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About Me

I'm so sorry I haven't been around much but I suffered a tragic loss at the beginning of the new year and have not been able to do much creating. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things very soon. I have not disappeared, just trying to get back to normal and hopefully find my inspiration to create again......I will be back very soon!


My kids and I are currently trying to collect mapcards from all 50 states. There is a list of the states we are needing towards the bottom of my profile. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Communication is key!!!!!



I am a proud mother of two very active and sometimes crazy kids. My daughter was born in 2000 and my son was born in 2004. I love to shop and enjoy every opportunity I get to go shopping. I love to shop for others more than for myself. I also love meeting new people and making new friends. I love learning about different countries, cultures and people in general. I think the funnest thing about swapping is the friends you make. I used to love pen-palling. When I was a kid I loved to write whether it was a letter, a story or just making lists. Unfortunately all of that writing must have taken its toll on my fingers. I have recently developed arthritis in my right pinky and ring finger :o( so I am not able to write as much as I used to although I still love to I just fight through the pain.

the kids

♥ My family is THE most important thing in my life. ♥

I don't think I can put a label on the kind of person I am. I'm sensitive but strong. I like attention but also enjoy being alone. I am the sweetest person you could ever meet but mess with my friends or family and I can turn into your worst nightmare. I can be a little crazy and wild sometimes. I think friends are just as important as family. I do believe in karma and believe that what goes around comes around. I have been working with animals since I was 19 years old including working with a champion dog breeder & trainer which was very interesting. I love all animals and support causes that help educate people about animal cruelty. With that said I do eat meat ~ not alot but I do still eat it. I know that may sound hypocritical and I probably could be a vegetarian but I'm not. I do enjoy receiving vegetarian recipes as long as they don't contain things like tofu, yuck!!!

I enjoy scrapbooking, gardening, sewing, photography, reading, geocashing, traveling, checking out yard sales,thrift stores and shopping in general. I like cute or silly animal videos, old movies, dirty jokes, vampires, inspirational stories and people, RAK's, the civil war era, Europe, foreign accents, cooking, baking yummy fattening goodies, games, baby laughter, all living creatures big & small, watching hummingbirds visit the flowers that are planted right outside my front window, listening to crickets chirp in my backyard at night, the beach, the country, sunsets, rainy nights, lightning storms, fireworks and other things that I just can't think of at the moment. :) I love foreign language and text. I am sometimes fascinated by it. I love anything written in another language and like to have english translation with it.



Favorite Crafts

I'm very much into dotee dolls and matchboxes but have become heavily interested in ATC's lately and now trying my hand at Twinchies and inchies. I've also began trying my hand at felt projects and finding them quite fun such as felties, ornaments, pincushions, totes etc. I am a beginner at crocheting and would love how-to books to help me along. I enjoy doing little craft projects with my kids. I also like ceramics, painting and photography. OK photography isn't so much crafty but it does fall under the category of art and well I love arts and crafts! :)

To give an idea of the things I am really into at the moment: dotee dolls ~ matchboxes ~ ATC's ~ bottlecaps ~ whimsy jars ~ Twinchies ~ Felt projects

These I am interested in learning and/or receiving: button fairies ~ chunky books ~ matchbox shrines ~ any type of shrine ~ biscornu ~ tip-ins ~ stuffies ~ damnit dolls ~ ugly dolls ~ sock monkeys ~ origami ~ handmade envelopes ~ Matryoshka dolls

I would also love to get into polymer clay, just don't know where to start with it.

If you are interested in a private handmade swap feel free to send me a pm. I will however only do these types of swaps with those who are fairly established swappers (atleast 20 type 2/3 and of those atleast 5 of those be type 3) or if I know you to be a reliable and great swapper whether by personal experience or from other swappers. :o)


