partner: Please check out my profile. I have written down there my like and dislikes.

SewFun 07/20/2007 #

Okay, to break the trend - I LOVE black licorice. Especially those pretty multi-colored ones, and the little candy coated ones you used to see at movie theaters decades ago. I date back a ways, more than I'd like to think about actually.

What I do dislike is milk chocolate. And no nuts in chocolate please!

Yeah, I'm a chocolate snob. Dark chocolate, the darker the better, bittersweet, or even bitter chocolates, which are harder to find here in the US, are wonderful. Chocolate and coffee is a major plus!

Other than that, Anything is good. Odd flavors, especially, the tropical fruits flavors coming out of China like lychee, and such are well loved. And sours stuffs, YUM!

Thanks in advance, can't wait to see what comes my way, not to mention stuffing a package for you!


todsahonchik 07/21/2007 #

I love any and every candy!!

blushingapples 07/22/2007 #

To my Partner: plase no mint, licorice, jellybeans, vanella orange flavor relatd items. I love: dark chocolate, white chocolate, coffee, almonds, cinnamon, spicey candies, bubblegum...

blushingapples 07/22/2007 #

i love gummi bears also!!!

corm 07/23/2007 #

Forgot to say: My definitive favorite is M&M's (those in a brown bag) We can't get them here in Norway, so each time I'm abroad I'll come home with tons of them.

fromonemom2another 07/23/2007 #

Hi all :) The only candy related items I really dislike: black licorice and anything anise flavored.

My favorites: just about anything chewy, particularly things with caramel in them, taffy, tootsie's (I love the fruit flavors), that sort of thing. I also love chocolate (of course), chocolate/raspberry together = heaven!


PaintMinePink 07/24/2007 #

I am so excited, this is my first SWAP BOT !! I am chocolate lover, dark, milk, white, you name it ! I am not a huge fan of sugar coated type lollies and definately no licorice PLEASE. EWWW. I do like ard candy with sweet flavours though. YUMM

Thanks to my partner !

ShabbyJules 07/24/2007 #

Hi i love many kinds not sour or coconut things from the US we cant get here or elsewhere mainly,love carmel,banana,strawberry,watermelon,green apple,GUM nougat is great and if it looks pretty even better. Bring it on yum yum

litspec 07/24/2007 #

Ooohhh, do I ever love candy?! My favorite are those peach Japanese gummies YUM! I also like strawberry, mango, peach, apricot, chocolate, gummies, caramels, and anything unique to your country or area. I love to try new things!

****I have several allergies: sugarfree candies and those that contain aspertame, phynelanine, sorbitol, also almonds and coconut. Thanks so much for considering allergies in this swap!

litspec 07/24/2007 #

Okay, my allergies didn't seem to post in the first message. Please no sugar-free, especially those including aspertame, phynelanine, sorbitol, also no almonds or coconut.

arcticgirl64 07/25/2007 #

No allergies. Love nuts in chocolate. Love M&M (don`t sell it in my country), lollies for my daughter. She also loves sour sweets. No white chocolate. Happy for most. :)

jam560 07/25/2007 #

If my partner is from the UK I absolutely love Flakes or anything Cadburys -- it just doesn't seem the same here in Canada I don't like coconut but love everything else. I am a chocoholic!!!!

SassyBird 07/25/2007 #

hiya everyone! I am v. excited about this swap! here's the low down on my preferences:

likes: white chocolate (love milky bars), jolly ranchers!, hard/boiled sweets (sherbet lemons), any kind of gum, lollipops, malteasers, wine gums, crunchy bars, fruity flavors, coconut, nutty things

dislikes: gummy sweets (bears, haribou), licorice, dark chocolate, sour things

yum! I'm drooling! :)

Dalwil 07/27/2007 #

carnt believe I only just found this swap I have both a lolly factory and the cadburys chocolate factory quite close so Im hoping my partner likes NZ chocolate I love chocolate black licorice and gummy lollies I dont like anything sour or with nuts of any type

pointypartyhat 07/27/2007 #

I love Cadbury chocolate or any type of candy that I cannot get in the US. I don't like black licorice, apple, raspberry, watermelon or grape flavored stuff. I once found a piece of gummy candy in a Chinese food restaurant that was shaped like corn that I assumed would taste like lemon. It tasted like corn. It was awful but I'd like to get some so I can give it to people so I can laugh at them. I am interested in truly horrible candy just so I can be horrified and horrify others with it. Perhaps a mixture of gross with really tasty?

user9653 07/29/2007 #

Dislikes: black licorice, nuts (though peanuts are okay), dark chocolate, i don't love taffy-related things because they get so stuck in your teeth though some is okay.

