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Favorite Color Swap

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Favorite Color Swap
Swap Coordinator:shexshay (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Themed  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:139
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:January 20, 2011
Date items must be sent by:February 3, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

Here's your chance to send a monochromatic package for your partner! Send a package off to one partner using only the color scheme of their favorite color. You could send stickers, paper, embellies, ribbons, postcards, socks, ATCs, beads, candles, Lip Balm, photo albums...the list goes on and on! Anything and everything goes.The value of the package should be about $5.00 US filled with things your partner would like. Remember to send something you would like to receive.

Participants: please list your favorite color below...as we all have several favorites we need to pick the one we want for this swap!

Newbies welcome with full profile...All others please have at least a 4.88. Please no flakers. With no recent 1's or 3's.


shexshay 12/16/2010 #

I would LOVE a PINK package!:)

K80 12/16/2010 #

Purple or Black for me please! :-)

revolutionaries 12/16/2010 #

I'd like black or red. :3

Gofeen 12/16/2010 #

Pink for me, please!

lilmissmayhem 12/17/2010 #

pink or tourquise for me please

WendyB 12/17/2010 #

Lavender for me please!!

JennyAshley 12/17/2010 #

seafoam green or turquoise >.<

Laynie 12/17/2010 #

My favorite color is RED! If possible I love deep RED the best:-)

tiffanypmw 12/17/2010 #

I would like pink or a very deep red or blue works too. :)

missboy 12/17/2010 #

Red or/and cream please! :)

AdorablePenguin 12/17/2010 #

I love red, but I've too many red things so for this cute swap I'd go with pink or mint green (or simply green if you can't find anything like this) ^_^

MindyUSA 12/17/2010 #

Purple or Blue please is fine with me :-)

SwedishMum 12/17/2010 #

A pink package for me please....or deep blue if it is easier

chrissi2286 12/17/2010 #

blue or red would be great thanks.

maisymoo 12/18/2010 #

It says "filled with things"-i know $5 is the spending minimum, but is there a minimum amount of items to send...???

maisymoo 12/18/2010 #

ide love to recieve PINK please :)

PoKe 12/18/2010 #

My favourite colours are purple, blue or pink :)

Danimonster 12/21/2010 #

I would love to do this but cannot send internationally...I would love Black, gray, white, or red.

Bluelily 12/25/2010 #

I would like lavendar or blue.

Fever 12/26/2010 #

This is awesome!

I'd like dark shades of green - no khaki, but rather something like fir-green or emerald green.

shexshay 12/26/2010 #

@maisymoo No there is no minimum amount of items to send.

shexshay 12/26/2010 #

@Danimonster I would love to make this regional but if i did that it would regional to Canada and then you still wouldn't be able to participate. Sorry maybe you could host a regional one.

livvy 12/27/2010 #

My favourite colour is turquoise but any shade of blue is lovely :)

lauralizzie 12/28/2010 #

Pink please :) xx

patumma 12/28/2010 #

orange or teal for me please!

bluebear 12/31/2010 #

pink please or purple if you dont have pink !

Alias 01/ 1/2011 #

Light blue or purple for me, please

ashleydawns 01/ 1/2011 #

I love purple!! :)

mrsD 01/ 2/2011 #

red or turquoise please :)

littlepinkflamingo4 01/ 2/2011 #

Aqua or red please.

velma 01/ 2/2011 #

Red or green, please. :)

Juniestars 01/ 2/2011 #

Hot pink and/or black.

kayler00 01/ 2/2011 #

i love pink! or pastel colors, like lavender, baby pink, baby blue. i also love pink & brown together.

jcm716 01/ 2/2011 #

I like pink or red please Thanks

AynE 01/ 2/2011 #

EITHER dark garnet reds (warm wine reds) OR golden browns (including copper)

IrisLightofMyLife 01/ 2/2011 #

blues please! particularly odd but striking shades.

AliceAtTheBeach 01/ 2/2011 #

I love yellow and green.

Lillypooh12 01/ 3/2011 #

Purple, Pink, Blue or green! I love all those colors, so I'm not picky on which one. :)

Pikachu089 01/ 3/2011 #

Green and pink for me=D

danagal 01/ 3/2011 #

I love brown. or orange. Dana :-D

peonypoppy 01/ 3/2011 #

Red, PURPLE, reddish purple? These are my favorites but all the hues are beautiful.

