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nov 3: i'm sorry to say that i've still been sick. nothing serious, but very painful. while i'm late on a couple swaps, they should be out soon. thanks for your patience!

...i want you all to know that i make every effort to get my swaps out on time and even early. unfortunately, after reviewing my sent swaps, i've found a few that are yet to be rated. if it's past the deadline and you haven't received your swap from me, please let me know! and if you have received it, please take the time to rate it if you haven't already. thanks so much!

alright, now that business is taken care of, about me...

i am a child of the 60's and 70's, i've found that the older i get, the more laid back and retro i become! my husband is a child of the 50's and 60's. he's retro and laid back too!

i'm happily married to the most wonderful man in the world!! between the 2 of us we have 4 adult children...his two sons and my son and daughter. we also have two grandsons (almost 5 and 2 years old, my stepson and dil's boys)

my husband and i are pagans (so please don't send religious items. celtic/druid and goddess items are fine.) we honor the spirit in all things from people to animals, from plants to the very earth. we are eclectic pagans who lean towards druidry. my favorite holiday is samhain, the celtic new year and a time to honor our ancestors and those who have crossed the veil in the past year. (it's on october 31.) my patron goddess is morgana. i am also greatly influenced by isis, gaia, and brede.

if you're not familiar with paganism, please note that we are NOT part of a cult or satanists! in fact, pagans can't be satanists as we don't believe in the devil or hell! or heaven per se for that matter. just wanted to clear up a common misconception!

one day we want to travel the length of route 66.

we've lived in our current home for 9 years and i love our little house! especially since it has room for all my critters! we have 3 dogs, 5 cats, 2 cockatiels, a ball python and some freshwater fish. so, yeah, we have a full house, but i wouldn't trade my beloved critters for anything!

our most recent addition to the family is buddy, a "teenage" cockatiel and companion for our resident cockatiel honey. while he isn't used to be handled much, he loves to sing and has been quite entertaining!

almost all of our critters are "rescues"...from the local shelter, spca, abandoned, etc. it's something i feel very strongly about. i have always had a strong opinion about this, but it was made even stronger from when i volunteered in the medical trailer at the local shelter. please help eliminate the pet overpopulation by spaying/neutering your pets! also be sure to microchip your pets and have tags with your contact info for them to wear...even if they're indoor pets as you never know when they might get outside. i know from experience that they really do work!

if you want to help feed the poor souls in animal shelters, check out theanimalrescuesite.com. by "clicking" daily you can help feed them!

our kitchen is done in a hen and rooster theme with mustard yellow, dark red, and dark greens. it's in a perpetual state of progress...

our bathroom is done in rubber ducks...with green, light blue, medium blue, and white.

oh, our livingroom has a very red couch, and bright accents in yellow, blue, green...we decided it was time for a change!

i like to collect (not necessarily in order of favorites): handmade notecards, ravens (hard to find around here), cats, rubber duck variations, druid/celtic items, smashed/pressed pennies, souvenir spoons, coins from other countries, cows (especially mini cow parade figurines), mcdonald's happy meal toys, pretty papers and decoupage tissue, interesting beads, bookmarks, penguins, odd/unusual/unique items, small sterling silver or pewter charms,TANK GIRL, winnie the pooh, eeyore, and piglet, dia de los muertos themed items, PEZ dispensers/anything pez (i have around 300 now, but don't worry that i might already have one you might want to send...i don't mind duplicates at all!)

i love ladybugs and dragonflies; FAERIES and unicorns, too. and dragons.

i love to stop at those little toy and sticker vending machines and buy myself a little treat...although my hubby thinks i'm crazy!! i like most everything that you can get from the machines, especially little figures and the smart alek stickers! that said, i do not care for those sticky/rubbery things that do little more than stain the walls and collect dirt.

and i always, always have to get smashed pennies when i see a machine...even if it's one i've already been to several times so i have one for me and then some to swap!

i'm addicted to tattoos and body piercing.

my fave colors are bright yellow and deep, dark reds...at least today they are...lol! i also like deep green, rich purples, burgundy, blues, and bright pinks. i love pink and black; black and ivory together as well as hot pink and lime green. i'm not very big on orange although i do like it with black for halloween/samhain and with reds, yellows, and browns during fall.

