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It's so nice to see you here! My name's Jazzy and I'm a jazz-of-all-trades. I am a Halloween loving, prop making, special effect makeup, video game watching, writing, learning, graphic designing, hand lettering, cute head band wearing, thrift shopping, role playing, cosplaying, LARPing, new experience having, fiction writing, Disney loving kind of gal. I like to learn about new things and try new things. My depression likes to smoosh a lot of these things into the ground, but I'm working on that!

I love to design and create things, so when my friend told me about this site, I was all for it! Expect many paper crafted or hand drawn things. I am not the best artist around, but my TK and kinders at work love it (and honestly, I've learned and pushed myself most in drawing because of them).

Random Facts

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Number: 13
Second Favorite Number: 3
Favorite Candy: Butterfinger BBs
Status: Married
Favorite Animal: Red Panda
Favorite Flower: Cala Lily
Future Goals: To either work in the publishing industry or for Disney
Quote to Live By: How do you eat an elephant?
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Most Sought After Item: I have spent the last few years searching for a blue glass old fashioned high back style bathtub for hand soap. I've learned that it was released by Bath and Body Works in the early 2000's as far as I can tell.
ALT BBW bathtub

Favorite Crafts

Favorite Types of Crafting

  • Paper Craft
  • Perler Beads
  • Hand/Creative Lettering
  • Designing in Illustrator
  • Coloring
  • Drawing
  • Cross Stitching

Tried and Failed

  • Knitting
  • Crocheting
  • Sewing
  • Quilting

Likes and Dislikes


Theme: I love to learn and experience new things so if you put a lot of effort into your creation, I will most likely love it. Though Pirates will always win my heart. Crude and punny are allowed!

Food and Drink: Herbal tea (no green or mint tea, though), salty snacks, new and interesting things

Misc: When I say I really like to experience new things, I mean it. If there is something you love to do/eat/drink/etc that isn't part of the norm, please feel free to share!


Theme: Anything preachy, political, or super opinionated, super bloody/gory, Spiders (unless tastefully used in a Halloween theme), Modern Art (if it looks like a kindergartener or a monkey made it, I don't wanna see it. Bleh).

Food and Drink: Mint of any kind, and as much as I love it, bread-based things make my tummy hurt

Misc: Glitter (not a hard no, but my husband doesn't like it, so go light ^.^), burlap/jute (hard no. Smell bad)


How to Send for a PC Swap: Naked or in an envelope, I'm not picky. BUT if you send in an envelope, I would like you to write on the postcard, not just send it blank with another paper with the note on it. For handmade postcards, I would prefer them in a clear envelope (regular envelope or naked is okay, though). I've received a few that were damaged by the post office.

- Touristy: If they are of unusual places or are cool looking
- Ads: Did you find a super cool looking advertisement PC? Something that has an interesting quirk or is for a cool place or restaurant and the image is a pun or just not your normal ad, hit me up with it. No political or religious or "go vote" cards.
- In general, if your card is not your normal, run of the mill "here's a postcard I got cause I got it" I may very well like it. 3D, animals, pirates, anything on my ABC theme list will make me happy. I don't prefer modern art, though. Bleh. - NO political, religious, gory.

Easy as ABC

I saw this on a few other profiles and I liked it! I've updated it to be themes only to help you guys out!

A - Anime, Aggretsuko

B - Books, Badtz Maru

C - Cats, Cheshire Cat (animated Disney, pink on pink preferred)

D - Dogs, Disney, Dr. Facilier, Doctor Who (9th FTW)

E - the Evil Queen (old lady transformation preferred)

F - Feathers

G - Game of Thrones, Gaston, Graveyards

H - Halloween, Hufflepuff, Hedgehogs

I - Irony

J - Jack-o-Lanterns

K - Kawaii, Kitsune

L - Lord of the Rings, Llamas

M - Maleficent

N - Nightmare Before Christmas

O - Old West

P - Pirates, puns, purple

Q -

R - Red Pandas, Ravens on skulls, Robots

S - Skulls, Scar, Stars (astronomy), Stranger Things

T - Tattoos, Thirteen (the number)

U - Ursula the Sea Witch

V - Video games, Villains (mostly Disney), Veggie Tales

W -

X - Xenology

Y - YA (genre)

Z -

Favorite Books

I mostly read within the YA genre, but I do wander to other genres as well.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Disc World
  • The Cinder Series
  • In My Enemies House
  • Should I Die Before I Wake
  • The Wheel of Times series

Favorite Music

My husband likes to say I have a rather eclectic taste in music.

