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Who Am I?

Hello! I'm Stephanie, I'm 29 and live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm a Scorpio, which probably tells you more than you need to know about me, or that (as Sheldon Cooper would say) I've bought into the mass cultural delusion that the suns apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of my birth has some affect on my personality. The previous message has been brought to you by The Big Bang Theory. For the record, I believe. I've tamed a few of my Scorpio traits but some parts of me will never change.

Where I Live

My city is famous for once having pigs roaming the streets, that's a real fact - Cincinnati is still sometimes referred to as Porkopolis. I guess, in an effort to make that not as sad as it sounds people here have tried to make it a good thing. There are "flying pigs" throughout the city and the are tons of charity pig events. If you love pigs, it'd probably be fun for you to visit downtown. Sometimes I drive by the most random places and see pigs with wings. I like Cincy a lot, I live close enough to the city to do a lot of fun city things, but my neighborhood is quiet and pretty and everyone has a yard.

How I Swap

I am not a fast swapper and I don't swap a lot - I prefer to selectively choose swaps I can throw myself into. You can review my Flickr for the kinds of swaps I enjoy.

The exception would be random letter or card swaps when I want to make a connection.

A Summary of Me IRL

I'm a total nerd, I have dorky hobbies and get a kick out of pop culture. I've been interested in fandom for 15 years, mostly Anne Rice, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Sometimes I wish there was a fandom secrets for swap-bot.

I don't have real babies, but my little rescued puppies are my kind of babies. They are adorable and spoiled rotten.

What Am I Currently Crazy About?

Star Trek! I am crazy crazy crazy about the reboot, but that has led me to start watching The Original Series and I plan to become a giant Star Trek nerd.

Sherlock! The BBC version. Too perfect for words.

My Swap-Bot Goal

I love swap-bot for inspiring me to try new things and to get better at the things I think I know how to do.

I love swap-bot for making a connection more than snagging free stuff that's my taste. I live in fear of becoming a hoarder (though you could never guess it as I am constantly decluttering!) so I don't really need lots of stuff.

I'd love to know about you, or see that you took some time in sending me something. I don't have too many IRL friends that are into crafting or that really understand why I love it as much as I do. Connecting with you (a 'botter who understands!) means something to me.

I'll always try to do my best in making my partners happy, I'm a people pleaser by nature. It makes me happy to make others happy.

If I'm going to be late I'll let you know. I hope you do the same. Communication goes a long way with me and I'm not scary at all. I swap for fun and because I like getting to know other people.

If you read my profile and think we'd have fun swapping, shoot me an message and we can do a private swap!

Things I Do or Can Make You!

I Can Make Jewelry!

I'm a novice, but I really enjoy it! I think it feeds into my hoarding instinct.

Oh, I can also do simple macrame - I know 2 knots. It is usually enough to make the kind of hemp friendship necklaces they sell at head shops, but nothing more complex. One day I want to learn more.

I Can Sew!

Still not a pro, really, but I learn each time I make something! I've made little toys, a pair of PJ pants and a few purses. Of all the things I can do, I find sewing the most satisfying.

I Can Scrapbook / Journal / Collage!

I love doing paper crafts! I love the end results of scrapbooking but I don't print out enough pictures, just hoard supplies. ;-) I love collage.

I Can Carve Stamps!

This is zen-like for me! I really like doing it, but I wouldn't say that I'm the best. I've made some things that I think are okay. My boyfriend is amazing at this! I'll try to put a few I've done on my Flickr.

I Can Cook!

Recipes, especially your favorites, are always appreciated. I may not have a lot of secret recipes I can send you, but I can send some of my favorites or ones that work for us.

I Can Pen-Pal!

I love hand writing letters! I love buying stationery! I love note-cards! Mostly, I love hearing the goings on of my pals lives. I'm a bit nosy.

♥ Things I Love! ♥


I love all colors, but I like some more than others!

  • Green is my favorite!
  • I love muted, natural colors and designs


  • Rustic! This is my favorite theme, we're using rustic elements for our wedding and our house is decorated in a rustic theme. I'm talking flowers and twigs, not mooseheads. :-)
  • Cute! I love cute stuff. I love cartoon food with faces
  • Dystopian! Is it weird this follows "cute"? I am kind of weird. I love Cold War era propaganda and anything that is reminicent of the video game Fallout.
  • Zombies! I love zombie stuff, especially books. I love cute zombies.
  • The future! I love love love any interesting take of the future. Space travel, new tech, anything sci-fi.
  • Nature! This might go with "rustic", but maybe not. I love anything having to do with nature. Hiking, photographing, learning about new places, animals, simple living/nature appreciation, anything to do with nature.
  • Fall! Fall is my favorite season. I really love all of them, but I think Fall is the prettiest most of the time.


