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Birthday: July 29
Country: Canada
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About Me

I'm a Canadian nerd. I'm a perpetual student of science, languages, and all kinds of crafts. I really enjoy meeting new people and am always happy to get a message from a friendly stranger.

I don't believe it's possible to have too many books or bookmarks. Or spend too much time talking about them! I have strong opinions about popular literature based on my personal politics and am more than willing to debate over them. Ok, I admit it. I just like to argue. Intelligently.


Favorite Music

  • Michael Franti & Spearhead- cheery stuff! Although I am somewhat disappointed by their move away from overtly political songwriting.

  • Ani DiFranco- feminist icon with a sense of humour.

  • Balkan Beatbox- What happens when a bunch of Eastern Europeans move to NYC and decide to form a dance-music band? Awesome happens!

  • Gogol Bordello- gypsy punk. 'Nuff said.

  • The Descendents- nerd punk heroes. These guys invented pop punk and still do it better than anyone else. Plus their singer is a biochemist. You know I think that's hot!

  • NOFX- keeping punk rock elite since 1983. Bring your sense of humour.

  • Hardcore Superstar- Gothenburg glam rock. Good times when you don't wanna use your brain.

Also David Rovics, The Dirty Heads, Betty Blowtorch, Hatebreed, LeTigre, Sublime and a lot more I can't name right now. I can never remember the names of filmi songs. Maybe it would help if I learned Hindi.

Favorite Books

Fiction by author: * Terry Prachet * Neil Gaiman. So his protrayals of women are totally flat and unrealistic. The stories are wonderful once you get past that. The concept of American Gods is one I return to over and over. * Haruki Murakami * Jonathan Carrol. He's a genius who doesn't get enough respect. Check out Outside the Dog Musuem or the Ghost In Love to see why he's my all-time favourite! * Carol Shields * Maya Angelou

Now for the hard stuff. Non-fiction by author:

  • Richard Feynman

  • Meredith L. Patterson

  • Brian Greene

  • Richard Preston

  • Isa Chandra Moskowitz (not exactly hard stuff, but cooking counts as chemistry, doesn't it? lol)

I'm keeping this short as most folks reading it won't care about the scientific stuff. You can always send me a PM about these topics anyways.

Favorite Movies

In no particular order:

  • The Princess Bride

  • The Terminator series

  • X-men series

  • The Punisher

  • Point Break

  • anything directed by Michael Moore

  • Lost Boys

  • Chris Nolan's Batman films (except TDKR)

  • The Avengers

  • Inception

  • Mallrats

  • Zombieland

  • Contagion

  • Serenity

Favorite Television

This might be a long list. I'm sadly addicted to television.

  • Dexter
  • True Blood
  • The Big Band Theory
  • Star Trek
  • Criminal Minds
  • Firefly
  • Buffy TVS
  • Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking
  • Mythbusters
  • Nitro Circus
  • Law & Order
  • CSI
  • The Mentalist
  • Warehouse 13
  • Torchwood
  • Dr. Who

I justify my TV addiction by claiming I need to keep up on the plots since they relate to the sociological research I'm doing on fan fiction. If you write stories in any fandom on TV, I'd love a copy for my collection!

Favorite Crafts

  • knitting
  • sewing
  • beading
  • woodwork
  • millinery
  • papercraft
  • painting

When it comes to crafting, I'll try just about anything. I prefer to work in fabric, but I do take requests.

Things I Have An Odd Obsession

  • blazers and jackets (if you find a neat one in a ladies' large at a thrift store, send it my way!)
  • cardigans
  • sneakers
  • comic books
  • yarn
  • the colour orange
  • text books
  • academic journals
  • organizers of all types

Comics I Collect

  • The Punisher
  • Hellblazer
  • Buffy TVS
  • Scarlet
  • Wolverine
  • X-Men
  • Orchid
  • Sandman
  • Saga
  • Fables
  • Ironman

Things I study

Languages: French, Swedish, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish

Sciences: genetics, particle physics, biochemistry, mathematical theory

Humanities: Sociology, Cultural Studies, psychology

Swap Preferences

Things I Would Like to Receive: * bookmarks * book covers * organizers of all kinds * vegan recipes * scientific articles and tools * anything relating to technology * things with simple designs and clean lines * dish towels and tablecloths * kitchen accessories * shopping bags * notebooks * things in non-english languages * hats

Things I Would Prefer Not to Receive: * anything perfumed or smelly in general (I'm allergic!) * anything girly or overtly feminine * anything with animal products * glitter, in, on or around anything * anything kawaii-ish. * hair accessories: I have a Mohawk and therefore don't need barrettes or scrunchies or anything else. Hats are love!

