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About Me

So last month my computer started randomly getting the blue screen and shutting off when i was in the middle of being on it, it became worse and worse until it finally decided to just crash and not turn back on no matter what i did. Nick looked at it and tried to get it up and running to no avail. I finally got enough money to take it in and get it looked at and there were several viruses, one being very advanced that actually went into the antivirus software i had, so i didnt even know that my computer was unprotected. As a result, i havent had any computer access, therefore havent been able to check my swap partners. I will work as quickly as possible to get them back out and message every one of my swap partners. Thank you for your understanding and i apologize to anyone and everyone who has not received a swap from me yet.

Please be patient and know that I WILL rate you, it's not fair to not acknowledge that someone sent you something, even if you didn't like it (not saying I didn't like some of the things I got, just making an extra point that EVERYONE deserves to be rated.) I hate non raters..I've actually had a lot of them lately. Just know that your rating(s) are coming soon!!! Also, if you have any other questions concerning ANYTHING please contact me

! Please put what swap you're in & your swapbot name. Its hard to track down people when there's so many swaps you're in. People deserve to be rated, but it makes it hard without enough information !

~My picture is of me holding this HUGE curly fry pretending its a mustache ={D That was my freshman year of high school hehe

My name is Brittany and incase you're wondering, Pancakes is my newly adopted puppy. She has big floppy ears that look like pancakes!

I love a variety of crafts and take a lot of time and consideration when making something. Usually the crafts I take on are for myself so I take a lot of time planning and working on them. I can't draw, and I'm not as creative as some people, but I love using my imagination when I have an idea on where to go with it. I like to work with things that don't have much creativity (collages, crocheting with patterns etc) It's reassuring to me that I don't have to worry how something will turn out in the end, hard to explain I guess..

A few of my favorite things..

I love doing collages and making composition notebook covers with them, I made my boyfriend one with all the Pokemon & when I tried to bring it to my house to scan it he snatched it back & called me an indian giver =(

So practically any stickers that aren't clear would be much appreciated! (I just don't want the journal cover to show through.) I'm currently making one with stickers that remind me of memories Nick & I have together, & I'm writing all the memories down in the back of the book so that 5 years later we don't go, "whats that stupid looking penguin for???" I've also started one in a halloween theme, and plan on making one with all my favorite stickers that are in my keep pile =D So ANY stickers in a love theme, so long as its not the cheesy animal stickers that say 'i woof you,' or the typical square ones made mostly for kids etc lol. So give me all those leftover halloween stickers!!! I would be forever in your debt!!!

The entire wall infront of my computer in my room is covered from edge to edge with printed pictures of large flowers of all different colors and shapes. I love it =)

  • **MAGIC THE GATHERING CARDS!!! They're with all the pokemon/trading cards. It doesn't matter which kind you get, I'm just starting out so any cards would help!! The little 15 card booster packs are nice, but anything would be greatly appreciated! ~I already have the fire and lightning deck and the 2011 core set intro pack in blue and white, but trust me there are lots of others!

I've also finally gotten all the supplies to start learning how to crochet (yay christmas!!), so yarn would be awesome..but don't be lame and send a 5 inch string of yarn or the scratchiest you can find. I'm loving Caron Simply Soft yarn..it's really soft =p I'm having a hard time getting my hands on Lemonade and Grape though. I already have hooks but ANY books or magazines (doesnt matter how old they are) without intricate, 'I'm going to build a roller coaster out of yarn,' patterns would be helpful.

I love making bead sprites. I hang them up on my walls too...I'm running out of space =( If you'd like a little bead sprite then let me know!

  • Stickers (sandy lion/grossman/ any of those sticker 'squares' are awesome. I grew up with them, but i like a large variety of stuff) any pokemon, simpsons, dinosaur, disney, medieval, magic, halloween, music related, roses, kawaii, candy/sweets!!! I love miniature stuff so a cute little candy sticker always makes me happy =) No teacher/reward please and please nothing with faces on it either...like smileys. Things that are SUPPOSED to have faces, like animals/people/kawaii, are definitely alright though. *quality stickers..by quality I mean in good condition and sticky..hence why theyre called STICKers

  • Stationary/ Any size notepads that are cute or pretty (I can live without the matching envelopes.) Just something to write on for my swaps and such.