Ashby 01/ 3/2011 #

Green, specifically forest green or darkers greens, blue, and or purple. Thanks!

estioe 01/ 3/2011 #

Red, green, or purple for me! Which ever color is easier for the sender. :D

tututerrificbyjulie 01/ 3/2011 #

I ADORE blue...all shades are wonderful. =)

candigirl 01/ 3/2011 #

Green for me, too, thanks!!

Strawberry 01/ 4/2011 #

I'd love either Natural (any colors like beige, off-white, browns, greens, etc that could be considered 'natural'), Black or Red, please! :)

milkiss 01/ 4/2011 #

Lilac or Sky blue for me! I love pale colors :) Or Brown/caramel would be fine with me as well!

lovestosew 01/ 4/2011 #

I love anything pink. I also really like turquoise and red. I'll let you pick.

oneholypassion44 01/ 4/2011 #


mpontalba 01/ 4/2011 #

Purple...any shade of purple!

Sunflower4Mowse 01/ 5/2011 #

My favorites are Purple , Forest Green , Turquoise. Very nice swap !

astroblood 01/ 5/2011 #

Black, please :]

wickedred 01/ 5/2011 #

purple or lime green

melodia 01/ 5/2011 #

pink for me please :))))

RadicalRecrafter 01/ 5/2011 #

My favourite colour is purple,but I would be happy with pink,too! No pastels,though,please.

yuzzyusof 01/ 5/2011 #

I love turquoise, baby blue or pink.

bunnyluver77 01/ 6/2011 #

Pink is for sure my favorite color but I love Aqua Blue too! :)

Jacquisking 01/ 6/2011 #

PURPLE!!!! i love purple!!

SwapsAreFun 01/ 6/2011 #

I love red. RED RED RED. I wear lots of black and white with one statement color and usually its red or hot pink. I am new and I promise not to flake anyone. I am so excited and hope I can join the fun.

runnerbean84 01/ 6/2011 #

Bright GREEN please!!!! xxx

Nessaspice 01/ 7/2011 #

I would be delighted to recieve RED or GREEN please. Am new as well but promise not to be flakey and am SO excited!

hodgepodge 01/ 7/2011 #

Orange please. I'm a big University of TN fan, so the brighter the orange the better! :)

Halogen 01/ 7/2011 #

Blue, green or bluish green (teal) please! (Pick one or go with a range, up to you!)

badandknowsit2 01/ 7/2011 #

red please

snarkystitches 01/ 7/2011 #

lime green!!!!! :) :)

lotti02 01/ 7/2011 #

Purple for me, please :)

shorterthanu44 01/ 7/2011 #

I LOVE Green! I think it is more of an addiction than an attraction. :)

alwayschic 01/ 7/2011 #

Turquoise or seafoam green, thank you:)

nlgrudis 01/ 7/2011 #

hunter green for me please

hjshort72 01/ 8/2011 #

pink for me please

deryavemert 01/ 8/2011 #

Turquoise or brown. thankies

hbanana 01/ 8/2011 #

my FAVORITE color is RED.. but i also LOVE pink!! so red or pink =)

SIEN 01/ 8/2011 #

I would love a hot pink package, or purple

Haole1 01/ 8/2011 #

Tourquoise or purple...Danke!

DreamBubble 01/ 8/2011 #

Teal/turquoise or grey for me, please! <3

EllaBella 01/ 9/2011 #

I would adore some red goodies

Aunty 01/ 9/2011 #

Wow!! I love all shades of Blue, please!

yunasy 01/ 9/2011 #

I love PINK PINK PINK !!!!!!!!

piccaboo 01/ 9/2011 #

Red for me too please, from bright/watermelon shades to cherry & deep! :)

OwlAntler 01/ 9/2011 #

Dark Browns Deep Purples All shades of red.

Surprise me!

Chrissy23 01/ 9/2011 #


Michele360 01/ 9/2011 #

Orange, baby! Or turquoise. Or yellow. Actually, I've never met a color I didn't like! ;)

fairypretty7 01/10/2011 #

I would like yellow, orange or purple please :)

jerseyelaine 01/10/2011 #

I would love blue or green, with shades of brown on either color

creationsbyshellie 01/10/2011 #

my favorite colors are pink, blue, and/or black :)

Saulute 01/10/2011 #

Purple is becomming my favorite now, especially deep purple like an eggplant.

chiabia 01/10/2011 #


redgirl12 01/10/2011 #

I would love red please

Doyle 01/10/2011 #

my most favorite colour is lepard print :) but of if you dont think thats a colour than i guess my next fave has to be pink.