Favorite Music




Favorite Movies

I love those campy 80's movies and silly movies in general especially the spoof type films. I also like the well done cartoon movies and musicals. I don't care for action films - the shoot em up kind of films. I also don't like the strong tearjerkers. I watch a movie to be entertained not to be depressed. The feel good movies are ok even if they do make me cry sometimes. I looooove Johnny Depp and any movie he is in. I may not like the movie in general but watch it because of him. I have been a big fan of his since 21 jump street. Some of my favorites off the top of my head are: Dirty Dancing, Cry Baby, Edward Scissorhands, Twilight, Gone With The Wind, North & South, Grease, Titanic, Murder By Death, POC, Practical Magic, The Pirate Movie, Sorority Boys, White Chicks, Galaxy Quest, Clue, Ever After. As you can see the list is quite diverse. There are so many others but I don't think its relevant on my profile. :o)

johnny depp

I also enjoy watching tv although I don't get much time for it. I so love my DVR. When I do get the chance I enjoy watching Ellen Degeneres (I so love her), How I Met Your Mother, Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time, American Horror Story, Being Human & RuPaul's Drag Race (yep so love that show).


Swapping Info:

I am probably one of the easiest people to send to. I'm really not that picky and would like anything that someone gave me as long as they gave from the heart. I like anything handmade. I really like handmade bookmarks, stuffies, pin cushions and magnets. My MIL taught me how to crochet but I haven't done it in awhile. I have always liked crocheted items. if you have me as a swap partner just relax, enjoy the time you spend putting my swap together and we will have no problems. Do your best, give it your all and thats all anyone can ask of you. Just don't flake and don't lie and it will all be fine.

While I am not allergic to cigarette smoke I am a non-smoker. I have received a few packages that have smelled of cigarette smoke. If you are a smoker I would appreciate any extra care taken to try and minimize the smell as much as possible. Also I love animals and have some of my own but I don't care to have the smell on items especially fabric. (I have had this happen also-smelling like a dirty litter box) I would really appreciate if some care is taken when packaging. I have never nor would I ever mark someone down for it smelling like smoke so if you have me as a partner and you are a smoker do not worry-I will not penalize you for it. Although can I mention~its bad for your health. ;o)


  • My favorite colors are: yellow -- black -- red -- emerald green -- crystal blue -- purple In that order!!!!!!!!!!!! I prefer bold over pastel but do like both. There really is no color I dislike but the above are my favorites.

  • My favorite accessory is my hair scrunchies

  • My favorite season is Autumn but I love every season especially the changing of the seasons

  • My favorite holidays is Christmas and Halloween

  • My favorite food is Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo and Chicken Parmesan (I love Italian food)

  • My favorite dessert is dutch apple pie

  • My favorite snack is corn nuts & popcorn

  • My favorite drink is Coke. I'm sad to say I am addicted!

  • My favorite animal is the elephant (Asian and African) but Penguins and owls tie for a close second

  • My favorite author is Stephen King

  • My favorite book is "The Green Mile"

  • my favroite genre in books is true crime (my dream job would be a CSI)

  • My favorite candy is Chocolate although chewy sweet tarts come in a close second -- and thanks to a very nice swap partner I have a new favorite - Tim Tams from Australia mmmmmm yummy!

  • My favorite tv shows from the past are 21 Jump Street & Moonlighting

  • My favorite current tv show is Vampire Diaries & Once Upon A Time

  • My favorite movie out of all of my favorites I guess I would have to say Dirty Dancing & Edward Scissorhands

  • My favorite cartoon character is Daffy Duck (Mine, Mine, Mine Its All Mine :D)

  • My favorite actor is Johnny Depp

  • My favorite thing to swap is matchboxes and dotee dolls but I do enjoy other swaps as well if they peak my interest.


Misc Tidbits


I'm always up for private swaps. If interested feel free to shoot me a pm. I don't do private high price shopping type swaps unless I have swapped with the person before and know them well. I will however be happy to do smaller type swaps and those that involve handmade.


Family Info

To anyone wishing to send my family any happy mail:


My daughter and I share the same birthday so she and I have a special bond. She loves shopping at justice for girls, faeries, butterflies, ladybugs, the colors pink & purple and anything girly. Her room is very girly and decorated in pastel colors. She loves music. Her favorite group is One Direction & The Band Perry. Her favorite shows are A.N.T. farm & Good Luck Charlie. She is very artistic. Most of the time you can catch her with a book and a pencil or marker in her hand. She also loooooves stuffed animals. Her bed is covered in them.