  • Keychains & charms =)

  • Fun erasers..I've seen a set of rainbow colored ones that look like crayons and would LOVE to have them!

    • Purple is my favorite color and I like blues, greens, reds, black!, orange, yellow, anything bright besides pink unless its with a group of other colors

    • Love Halloween and its colors. If you like making halloween themed things, even if its not that time of year, then PLEASE send me something! A decorated matchbox, ATC, stickers, something awesome of that theme. My favorite season is Autumn.

  • puzzle SHAPED things, like ribbon with a puzzle print, or charms..just no actual puzzle pieces. Idk what it is but I love them!

  • Awesome little stuffed animals or an amigurumi, I'm slowly learning how to make them myself but I would still love to receive one!
    • Figures and figurines from shows and games I like
  • dinosaurs
  • giraffes!!!!!..I'm starting to notice a collection forming..
    • disney memorabilia (the older classics that pretty much every child grew up with)
  • i'm not really into kawaii but i do like the food characters, just not really into the animals
  • fruit, sweets & food objects, like stickers, erasers, charms, keychains, stationary...
  • Unique/Foreign Chocolate
  • I also like animals that are printed on baby blankets and clothes cuz of how cute they're made to look. They have big eyes and instead of being a scary alligator its an adorable little creature that you wana go out and pet =).
  • pokemon figures, movies and series-my favorites are ampharos, weedle, shuckle, hoot hoot, tyranitar, flygon, chatot, togepi, dragonair, salamence, vulpix, drifloon & drifblim, any ghost types, arbok, dragonite, & my boyfriend likes to annoy me with croagunk & butterfree noises and creep me out with golbats' icky huge lockjaw

    • decorated boxes...they don't have to be handmade but I have a lot of stuff and I'm ocd when it comes to having everything organized. Handmade would be greatly appreciated but if you happen to have some boxes (that aren't just brown cardboard) laying around then I'm the one to give them to! I'm still waiting for a decorated matchbox to come my way, I can't wait to see one.


Then make me something! Creativity has always been a trait I've wished to have. I would LOVE to recieve your crafts. For me, its not so much about getting a present its about seeing others' talents and things that are capable of being made. It would be fun to see all the different crafts/styles around the world and learn how to make some of them. I go crazy with excitement when I learn a new craft. ATC's, Matchboxes (would really love one of these), Drawings, Inchies, Skinnies, anything!

  • I absolutely LOVE trying new foods (and crafts), so anything food related, as long as its not spicy or sour, would be great...anything unusual as long as it isn't TOO far out of the box. fruit, candy!, chocolate!, snacks, something I might not have in Washington, or the USA for that matter!

NICK LIKES...(anything related to..)

  • Magic:The Gathering Cards (Its a game that I don't understand but am slowly learning..they can be found with the pokemon cards and all the other ones) This would be his favorite thing to receive if you did want to send him something
  • Republican anything except bumper stickers
  • Metroid
  • Dragons
  • Dnd (dangit....)
  • Star Wars

Things that need a new home

Jewelry making used to be a big hobby of mine until I found Perler beads and started making bead sprites, so I have A LOT of beads, wire, chain, pins, etc lying around in containers. I tend to go all out when I find a new hobby but then mostly ditch it when I find something new.

  • beanie babies/ buddies! 3 huge tubs full of them!
  • seashells...theyre currently being stored in a lunchbox so I dont use them much
  • I can also handmake envies, big and small

Favorite Movies

I'm a disney fan. Sword in the Stone is my all time favorite disney movie, and Nightmare Before Christmas is a close second, All the old stuff but not anything too girly. Princess' don't bother me, its just the corny stuff I don't care for..hard to explain I guess.. Beauty & the beast, snow white, sleeping beauty, alice in wonderland, little mermaid, dumbo, lion king, just ANY of the earliest disney movies. No Mickey, Looney Toons, Tinkerbell or Pooh please...

