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News & Current Events

12/2/2018 - I have not been here since my last post about Dad's passing. Some holiday cheer will be good for the soul.

1/4/2018 - I have been absent for a reason. My dad passed away unexpectedly on December 27th. Just have not been in the mood to log in and do much of anything. I will reply to any messages now. God bless.

12/18/2017 - Quick update, I've mailed all of my cards, pretty early actually - within a day or two of being assigned partners. If you have not received a card from me, please let me know. It should have arrived by now. I have also rated every partner from whom I've received cards - except one. Have a question about that one. Should be able to rate soon. If you sent to me and do not have a rating, please get in touch. Thanks!

11/28/2017 - How time flies! I have not logged in since last December. I've missed this. Job is crazy, and I have much less time nowdays to dedicate to crafting. But...I love Christmas, so I'm ready to get in some Christmas swaps! Off to find some swaps!

10/31/2015 - Wow! I have not updated my profile in two years! They have been good years. Hectic, stressful but good. I am thankful for many things. In these two years my son graduated from with a Bachelors Degree and a Masters degree, was accepted and started Medical School. A rollercoaster of tests, applications, interviews - intermingled with a bit of travel, graduations, joyful, and heartbreaking news. I look forward to the Christmas and Holiday swaps.

11/23/2013 - Looking forward to all the Christmas swaps! Received my first 3 cards today. Yay!

11/7/2012 ~ Thanks to Vanne for being cool and understanding. ATC has been made and sent. Feels good to be back. I've just made a Christmas card swap, won't you join in? My house was filled with cards received from swap-bot swaps last year. It was pretty nice, and well...just pretty!.

11/1/2012 ~ Finally have a chance to come back after many months of total absence. Things happen, but life goes on. I owe an apology to my last partner. She still has not received her ATC. Writing to her tonight, and will make it right. With Christmas just around the corner, I am looking forward to getting into some card swaps.

1/12/2012 ~ Hello! Okay, so..my son has gone back to college. I miss him SO much. Thought it would get easier after a year but, nah. Our relative is out of the hospital, now waiting for a spot in an assisted living facility. Apparently there is lots of paperwork and waiting to be done. He also started his dialysis treatments. I have started to work on the "angeling" cards for my Vintage love swap and on other swaps I've signed up for. Hope this new year brings health and peace to all of you!

12/29/2011 ~ Another update and news. Our family member is still hospitalized but has stabilized somewhat. Looks like he will need dialysis 3x week forever :( The doctors are still not sure of the reason for the renal failure. I want to reiterate that I rated everything I received for Christmas cards and any any other Christmas-related swaps. Thank you to all the partners who sent their cards! I displayed them all and they looked great :) ~ I've received messages from two participants of my Vintage Love ATC swap who were, sadly, flaked on. I will be angeling them. I really hope this does not happen again....I will be posting the next installment of my Vintage ATC series this afternoon!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year. Cyber hugs!

12/16/2011 ~ Update I've opened and rated every single Christmas/Holiday/etc card received! Thank you, swap-bot partners! If I did not rate you, your card has not yet arrived. ........................................................................

If you know me, at all ~ you know I love Christmas! I signed up for many Christmas (and holidays) card swaps. Love receiving them in the mail. I wanted to let my partners know that the reason why I have not done much rating on these swaps is that a close family member has been hospitalized for 2 weeks now under pretty dire circumstances. Prior to his hospitalization, we were taking care of him and his home, and now have other issues to handle ...anyway it is a lengthy story. There is no diagnosis yet, but his kidneys have shut down and he is starting dialysis today. Long story short...I will get my mail opened and my ratings done asap, thank you for understanding. I did send all of my swaps on time, except 1, my Christmas express cards which went out today :( I hope that my partners understand the reason. Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season to all! Merry Christmas ~ Naya

Favorite Books

Oh boy...I read a LOT. Favorites..let's see:

Tolkien - yep LOTR nerd!

A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin. (Winter is Coming!) Yep Big Fantasy Genre reader ... NOT science fiction.

The Pillars of the Earth, World Without End. Ken Follet rocks my world.

Harry Potter Series. I purchased the first copy of the last book ay my local Barnes and Noble store at midnight of the release day! Yay I was in the paper. I knew waiting in line all those hours was worth it! :)

The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who played with Fire. I have to get the last book in the series - The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

Dan Brown - The DaVInci Code, The Lost Symbol.

Guy Gavriel Kay - The Fionavar Tapestry Trilogy, Sailing to Sarantium, A Song for Arbonne, The Last Light of the Sun. I recently finished reading his latest book "Under Heaven." It was pretty good.

Jacqueline Carey - Kushiel's Legacy Series

Phillipa Gregory's Historical Fiction

Most Amy Tan. The Hundred Secret Senses was great.