Things she would love to receive:

  • books, books, books ~ any type of books geared for young readers/pre-teen books. She also enjoys books about geography, animals, nature, science, astronomy etc.

  • fairies. She loves things with wings

  • She so wants a fairy dotee or fairy doll. Actually she would love any dotee made just for her

  • Girly items ~ rings, bracelets, coin purses etc.

  • stationery items ~ pencils especially mechanical pencils, notebooks, journals etc.

  • Barbies & Barbie Clothes (handmade welcome)


My son is just like his dad. He loves sports and riding his bike. He likes dinosaurs, books, birds, dogs, cars, trains & Legos. He is a huge fan of all things Disney. He also loves music and loves The Fresh Beat Band. He loves to dance no matter whats playing. If it has a beat he will dance to it. His favorite shows are Thomas The Tank & Dino Dan. he is very imaginative and comes up with crazy creations with his legos and clay. He is also artistic and always drawing me pictures. I could cover every inch of our house with his pictures and have some left over.

Things he would love to receive:

  • Legos~especially mini figures (used is fine)

  • coloring books & crayons ~ he loves to color

  • drawing paper & markers ~ he's a budding artist

  • anything Fresh Beat Band themed....and I do mean anything!!!

  • Teddy Bears ~ he shares my love of bears

  • Puppies ~ plush and/or toys. He loves dogs

  • lighthouses or anything showing lighthouses


If they receive something they can both enjoy or each receive something you would make MY day but sending to only 1 is fine too. They get so excited when there is something in the mailbox just for them.


Hubby and I have been together for 21 years and counting. We met right after high school and have been together ever since ~ he is my soul-mate. For when it is necessary my wonderful hubby is into sports, cars and video games. He likes hats, nice looking ties, movies, music, cooking (YAH AND YUM) the color green and yellow, bbqs (anything that has to do with bbq) good quality pens (he goes through them alot with work) PS2 games and chocolate, anything chocolate. He doesn't really collect anything. He is a kid at heart though and enjoys playing with kids toys although he wouldn't admit it. He is a big SF 49ers and SF Giants fan. He also loves NASCAR. And yes in case you noticed I purposely listed him with the kids. He is a big kid at heart.

I have to give him much credit for being so understanding with my craft obsession. We have an add-on room in our house that started as just the office. It has now been taken over by craft supplies and his part of the room has been reduced to a small section in a corner. Although he may complain a bit, he accepts it. It is now MY craft room. :)



We lost our precious furbaby Shadow on 6/18/12 He was 16 years old and is missed every day. He sits in a little urn with his sister on a shelf in my bedroom. He will be in our hearts forever. RIP Shadow boy. :(


Cookie is a 5 years old bi-color mask-and-mantle cat. We adopted her when she was 2. She was a rescue. She had been abused and took time for her to get comfortable here but she is now happy with her new family. She was already named cookie although she looks more like a sundae. She looooooves whiskas treats and toys. She likes the dangly type toys and toy mice. She of course likes to bat the little balls around too. She goes crazy over catnip. It is very entertaining to watch! :)


Cream is a 3 year old odd-eyed cat with complete heterochromia iridum. While he is not deaf on one side he is blind in the blue eye. He is a little booger boy. The kids named him cream so now we have cookie & cream. he is also a rescue. His mommy and siblings were killed by a dog and he was the only survivor. He was 5 weeks old and infested with fleas. I bottle fed him and cleaned him up and now he is a healthy, happy and a little wild. He will get very vocal when looking for you and at times it seems he tries to communicate with us. He has different meow tones depending on the tone you talk to him in. He is a character. He only drinks water straight from the faucet and loves to jump in the shower with you. He also likes to pounce. He is playful and loves any and all toys especially things laced with catnip. He loves treats of all kinds.


We also recently adopted a Yorkie named Lucy. She is a 3 year old teacup Yorkie weighing 4lbs. She loves to cuddle and knows how to tug on the old heart strings. The kids love to dress her up in cute outfits and put bows in her hair. She's not a big fan of doggie treats. She is a finicky eater. She looooves taking walks and hates taking baths.





