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Date Joined: June 7, 2009
Last Online: February 15, 2020
Birthday: July 16
Country: Canada
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Favorite Music

Hey Guys! It's 2016 and Its my first time logging in since 2012. Message me if you reside in Canada Ontario and maybe we can set up a swap!

New Boyz, Munga, Nine inch nails, Marilyn manson, most techno, Dimmu borgir, Jakalope, Ice nine kills, Eminem, Flyleaf, Sonata Artica, Switchblade symphony, Stereo skyline, Underoath, Michael jackson

Favorite Books

I love most horror stories/mysteries/true stories. Some love stories are good too. (And i l.o.v.e celebrity gossip magazines)

  • to kill a mockingbird

Favorite Television

Robot chicken, House.. um, america's funniest home videos, Friends, Two and a half men, Degrassi:The next generation, So you think you can dance, America's best dance crew

Favorite movies; * Interview with a vampire * Save the last dance * Nightmare before christmas

About Me

I love makeup, clothes, crafts and kawaii. I'm pretty young so I'm not into the older stuff! Um.. I love dance, I do gymnastics.. I like to read, if there's any type of photography i like it's of mimes/people dancing/extreme makeup/women/love. I like poems and I absolutely love everything about Marilyn manson. (Brian warner) :) I love hearing about people's experiences/what they've been through or certain part's of their lives and what they've learned. Letters/hand made things are awsome. I like to sketch and write.. will probably become a music journalist and I'm a pretty creative person.

random stuff I like ; guess you'd consider it wishlist or themed
* Colorful things
* Nightmare Before Christmas
* Felt
* USEFUL stuff
* Youtube, msn, facebook
* Steampunk
* Things in giftwrap
* Lululemon
* Vintage items, esp. vintage jewelery (even if it is broken ect.) the older the better
* Old/big coins
* ATCs (most often made by you)
* Anything profile based * punk stuff
* Quilts/mini quilts
* weird stuff, vulgar stuff
* Sparkles/makeup ect
* Handmade things
* Marilyn manson!!
* polymer clay // any craft supplies
* Questionable content comics.
* Candy
* Chocolate
* Teddies/plushies/keychains
* Matchboxes
* Anything SOUR
* Stationary/Craft supplies ect
* Suprises!
* Mac makeup, cant get it here :(
* Clothes/thongs. (: (im a small, xs in clothes)
* Neon/bright colors, black+white, orange+brown, yellow+brown * Photography/Uniqueness + creativity
* Fabric/Fabric scraps
* Love/friends/jokes/hilarious stuffs.
* Gothic stuff
* Women (like everything about women/the way they look ect :P)
* Flavored zigzags/just zigzags.. i love them to death.
* Lip/belly rings
* Embossing powder
* Kawaii! (Not diddl though, other than that im not picky.)
* Disney sometimes (hello kitty, nightmare before christmas, pooh bear), although i do like real kawaii more than disney
* Sharpies, stationary, memo pads, dark themed/cute address labels
* Cute/pretty envelopes
* Mix cds of my favorite music/bands
* Decotape
* Knee socks, ankle socks

I don't like too much lace, and i don't wear earings but I have my belly button and lip pierced. I had my nose done butt my friend accidentally ripped it out.

Regarding candy&food; I'm not into coconut, dark chocolate, licorice or twizlers. I generally eat candy a lot more than I eat chocolate, but I love trying anything new. I love any foods or candies that you can't get in canada especially china ect.. I LOVE anything sour, its probably my favorite kinda candy stuff. I love warheads & toxic waste, pocky, peeps, candy dots. I prefer coffee and cocoa over tea unless it is teas that you don't get in canada/usa. Other than that I definetly love all foods and candies :) I think I've yet to discover anything else I don't like eating ^.^

Trades :)

I'm pretty open to swapping anything and I like to be sent mostly anything.. as long as you can put some effort into it and if you can try and use what I've said in my interests/profile like I'll always do for you if i can.

I usually try to stick to canadian swaps unless it's just a regular letter/poscard ect. If you ever recieve a swap from me that's not in the guidelines, or it's very late but I have sent it, please contact me before giving me a low rating. {{Btw, I reuse packaging in case anyone was wondering..}} Also, I usually try to handmake all my envelopes for actual swaps.

If anybody lives in canada, OR specifically ontario add me and I'll get around to swapping with you. ALSO- most of what i send is/will be put on flickr so if you want to be surprised dont look before you recieve

