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I'm in the US.

First off I need to let everyone know that I'm disabled. Getting to the Post Office (without a car)is difficult so I try to save up a ton of packages and mail them all at once. This means that alot pf people will get their parcels rather late while others will receive pretty quickly. Please know that I ALWAYS make an effort to send things that you will be pleased with and that I ALWAYS DO SEND. Please be patient with me. :)

The results of a Psychological test said that only 4% of the population share my personality type. I didn't see mass-murderer,schitzophrenic or sexual deviant mentioned so I guess I'm ok. In the words of a famous Sailor, " I am what I am." Thanks Popeye.

I am extremely interested in and constantly reading/learning about Astrology, Numerology, Metaphysics, The Laws of Karma, Lexigrams, Reincarnation and the power of color in our lives including the power of gems and crystals. I would love a crystal that I could carry or wear and the same with gems. I am ALWAYS interested in learning so please feel free to share your knowledge.

INFPs are introspective, private, creative and highly idealistic individuals that have a constant desire to be on a meaningful path. They are driven by their values and seek peace. Empathetic and compassionate, they want to help others and humanity as a whole. INFPs are imaginitive, artistic and often have a talent for language and writing. They can also be described as easygoing, selfless, guarded, adaptable, patient and loyal.

I love my sweet, little, redheaded girl(who's not so little anymore) and my 2 animal friends...Bug, a little girl Chihuahua and Miss Kitty Minky a Tabby cat who I recently discovered will walk right along with us when we go out and then straight back into our apartment.I had been assuming that her attempts to slip through any open door were escape tactics. I also learned after having Miss Minky for 5 years that Miss is a Mr.!!! Sorry Mink but I really couldn't find your.....well you know.:P Live & learn. :) We recently took in a stray kitten, all black and her name is Juno.

I have read and re read and will read many more times "Illusions" by Richard Bach. I also like the Conversations w/God series by Neal Donald Walsh and Linda Goodman's work, especially "Star Signs". It's one of many books (my bibles) I refer to for my spiritual well being.I'm not a fan of organized religion but am respectful of others' choices. I'd like to think Kindness is my religion. That's what I strive for and work towards and fail at miserably sometimes.

Amy Sedaris's sense of humor slays me.I like the art of Barry Kite and adore Len Shelley's work. Edward Gorey & Edward Lear make me smile. I'm VERY, VERY fond of Albert Einstein. And Daniel Merriam's work is beautiful beyond words, as is Anahata Katkin's. And Rudy Hurzlmeier's whimsical, wonderful Crows wearing boots..just brilliant. I would LOVE a print or a postcard of any of his Crows.

I'm a displaced ocean loving gal originally from Massachusetts. I'm in Phoenix AZ now but my dream is to live near the ocean again ...Cape Cod, especially Provincetown is where I want to be. I LOVE it more than anything, miss it terribly and think of it constantly. I actually had one of those wave machines years ago that I carried with me when I was away from the ocean.

I love the flowers I remember picking when I was a little girl: Violets, Lilacs, Peonies, Hyacinth & Lily of the Valley and their scents. I really like all scents except NO GARDINIA or CINNAMON please.I would like to receive ANYTHING from LUSH, Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs or cbihateperfume.Living in the desert means I always welcome gifts of lotion, cremes, body butters.

I love incense, essential oil, perfume, silver jewelry,long gypsy skirts,funky Bohemian type stuff, bangles & beaded bracelets that I can wear an armload of and earrings. ( I've usually worn sterling silver hoops and they stay in for years until I suddenly notice one is missing) I would like to have a variety of earring though. I've always worn a silver ring in my nose but would like to try some different types of nose jewelry as well.

I prefer quality over quantity and I love when something is from an Indie shop .(Etsy for example) The quality, uniqueness and cost are most always perfect and to support our fellow artists just seems right.

I'm quite fond of Mypapercrane.com Bathroom stuffies. I have the tampon and the toilet paper but still the used tissues and Q-tip!! Also I adore Eugene the Jeep from Popeye! (anyone remember him?) If in doubt about a color go with black but truely I like all colors. It just depends what they are for. I wear mostly black but like colorful accessories.