Likes: Cadbury Chocolate!! (any of the candy i can't get regularly here: crunchies, flakies, etc.) really any chocolate..i like caramel, nuggat, orange, mint mixed in. I also like fruity stuff like skittles, jolly ranchers, etc. i really like interesting candy or fun packaging too!

imkawaiipop 07/29/2007 #

the only thing im going to say i dont like are banana flavored things. i dont want to put to many dislikes or likes because i might miss out on trying something really great that ive never had before n_n

Maureen 07/29/2007 #

I like: sour candy, chewy/gummy candy, dark chocolate, gum, lollies, candy that comes with little toys!

Don't like: nuts, Japanese bean candy, hard candy (except lollies), hard candy with gooey center (like the strawberries with jelly in center), licorice, caramels.

It's so funny to read how many people like or dislike the same type of candy!

Bluebird 07/29/2007 #

hi, I love chocolate - any kind. Love junior mints mmmmmmmm my fave. Hate sour or coconut. Love candy from the USA .love banana,strawberry,watermelon,green apple,Any Gum is great and if it looks pretty even better. Bring it on yum yum bubblegum.

Anam 07/30/2007 #

Hi Everyone

I live in Phoenix, AZ so I don't think I can receive or send any chocolate. It's always over 100 here and got up to 115 last week. If someone might message me with their experience mailing things in hot climates?? One benefit is that I am so near Mexico that I can buy all kinds of Mexican candy. Hope I get an adventurous non American partner to send some to. Would love to receive candy that I can't buy in the US.

I do adore Chocolate and I can't think of anything I really dislike besides hard disc type butterscotch @ peppermint candies ..and Cinnamon is another dislike as well.

user8969 07/30/2007 #


I like chocolate.Milk chocolate.Vanilla.Dark chocolate is also fine.Candies from America.Because we cant get them in Singapore..Reese chocolate would be great!tootsie rolls/pops.I love caramel/butterscotch.Mint candies are also good ;)Strawberry,grape.chocolate with nuts are also fine with me.

Basically anything that's sweet would be okay(: A mixture of chocolate and candies would be great!

I dislike black licorice,coconut,gummy candies,sour sweets,orange/lemon flavoured stuff.

mightyhealthy 07/30/2007 #

dislikes:: black licorice, mint in anything (except gums and mints), banana flavor...

I'm pretty open to everything else though, you can see some of my favorites in my profile, and I am MORE than open to trying things from different countries.

lucindalynn 07/30/2007 #

Yummy!! This sounds so fun, I would love to get some candy that I can not buy in the U.S.

I have a huge sweet tooth, I love chocolate and gummy candies. I dislike peppermint, licorice, and nutty candies.

Thanks :)

hazmatalienknitter 07/30/2007 #

I love dark chocolate. I am chocolate snob so I don't do milk or white. Other than that I am willing to try just about anything. I love black licorice and nuts and I have no allergies. Bring on the sweets baby!

PS I would love to try anything I can't get in the US!

user9316 07/31/2007 #

Hi all! hmm, i LOVE chocolates although im not particularly keen on dark chocolates. Im willing to try any candy, whatever the flavor. Nothing with coconuts, raisins and strawberry please. I'd like to try sweets from other countries, too. ja ne

Magpieandluna 07/31/2007 #

I hate : Black liquorice,Tarts,Cinnomon,spice drops,minty things,hard candy,spice drops,minty gum,dark chocolate,rasins,

I love :Pocky,yan yan,chewy fruity gummi sour chocolaty,white chololate,reeses,peanut butter,coconut,chocolate oranges & others,softy's,circus peanuts,