I ♥ going to Disneyland. I can't even count how many times I have been there. My son celebrated his first birthday there and my daughter was only 4 months old the first time she visited.


I ♥ elephants. I have since I was a child. I can't really explain why, I just do!

I ♥ to write. When I was younger I would write short stories.

I ♥ ALL things vintage.

I also ♥ butterflies, ladybugs, dolphins, flowers, perfume, strawberries, cupcakes, beaches, sunsets, rainbows, thunderstorms and the sound of laughter.

I so looooove Johnny Depp and Adam Lambert!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



♥ ♥ Mmmmmm Yummalicious!!! ♥ ♥


I hate doing laundry and hate doing dishes even more

I loathe very hot days/nights (100+ temps)

I detest circuses or anything that has to do with the mistreatment of elephants or any other type of animal

I hate coffee....well I hate the taste, love the smell

don't really care for tea


orange flavored items...double yuck!!

pineapple flavored items...triple yuck!!!

I don't like the sound of crying...its painful to hear

I don't like feet (I wonder if there is such a thing as a foot phobia - if so I have it, with the exception of baby feet) Of course this does not mean I do not like things related to MY feet such as cute socks, nail polish, flip flops etc.

I have also discovered that I DO NOT care for Pocky. It's not that I hate it I just don't care for it.

While I do not like coffee I do like any flavor of hot cocoa.


Anything listed in my hate list (especially your dirty dishes or laundry)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO coconut or pineapple flavored anything. No one in the house likes it so it would be a complete waste.

NO Coffee. I do not drink the stuff, never have.

NO Tea don't drink it either

NO stinky & smelly items (its crazy I have to put this but)

NO religious items please

NO baby type stickers - I have absolutely no use for them

NO plain boring type stickers-no reward, free type stickers - they would just go to waste.

NO jewelry or make-up. I don't wear jewelry anymore and am very particular when it comes to make-up. Also no perfume unless it is small samples and sealed tightly.

NO useless type ephemera. I have no use for random bits of paper.

Please do not send glitter of any kind. If the item has glitter on it thats fine just no loose glitter in containers for me to use.


Wishlist Info - Happy Mail


wishlist group

  • WASHI TAPE I am in need and want of some washi tape

  • any type of brochures or pamphlets of local tourist attractions in your area (amusement parks, festivals, museums, zoos, fairs, tours etc.)

  • anything touristy from your part of the world (postcard, pictures, keychains, magnets)

  • un-used US postage stamps (any amount)

  • something from my etsy favorites list (link at top of profile) or something inspired by my etsy favorites

  • weather permitting - candies and chocolate (only NON-US) (ESPECIALLY TIM TAMS)

  • thick warm fuzzy cute socks - I call them sleep/slipper socks. They are the type you wear around the house not outdoors

  • cutsie fun socks. The cuter the better ~ the funkier the better ~ the crazier the better (average sock size 9-11)

  • cute hair scrunchies ~ I have long thick hair so they have to be large and strong enough to hold long hair

  • fat quarters ~ I am addicted to fabric

  • metallic thread (any color) or any Gutermann brand thread - it doesn't have to be new just as long as there is enough to make use of

  • kawaii sticker sacks (especially foods with faces)

  • buttons ~ novelty buttons as well as colored round ones. I would especially love any in the following colors: black, blue, yellow, orange & brown

  • good quality images (especially thin chipboard type cutouts) of any of the following: BIRDS (especially), faeries, vintage, steampunk, small animals, words, flowers, butterflies, odd or unusual

  • inchie squares (starting to try my hand at this also)

  • inchies made by you

  • ATC blanks for me to use ~ also pre-cut ATC backs

  • Artist Info labels for the back of ATC's

  • ATC's made by you

  • diamond glaze or Mod Podge dimensional glaze (or anything similar)

  • any type of pictures of Johnny Depp :o)

  • any type of pictures of Adam Lambert :o)

  • anything related to Johnny Depp & Adam Lambert (my 2 favorite people) - If you could send them over to my house that would be awesome ;o)

  • anything elephant, penguin or owl themed: stationery, pens, ATC's, matchboxes, postcards, photos, jewelery, anything! Unique & unusual items especially.

