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Song Lyric Journal

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Swap Coordinator:knitandlitgirl (contact)
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Number of people in swap:74
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:August 25, 2010
Date items must be sent by:September 30, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

Either make or buy a journal and keep it for at least a month. Each day write the lyrics to a song that you either like or reflects your mood for that day. If you choose, you can write a little about why you chose a particular song, but it is not required. You can also illistruate your journal if you choose (but you don't have to, as people like myself are not artistically gifted). I do not have problems with explicit lyrics, but please comment if you do not like explicit lyrics. Please try to include a wide variety of bands, but you do not need to have a different band each day. Please do not include lyrics more than once - there should be a different song each day.


OfficeWeed 08/ 4/2010 #

I am signing up for this swap for my daughter, Shelby, to do. :) We can't get 2 accts, so I sometimes join swaps for her.=) [She's 18...just to let ya know lol]

Nokee 08/ 5/2010 #

This sounds too cool! Ok so when were done just swap the journal with you partner?? i love it i want to do this! :)

ForbiddenFruits 08/ 5/2010 #

So can we start this journal right away or do we have to wait till the 25th to start it as thats the start date of swap?

knitandlitgirl 08/ 5/2010 #

Feel Free to start your journal right away. If you end up with more than a month of song lyrics that's okay. Thanks for the interest. I was inspired by another swap I was in, and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who is into song lyrics.

knitandlitgirl 08/ 5/2010 #

I just want to say thanks to all of those who have signed up for this swap. Please be aware that I have changed the send date from September 25 to September 30 to allow people more time to complete their journals. I realized after I had posted the swap that I shouldn't have had the send by date on the same day that swap starts.

andbearsohmy 08/ 7/2010 #

Got my journal yesterday! I can't wait to start it. ^^

Godsrockangel 08/ 9/2010 #

I would rather avoid explicit lyrics if possible :)

Tonieshell 08/ 9/2010 #

It dont bother me what lyrics you use. I love slim shaddy...but if i chose to use his then i will bleep the bad words out!!!!

Tonieshell 08/ 9/2010 #

It dont bother me what lyrics you use. I love slim shaddy...but if i chose to use his then i will bleep the bad words out!!!!

CBreiten 08/ 9/2010 #

Is there a certain size to the journal and do you want the whole song or a verse out of a song?

Filpot 08/ 9/2010 #

Ditto @CBreiten s comment about do you want the whole song or just a verse/few lines that reflect the way you feel that day?

knitandlitgirl 08/11/2010 #

I'd perfer if people would use lyrics to the entire song, but if you have a really long song and only want to include part of it that's fine.

RainyC 08/13/2010 #

I don't mind what lyrics I get... I am not a rap lover though.. as long as I get a variety I'm happy... :)

ctyankee 08/15/2010 #

I wouldn't like explicit lyrics, either. I would like to make my own journal, but I haven't done one before ... anyone have any ideas?

CayleighTheShell 08/17/2010 #

@ctyankee if you go to http://www.wonderhowto.com/ and then type in "make a journal" several videos come up with different styles and options.

ctyankee 08/17/2010 #

Thank you @Kaiwiopele ... I will do that right now!

sunnylee7 08/19/2010 #

Oh, I'm starting my journal today. I just heard a wonderful song on the radio. I have no problem with explicit lyrics, 'cause goodness knows I've had days where I wish I could let loose with a bunch of expletives! But if my partner does include a song with explicit lyrics, I'd love to know why...

lysandr 08/21/2010 #

can we use songs in other languages other than english? But I will provide translations of course...

suzie 08/21/2010 #

This is a cool idea:)
Hope to join in if there´s ever a 2nd round.

ifluctuate 08/21/2010 #

love this idea!! I am going to start on mine soon too!

ifluctuate 08/21/2010 #

oh, i don't mind explicit lyrics either, however the song goes is good for me!

ifluctuate 08/21/2010 #

oh, i don't mind explicit lyrics either, however the song goes is good for me!

knitandlitgirl 08/21/2010 #

I think songs in other languages would be cool. There shouldn't be any problems with it as long as there's a trnaslation. Part of the reason that I started this swap was because I think it is imporant to see and understand what kind of music other people are listening to, and including songs in different laungauges can be a big part of that.

themissiah 08/21/2010 #

I don't mind explicit lyrics at all! Starting mine today, as well.

Katiecaek 08/22/2010 #

Can't wait to start mine, and get one in the mail!

MyraTrenchpike 08/22/2010 #

I repeat CBreiten's question as I think it wasn't answered yet: is there a certain size to this journal?