  • Birds! My mom is named Roberta but everyone has always called her Bird. I have a bird tattoo on my foot and Dear Prudence lyrics about birds on my leg. I love birds!
  • Grass
  • Flowers
  • Deserted streets
  • Anything pre-1970's, advertising, pictures, hair, clothes, all of it!
  • Church signs. Love them!
  • Anything related to the themes or colors I like

Random Stuff

  • I love the smell of patchouli
  • I love stickers!

I also believe that one thing can NEVER have too many ribbons or paper flowers. Ribbons and paper flowers make everything better.

Dislikes, or not-as-much likes

I like almost everything except the stuff everyone hates: prejudice, meanness, narrow-mindedness, cattiness.

There are some things others may enjoy more than me:

  • Winnie the Pooh (classic Pooh is adorable though!)
  • Disney or new Nickelodeon kids shows.
  • Country/Americana style

I'm pretty picky about the kinds of body soap/lotion that I use, it doesn't need to be expensive or anything, I'm just really weird about it.

I'm not religious, but if you are and the love of your religion compels you to send me some stuff, okey dokey. I won't be converted, but I like learning about new things and your story of your faith would be interesting and touching.

Favorite Books

I like to read, as a child I was never without a book in hand. Nowadays I don't read as much as I should and when I do it is usually something light and entertaining (read: trashy).

All Time Favorites

  • Harry Potter
  • The Lord of the Rings (in my heart, I am a hobbit, minus hairy feet)
  • Anything with Hannibal Lecter
  • Anything by VC Andrews (I told you trashy!).
  • Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (maybe not the last couple!)

I like entertaining non-fiction and books about zombies. Anything with an interesting, provocative main character, mental manipulation or featuring a post-apocalyptic world.

I'm a fan of almost all fiction, but I really like kids books and books aimed at young adults. Some favorites:

  • Pretty Little Liars
  • The Hunger Games Series
  • Little Women (I love Jo, Beth and Teddy)
  • Harry Potter - it is so awesome it is on both lists!
  • The Babysitters Club
  • Rot and Ruin
  • Little House on the Prairie

I'm always looking for new books to read, so if you loved something I want to know about it!

Favorite Music

My favorite music is classic rock. I have been obsessed with the Beatles since I was 9 years old, but I knew of and loved them before then. I no longer collect Beatles merchandise, but subtle references to them are always appreciated. :)

Jim Croce reminds me of my dad and I can't hear a James Taylor song without crying.

Classic rock reminds me of being a kid and better times, even though I wasn't alive when it was being recorded.

Favorite TV

__ I ♥ TV__. I know it is terrible and I should get a better hobby, but whatever. I'm happy.

Some of my favorite genres are:

  • Cooking shows
  • Reality shows
  • Police procedurals
  • Sitcoms

Favorite shows I am currently watching:

  • Raising Hope
  • Parks and Recreation
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • The Mentalist
  • Modern Family
  • Bones
  • The Colbert Report
  • The Daily Show
  • Jericho

I loved Supernatural and Dexter, but I'm not current on either show.

Links and Other Stuff

Regarding Links Found Here

Here's the link for Treksek Angel List

I no longer update. It was really cool to see everyone in force to angel! If someone wants to update send me a PM.

I put a Flickr link up- don't go if you don't want to be spoiled! I'm trying to be more pro-active in getting my pictures uploaded! I also talk, sometimes at length, about why or how I did something.

I have an Etsy favorites link up, but please don't think that I think it's my swap-bot shopping list and I think you should get me stuff from it. I use it as inspiration and because I love looking at beautiful things when I'm bored. I've found looking at others really helpful in understanding their style.

On Pinterest I'm meliamellon too.


I was flaked on by @scrappnswapr for the Halloween Journal Swap.