  • cute little outfits for our furbaby Lucy. XXSmall as she weighs between 3-4lbs. Handmade would be awesome just keep in mind she is a teacup Yorkie (very small)

  • A Dotee Doll

  • A Damn-It Doll

  • cute decorated & filled matchboxes

  • decorative type stickers ~ embellishment type

  • decorative tape ~ I like to use it when wrapping my packages

  • how to book on quilt making (beginner friendly)

  • cute, silly or weird antenna toppers

  • crocheted anything ~ I especially like foods with faces ~ cupcakes are my favorite

  • cute or unusual magnets (handmade ones too) I especially like the bottlecap magnets

  • whimsy jars

  • anything unusual and interesting

  • anything handmade you would like to make me (I really like things with my swap-bot name on it)




I am fine with both naked (stamped & sent thru the mail) postcards and postcards in envies. I do prefer touristy postcards (especially the pretty landscape, scenic cards) over artsy type cards unless it is of something profile based. I do like well made fabric postcards as well as photo postcards. The cutesy, funny cards or cards of any type of animal are also fine. I also prefer the standard 4X6 cards so they will fit in our albums.

My kids and I are trying to collect a MAP CARD postcard from all 50 states. If anyone can help with this we would be so grateful. The following list are states we still need. Feel free to send one even if it states we already have it. I know there are different mapcards for the same state so even though it isn't on the list we would appreciate any mapcard. The listed states we would prefer the cards be sent naked and stamped. Aside from the needed mapcards any other postcard can be sent in an envie or stamped and sent through the mail. Either way is fine. PM me if you are interested in a postcard trade and help us complete our collection. :o)

The only thing we request is that the postcard be no bigger than the regular 4X6 size since we will be keeping them in a special album.


One card and we will have completed our collection

Would also be interested in the following states (written & stamped) We are wanting these stamped for a certain postcard wall quilt we are making.


I am more than happy to receive state mapcards (ones I already have) blank/not written on in an envelope. :o)

We are also interested in mapcards of other countries as well.

We have also started other collections. Any of the following would be greatly appreciated.


The ones with the block letters of the state with pictures within the letters.

We currently HAVE the following:


Also other big letter postcards (town, county etc) I received a cool Hollywood one from @swan and also a Fort Worth (not sure from who) and would love to receive more like these. :o)


We currently have the following:


Loooove recipe postcards (I especially like these blank/unwritten in envelopes but stamped and written on are ok)

In regards to what types of postcards I like: I prefer touristy and no bigger than 4X6. I also like animals, funny, silly, interesting type cards. I'm not a big fan of the artsy cards but I don't mind receiving nice looking ones. I don't have a preference to naked or envie. I will leave that choice to my partner.

I don't like adding anything negative about receiving postcards. BUT.....I have received soooo many postcards the past few years I have developed one pet peeve when it comes to receiving them. If you send me postcards you may send it one of two ways: naked meaning written on, stamped & sent through the mail OR in an envelope meaning blank with no writing whatsoever. PLEASE DO NOT DO BOTH.....what do I mean? Do not write on the back of the card and then put it in an envelope and send it to me. If you want to tell me about the card but wanting to send it in an envelope write the message on a piece of paper. I have had this happen to me several times and it irks me.

With that being said I am such an easy person to please :D


I consider myself a novice when it comes to ATC making but I do put alot of thought into what I create and try my best and give it my all. I expect the same from my partner. I know I join alot of the newbie to ATC making swaps and I do not expect a masterpiece but I expect something that shows their best effort.

If my partner wants to send me a profile based ATC: themes I like: butterflies and sparkles, elephants, owls, abstract, hand drawn or painted, vintage, creative 3D embellishing and zentangles. I also like ATC Dotees.

Regarding Recipe Swaps:

I prefer my recipes on a 4X6 recipe card or decorated index card unless the swap calls for a particular method of sending. I also prefer blank recipe cards to be the 4X6 size. While there are flavors listed in my dislike/do not send list some are ok in recipes such as oranges. Real oranges are fine, its the artificial orange flavor that is disliked. Definitely no coconut at all. And nothing with extreme spice to it. Pineapple is ok as long as its a minimal amount.