MyraTrenchpike 08/22/2010 #

ps: this is such a cool idea, I can't wait to get a journal tomorrow and get started (or to receive someone's lyrics journal!)

ca11mecupcake 08/22/2010 #

I'm gonna go get my journal today! Can't wait! And I don't mind lyrics with explicit lyrics...I know I'll have a few in some of mine lol All I ask is that every other word isn't [email protected]#% or talking about how some guy is gonna smack his woman around...aka: bad rap :P

Saristotle 08/22/2010 #

Great, simple, fun idea! ANY lyrics are fine with me. I don't mind cursing or explicit lyrics.

Miss007 08/23/2010 #

I have the same question as Lysandr:

can we use songs in other languages other than english? But I will provide translations of course...?!

bookwormAL 08/23/2010 #

I am always interested in the lyrics of the song. I always made my kids tell me what the song was about when they said they liked a song. (A "good beat" was not a reason to me.) I will accept any lyrics. It is the poetry of a generation.

knitandlitgirl 08/23/2010 #

Any size journal is fine. I'm using a fancy notebook for mine.

ladyhope 08/23/2010 #

I have no problem with explicit lyrics, after all it is your journal and the songs should reflect you. I also have no problem with lyrics in other languages, I would like to have a translation though, so I can understand!

andannabegins 08/23/2010 #

explicit lyrics are A-okay with me. after all, art is art :) so excited for this one!!

ladyhope 08/23/2010 #

Just a suggestion about the send out date: Can it be moved a few days later, so that we have time to finish the page for the 30th? I just realized that if the send-out date is Sept 30th, there would be no way for me to finish that days page AND send it out that day because I work in the morning. Thanks!

Katiecaek 08/24/2010 #

ladyhope: I think the idea is to start your journal somewhere between the 25-30 August (as partners will be assigned on the 25th I believe) and keep it for a month, so you should be finished by the 25th - 30th of September and the 30th of September doesn't have to be your last day of your journal :)

charliechoclatte 08/24/2010 #

i dont mind explicit lyrics either, as long as they reflect the sender.i think this is a great swop idea.

ladyhope 08/24/2010 #

Oh...lol...for some reason I thought it should be for the month of September. thanks for clearing that up @katiecaek

Katiecaek 08/24/2010 #

@ladyhope I'm not 100% sure but i'm pretty sure that's the idea. :)

cch77 08/24/2010 #

For whoever gets me... I don't mind raunchy, disturbing, or explicit lyrics at all. =)

AdelaideKirby 08/24/2010 #

i don't care for the lyrics to have explicit lyrics either as long as it isnt every second word.. Cant wait to have this finished and sent and recieve mine XD

HisTechnoAngel 08/24/2010 #

This is such a cool swap idea! It will be interesting to see what song affected someone on that day so much so that they included it in their journal... It will be weird, too, if we get a journal from someone who listens to an entirely different genre of music than what's in our comfort zone!! Oh I want to add, explicit lyrics are alrighty with me. Just... no bad rap- like someone mentioned above... rap, ok... bad rap.. not ok. ^_^

Blinkstriker22 08/24/2010 #

Can't wait to start! Any type of lyrics is fine for me, and I think that sounds great to have some in a different language as long as there is a translation.

aidenromantic 08/24/2010 #

I don't mind explicit lyrics at all.

kimmiekarma 08/24/2010 #

Any type of lyrics is fine with me! I'm open to everything!

Goldfoxxe 08/25/2010 #

I don't mind explicit lyrics, not at all. I can't wait!

Sam 08/25/2010 #

i have started this and im loving doing it i just hope my partner likes a cross between music and art because i hand make and embelish all my journals and this is looking good :)

kgeslab 08/25/2010 #

Any lyrics are fine for me unless they talk about smacking around women. I'm going to try to make a CD of some of the songs I write about and send it as an extra.

belovedgypsygirl 08/25/2010 #

I love music, I'm so excited to start this, hopefully ill get to learn new artist out there. Don't hold anything back form me, lol.

AngelAshes 08/25/2010 #

Kgeslab, I totally had the same idea!!! An awesome way to really share the music!!

koalascout 08/25/2010 #

i have no problem with explict lyrics as long as it is not every word of the song.

Katiecaek 08/25/2010 #

I hope the partners will be assigned soon.

MargotFaerie 08/26/2010 #

I have some questions.. Do we have restriction about the journal? I mean, size, shape, number of pages.. The songs can be in various languages or only english? thanks!