Favorite Television

My favorite tv shows are..

Invader Zim, Courage the Cowardly Dog, South Park, Tosh.0, The Simpsons (although I burnt myself out trying to watch every season on dvd), Pokemon

Persons Unknown (stupid ending. stupid.), Forensic Files, The Investigators, (I love crime/mystery) Hell's Kitchen, americas next top model (cliche I know), project runway, Bones, CSI, law & order:svu, supernatural, monk, legend of the seeker!, reaper, House, pretty much everything thats been or is soon to be canceled for no good reason =(

Favorite Video Games

I love video games. Almost all of my art is based off of a video game or tv show. I always have a game that Im playing at the time. I'm not a fan of shooters or games without a plot. RPG all the way for me.

I love the Paper Mario series (and anything else mario) they're SO fun Luigi's Mansion was super fun but too short =( Kingdom Hearts series, Final Fantasy 9 is my favorite game of all time. Legend of Dragoon
Pokemon (Ampharos, Shuckle, weedle & dragon-type & ghost type are my favorites), Wild Arms 1 and 2 were fun, Banjo-Kazooie series, Anything Zelda, Spyro!!!, Sly Cooper, Drakan, Super Mario Galaxy, Oblivion,
Metroid series (especially Prime), Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas

Not Into

  • Brown, murky shades of colors, pink (neon is alright and things with pink are too, just not alone)
  • Today's awful music that revolves around things that shouldn't be blasted on anyones stereo
  • Asparagus (have never liked it and NEVER will)
  • Spicy food
  • Tea
  • Coffee unless its 1/4 coffee and 3/4 flavored creamer, so basically frappacinos
  • Religious items
  • furs
  • jewelry, unless its a charm
  • scrapbooking paper..i don't use it
  • monkeys
  • bears
  • cat & dog themed things
  • commercial candy (if i wanted it, I'd buy it)..id rather have a few stickers or somethin else if its an option
  • obviously used things. a used game is one thing, used candles and things that shouldnt be sent if theyve been used are another
  • girly stuff
  • tinkerbell, mickey mouse and those characters, pooh & friends, looney toons
  • not into twilight..
  • skulls...halloween theme is fine, but not really any other time
  • Miley Cyrus. I'm not even going to start.

My Personal Views

*I'm not into politics or religion, you might be, but I am not. So please keep it to yourself. I have my own thoughts and beliefs reguarding the matter and frankly I'm tired of wars, arguements, and hatred coming from people with different beliefs, and different races. Its sick a person can think they're better than someone else because of a color. And I'm sure there are people out there that like the color brown, but wont tolerate 'brown' people. It's laughable that racism is still an issue. And I mean that in a "wow thats so ridiculously stupid that I can laugh at the people that think they're superior" type laugh. Not a "haha racism is funny," BECAUSE ITS NOT.. treat others with kindness. Different people have gone through hell, so don't make it worse. I also don't appreciate hatred towards gay, lesbian, and bi people. Not all of them choose to be that way. If you get married and over time, you're just not attracted to that person anymore, more than likely you'll get a divorce. You can't force yourself to be attracted to something, and you can't force yourself to like a certain food or activity so how is sexual orientation any different? And if you're curious, I'm caucasian and straight. But I do stand up for people that are different. I also think wearing a dead animal is rather sick....not a vegetarian but come on..show some respect. Food is one thing, degrading is another.