PAISLEY & HENNA patterned fabric is gorgeous in my eyes as is Indian, Thai boho type clothing. I love shabby chic/ Morrocan/ Hippie...etc.

I like purses, bags, totes, make-up type bags in funky patterns.Still searching for the perfect big slouchy bohemian type everyday bag/purse.

I DO NOT LIKE country, Christian, Disney items.

Ireland and Celtic Mythology..faeries, faerie door & mounds. I would love to know more about these. Irish melodies touch my soul like no other music has.

I am amused by googly eyes (slap em on any inanimate object and I'm happy!). I love odd ball/weird homemade stuffed, bizarre creatures/monsters & ugly dolls. And NUNS (I collect anything with a nun image on it)..naughty, badly behaved NUNS are a favorite.

I have extremely long hair that I usually wear in a single braid so I don't need hair accessories unless they're pretty heavy duty (chop sticks, coated elastics in black work well) I'm a redhead as is my daughter so anything about redheads would be happily welcomed.

I'm a huge animal lover and have had a variety of them over the years. I guess the most unusual was a Skunk who was a laugh a minute! I love Crows and Giant Anteaters, Wombats, Lemurs, Gorillas, Chimps, Orangutans and Fruit Bats/Flying Foxes. I collect pictures of animals wearing clothes. Images of Chimps wearing uniforms or costumes are good. There's one dressed and posed like Napoleon that I would love to have, enlarge and put in an ornate frame!! :D (I GOT IT!!! I GOT IT!!!! THANK YOU, CHRISTINA!!!!)

"Bug" (female Chihuahua) needs a little bed and would always enjoy a toy. Kitty Minky & Juno would be very happy with some Chihuahua Repellent, a Laser pen & some "Grow your Own" Catnip /Cat Greens. Only Organic treats for these guys, please.


Gift Cards...I love them and they are always welcome. Amazon.com, Target, Michael's. I'm open to other web sites too. Way to many to list.Just ask.

Canvases (ready to hang) in any size. I'm always low or out of these.

Rub-ons. I prefer designs, squiggly patterns and border rather than picture of objects.

Paintbrushes. All sizes

Diamond Glaze or the equivalent. Decoart makes Triple Thick Glaze which is far less costly and is fine by me.

Portfolio water soluble oil pastels!!!!!

Rubber stamps: Architecture, backgrounds, borders, designs

Golden soft gel medium

Good acrylic paints (did you try your hand at painting & find it wasn't your thing?) Pass them on to me!

Some type of spray fixative to protect acrylic paintings. Krylon is a brand I know but any will do.

Blank Note cards w/envelopes

Watercolor & Acrylic Pads. I prefer the ones that open across like a book.

Decorative tape not necessarily Kawaii

Handmade dishcloths

MY BIGGEST "WISH" 2 types of Canadian Snack Cakes. Vachon's " Passion Flakies" & " Ah, Caramel"!!!!! I first had them over 30 years ago in Montreal and never forgot or stopped wishing for them. One wonderful swapper here sent me some a while back and they tasted just as delicious as I remembered if not better. This wish is on-going and forever.

I would love to find someone that I can send some cash to or trade with for a good supply.


I have a brand new boxed Mark Beyer's "AMY & JORDAN" figure set!! The box it comes in is art in it's own right.