A1 group

A1 Top Swappers & Friends group

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


The Elephant Sanctuary

Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary

PAWS Sanctuary

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥




DOTEE Inspiration Swap Part 2 - flaked on by @TxMommaNolana


this or that tag game for 3 blank postcards in an envelope - flaked on by @genre9 angeled by ladonnatwinmom

I collect...send to the person above tag for one of the items I listed - flaked on by @DeadGirlDancing (she is a double profiler/underage swapper)






Comment: I received your re-sent card today. Thank you.
stitchinwitch rated for Stress free ATC on Jan 9, 2013
Comment: Guess what arrived today. She is beautiful, thank you x
GrammaSherry rated for X-mas tree Dotee on Dec 29, 2012
Comment: Thank you, Brenda, for the card, floss and buttons. Happy new year to you.
Comment: Thank you
barbieloufromKY rated for Fabulously Flat Dotee on Dec 21, 2012
Comment: Very nice indeed....and "double" the pleasure with receiving two! :-)
atanava rated for For Postcard Lovers #13 on Dec 20, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the postcard.
CbFlynn rated for Fabulously Flat Dotee on Dec 19, 2012
Comment: I too have only made a couple flat dotee's, I love the ones you sent me, Hung them on my Dotee Christmas tree, the Look GREAT! Thanks!!!!
Comment: Thank you =) Merry Christmas! If I had been working at a vet I would probably have 40 animals, at least! But 4 cats is really enough crazy ;P
marliese rated for Book page ATC #7 on Dec 16, 2012
Comment: I love your ATC Brenda, very stylish! I think the language is either Swedish or Danish.
Comment: Thank you for the cute PC. Merry Christmas.
Arabella rated for 4 TwIncHieS senders choice (USA) on Dec 14, 2012
Comment: Great twinchies! A frog and an owl! Hoot,hoot!! And nice stamps on the envie! Thank you!
Jjean rated for Stuff My Stocking-USA on Dec 13, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute gifts...loved the bracelet...and all, really......hope you have a lovely day.
Comment: thank you, blest be ;D
Comment: Cute snowman, thank you.
Jjean rated for X'mas Postcards made from X'mas Cards on Dec 11, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the PC...Snowman is so funny....hope you have a nice Christmas.
Comment: Thank you! Happy Holidays!
hlwolfe72 rated for Private: ladyb and hlwolfe72 on Dec 11, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much. I wish I would have thought to wrap up the ones for your children!
Comment: Oh yes, I like them. What great color and I love the beads on it. Thanks so much and for the stamps and extras too.
Comment: Thanks for the card and extras! That was really nice of you. =)

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KarlaKC on May 14, 2013:

Hi, Brenda!

Just wanted to invite you and Kristen to my swap! I hope you are doing well.

Mother/Daughter, Letters & Stickers Swap

Dogluvr on Feb 24, 2013:

I think I still have some North Carolina PCs from when I used to live there. Do you have a preference on what kind of cards those are?

I can check for sure when I get home tomorrow night.

choke on Feb 3, 2013:

Wow! One map left to go and your collection will be complete :) I will keep an eye out for you!

Angee on Jan 15, 2013:

I love the San Francisco Bay Bridge Postcard you sent me for Week 1 52 PC Year! Thanks so much!

sugaraddict on Jan 14, 2013:

Hey there! I'm hosting a Valentine Baking Swap which I thought you might enjoy :) Do pop by and check it out if it interests you yea.. Thanks!!

rachelcdoyle on Jan 13, 2013:

Thank you so much for the swap you angeled for me. :) I received your PC yesterday. It reminded me of a trip my grandmother took me on to Yosemite yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs ago. Thank you again! <3

OrigamiGrace on Dec 31, 2012:


Beckster on Dec 17, 2012:

Thank you for granting my December wish!

alohabeauti99 on Dec 15, 2012:

Thank you for the Christmas card and adding to my new collection of inchies. I can't wait to figure out how to display them!

OrigamiGrace on Dec 14, 2012:

Thanks so much for the December wish from the Wishlist group!!

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