NadKnitBlog 08/ 1/2007 #

PLease check my profile for ideas what I like and what I don't like. I don't like sharp/strong mints ( I do like mint in chocolate, very much so), liquorice and sour candy. I'm a big fan of dark choc, regional candy, biscuits and anything coffee/vanilla/caramel/peanut butter/single serve packs. If you are in the US I'd love some of the Ben and Jerry's sugarfree hard candy (especially the chocolate mint variety). I also dig seasonal stuff and I would not mind something to make real smores. I get hte marshmallows here but not the rest. :)

tina123 08/ 1/2007 #

To my swap-friend I just want to let my swap-friend know that this swap-candy goes to my children. I have two boys that is why I hope you will send us two of each thing, they like all kind of candy. We are looking foreward to hear from you. :o)))

Nogenlunde 08/ 1/2007 #

I´m in Norway and hope to get an American swap-pal :)

I especially like strawberry, watermelon, apple (not sour) and blackberry in lollies and hard candy. I like most things except sour candy. Surprise me :)

mylittlefoot 08/ 2/2007 #

I love REESES, jelly beans, Bit-O-Honey, sweets with peanut butter/caramel in them. White chocolate is fine too! :) Would love any of those sweets that arent available over here in Singapore! :)

bravesgyrl 08/ 2/2007 #

Dislikes: Gum, chewy fruit candy (Skittles), Almonds, peppermint, cinnamon, tropical chocolate.

Likes: Dark Chocolate (the darker the better!) Napoleon Bon Bons(the fruity ones), fruit hard candy, caramels, toffee, hazelnuts, marzipan (yes, I know it's made from Almonds!), GUMMIs!coconut I love new things from other places....

bravesgyrl 08/ 2/2007 #


BlairNecessities 08/ 3/2007 #

I like black licorice. I love all kinds of chocolate, so if you choose to send some please wrap it well (as I live where it is rather hot and it WILL melt). I love nuts, think hazelnuts and marzipan... I am interested in unusual candies, especially if they are local to wherever you are from and not something I can easily find here in the USA. I love things that are a mix of sweet and salty, sour is OK, tart is OK. I love chocolate covered graham crackers... a lot! I am not fond of fruit flavors when combined with chocolate, though I love each on their own. I hope this helps whoever gets me!

Baccarita 08/ 4/2007 #

I want to edit my message to say:

"Want to take part in this :)

DISLIKES: black liquorice and fizzy stuff LIKE: Chocolates and not available in my country candies"

Please don't send chocolates or will get melted :( THANK YOU

Snaxy 08/ 5/2007 #

Dislikes: Black licorice (red is fine), anything with Gelatin in it (unless it says it is from a vegan source), Mars & milky way, circus peanuts, push pops or ring pops, Dove chocolate, or Marzipan


J-Candy: Pocky, Koalas March, Mushroom choco Pretzles (such as chocoboy or kinoko), botan rice candy, koala's march, I really want to try yan yan, white rabbit, everyday burgers, and those chocolate stump pretzels (bourbon?)

VEGAN gummy bears (esp. Sour), Vegan marshmallows (esp the coconut covered ones) these can be found online at veganessentials

I like american candies and chocolates (note I will not eat gelatin) White fudge covered oreos, altoids peppermint or cinnamon, chocolate cherry cordials (the kind with the fondant liquid), MnM's(esp. dark or peanut butter), recese's pieces, pecan logs, boxed chocolates and truffles, skittles, fudge, sour candy, toffee, hard or chewy fruit candies, Chocolate, red hots, Andie's mint chocolate

Strawberry, blueberry, blue raspberry, coffee, mango, & maple, flavored candy

Candy bars: Crunch, butterfingers, Take5, Mr Goodbar, Twix, Snickers, 100 grand, almond joy, kit kat

I also like sugar-free candies, BUT only those sweetened with: Splenda (surculose), Maltiol/Sorbitol, Fruit sweeteners (not fructose corn sryup), rice, xylitol, stevia

Not Aspartame or Saccharine (Phenylalanine) please

ALSO Nut-free chocolates for my Nana (whom i live with) are always appreciated =)


YUM! =9

Snaxy 08/ 5/2007 #

also I don't like jelly beans other than Jelly Belly brand

embryonichappyperson 08/ 5/2007 #

Bloody hell Snaxy! That's a list and a half!