Kama rated for i love stickers on Dec 3, 2011
Comment: sorry but, I haven't received this swap,I would be more than happy to rerate once received.
rachelcdoyle rated for 5 Partner Sticker Swap #5 on Oct 21, 2011
Comment: Never showed up, never responded... angeled by @piglet59645
faeeka78 rated for Sealed first sticker variety #4 on Oct 18, 2011
Comment: never received anything
Comment: Nothing arrived here and we didn't find a real solution...=( Sorry, but will rerate if I get something...
guinstar rated for QUICK 50 sticker swap #15 on Oct 4, 2011
Comment: i hate to rate this. :( did not get this swap. PM'ed you twice and no responce. Is everything ok Brittany? Youre such a good swapper... will change my rating if i get the swap. sorry!
thegypsie rated for 5 Partner Sticker Swap #5 on Sep 28, 2011
Comment: I would be more than happy to rerate once received.
pinkbixi rated for QUICK 50 sticker swap #17 on Sep 28, 2011
Comment: Sorry, but I never got anything from you, and you also did not write back to my email..... !!!! :(
missxkay rated for 5 Partner Sticker Swap #4 on Sep 28, 2011
Comment: Sorry to do this, but I haven't received this swap and it looks like at least one other person is missing this swap from you too. I would be more than happy to rerate once received.
yanelis2012 rated for Sender's Choice on Sep 26, 2011
Comment: thank you so much
kacka rated for 10 sticker sheets on Sep 14, 2011
Comment: thank you for this swap too.
kacka rated for Anything goes #14 (stickers) on Sep 14, 2011
Comment: your envelope was found only now , i had it at home but completely forgot about it. Thank you for the huge amount of stickers.
zurdoswifey rated for Sealed first sticker variety #4 on Sep 10, 2011
Comment: Sorry to do this but I need to archive the swap and I have not received as of today.. I will happily rate again when I do
snowy652 rated for variety 75 sticker swap #1 on Sep 4, 2011
Comment: thanks
snowy652 rated for Anything goes #14 (stickers) on Aug 19, 2011
Comment: thanks for the assortment of stickers
Comment: Loved the stickers ! Thank you
mpontalba rated for Sealed first sticker variety #2 on Aug 13, 2011
Comment: Thanks so much for the envelope full of stickers!
Comment: Thanks for the nice stickers and for considering my interests. I really appreciate it. :)
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: thanks for the cute stickers. greetz, kimberley

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ladonnatwinmom on Aug 5, 2012:

If you ever get back on here, please pm me I owe you for a swap for 2010. I will be glad to resend again! LaDonna

rachelcdoyle on Apr 21, 2012:

How are you not suspended yet?

TC on Sep 28, 2011:

Brittany Peeler

thehurriedmommy on Sep 11, 2011:

Hi, pancakes...last month you were my partner in the sticker swap. you have not rated me. if you do not like them, pls. feel free to let me know. you were my very first swap, so i mailed with a lot of love and anticipation. i'm not sure what i could have done to you, but if this is something personal i'd like to work it out. thank you.

Laynie on Sep 4, 2011:

I just wanted you to know that even though I haven't clicked sent yet, I sent this swap to you on the 1st. I'm still getting my other partners stickers together, and I don't want to click sent until they're both on the way! Happy Swapping:-)

~2 Sheet Sticker Swap. Profile Based!~EDITED!!!


bobogrl on Sep 3, 2011:

Have a great Labor Day Weekend! :)

Deeno1105 on Aug 28, 2011:

I sent you stickers on 8/1 with the send date of 8/6. I chose specific stickers that you mention on your profile as favorites. I pm'd you on 8/16 asking for a rating and you have not responded in any way. What's up with that? I also see that you were never rated for this swap so I'm assuming you flaked on someone. Whatever..........it looks like you have been making a lot of people mad so rate me or not. It just sucks that you take but don't give in return. I couldn't live with myself if I were like you.

zurdoswifey on Jul 29, 2011:

Aha! We finally found a way to communicate...

Well just let me know the specifics of the swap... like how many stickers or whatever and we can get it set up...

Laynie on Jul 14, 2011:

Hi there! I was wondering if you'd received the ~Holiday Stickersheet Swap~ I sent you yet? I sent it a while ago, and was just wondering. Let me know:-)


mizvicky on Jun 15, 2011:

Hi Brittany

Re-Sending you the CURE MY SAD EMPTY MAILBOX Swap to you today! I really hope you like the handcrafted item I am sending you!! HUGS and thanks for your patience. So sorry the first one did not make it to you!

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