The Chronicles of Narnia.

Ann Rice - Her earlier works up to Taltos. I loved "The Witching Hour."

The Children of the Earth Series by Jean M. Auel is SO awesome. "The Land of the Painted Caves" finally came out, unfortunately reviews are not great. I'm going to wait a bit before purchasing it.

Favorite Movies

Usually if I've read the book, I find the movie seriously lacking. Anyway...movies:

Inception was actually quite fantastic.


The Matrix (all variations)

All LOTR movies.

All Harry Potter movies. Of course. First Showing, First Day. :)

The Color Purple

Shakespeare in Love

Favorite Television

Cancelled shows: 24, Lost, House, Touch.

Bones True Blood CSI NCIS Criminal Minds Top Chef Project Runway

All time favorites: Star Trek! The West Wing (I know it is an old series but I watch the reruns when I can.. It is just that good.)

Firefly, Stargate (all variations) - I know I said I dont read sci-fi but these series I like - and are now all cancelled, bah!

About Me

I rate my partners as soon as I receive the swap, barring something extremely unusual. If I did not rate you, it is because "it" has not yet arrived. Please feel free to email me with any questions! By the same token, if you have not received a swap from me - Please contact me prior to rating me down. I always send!

Recently discovered Zentangles and I'm pretty much hooked. Love 'em.

I have also (quite by accident) "discovered" the Steampunk art genre, and I have to say, I find it very visually appealling. Such whimsy & creativity!

I have developed a great love for ATC's as well and have started a nice little collection. I do both mixed media/collage and hand painted/drawn cards. I will always give each card the attention and care that I would want to receive. I rather give my partner extra time to send their swap rather than to receive something haphazardly made due to a "rush." If you are interested in a private ATC swap, PM me!

I love to cook and try to innovate in the kitchen. I enjoy trying out new recipes, regional and ethnic cuisines. My son is now a senior at Johns Hopkins University so I am always looking for treats and such to send to him. Yeah, I'm an empty nester :(

I am always looking for new spices and spice blends as well salts, flavored honey and interesting syrups.

I enjoy travel, both here in the US and overseas. We try to "go" somewhere every year.

I have a cute lil mutt, Ruby. The sweetest doggie ever.

I love to paint, but have not touched a canvas in a very long time.

Oh I love Scrabble and Apples to Apples.

Love photography, and take tons of pictures.

I enjoy going to art festivals and museums and "people watching."

Ren Faires are a must!

I love all things ancient. Especially Egyptian culture, history, art, architecture. To a slightly lesser extent other old civilizations ~ Greek, Roman, Cathars, Gaul, Etruscan, Prehistoric, you get the idea...

Old cemeteries fascinate me. I make a point to visit them when we go places. Pere LeChaise in Paris was amazing. Bonaventure in Savannah as well.

I guess in keeping with my love of "old" things... old churches are interesting to me. Maybe it is a purely historical, or architectural, or anthropological interest. Maybe something else.

Things I Collect

Old/Vintage Cookbooks

Seashells off Sanibel Island and Captiva beaches. I have quite a collection, all picked up during our vacations there.

Masks. Clay or metal of some ethnic or cultural interest.

Kachina dolls. Wish I could afford more of them.

Interesting ethnic pottery or figurines. No mass-produced commercial stuff.

Russian nesting/Stacking dolls (Matryosha)

Christmas ornaments and Santas. Eye catching, different, original ideas. I love cloisonne ornaments!

Interesting keys and locks


"Chick flicks"

Romance novels


Frills, Ruffles & the like.

Cute stuff, kawaii, girlie stuff



Graphic novels/Manga

Things for my husband & son


Loose tea & tea combinations. Zero teabags.

Dijon/Grainy mustards

Orchids. We have thousands of them.


Vintage Medical Books, Journals and Instruments

Vintage brass intruments

Hand-made, carved flutes, whistles

Small ornamental, display-type swords/daggers

Thrift Store/$1 Store


Funky Reading Glasses +1.50 I go through these like crazy, and keep a pair everywhere!

Long Memo Pads. Im always making notes!

ATC Supplies: Sheer ribbon, scrapbook embellishments, notecards, craft glue/glue sticks, fine-tiped color pens/markers, Interesting paper/ephemera, things like that.

Books: Fantasy, Cookbooks, Thrillers

Edibles: Sugar-free gum & citrus/sour candies, herb/spices/spice mixes, dark chocolate.

Miscellaneous: Taper candles, votive candles & holders (not vanilla or gadenia) lavender is nice, uncented is nice too! Light scents.


white/milk chocolate, licorice, beads, lotions, silk flowers, makeup, romance novels, political opinion books, girly/pink things, hair accesories.