2ne 08/ 5/2007 #

Hi - here is another Norwegian girl. I look forward to this and hope to receive some sweets that I not can buy in my country. I like chocolate, salty licorice, caramels, marzipan, mix nuts/raisins/chocolate - when I think of it I love all sorts of sweets included sweet biscuits. Surprise me!

Agnetha 08/ 5/2007 #

WOW!! So many we have got here!! Can't wait for the swap to begin!

secretspynik 08/ 7/2007 #

Im open to all forms of candy cept mints( unless they are chocolate covered or have chocolate centres),licorice and nuts..oh and cinnamon, none of those pleeeassse.. =)

And i love gummis,caramels, toffee, sour candy,chocolate, Reese peanut butter cups..Anything you think we may not get in Singapore. (just in case you need ideas to get started)

Man, ive already started on buying things for my swap-partner, i figure if i bought anything on their dislikes list, i'll keep it for myself! =P

user9390 08/ 7/2007 #

I'm not at all picky. With three kids and a dh, I'm sure someone in my house will like whatever is sent! :)

user7627 08/ 7/2007 #

I've been burned on a candy swap before, spent $20 on candy and received nothing at all. I have a great rating so please don't pair me up with someone who's going to screw me over again.

okay, all that being said, I like all kinds of candy except for hard ones, I like licorice, chocolate, nuts, all kinds of flavours and love to try something from another part of the world.


user8908 08/ 7/2007 #

Ok, I changed my mind. I think I will join!

I don't like chocolate with nuts (peanuts are ok), white chocolate, black licorice, coconut flavors, butterscotch hard candies. That's about it.

I love mike n ikes, skittles, werthers originals, riesen (spelled wrong I bet). Those are my favs. I will take anything though, as long as it not from the list of dislikes!

user8908 08/ 7/2007 #

Oh and I don't like cinnamon either.

user8908 08/ 7/2007 #

Is it a good idea to send chocolate through the mail with how hot it's been lately??? I don't want to send someone chocolate and have it be a big melted mess when it gets there.

ladyb 08/ 7/2007 #

I would think such long lists should be stated in a profile.

embryonichappyperson 08/ 7/2007 #

Maxi I can't help who your partnered up with. It's the luck of the draw with swap-bot. So hopefully you won't get a flaker again. :)

ladyb I don't have a problem with people putting what they like and don't like in the comment section ok? If I had a problem with it I would've sent a group email long ago. Thanks! :)

Mom2EmmaLanea ask your partner about the chocolate thing when the time comes. :)

Snaxy 08/ 7/2007 #

hmmm, well, I made a huge picky list, and after all that I think I'm gonna regretfully drop ='(

The heat has been rising here in the south (Alabama)I swear the sun is falling!

I love the swap, but... tasty cocoa-rainbow goo isn't what I'm after.

I just bought some candy off of ebay, and the seller wants to wait until September to send it,


I guess I'll wait to the next round, if there is one

Have fun and good luck everyone

I recommed cold packs or freezing the candy before sending btw



Chocoholic 08/ 8/2007 #

I love chocolate except dark or ones with fruit in the middle. I love gummies except the sour kind. I love Aero chocolate if I get a Canadian or European swap partner.

I dislike licorice of any kind,lollipops, jelly beans, sour candy, peppermint or cinnamon.