i do have allergies so i would prefer not to receive anything with a strong scent. although most mild scents are fine.

as much as i love sweets, my doctor has ordered me to cut them out of my diet as much as possible. small amounts are ok, but no more binging! poo! i do not care for cherries (artificial cherry flavor is alright), black licorice, extremely sweet or extremely sour candies, cashews, or pistachos. i do love all kinds of chocolate and kinder eggs which we can't find here anymore. :( i do really like the starburst fave reds (except for fruit punch), planter's peanuts bars and munch peanut bars; trail mix, orbit gum, stale tootsie rolls (especially the long, thin type) make me drool...in a good way ~ lol! as much as i love chocolate, pls do not send it to me during the summer...i don't like pools of melted chocolate stuck on the wrapper! yeah, lol! so, yeah, i've got a tremendous sweet tooth, but will have to keep it in check now!

i love most flowers in any color, especially orchids, birds of paradise,hibiscus, irises, pansies, roses, petunias, sunflowers, tulips, and rumuculus.

i prefer fall and spring over summer. i hate the heat and spring allergies make me miserable! winter is my favorite season.

even though i'm a jean and t-shirt kind of gal, i'm a shoe and purse whore and love high fashion.

any questions? feel free to ask! that doesn't mean i'll answer...but i'll try!!

Favorite Music

classic rock, blues, celtic rock...i.e. stones, styxx, tom petty, queen, the eagles, mick martin, danny castro, blues collections, amy winehouse, tempest...

i also love reggae, alternative, and the like including maxi priest, ub40, aswad, marley (both) of course! etc...

i like most genres except heavy metal, most classical (although i do like tchaikovsky -- sp?), opera, religious music.

Favorite Movies and Books

my latest favorite movie is "tank girl"! i love it! anything related to "tank girl" would be a great surprise as it's been hard to find! "it's been swell....! "

like british humor? check out the british version of "death at a funeral"! it is a riot!

i love love love comedies! i also enjoy dramadies, foreign films, indies, action/adventure, suspense (but not gory), and fantasy films.

i love rowan atkinson and his mr bean character. he's so goofy, i can't help but laugh! they're a great pick-me-up and my down days.

i enjoy reading when i can concentrate on it. i love fantasy fiction (mercedes lackey, david eddings, terry brooks, lloyd alexander, j.r. ward, jacqueline carey...)

also suspense/thriller and detective type books. (grisham, fox, ladd, deaver, johanson, patterson, saul, etc.) I just read my first karen rose mystery (die for me) and loved it, so i'm looking for more of her books. i don't mind the violence so much in books as then i don't have to "see" the gore. but i don't care for gratuitous violence/gore...it needs to be a real part of the story for me.

i love quote compilations! especially the unusual/goofy ones. :) if you have a great quote, send it to me!

Favorite Television

don't watch tv much anymore, but when i do, i like bill mahr, castle, history channel, pro golf, pro and collegiate basketball, pro and collegiate football, track and field events, baseball championship series (go giants! woohoo!). good stand-up comedy...

Favorite Crafts

i enjoy oil painting, painting small resin or plaster figurines (especially faeries!) and winter holiday ornaments, card making, quilling, match boxes, painting and decoupage-ing boxes and paper mache' items, 32- and 250 count sized matchbox shrines, altered journals, atcs, collages, and the like.

i'd love old photos/magazine images from the 1970's or earlier. Preferably no bigger than 5x7"...best would be small enough to use on cards and atcs.


Used/recycled/re-purposed is always great!

nice pens in a variety of colors for journaling, lists of random questions for daily journaling, oil paints, water paint (tubes), paint brushes of all sizes and types, faerie stuff, raven items, goddess-themed items and goddess dolls, dia de los muertos themed items, atc blanks and supplies, rubber duckie variations, fine art magazines, art history books w/lots of pix ...any era but especially the renaissance, small bottles of ritual oils, anything witchy (even the old ugly green type!), vintage papers/pictures, rubber stamps and stamp pads (any color), hippos, penguins, salt and pepper shakers especially cows and chickens/roosters, aardvarks, high fashion magazines (even though i'm a jeans and tees type of gal, i love haute coutre!)...

anything on my amazon wishlist, used in good condition would be great! (it doesn't have to come from amazon, i just find that a convenient place for my wishlist!!)

i love to laugh so anything humorous is great! (i have a weird sense of humor so don't worry about offending me!)