KnittingCateling rated for Literary Surprises on Sep 10, 2008
Comment: I was very disappointed to not receive anything, this was a swap I was very excited to send and receive in. I was also disappointed that I had no communication from you, even after I contacted you. I will be happy to reconsider this rating when I receive the swap.
MamiStyle rated for Amazon Wishlist Swap on Jun 14, 2008
Comment: Thank you so much! Anyone who makes my daughter happy enough to SIT STILL and read a book gets hearts! Lovely!
Response: Making a kid happy is the best and if it includes reading...bonus!! Thanks so much, Steph.
Kathyy rated for Amazon Wishlist Swap on Jun 12, 2008
Comment: Thank you for the books and video. You really got a lot for $15.
Comment: :( VERY DISAPPOINTED in this swap and swapper - Sent you a PM and an email with no response - hope you got my swap as I never got rated or heard anything from you. Please PM me and let me know what's going on - I will change the rating if you fulfill your part of the swap.
Comment: Thank you I LOVE everything! (((HUGS))) and a heart times 1000! Thank you again.
Saor rated for *~Postcards~* on Feb 11, 2008
Comment: Got a great card from Bugtussle for this swap.Hope you feel better now.
starbrite rated for *~Postcards~* on Jan 25, 2008
Comment: Hi Anam, Bugtussle sent me a postcard on your behalf. Thanks! I hope you feel better.
Comment: Anam, The collage you made is AWESOME! It really fits me and is beautiful!! I love it and if I could give you 10 stars, I would!! wf
kateyb rated for anam & katey b swappie on Jan 22, 2008
cjr80 rated for *~Postcards~* on Jan 18, 2008
Comment: Thank you Anam, For the swaps and goodies. I will read your poems. I will talk with you later. Peace, Cherry Aka Spiritlily Your rating is 5+heart
Sonnenschein rated for Stuffie Starter Swap on Nov 22, 2007
Comment: Thank you so much Patti!! Not only was the little rabbit you made adorable, I love the extra special extra of the purple and green baby dragon! My favorite colors and mythical creature!! SUPER FANTASTIC SWAPPER!!
collectedmess rated for Formal swap with Anam on Nov 15, 2007
Comment: Thank you for the over-abundance of patterns and floss!
rainydaygirl rated for Stuff2 on Nov 13, 2007
Comment: Patti! Thank you so much for the package of goodies that you sent! Teddy is going thru every little thing in the matchbox that you made him. HE loves it and the bugs, too! My fave part is the carrot cake soy tart. MMM!! and the little bookmark that looks like a pickle? :) Everything you put in was just perfect. Thank you so very much!
FaerieGoddess rated for Quickie Swap on Nov 9, 2007
Comment: Thank you very much for the book. I love it alot and I do appreciate what you did for me. I have your swap ready to go I need money to send it. Im sorry for not rating you before.
rainydaygirl rated for stuff on Oct 9, 2007
Comment: ANAM!!!!These socks are so awesome! Not only are they tie-dyed!!! they are also PURPLE!!!! Oh my heck! wearing them right now and my toes are so happy! You are the best!
Response: YES!! I was so worried about them making sure they were PURPLE. So glad you love them!
Comment: You rock my socks! :D
Response: Yeah!!! It was my 1st swap ever. I'm so happy you like it.
Ann rated for Email card swap on Jul 15, 2007
boatbird rated for Email card swap on Jul 11, 2007
Comment: Thank you
frostbite rated for Email card swap on Jul 11, 2007
Comment: Thank you for the cute card. Hope to trade with you again sometime.

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Wickett6029 on May 15, 2008:

I was worried about you also! So glad to know you're okay....I wondered why you never replied to my emails :-)

So good to know you're back!

Wickett6029 on May 8, 2008:

Thinking of you, and hope you're doing well!

SacredYoli on Apr 29, 2008:

Hey Anam, I was just wondering if you ever received my "Literary Surprises" package? I sent it out on March 16th. Hopefully you received it.



dandelion on Apr 7, 2008:


Lucky12324 on Mar 17, 2008:

honeyspur on Mar 5, 2008:

The bag is spectacular!! I ADORE it! My thanks and warmest regards.....xoxo

rainydaygirl on Feb 17, 2008:

I just wanted to pop in and tell you "hi"! Hope you are doing well.


monstermansmum05 on Feb 14, 2008:

Hey! I saw this and thought of you, Happy Valentines Day!

magicjessnrach on Jan 24, 2008:

Thanks for the wonderful native american parcel you sent me. I just love everything :)

Hawaiiangirl on Jan 22, 2008:

Hi--the coffee cakes arrived today--thank you so much--they were definitely worth the wait! You (and your mom) should be looking for a package from me in the mail! Again, thanks much!!! :)

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