Agnetha 08/ 8/2007 #

My partner didn't write and like or dislike so I will just wrap up a nice package for her.

embryonichappyperson 08/ 8/2007 #

Ok thats cool Agnetha

embryonichappyperson 08/ 8/2007 #

Sorry you had to go Snaxy....:(

Magpieandluna 08/ 8/2007 #

mine didnt write anything either

GigiMinor 08/ 8/2007 #

Hi~ I guess since my profile lists nothing in the candy department I'd better post here:) I love gummi anything Swedish Fish (multi colored), any candy from Japan or China with cute packaging. I love trying differnt mints because I love mint tins. No chocolate because of the heat! If we do a candy swap in winter...that's another story! I love any fruity candy,Tropical flavors, Lemon Heads. I love candy from health food stores too! I guess what I'm trying to say is I like to try different stuff. Surprise me!

user9403 08/ 8/2007 #

I love any type of Japanese candy or candy specific to a country. also fruit-flavored candy and unusual candy. any chocolate (although it might melt...) I don't like black licorice or things with whole nuts in them or mints or cinnamon. That's all and this is going to be quite a fun swap!

caracois 08/ 8/2007 #

I only hate licorice and marzipan. Anything else is good! :-)

caracois 08/ 8/2007 #

Oh yeah! I don't like jelly beans either and I love toffee

Jewel 08/ 8/2007 #

I like anything, ,mostly chocolate. Gums are also welcome.

corm 08/ 8/2007 #

Are there anything special I must concider sending candies to Australia? Are there something not allowed to send there etc? (Know they are a bit difficult when it comes to tea etc)

rattleboxtrees 08/ 8/2007 #

Kinder Eggs are my all-time favorite candy. Too bad we don't sell them in the states.

VanHalen1 08/ 8/2007 #

Like most anything but black licorice and chocolates with fruit centers. Absolute favorite combination is mint and chocolate together!

Chocoholic 08/ 9/2007 #

I wanted to add that I love Tim Tams!

bren 08/10/2007 #

My sweet, tooth-rotting, weighs-as-much-as-a-brick, box of goodies is on its way to Terry-Jo!

pointypartyhat 08/10/2007 #

I spent the amount necessary but the package won't be as big. Higher quality stuff though! Better than a 2 lb bag of anonymous gummy candy I think.

nuKKe 08/11/2007 #

Hey! I am vegetarian, so no jelly candy/ beans, please. Also, no licorice, fruit/alcohol centered chocolates or sour stuff. I enjoy bittersweet chocolate, anything with nuts and peanut butter, candy and gum.

Agnetha 08/11/2007 #

Only have shopped half of the stuff for my partner so far. Just thinking of what else to get her :)

cathych 08/11/2007 #

I love chocolate, but not dark chocolate, & I love jelly beans, esp. black ones!

user7627 08/12/2007 #

You can't get Kinders in the states? Ohhh I didn't know that. Too bad my partner doesn't want chocolate because that's the most awesome of it all! ;) I can't wait to get started.

user7627 08/12/2007 #

by the way, who got me as a partner?

mercuriousmith 08/12/2007 #

Baccarita, yours is on it's way from the U.S....

smileytrishy 08/14/2007 #

Hi swap partner, i love sweets, i dont really like dark chocolate, i love all different things from different countries. sweet, sour is ok.. Love chocolate, gummie lollies, caramels, licorice, sweet biscuts, hard and soft lollies. Love anything made from cadbury, tim tams. forero rochere yum yum, any kind of choc coated nuts.

florian 08/15/2007 #

poofsizzle i sent your package this morning, from norway.

user9316 08/16/2007 #

alohabeauti99 your package is on it's way straight from the philippines. I was told that it'll take about a week to get there. enjoy!

Agnetha 08/16/2007 #

I need to put in the last gear now and do the final shopping tomorrow!! I've bought the most of it, but still some more things to buy :)

TexyDeb 08/16/2007 #

The only candy I don't particulary like is black licorice. Otherwise I will eat just about anything. Chocolates would definitely melt before they got to me this time of the year. I sent my partner candies that I don't think they can get anywhere but here. This is my very first swap here. I hope my partner enjoys their unusual candies.

user8280 08/20/2007 #

I don't like licorice, or Twizzlers, but chocolate (milk, or white), and fruit stuff (no banana) is very good :D

And no marshmallows or circus peanuts, please ^^


Cassandra 08/20/2007 #

My package went out today to Yuh Shan Goh (YS) in Malaysia. Please allow enough shipping time coming from New York State, America. Enjoy

tina123 08/20/2007 #

Stephanie I sent your package today, hope you like danish candy. ;o)

SewFun 08/20/2007 #

Kezewawa - your package will ship tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, too many summer things happening. I hate shipping last minute, but here we are.

