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BOOK of letters && envelope goodies swap! ♥

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BOOK of letters && envelope goodies swap! ♥
Swap Coordinator:iheartswap (contact)
Swap categories: Crafts  Letters & Writing  Handmade 
Number of people in swap:24
Last day to signup/drop:October 15, 2016
Date items must be sent by:November 7, 2007
Number of swap partners:1


Does anyone remember reading THE JOLLY POSTMAN growing up?! There was something so intriguing and exciting about going on the journey of The Jolly Postman and being able to open up and read little letters and surprises that he delivered.

This swap is inspired by THE JOLLY POSTMAN collection of books (as there are also The Jolly Christmas Postman and The Jolly Pocket Postman) My friends and I used to create these for eachother when we were in Jr. High as well! Our books would get up to as high as 150+ letters!

The idea here is to make your own version of The Jolly Postman book, except with a theme of crafty surprises. So basically (if you haven't ever read The Jolly Postman) The 'book' doesn't have to be a full-on-professional-bound book. You can just take pages and staple them together. It's what's inside the book that counts. Fill the envelopes in your book with items that your swap partner can open up and take out!

The sky is the limit here, and the book doesn't necessarily have to remain flat. You can stuff it with as many goodies as you like! Well, stuff the envelopes with goodies! Check out your partner's profile to get an idea of what sort of things they like, and what you might be able to stuff the envelopes on the pages with! You can decorate the pages around the envelope as much as you like, or leave it plain but make the inside envelope surprise really nice -- Whatever you decide.

Some ideas of goodies you can include in the envelope are stickers, bookmarks, stamps, magnets, fabric, candy, pen, a letter of course from you, a photo of you, beautiful papers, notecards, craft buttons, tags, WHATEVER! Some of those items may make your book pretty thick but it'll be fun opening the surprises!

Well I hope someone will sign up for this swap, even if it is just 1 person, because I know I'm going to have a really good time making my envelope notebook of goodies.

STILL CONFUSED?? :: Sorry I can't explain it better, It is a little hard to explain, hopefully after this swap we'll have some great pictures of examples :) But if you still are not understanding the concept of how this works, you basically take some 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper, or whatever size you choose, take an envelope, glue the back to side (so opening flap facing toward you!) onto a page, and then place a goody inside the envelope that your partner will be able to take out, read, keep, whatever!


  • You have till Oct 20th to sign up + then 2.5 weeks to make your book. You can even start on your book now, even though partner's aren't assigned - but start getting together the papers, the envelopes, how you want to decorate it, write a letter, include a picture of yourself, whatever! ;) then figure out the surprises when you get your partner and are able to read their profile.

  • PLEASE do not cop out and make a cheap book. Try and throw in some nice goodies, flat or not, into your envelopes! Try to put a good amount time and effort into your envelope surprise book. I know we're all busy and have lives but hopefully this will be something fun and something you'll want to do and make ;) You will be assigned just 1 swap partner, so to give you more time to put lots of effort into your book. Please also try to make it to your partner's liking, by checking their profile. Include some of your own style or likes in it as well!

  • I am setting the minimum amount of pages in your book to be 5. (So if you want, 2.5 pages, fill it front + back?) Feel free to go above this or just make it a real nice 5 pages worth of goodies!

  • Unfortunately, I don't think I can allow newbies into this swap. Please have a rating of 4.5 or higher! If you have a no-send, feel free to contact me! I will angel if for someone reason someone does not send. They're fun to make anyway! :)

♥ THIS SWAP IS MEANT FOR YOU TO HAVE FUN, BE CRAFTY, AND HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU TO LOOK FORWARD TO RECEIVING! I am so excited and looking forward to making one! and of course, post any questions or feel free to contact me!** ♥


10/14 - HELLO EVERYONE! PLEASE READ THE COMMENTS as there are some good points and comments written about this swap there! Please also check this description one last time before the swap starts as it will be edited as people bring up points later. I will try to note most of the edit from below :)

10/16 - I can't believe I didn't mention one of the most important things. I wasn't going to make this swap international but I think maybe a couple people have already joined so I will open it up. This swap is international. Feel free to join in!

  • Just be sure to have your profile filled out!

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE commit to leaving your swap partner a rating! Your partner will be putting much effort into your envelope goodies book and they deserve a rating. sometimes people don't leave a rating and it's really sad because that person took time to make or put a package together for them, send it out, etc!