MissInfekt 01/11/2011 #

I love pink and blue also black, I have a ton of ribbons bows and beads in every colour so im looking forward to doing this one.

fawnscrafts 01/11/2011 #

Blue, bluish and blues. I love blue.

ApostolicPioneer 01/11/2011 #

Pink for me please!

Sandmama 01/11/2011 #

green or red please, Sandmama

grababubble 01/11/2011 #

Silver or grey! The Sparkly the better ;)

friends 01/12/2011 #

hi my favourite colour is green but please no fluro items.

nancyn 01/12/2011 #

Í love the colour teal which is a deep green/deep blue colour please :)

linenwood 01/12/2011 #

Silver or grey for me as well! Sparkly sparkly!

mushka2010 01/12/2011 #

All shades of blue except navy, please!

zombiegirlx 01/12/2011 #

green for me, please!

A127 01/12/2011 #

Light green or black please!

hjshort72 01/12/2011 #

i like pink green or brown or a mix of those colors is cool too! Thanks!!!!!!

IvyLove210 01/12/2011 #

Purple or turquoise! <3 please and thankiu =)

contrewind 01/13/2011 #

I love this swap >A< I like "PURPLE' and black !!

funkypeacenik 01/13/2011 #

Rust Orange or Navy Blue... Earth tones are great. Just no red or pink

angelbear 01/13/2011 #

I would love a pink or purple parcel. ;o)

ABD 01/13/2011 #

Sunshine Yellow is my favorite color! Would brighten my day to get a package of that color :)

Hönis 01/13/2011 #

I'd totaly loove any neon colour, but if that's hard Purple rocks my socks too!

scrapwithstyle 01/13/2011 #

oh i have so many 'favorites' lol black,pink, blue i would be happy with turquoise too! (:

Lori2378 01/13/2011 #

Yes, I'd love to give this a go! Color? green cause spring is coming!!!

Robin50 01/13/2011 #

Any shade of blue.

viv1972 01/13/2011 #

Pink or purple

abella0823 01/13/2011 #

i love green...................

SarahA84 01/13/2011 #

Black or silver or pink if those are too hard (any shade!)

KrisKringle 01/13/2011 #

Cherry Red

lilmissthrifty 01/13/2011 #

Orange or jade or kelly green...or just think of a 70's kitchen palette...

mrsnewbill 01/13/2011 #


Shortkaike 01/13/2011 #

Burgundy or Deep Red. Please No bright Red. Thanks!

nhansen73 01/14/2011 #

Purple is my fav

shelbi12 01/14/2011 #

Black Black And MORE BLACK :)

courtmm11 01/14/2011 #

Deep purple close to eggplant color... and or light green (such as a sage green) ...... this is my colors.... Please and thank you in advance

Cyndimom 01/14/2011 #

I would love things in Earth tones! I will say brown for the favorite color and then my partner can do anything from beige, tan, light brown, sepia, rust, chocolate brown, etc. Hopefully that will be easier to stretch it over any kind of brown :) Thanks to my future partner!!

meganimal 01/14/2011 #

Either blue or black would be fantastic- Thanks! :)

qu1ckdry 01/14/2011 #

I would love a mint colored package, please!

tifffoster 01/14/2011 #


pirategrrl775 01/15/2011 #

pink for me---not a baby pink or a hot pink, but a bright, happy pink....

minibean04 01/15/2011 #

REDs for me please.... it can have cream on it (such as spots / stripes) i love polka dot.... either combination.... im looking forward to this. Im from the Uk so roughly how much should I spend making buying gifts for my partner.... thanks

Cachelblue 01/15/2011 #

I hate pink or purple but other than that I like all colours particular fave is green or turquoise :o)

RetroJane 01/15/2011 #

I would adore a red themed package. I do like dots, stripes, etc. So, feel free to mix it up. (Doesn't have to be only solid red.) Yay! Looking forward to this one.

supacarol 01/15/2011 #

ooh ooh can't decide..pink or purple..pink i think. wait what about orange? okay lets go Purple!

chelle523 01/15/2011 #

My favorite is pink (not hot pink), then purple and silver.

kntshovary 01/16/2011 #

RED, black, orange, beige... 8-)

Beccap 01/16/2011 #

I love blue

Welshgirlie 01/16/2011 #

pink or purple please x

sunshinesuperman 01/16/2011 #

Black for me please. It can have white with it if all black is too hard to find. Thanks

mooncrab 01/16/2011 #

black, red or silver would have me turning cartwheels :)

girlyswirls 01/16/2011 #

Red, Orange, or Black works for me! Thanks!