MargotFaerie 08/26/2010 #

oops, i just figured out that the signup date is passed.. Well, if you need another participant,i'll be glad to be the 76° :)

Pennylane78 08/26/2010 #

I don't mind a few explicit lyrics...but would prefer them not to be excessive in the song. I will definitely enjoy a good mix of songs! I started mine a few days ago...I can't wait to exchange!

Sam 08/26/2010 #

@margotfaerie because partners havent been allocated yet you may be able to still sign up for the swap

melyssajoy 08/27/2010 #

Don't mind explicit lyrics, just not in an excessive amount. (: Love this swap!

wulfgirl 08/27/2010 #

I'm fine with any kind of lyrics!

kraftykj 08/27/2010 #

I don't mind raunchy explicit lyrics...feel free to use whatever.

musawi 08/29/2010 #

explicit lyrics are ok

MyraTrenchpike 09/ 2/2010 #

@knitandlitgirl I forgot to thank you for answering my question :) - thanks! I've found a fancy little notebook for mine!

Btw: I don't mind explicit lyrics

Sam 09/11/2010 #

i have just finished mine and im about to send it, im finding it very very hard to do though im loving it ... the actaul journal i have made myself and the lyrics are all very special to me if anyone would like to see the finished item message me because i have picks and i will happily send you a link to them :)

MVocke 09/13/2010 #

Any type of lyrics are okay with me! I love words!

ElizabethObviously 09/15/2010 #

I dont mind explicit lyrics because this is about YOUR music and YOUR life....so your day happens to be crappy and the only way to put music to it is thru a song with some cuss words...well yah. Same goes with mine. I pick songs because they suit MY day, not bc someone said I don't like cuss words. Doesn't make your journal very authentic then does it?

kraftykj 09/28/2010 #

I finished mine and put in the mail today!!

chthonicboom 10/ 1/2010 #

I sent mine out yesterday, this was fun! Thanks to knitandlitgirl for organizing this swap!

sjonsmom 10/ 2/2010 #

October totally snuck up on me, but i popped mine in the mail today. Sorry. :(

doortotheriver 10/11/2010 #

I'm struggling with illness at the moment and trying to finish my journal as quickly as I can. Have informed my swap partner but just wanted to say here as well. Sorrysorry :( xx

OfficeWeed 10/13/2010 #

So many not yet sent :(

susanfblair 10/13/2010 #

I think I got flaked on this one...which really irritates me because I worked SOOOOOO hard on mine. anyone else out there get flaked on???????????

HisTechnoAngel 10/14/2010 #

I haven't received one yet... haven't heard if the one I sent was received either. I'm being hopeful, but I moved the SAME week it was due to be sent out... hoping the PO doesn't lose mine in the moving chaos!

MeredithMonster 10/18/2010 #

I've been flaked on too. :-(

It sucks so bad!

OfficeWeed 10/19/2010 #

I have not received mine yet. Nor has my daughter. I just counted 15 not sent :( This really sucks!!

OfficeWeed 10/19/2010 #

my journal was received by the one I sent it to, so I am SO glad about that!!

OfficeWeed 10/19/2010 #

Just curious as to how many flakers received THEIR journals???

kraftykj 10/20/2010 #

I haven't receive mine yet either...I sent mine out but she hasn't rated me yet...

HisTechnoAngel 10/20/2010 #

I still dunno if the person I sent to has received... but I looked at the person's profile that is supposed to send to me and they haven't even been on since August 18. Pretty sure I have been flaked on.

kraftykj 10/22/2010 #

My bad I did get rated for this journal was thinking of the cute and fun journal that I didn't get rated on.. I sent my partner a message and told her I hated to rate a 1 that she has read but not answered..so not sure if that means I am getting flaked on or not...

HisTechnoAngel 10/28/2010 #

Well I had to rate @immaculatechaos a 1... they signed up for swap-bot on Aug 3rd... Aug 18 was the last day they logged in. I've pm'd and commented... nothing back. I'm very disappointed.

MeredithMonster 11/10/2010 #

I just got mine... Very late, but at least it came..

doortotheriver 11/19/2010 #

Still working on my journal, I meant to have it finished so many times but I'm really unwell at the moment - I feel so bad, I've never been late with a swap before :( keeping my partner updated. Argh. xx

chakliuk 11/29/2010 #

I didn't get anything from my partner either. I wrote her a note and she said she was late but working on it...............it's been a month. Should I wait or go ahead and give her a 1? I've never been flaked on so I'm not sure the protocol.

chakliuk 11/29/2010 #

Also didn't get rated for the journal I sent. She didn't even bother to respond to my message.

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