10/19 - one more day! / if you can, try and take photos of your book before you send it out :)

10/20 - HURRAY the day has come! I am so excited! Swap partners will be assigned later today.

oh, && ps - some shameless advertising - i'm doing a forum round robin swap, if anyone wants to join, please see the link here! we're trying to get 10 people, so far we have 6! forum round robbin

10/21 - WOW, I AM SO EXCITED THAT 24 PEOPLE WANTED TO DO THIS! I hope everyone has fun! Again, please try to take pictures of what you are sending &/or receiving so we can record them!

I am a little weary, I let a couple people stay in and they only have a couple 'recipe' swaps in their profile but I will be more clear next time. Yes, we'll definitely do this again so I hope everyone joins in! :)

Please email or message if you have any questions!


KarlaKC 10/14/2007 #

This has got me interested in reading those books! I have never heard of them before! But I love letters and my children have a daily ritual of going out to meet the mailman and receive the mail from him. I will have to check our library and find these titles.

I have not ever heard of the concept of books of envelopes, but I'd love to try it if you'll consider me. I do not have a 5 rating anymore, but close! :) I'm a good swapper and don't renege on my obligations. In fact, I was suddenly away from Swap-bot and many of my other activities since May this year, but when I was able to come back online recently, I sought out the 4 swaps from May that I had stalled on and fulfilled them all. One of the recipients has not updated her rating of me on my profile, but I notice that she hasn't signed on since September 20th either.

I won't be offended if you are unable to allow me, but I thought I'd ask as it sounds like a fun swap. I can appreciate your requirement of the 5 rating. Whatever you decide is fine with me. I'll go ahead and sign up, but you can drop me if you need to stick to the 5 rating requirement.

Great swap idea! Hope you get lots of swappers!...Karla

iheartswap 10/14/2007 #

Hi Karla! First off, thank you for your interest :) This is all very-exciting! It's the first swap i've hosted. Second, YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK FOR YOUR KIDS! the jolly postman at amazon! Check it out. They are all WONDERFUL books. Thirdly, You know what, I think I will edit this swap to something like 4.75 or higher for ratings.. I mean, you're .7 away from a 5-rating! hehe. I can see you are a honest swapper. You replied to every person who didn't receive anything and I can see that they then later changed their ratings. and completely understandable, I love swap-bot but it does take up SO much of my time sometimes! like right now when i should be sleeping because i have work tomorrow morning, hehe ;) ANYWAY, bottom line: you are definitely in! Also - I looked at your website and it is so weird, but i think the concept of the envelope/letter thing is somewhat like your project in this picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v479/karlakc/Swap-bot/EnvelopeBookIMade-Natural-Opened.jpg !! you made that, didn't you? It looks like you've 'tucked' some things in your card and they can be taken out! That is the same idea, except with envelopes pasted to whatever, papers, cards, etc! Well, this is getting long but THANK YOU FOR JOINING and for being interested and if it's just us, then I will be very excited to make a book for you and your kids ;) Take care dear!

shopinc 10/14/2007 #

This sounds interesting! But I don't really get how it works. Does that mean that for every page in the book, it is actually an envelope? That is, I stick an envelope to every piece of paper, and bind it together, and stuff the envelope full of goodies?

Dalwil 10/14/2007 #

Hi Do the envelopes have to be stuck on the pages or can the envelopes be the actual pages - stuffed with goodies and decorated of course Does that make sense - I hope so as I can not think of another way to try and explain it Have signed up anyway

halfwaythere 10/14/2007 #

I like making envelope books, but I punch holes in the envelopes and make the book out of them instead of gluing them to paper. I use different sized and colored envelope and they turn out really cute; I fill the envelopes with surprises. I'm not familiar with the book you mentioned.

Dalwil 10/14/2007 #

Halfway there has proberly decribed the envelope book I was thinking better than I did lol

KarlaKC 10/14/2007 #

Thank you, iheartswap! Yes, I did make the Envelope Book pictured on my website. That was fun! I realize that your project is similar so I'm sure I can do it. You explained it well in your swap description. Envelopes glued to paper "pages", flaps facing "reader" so that the envelope can be opened and the tuck-in pulled out and loved is the picture in my mind.