ThePeacockShop 01/16/2011 #

Blue or Purple for me please :)

DawnI5579 01/16/2011 #

Grey or Pink for me please...purple is pretty too... :)

jenlboyd 01/17/2011 #

Slate blue or charcoal grey, please + thank you. /^.^\

craftyfairy 01/17/2011 #

green or brown earth tones are my preference. although purple also has a special place in my heart if that is easier!

lameyxx 01/17/2011 #

grey or teal for me please. (: thankyou. :) xx

tonie2weeks 01/17/2011 #

pink or pink for me...

sharingink 01/17/2011 #

Turquoise but anything bewtween the blues and greens please


burntbao 01/17/2011 #

I would love Pastel Green or anything green!

KrisKringle 01/18/2011 #

Cherry Red please.

trashybetty 01/18/2011 #

Purple is my favorite color.... all shades if it!! I'm EXCITED!! Color is beautiful!

ndnchick 01/18/2011 #

Black or Purple. :)

emppi 01/19/2011 #

Black, black and black <3 or turquoise :D

gabbylonglegs 01/19/2011 #

...pink, how stereotypical =]

Bluedaisy1 01/19/2011 #

I love Purple, that dark royal purple please not lavender.

BluGinhm 01/19/2011 #

My favorite, favorite colors are turquoise and orange!

amoses1 01/19/2011 #

I would love a package filled with dark brown and/or sage green.

irishrose2783 01/19/2011 #

My favorite color is green, the darker green the better. But I also love dark blue and black.

kikilala 01/19/2011 #

My favourite colour is dark purple, blue and hot or dark pink (not soft pink, I dont like girlie colour)

SJandHS 01/20/2011 #


vhui 01/20/2011 #

bright orange please~~~ or shiny gold~

CindyDailey 01/20/2011 #

I love Orange Stuff.

liya 01/20/2011 #

Blue please =3

Robynmh4 01/20/2011 #

pink and or green (mixed is great too) : )

preslarb 01/20/2011 #

Purples or hot pink (like magenta)....I really love anything in the red family!!

Dairenn 01/20/2011 #

I am a purple kinda person, any shade. I also like green but more on the sage or dark green.

Can the item be hand made?

dinah 01/20/2011 #

I love red and yellow and celery green!

chiken79 01/20/2011 #

Blue or Orange

CindyST 01/20/2011 #

Dark blues and dark purples.

itsjessme 01/20/2011 #

Oh Im so excited! This is gonna be my first swap!! I wont let who ever is my partner down though so don't worry!!

I absolutly love teal!!!

Oogolly 01/20/2011 #

Teal please! It's my ultimate favorite :]

jterrazas 01/20/2011 #

Deep dark Purple or red are my favorite colors! I don't have much use for paper, stickers or embellishment. Anything else would be great!

katjh 01/20/2011 #

Purple for me please.... :)

evary 01/20/2011 #

Light green o light blue for me, please. They are my favorites colors.

Amberingz 01/21/2011 #


Why cant i just be red or purple.... Ahh, it is the makeup artist in me....


am33ks 01/21/2011 #

I love jewel tones and fall colors! this will be so fun!

Islander76 01/21/2011 #

I love fuchsia :)

selahgal 01/21/2011 #

I have three favorite colors they are pink which is my first fave , then light blues and light greens

stitchsleuth 01/22/2011 #

I'll give you three choices: greens; oranges/corals; or silver.

abella0823 01/22/2011 #

green and if you haven't any other colors are welcome....!!!

AliceAtTheBeach 01/24/2011 #

Sorry..I like all colors. Green or yellow would be great.

scrappnswapr 01/24/2011 #

I would love an envie filled with black items. I have plenty of pink for now,lol.

Kittychat62 02/ 1/2011 #

I would love an envelope filled with Purple items. Thank You!

MomZoo 02/ 8/2011 #

Pinks, Lilacs, Earth tones (not too dark but rich )


Love any shade of golden-honey (amber)


nhansen73 03/10/2011 #

I have a problem, I received a box with many items in it and it is from Lisa Cottrell. Is this box for this swap? Please help me because she put no note inside it. Thank you.

nhansen73 03/10/2011 #

Lisa can you send me a private message. nhansen73

minibean04 03/30/2011 #

I never received my swap........ gutted.

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