I Pledge to Rate


twobluecrows rated for Pocket on my ATC on Jan 1, 2010
kchristisen rated for I'm a good swapper on Nov 4, 2009
Comment: Emailed and never heard back......
Comment: Thanks so much for sharing!!! :D
priscillabrunson rated for Kawaii X 150 #2 on Oct 28, 2009
Comment: Thank you for finally sending the items. It was over a month late and was short on items. I was nice about it, and waited this long to get mainly memos sheets and sticker flakes. I was a bit disappointed. when I e-mailed her about it she said she was not going to resend and to send it back if I didn't like it. I did also give her a 5 but changed it only because of what she emailed me. I try to give everyone a fair rating, but sometimes you can't. I did try to be nice by waiting, but everyone has their limit.
Response: This is what you said to me : "Hi I finally received the 150 x kawaii swap. You were about 10 things short. Also you sent 80 memo sheets when the limit was 35 only. I don't know if you want to resend, since you are leaving swap bot anyway. I don't want to sound rude but as long as I waited for this swap and you were short and didn't meet the requirements. I'm a bit disappointed, but I can't force you to resend to meet requirements. thanks" this is what i said to you: "I put a LOT of variety into it, a lot of different sticker sheets and sticker flakes, memos big & small and a coin purse. . honestly I know I sent late but I'm really offended. It cost me over twenty dollars to buy all that stuff and wait for it, I added deco tape as well and I counted and knew I wasnt short. You said variety and I won't resend, and if you really don't like it send me it back because I met requirements and I'd love to of recieved that. I can understand the disapointment because of it being late but, I put a lot of variety into it just like you said and theres nothing else I can do. All I know is that I spent enoughhh time and money trying to get it all together." Yes, we have our limits. Im kind of at the point of not caring what you say :) Clearly its called "life issues" and if you cant understand that too bad. I'll post the picture of everything I sent to you soon, when I can find it. http://img62.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=18sept09007.jpg
JennieGee rated for Matchbox Swap: Mini Food! on Sep 6, 2009
Comment: very nice!
Response: thanks!
Comment: Sorry for the late rating, I overlooked your email. Loved your answers!
Response: it's all good, glad you liked them
Artistic rated for Writing From Life on Aug 23, 2009
Comment: Is this an excerpt from a novel you're writing?
Response: an excerpt? noo it's not.. although i'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing lol I actually thought I might have been able to add more to the story.. Thanks so much for the rating, i'm really happy to see you liked the writing
marcsgrl rated for between marcsgrl and Adrenaline on Aug 23, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much for the Batman plushie and ATC. Very cute.
Response: you're welcome. :-) batman as you asked haha. i wasn't sure if i'd done the atc correctly but i'm happy to know you like it
boopgirly rated for Puffy Sticker ATC on Aug 21, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the atc, I love the stamps.
Response: really glad you like it :D
Guavatree rated for teeny tiny stuffie swap #2 on Aug 18, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much. Your stuffies are so cute, I especially love the star and how it's a bit bipolar in its moods! Your envelope is really cool too! Thanks again.
Response: thank you for the response <3 i'm so glad you like them ^.^;
junemoon rated for Writing From Life on Aug 9, 2009
Comment: Thanks for S.W.A.T. which I found vividly written - I don't read action genre fiction so I can't say muh more than that. Thanks too for the tea, I've nver seen the brand before. Nice, too to get this before the deadline.
Response: I'm very glad you found it vivid but do wish I'd tailored it more to your tastes, thank you for the rating :)
ladyfee rated for A Letter To Myself #1 on Jul 20, 2009
Comment: I have a motto and it's quite simple and familiar: Don't cry over spilled milk". Hugs.
Response: thank you
whinendine rated for "My Dad Told Me" postcard swap on Jul 17, 2009
Comment: I love the seal, and I heard the same thing growing up. Thanks.
Response: Your welcome :-)
Comment: Very cool box, yes I can use the stuff! Did you just use a regular 54 cent stamp?? My post office made me pay more?!
Response: Yup just a reg. stamp, the post office is a ripoff .. I didn`t even take the envelope in, I asked for the stamp & sent because if they could they would charge us a dollar for regular stamps ;) Very pleased you like the stuff and the matchbox, the red was paper mache`d on. I had fun
zigg13pra rated for 10 to 10 Quickie Email Swap! on Jul 16, 2009
Comment: Thank you!
Response: yw!
artsyjana rated for Water themed ATC's on Jul 15, 2009
Comment: Thanks!
Response: Your very welcome
hypnoticpeach rated for Creative Blog on Jul 13, 2009
Comment: I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Response: thanks :D

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Starberrie on Aug 29, 2009:

Aww, well I hope I see you soon hun (: Best of luck in real life!

Starberrie on Aug 20, 2009:

Hey girl! I decided to check up on your profile, and see you are leaving..I'm sad that you are. You're such a nice swapper too, hun. I'll miss you for sure ):

Hugs, Janice

Toupti on Aug 18, 2009:

Canadian Tag received today. Thanks for the nice ATC and blank ATCs. I also love the extra keychain, I'm going through my pictures to find one to fit in. =D

brandid79 on Aug 14, 2009:

Thank you so much for Angeling the Love Quote Swap for me! I love the ATCs! I will send you something special for all your help!

chocololic on Aug 10, 2009:

Received your tag today, thanks so much! the fabric charms are pretty and the surprise is very nice ^_^.

kiddomerriweather on Aug 6, 2009:

Thank you for the felt from the tag. The envie was shredded in half when I received it (the postal service had put it in another envie). The felt is in great shape though! I really needed some new felt :)

grimmlynn on Aug 3, 2009:

Thank you so much for the 'it fits in a stamped envie tag' that I received today. Everything is so cute and those shipping labels are going to come in SO handy! Have a wonderful day and thanks again!


ZippedShut on Jun 29, 2009:

Your very welcome for the wishlist package!! Happy swapping Maggin.

miahalf on Jun 28, 2009:

Dude... dude! I LOVE your two-faced man-monster stuffie! He is fantastically surreal We should totally do a private swap so I could give you official hearts ;) Thanks lady!! <3

miahalf on Jun 20, 2009:

I'm so glad you like the swag! You're welcome... and aw shucks, I certainly won't say no to a mystery gift ;) Happy crafting lady!

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