Thanks so much for editing your 5 rating requirement. I look forward to playing!

szreader 10/14/2007 #

My kids had the Jolly Postman book (first one) when they were little. They're now 22 and 26! My thought is that you MAY NOT find these books at your library: there are too many tiny parts to keep track of -- and they would surely get lost and damaged along the way -- and that would be sad for the kids who checked the book out! I know the library where I work doesn't buy any sorts of puzzle books or books with multiple pieces for kids. But the book is well worth the money to buy for your kids. It would be a great holiday gift. If they take good care of it, it'll be something they'll want to keep forever (or maybe give to a younger kid to enjoy if and when they feel they've outgrown it). This is an exciting swap and one of the best ideas I've heard of! Thanks.

szreader 10/14/2007 #

I should add that both of my kids now work in libraries, too. My older daughter is a newly-minted MLS who works in an academic library and my younger daughter works in a public library's children's department. Such is the power of The Jolly Postman. Ha-ha!

lulu 10/14/2007 #

I discovered the Jolly Postman books through my grand-children and loved them so I would like to do this one.

ladydy5 10/14/2007 #

So much fun and to be able to send things in your swapper's bio. Glory, I better update my profile.

iheartswap 10/14/2007 #


shopinc pretty much described this swap exactly how it is. Put some pages together, and sticking envelopes to the pages with letters/goodies/surprises filled in the envelopes. I wish I had one to show for example. But I mean, if you're using 8.5 x 11" papers, you could switch it up by adding maybe 2 envelopes on 1 page .. GET THINKING ALL YOU CREATIVES! ;) You are all so crafty!

Dalwil + halfwaythere I've never seen a book made out of envelopes but I guess that works as well! I don't want to be closed off to other options. But check out The Jolly Postman (if you can, haha) There is something really special about turning the pages and being able to interact with the book, opening the letters and finding a surprise, or whatnot.

and YES, please have your profile updated so your swap partner can get a good idea of what sort of things to include in the envelopes. There should also by a 'note' or 'letter' included in the envelopes, with the surprise. So fill the letter with whatever content you would like, a story, some interesting facts about yourself, why you are including this goody in the envelope, whatever!

iheartswap 10/14/2007 #

and on a different note, I wanted to add a comment to szreader, the book is DEFINITELY worth purchasing. I would purchase all 3, they are equally strong! The Jolly Christmas Postman is such a good one for the season.. and really reminds me of my childhood around Christmas time, it is so neat. In addition, I definitely wouldn't count on the books being in a library, as you brought up a good point that there are too many pieces to keep track of. I myself have several pieces missing from my books, who knows what I did with them. hehe. I am going to re-buy all of them! I had forgotten about them for so long!

MARY 10/14/2007 #

This is such a cool swap. I am looking forward to working on it AND receiving my book!

iheartswap 10/14/2007 #


PS EVERYONE - tell your friends about this swap too! ♥

MistiKo 10/14/2007 #

Not sure if this was the type of thing you had in mind, but Nick Bantock has a lovely series of books starting with Griffin and Sabine that contain envelopes with letters that you can take out and read. They are really beautiful books and you'll get lots of voyeuristic pleasure from peeking in at the correspondance between the two characters.

Also Brian Froud has a follow up book to the Pressed Fairys which has letters from assorted famous people about their opinions on fairies. It is also beautifully illustrated and contains envelopes with letters and other bits. M

lulu 10/14/2007 #

Do the pages have to be 8.5 x 11? or could we do smaller pages or can we each interpret it as we want, as long as we come up with a "book" of filled envelopes?

iheartswap 10/14/2007 #

MistiKo that book sounds DELIGHTFUL! Where can I find one?

lulu sure, they can be any size! I used to just make them 8.5 x 11 but whatever size you'd like is great! :) thanks!

Biff 10/14/2007 #

Love those books & what a great idea.

I have seen instructions somewhere of how to make envelope books that would be ideal & might just help a someone with there book... Will try and re-find it & add a link.

Oh I've got that happy warm excited feeling of a new project! (thank you)

Biff 10/14/2007 #

(sorry for my typing/spelling errors just so excited!)

Want to just double checking I have this right in my head!!!

I am thinking the stack of post (that forms my book) should all be for my partner (rather than a collection of the various stuff from the jolly posties bag)... & will invent where or who it's from & the reasons it's been sent to them on a creative letter or card included in each envelope?

It sounded so much clearer in my brain!

Hope that makes sense & I have it right?

Now will find that link.

Biff 10/14/2007 #

This isn't the one I was thinking of but does show clear simple instructions of how to blind enevlopes together to form a book.



jennyb 10/15/2007 #

i'm gutted i had all 3 books and loved them all, and now i can't find them. i'm praying i've put them away somewhere safe.

craftygirl 10/15/2007 #

Do we put letters in these envelopes also? If so, any kind?

iheartswap 10/15/2007 #

Yes, please try to include a letter in each envelope! Thankyou + welcome to the swap! :)

storylaura 10/16/2007 #

what an incredibly cool swap! Thanks so much for suggesting this. The Griffin and Sabine books are another variant on this.

iheartswap 10/16/2007 #

hehe, thanks storylaura - i'm really excited for it!!!