Favorite Music

I like all sorts! Except country not so much, oh I don't like rap.

80's music. Lots of this in my Ipod! Hall & Oates' "Say it isn't so" and Amy Grant's "I will Remember You" get played a lot.

Instrumental Jazz (Count Basie, Jaco Pastorius, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James) The song "I Remember Clifford" and Vocalese (I love the New York Voices!)

Oldies & Classic Rock. Beatles.

Classical & Selected Opera arias (Nessun Dorma from Turandot is a favorite, Tosca and Carmen.)

More "modern" music: I adore Coldplay and Lighthouse Manifesto.

Selected Latin music. It is more by song than by artist. Carlos Vives - Carito, Juanes - Me Enamora, Cabas - Ya no eres mi bombon.

My absolute favorite from this genre is a ballad by Celia Cruz titled "Te Busco." It was the last song from a rather mediocre movie called "Lantana" starring that guy from the TV series "Without a Trace." It is quite beautiful. Give it a listen, even if you do not understand the words.



jannieb rated for More Christmas Cards! on Jan 4, 2019
Comment: Sorry for the late rating. Thank you for the cute card & tag. Merry Christmas!
vlhafer54 rated for Brenda's Winter Scene Card Swap on Dec 31, 2018
Comment: Thank you - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
WestMichiganGuy rated for More Christmas Cards! on Dec 28, 2018
Comment: Thanx
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Comment: Thank you for the beautiful card and tag.
Comment: Thanks!
SamiE rated for Brenda's Christmas Tree Card Swap on Dec 20, 2018
Comment: Glad it's warm where you are. It's cold and rainy here today. We may get colder later!! Thanks for the card and the fabric. Marry Christmas to you!!
gizmodust rated for Brenda's Christmas Tree Card Swap on Dec 18, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful card. I may grumble about the snow but can't imagine living without it. Get so excited at the first snowfall of the year and love to watch a blizzard (from inside). Then go outside when it's over and everything is white and clean and sparkling. It helps being retired because I don't HAVE to go out. Thanks again.
DaiziDruke rated for Brenda's Snowman Card Swap on Dec 18, 2018
Comment: The sparkly snowman is so adorable! Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!
ayates rated for More Christmas Cards! on Dec 17, 2018
Comment: thank you ~ happy holidays!
Comment: Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!!
Comment: fantastic card! =) thank you. happy holidays!
BabyBee78 rated for Brenda's Santa Card Swap on Dec 15, 2018
Comment: What a beautiful card and mini envie...I love it!
Comment: Thank you Naya! I love the card and the extras!! I love using little envelopes in my junk journals and the paper is really pretty!! Merry Christmas!!
Gatzcat rated for A Week of Christmas Cards on Dec 14, 2018
Comment: Thank you for sending. I'll be opening them one by one for the next week. Happy Holidays!
Sagebrushs rated for Brenda's Snowman Card Swap on Dec 14, 2018
Comment: Thank you and Season's Greetings!
CreativeCitrine rated for Brenda's Santa Card Swap on Dec 12, 2018
Comment: thank you so much! Merry Christmas!
Comment: Thank you! Merry Christmas! :)

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VaGrammy66 on Nov 17, 2013:

Thank you for joining my Christmas/Holiday Card- Santa Claus Swap!

rainbowafterrain81 on Dec 13, 2012:

hello! I received your My poor lonely stocking #2~ USA only swap today, I intend to rate on Christmas but wanted to let you know they arrived and are tucked safely in a stocking :) Thanks

ransom on Feb 18, 2012:

Thank you so much for angeling the Vintage Love themed ATC. Very sweet of you!! Sheryl

tarabranham on Jun 12, 2011:

Thanks for letting me know what you meant by 'real' stamp. I like to go to our local post office and ask which new pretty stamps they have so I can use them on my swap envelopes. It is nice to know that someone appreciates it. Tara

Lioness on Apr 6, 2011:

RenFaires. ♥ thanks for being awesome.

MommaEvans on Mar 29, 2011:

YAY!!!!!! I am so glad that you got them!!!! Hugs a bunch and I will hope to get you as a partner one of these swaps!!!! HUGs!!!!!

tengu2 on Mar 28, 2011:

Welcome to the hand drawn/painted ATC group. I hope you find many enjoyable swaps with us. Happy swapping.

MommaEvans on Mar 25, 2011:

I put your A-D in the mail this morning. I am so happy to have you in the series!!!! Happy Swapping!!!

Cloverst on Nov 21, 2010:

I made the apple pie you sent me the recipe for, everyone said it was the best they'd had!

hbanana on Oct 8, 2010:

i LOVEEE jacqueline Carey- Kushiels series... hahah I wish i lived in her world!!! ;)

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