I'm not femmey or ladylike in any way, so the key to crafting for me is really to pretend you're making stuff for a guy. I'm easy after that!



jessicamangulo rated for Secret Postcard (4) on Jan 9, 2013
KSENiA rated for Task A Day Journal #2 on Jan 2, 2013
Comment: I will change if I recive anything.
lady86 rated for Secret Postcard (4) on Oct 29, 2012
Comment: I don't received any postcard.
zurdoswifey rated for 6 pencils <3 #4 on Oct 29, 2012
Comment: Thanks so much
lemorton rated for Short Poem on a Postcard #6 on Oct 27, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the p\c. and the fact that it was written by you. good job.
kerrydwynn rated for Getting to know you on Oct 23, 2012
Comment: Sarah ~ you are a most unique individual! Have you ever considered writing as a profession? This was a wonderful letter, and it incorporated all the topics on the swap ~ WELL DONE!! and Thank you! (I used to commute into Toronto to work, and am so glad I don't anymore; did it for 11 years. But I'm glad you are pursuing your job and your dreams!) P.S. loved the wee enclosures too - how thoughtful of you <3
LilyLestrange rated for Bucket List on Oct 20, 2012
Comment: Thanks for sending me your bucket list Sarah! I didn't mind at all that it was typed, and I loved that you want to get so many degrees, aim for the stars! :) It was interesting to see the wishes and aspirations of another person, thanks again for sharing them with me. :)
danushaj rated for I Want an International Penpal! #2 on Oct 19, 2012
Comment: Your letter made me laugh so hard I woke the baby!! Thank you for making my day. The notebook will come in handy and I wanna steal your aeroplane stamp!!! Thanks for the cards!! I've sent a letter back, hope the stuff I have included is blokey enough for you!! It is the only none shiny thing I had here, I don't send glittery things but shiny stickers. Thanks again!!! You are a real hoot!!
Comment: Thanks for the letter. I would like to write back. We do have some things in common. Phd in physics, how awesome. My kids have physics in school.
Comment: Thank you! I love everything, especially the Halloween stuff and the cards you made.
mybodythehandgrenade rated for All Hallow's Read on Oct 12, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the book - I started it last weekend and I'm enjoying it very much so far!
nightrainboww rated for 3 cards in an envelope #2 on Oct 10, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the amazing cards!
Comment: Oh man, NOFX were one of the first bands that got me into poppunk! I see you like gypsy punk, you should try flogging molly! (Black Friday Rule and Devils Dance Floor are two favs) E-mail me your mail address and I'll write back, I'll send over some CDs from the UK too. X
littlehana86 rated for A task a day journal on Oct 8, 2012
Comment: thank you.. will post to your page my comment after i read all.. ;)
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Comment: Thank you for the beautiful envelopes!
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Comment: thanks...love them.
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Comment: I love the notecards! Thank you so much!
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Comment: Thank you for the great envies, and the postcard.
Response: Glad you liked them!
TerryF rated for One Postcard - Canada only #6 on Sep 28, 2012
Comment: Ahhhhh...TO...Hogtown...my birthplace! Thx for the Toronto PC (and you can have the politics anytime you want them! lol). T. (";)
Response: I was born there too, but I refuse to take responsibility for it! I'm from Barrie- we have our own special brand of politics that doesn't include Rob Ford!

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marge on Dec 2, 2012:

Hi sarah... i hope things are well at your end... waiting for you to get back online checking every now and then. I hope you got my swap. Thank you. stay safe and blessed.

juliedro on Nov 5, 2012:

hello! I am waiting to see you back on this site, maybe my swap reached you?! you told me to wait before resending as it might have arrived. I am still waiting for you rating or other info.

littlehana86 on Oct 14, 2012:

I've finally read all the entry :) Really like to hear about your job.. It's really one of interesting job in this world.. I can see why you like it so much.. Thanks for all the entry... A really nice journal!

PukeFacedFreak on Oct 4, 2012:

Thank you for joining my swap! I hope all goes well and hope you're having a good day. :)

wandofhawthorn on Aug 27, 2012:

I came to see what other music you liked -- you have incredible taste. Balkan Beatbox and Gogol Bordello are favorites of mine! You might enjoy Frank Turner (English folk punk singer/songwriter).

disneyfan18 on Aug 16, 2012:

I love the tile on the top of your blog and you have made me think that I can express myself too! thank you! swap disneyfan18 ;)

annigerusa on Aug 9, 2012:

Hello and welcome on swap bot :) I'm happy to welcome you in my penpal swap :) enjoy, happy swapping! garf

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