GracieBella 10/16/2007 #

This is such a fantastic swap idea! I remember those books and always wanted to make one.

marianenita 10/16/2007 #

Should there be some kind of (simple) story in the book, or pictures, or should the pages be blank except for the envelopes I put there?

KarlaKC 10/17/2007 #

Because I couldn't stand the suspense of wondering just how cute these books are, I jumped in and ordered "The Jolly Postman" off Amazon.com. It should be here Friday and you know what? I can't wait!!! Ya'll have really got my interest up in seeing and EXPERIENCING this book for myself. I think experiencing it IRL (in real life) will also help me make the best book I can for my partner, too! :)


iheartswap 10/17/2007 #

KarlaKC HAHAHA i really hope you enjoy the books! I will be ordering them again, because I don't know where all mine went! :(

marianenita I guess it is open to interpretation. You don't have to include a story, if you are a good story-teller, more power to you. Just so you know, I will not be including a story, hehe. I'm not that good of a story teller ;) I will be decorating the pages with pretty papers, etc and including a note in each envelope. Maybe I will add a story here and there, on the pages though! Thanks, hope you join in!

Starwatcher 10/18/2007 #

I, too, ordered all three Postman books online - mine from half.com. I'm going to look for those other books mentioned too! This is one of the things i like most about swapbot - we exchange lots of interesting ideas and information. Thanks for hosting this swap, Iheartswap!

teresa 10/18/2007 #

Some links http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/howto/ideas/envaccordion.html http://www.scrapsoflife.com/blog/accordion-fold-envelope-book/ http://www.craftypod.com/?p=115 http://www.instructables.com/id/Envelope-Book/?ALLSTEPS

GracieBella 10/18/2007 #

Wow those are fantastic links!! Thanks Teresa! It makes me even more excited for this swap!

iheartswap 10/18/2007 #

Thanks for the links teresa! those are all great! they look so pretty! i want to make one like that ... heh.

So this isn't exactly a book made of envelopes, rather it is a book that contains envelopes inside. lol, i guess it's essentially the same thing. hehe. well i'll def. host another one like this with pictures, hopefully all the ladies participating will add pics too! ;)

iheartswap 10/19/2007 #


be sure and tell your friends, i am very excited for this swap! thank you everyone who has interest in the swap + the books, i love the books ;)

athomemom 10/19/2007 #

Great, I told my husband I wouldn´t do anymore swaps (he´s annoyed with the postage) . . . but this one just looks too fun! :D I´ll have to write a few extra articles to pay the postage, but looks like it is worth it!

teresa 10/20/2007 #

ah oops, kind of just clicked with me that the kind I linked to isn't really the same as the jolly postman books... for the record, I wouldn't mind receiving either kind. I will probably be making the envelopes-in-book kind, not the envelopes-as-book kind, but if you are my partner and have any requests be sure to let me know! (that is if you don't mind finding out you are my swap partner and having the surprise ruined...)

iheartswap 10/21/2007 #


24 people, not bad. it would have been 26 but 1 person had to drop out and I had to ban another - no feedback.

begin making your books dears, hope everyone has fun!

Biff 10/30/2007 #

I really enjoyed doing this... & will definately be making more... Thank you :)

iheartswap 10/31/2007 #

Biff !!! I just saw your envelope book in your flickr album, you have one lucky swap partner. The book is amazing, I love it and all the goodies and surprises look darling! Please join next time, you are more than welcome! THANKS DEAR!

tex82 11/ 3/2007 #

Natalie, I just sent yours today!!

Hope its arrive safely!

KarlaKC 11/ 7/2007 #

I loved seeing Biff's book of envelopes, too! I wish the view was bigger (not complainging!) so that I could better understand the method, but what I could understand was awesome!

I need another day to finish mine. Dalwil, it's coming but give me another day or two before I mail it - it's got to be just right. :)


tex82 11/10/2007 #

My partner is a non-sender! What is about?

Means I won't receive? The girl even sent me a mail to explain...

DorthaKayLittleGoose 11/15/2007 #

Tex82, my daughter emailed you and you said you understood the health issues I was having and knew I'd be putting it in the mail soon. I do not skip out on swaps. My daughter was helping me with this during my bone marrow issues and she knows nothing about how this swap thing works. Plus even if I'd sent it out on the 7th, you still would not have received by the 10th due to postal time. I'm am sorry for the delay, please be patient and it will arrive.

tex82 11/24/2007 #

Ok. I'm waiting!^^

teresa 11/27/2007 #

My book from Starwatcher is BEAUTIFUL, thanks!

tex82 03/24/2008 #

hey! I never receive my envelope book!!!

tex82 02/17/2010 #

And never will receive.

tex82 05/30/2011 #

never never never

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