Thrift Store Treasures

reduce ~ reuse ~ recycle!

a few of my favorite things to find: buttons esp old or bright, or unusual buttons, postcards, vintage movie/stage goodies for my son, ziggy dolls and peanuts (the comic strip kind) for my daughter rubber ducks, cow themed goodies, mystery/suspense books, old comic books, unusual salt and pepper shakers (figurine style), vintage magazines and paper, shot glasses for my son's and my stepson's collections, cute little purses, golf stuff for my dh, tiny plastic or ceramic animals, little boxes to alter, music boxes, craft goodies, and most of all....the weird, unusual, quirky stuff!

Please note:

while i try not to let it get me down, i do have some chronic health problems that sometimes leave me laid up for days or even weeks at a time. if it means i'll be late with a swap, i'll try to let you know asap! thanks for understanding!


craftycol rated for Handmade Cat Card - senders choice on May 21, 2012
Comment: I think i got this swap not sure why have not rated it
Loonstruck rated for Christmas ATC swap! INT on Dec 17, 2010
Comment: 12/16/10 - I sent a PM on December 12th and haven't heard back from you. I will be happy to rerate when I receive.
texdel rated for X-mas Card on Nov 22, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the very cute card. Happy Thanksgiving.
SEMOkraftee rated for Senders Choice - October on Nov 13, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the fun card. I have a cat loving friend who will receive that particular Christmas card. :)
mag rated for Happy Halloween Matchbox Swap on Nov 2, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the lovely matchbox! And the plasters are really cute >_<
luleemik rated for Halloween ATC's on Oct 26, 2010
Comment: Great ATC's in my favorite art form...collage!! Thank you SO much:) The Halloween band-aids are TOO cute!!
gothbarbie rated for Halloween ATC Swap INT'L (CQ) on Oct 13, 2010
Comment: Thanks! And Happy Halloween!
sweetypiedie rated for Halloween ATC Swap INT'L (CQ) on Oct 8, 2010
Comment: I love the two ATCs you sent me, thanks for the bonus one! They are both great. The mice in the candy corn costumes are so cute!
Irina rated for Handmade Cat Card - senders choice on Sep 27, 2010
Comment: Your 2 cards (with matching envelopes) are really great! The cat walk card is funny. And the cat on the big card is very nice with soft tones. Your color choice matches the autumn :-) I wonder how you made the cards! How did you make the soft tones of the cat? Thank you for both nice cards.
Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like them! The walking cats are made with a stencil and dimensional paste. The other card is made with a stencil and colored chalk using a pouncer-type brush and q-tips.
urquhart rated for Handmade Senders Choice Challenge 2 on Jan 25, 2010
Comment: Beautiful cards - thank you so much!
pandakitty rated for ATC- Penguin on Jan 14, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the lovely ATC.
revolutionoise rated for Mini Christmas stocking on Jan 6, 2010
Comment: Wow! There was some really neat stuff in there! The pins that says "I love porn", the charms, and everything was cool, thanks!
melovetea rated for Favorite Color Matchbox on Jan 6, 2010
Comment: Dear Wicked Faerie, very very beautiful matchboxes, thank soooo much, I loved them. I hope things are going better for you and that this new year brings much luck.
Robin rated for Mini Row House Christmas Ornaments on Jan 4, 2010
Comment: Thank you....have a beautiful day
rainbowafterrain81 rated for December themed matchbox on Jan 4, 2010
Comment: thanks for the matchbox it is beautiful and I have already used some of the buttons inside, i especially think the mitten buttons are cute :) have a great start to your new year
Luckysnugs rated for Gingerbread Man Matchbox on Dec 31, 2009
Comment: Cute! Cute! Cute! Thank you very much.
nystarcards rated for Holiday Notecards on Dec 29, 2009
denisecouser rated for Holiday Notecards on Dec 22, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much for sending these! I really like all of them and will enjoy using them.
DeeLee rated for Santa's Toy Shop Row House on Dec 17, 2009
Comment: I absolutely love the toy shop you made. Very inventive. Thank you.

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