Some of the types I like:

  • Oldies (Motown and the like)
  • Alt Rock/Pop Punk (Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, Meghan Trainor, Twenty One Pilots)
  • Disney
  • Showtunes


I always appreciate any extras that are added in the envelope. I don't always remember to thank you for them when I'm rating. This is usually because I'm gushing over your art. But do not think I am not very grateful and thankful! So here is your thanks in advance: THANK YOU!

That being said, I do not expect extras. I feel extras are given from the goodness of your heart. All I ever expect to receive is the art from the swap I signed up for =D


CHOWEFACE rated for Disney Scatts D swap on Jul 15, 2019
Comment: thanks!
Disneydezi rated for Haunted Houseplant on Jul 13, 2019
Comment: A baby haunted mansion holiday man eating poinsettia wreath!!!!! This swap is perfect, I adore it, thank you!
Comment: Wow, you did an AMAZING job recreating the ministry id, my favorite was your wand design though! You are bewitching as always! <3
Response: It was fun to make! I had to draw it all in colored pencil, which meant minimal erasing. So glad you like it! Someday, I will make that wand <3
Comment: It got here this time! Love it so much! Legend of Zelda is the best. This is totally going on my mood board :)
Response: Woohoo! I'm so glad it made it this time and that you like it! It was so fun to make
mandymo rated for Halloween Matchbox on Jul 9, 2019
Comment: What a clever idea! It will be perfect on my Halloween tree. Thank you so very much for sharing your creativity with me.
Response: I'm so glad you like it! I've never worked with matchboxes before :D
swiftbrooks rated for Halloween Spool on Jul 8, 2019
Comment: OMG!! I LOVE my Frankenstein Spool!! Thank you so much!! :D
Response: Yay! I'm so glad you like it! I'm happy with how it came out :D
makestuff rated for Dicks in Disguise II on Jul 7, 2019
Comment: Omygosh I laughed so much at this! Great quote by Bill Nye too! Thank you!
Response: I am so glad it made you laugh! You're welcome!
Eclectonote rated for first & last lines no. 13 on Jul 7, 2019
Comment: Very nice Keep Calm postcard. Hope you get discovered as you share your creativity!
Response: Glad you like it and thanks so much!
myancey rated for Disney Scatts C swap on Jul 5, 2019
Comment: Thanks so much I loved your answers and your creativity on C thanks
Response: So glad you enjoyed (and it made it in a decent time lol)!
Littleroo rated for Interest me No. 70 on Jul 5, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful bookmark.
Response: You're welcome :)
Comment: I love the hand-drawn beachy scene you did! So pretty to look at!
Response: So glad you like it!
Comment: This ATC is so fricken cool!!!! I LOVE it. Thank you so much. I now have a new use for vellum.
Response: I'm so glad you like it! I had fun making it. I've been experimenting with vellum and enjoying the outcomes :D
kfaye rated for Altered Playing Card Deck - Month 6 on Jul 2, 2019
Comment: I love your art work on these cards, thank you :)
Response: So happy you like them!
Comment: Love it its cute and raven is also my favorite!
Response: I'm glad you like it! It was fun to make. Raven is an awesome character :D
USTravelingGirl rated for Disney B scatts swap on Jun 29, 2019
Comment: Good answers! Thank you!!
Response: You're welcome!
Vickyen rated for Art Collab #32 add postage on Jun 28, 2019
Comment: Hi Jasmine! I received your background and look forward to adding Art to it! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)
Response: Glad it made it to you! I'm excited to see what comes of it =D
myancey rated for Disney Scattergories A swap on Jun 27, 2019
Comment: Thanks for a great of and memories. Loved ur answers and so glad it finally made it. Funny thing is I got B before A. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Response: I'm so glad it made it! I was prepping to make a resend. My B made it before A made it too you. Very weird. Glad you liked it though!
Christopherpines rated for Halloween Bingo Card on Jun 19, 2019
Comment: Thank you! I love that you designed the Bingo Card!
Response: You're welcome!
Comment: So fun as always! Love swapping with you!
Response: So glad you like it! It was fun to make =D
Comment: I love the card you sent! I like the way you worked the U in there, it absolutely works. I used the same answer for my villain lol Thank you so much!
Response: This one was on the more difficult side! I'm glad you like it!

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Love swapping with you! Thanks for making cool stuff to share!

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Thanks so much for adding to my Art Collab postcard - it's awesome!

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