Nogenlunde 08/20/2007 #

Linda in Finland, your package is on its way to you. I hope you will enjoy it :) Sorry for the last minute shipping!

ghostcake 08/21/2007 #

chick lorimer, keep an eye out :D

nuKKe 08/21/2007 #

Eva in Norway, sent you a package yesterday - apologies for the almost-delay and hope it reaches you soon.

imkawaiipop 08/21/2007 #

tina123... sent your package out today. hope your boys really enjoy the candy :) my kids had a blast finding the best candy for them!

fromonemom2another 08/21/2007 #


Your package is on it's way - please allow 6-10 days as it's coming from America.

Hope you enjoy the goodies!

monichan 08/22/2007 #

Hanna, Your sweets are in the mail!


poofsizzle 08/22/2007 #

chritina - yours went out yesterday, sorry for the delay in marking it sent...

user7627 08/22/2007 #

Hi, I sent Mercury.Smith an email with the tracking number of the package I sent. Let me know when it arrives!


embryonichappyperson 08/22/2007 #

Alot of people have not yet sent! Everyone who has not sent, please do so SOON. Thanks!

Chocoholic 08/22/2007 #

Mary Ann, yours went out yesterday priority mail. Hope you enjoy it!

caracois 08/23/2007 #

Sorry for being two days late!!

embryonichappyperson 08/23/2007 #

Things are coming along slowly...thats really good.

TexyDeb 08/24/2007 #

I sent my candies out a long time ago. I was wondering if my partner got them yet.

tina123 08/24/2007 #

Stephanie please let me know when the package arrives. :o)

user9390 08/24/2007 #

Smileytrishy- I sent you an email, hope you received it! Your package went out yesterday from the U.S. (I was on vacation and forgot to bring it with me to mail before the deadline). Hope you enjoy everything! Lots of Asian treats, plus a few local specialties. :)

tina123 08/27/2007 #

Dear Kawaiipop/Jenni, the candy came today, and your boys are right the best candy is fun candy.

My boys are in heaven right now, than you again for a lovely package.

imkawaiipop 08/27/2007 #

lshannon, i got your package today! thank you so much. such unique candy!

user7627 09/ 4/2007 #

Mercury.Smith, I got confirmation on my tracking number that you got your package on Sept 1, I hope you liked it!

I've still yet to receive anything from my partner though.

user7627 09/ 5/2007 #

received today thanks

user9316 09/ 5/2007 #

Havent recieved from my partner yet. Hope it comes soon though

TexyDeb 09/ 9/2007 #

I haven't received my package yet but my partner got theirs awhile back. They said that they sent mine so who knows where it got to???? lol!

fluffyknitting 09/10/2007 #

Hi Alicia I got my parcel this morning. WOW!! You have spoilt me! Such a lot of lovely candy and even some other gifts as well. Thank you so much.

TexyDeb 09/15/2007 #

I still haven't received anything yet. I am hoping it is the mail service's fault!

welovepandas 09/18/2007 #

I haven't received anything yet but I'm hoping they are just caught up in the mail somewhere :)

user9316 09/18/2007 #

got mine, tnx mere

TexyDeb 09/20/2007 #

It's Thursday and my only mail day and again nothing. There is one more Thurdaday this month. I am hoping something will arrive. ty, TexyDeb

caracois 09/26/2007 #

I still didn't get mine... again! I NEVER get my candy swaps... I think this will be my last candy swap...

user8908 09/27/2007 #

Im so sick of flakers

TexyDeb 09/30/2007 #

This was my very first swap and I got nothing...October1, 2007

delfin59 10/12/2007 #

I haven't got mine either =(

welovepandas 11/ 7/2007 #

Alot of people got nothing :(

Rebekah1725 06/13/2009 #

I am looking for candies called Neapolitans: they are taffy with chocolate, coconut, and strawberry. You can sometime get them with bulk candy, but I cannot not find them in Ohio. Is there anyone out there that can exchange Neapolitans for other candy?

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