nightmindwalker rated for Why Slash? on Oct 1, 2013
Comment: Thank you for your fantastic letter! I agree with you in everything you said and we have the same favorites ^.^ Thank you also for the amazing extra stuff !
fruitbat5150 rated for Why Slash? on Sep 28, 2013
Comment: Wow what an awesome package! I love your flowchart, and thank you for all the very cool extras!
Response: I'm so glad you liked my swap! I had a good time making the flowchart - I kind of want to flowchart everything in my life now. Hope to see you around the group!
Comment: Thank you for the amazing LARGE box of items! Sorry it took me a little while to rate. I opened the swap Monday with my cat at my side just a few hours before I had to put him to sleep, so I only just managed to bring myself to rate. It was a simply amazing package. I love the little bees!!!!!!! Even the original Sherlock would approve of them. The acting headshots/portfolio is inspired. The box and all the little trinket replicas (pills, pin, etc.). The ball ornament is beautiful (and smiley), and the letter also clever. I had a blast going through it all. Thank you!
Response: Aw, Kate you're in my thoughts. <3 Thank you for rating me with what you're going through, I'm so sorry! I loved our swapping experience and I hope to swap with you again soon.
pkmccann rated for Who ARE You? RPG Character Swap on Jun 21, 2013
Comment: Cool Character! I like the detail of your story!! :)
Response: Thanks! One day we're going to bind all our stories and make a book for each of us. Thank you for sending me your story, I'm so glad you were inspired by the swap!
Comment: This. Was. AMAZING. So, I'm one of those crazy people who will verbalize things aloud (either to myself, or to the cat, which probably does not make it any less crazy) and as soon as I opened the box and saw the "evidence" sheet, I said, "This is going to be so cool. " And I was so right. I loved your story! And I want to know more. I was trying to extrapolate more about what happened based on the purse contents - was it stuff she left behind? Or was it stuff they found when she was eventually captured? Total clawing at the air, "but I want to know mooooorrrre" moment. (Also, seriously, you should pitch that to one of the video game companies, because I would play the hell out of that game.) And all the stuff! Oh my god, it was all so much fun and appropriate. (And it made my not-so-secret inner zombie survivalist make little squee noises of glee.) Did you make the purse? It is awesome. I am absolutely thrilled and blown away by how much work you put into all of it. Thank you thank you thank you!
Response: *sigh of relief* I was so paranoid! I did make the purse - I'm a total novice at sewing, so if you have tips I would appreciate them. I'm such a wuss, I don't think that I could play the video game because, while I don't know, I'm pretty sure terrible things happened during the war and to Sera. This was one of the most awesome swaps ever - I adored what I received and had fun creating my send. Lets swap again soon!
ElizabethObviously rated for EO and MM Journal Swap on Mar 9, 2013
Comment: Wow your journal makes me feel like mine sucks :( I loved reading thru it and think we have so much in common! I have a Samantha doll! I started getting catalogs at age 8 and would look thru and figure up how much money I needed to buy sets! I how you and your husband are towards each other, so thoughtful because it's the small things that really add up. I feel like you are a person I have known for years just from reading your journal! I would love love LOVE to be pen pals with you! This is one of the best journals I have ever gotten! Oh and to add to the awesome journal you send books for my collection! Lol and stuff for my daughter! Seriously ppl like you put my faith back into SwapBot!
Response: I'm so happy that you liked my swap! Yay! I'm sure I'll love your journal. I almost want to play hooky from work so I'm here when the mail comes. :) I'd love to pen-pal with you, we need to make that happen!
twistedriver rated for Share your thoughts for 2013! on Jan 23, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postal surprise! It was really nice reading your little cards and your letter in there. Good luck with your goals in the new year :D
Comment: Thank you for the fun card, great note and yummy sounding recipes. I am anxious to try them.
Comment: Thanks for the cute card and stickers.
thelittledreamcatcher rated for Email pal on Nov 16, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the stickers. They are great.
Rainbowkandiunicorn rated for Email pal on Nov 15, 2012
purrincup rated for Email pal on Nov 15, 2012
Comment: Thanks for reading my profile before writing me an e-mail!
MilkandHoneyGirl rated for Email pal on Nov 15, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the speedy email swap!!
Comment: Thanks for the card. Close enough to periwinkle. Loved it. Instead of planting all of my garden, we dispersed huge pots along the pack of the garden. I'll try to remember to send to send you a picture. Ciao, Candy
darlavris rated for Quick and Safe Swap for Newbies! on Sep 14, 2012
kcody03 rated for Quick and Safe Swap for Newbies! on Sep 13, 2012
Comment: This was an amazing package thank you so much! I loved everything! The Harry Potter Card was really cool and I can't wait until Halloween as well! I'll definitely write you back soon(:
Response: Thank you for such a wonderful comment! I was so happy to get you as a partner! Hope to hear from you soon!
schin rated for Hearty History on Sep 4, 2012
Comment: What a beautiful package!! I especially love the kitty envelope, though my own cat felt a little jealous. I have not known bob Dylan that much but will give his songs a little. I am more of a Joan baez girl myself. Thank you again and I'll catch you around the bot!
Response: Bob's kind of a love him or hate him kind of guy. :) Lots of my friends don't get why I like him, they think he sounds like he's whining. I know Joan was a muse of Dylan's, but I've never really listened to her. I'll check her out, too! Thanks for the wonderful comment!
sgjolinar rated for Calling all wedding fans! on May 22, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for your story! I love it!! I'm going to email you an idea I had. <3 <3
Response: I was secretly thrilled that I got you as a partner because I thought you might appreciate my nerdy wedding ideas! :-) Thank you for the message, I'll PM you back after work! <3
blazespirit rated for Wizarding Journal on Apr 22, 2012
Comment: Rocked my world yet again. Such creativity in the story and the extras, I felt a real connection to the character, and her journal entries. I only hope mine makes the same grade.
Response: Yay! I'm so glad you liked it! I was scared it was a little dark, but in my mind the last war generation would be a little messed up. As always, it was awesome to swap with you!

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