Swap-bot Time: August 8, 2022 3:09 am


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Swap Coordinator:racheljohnson (contact)
Swap categories: Paper Goods  Themed 
Number of people in swap:653
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:October 17, 2011
Date items must be sent by:November 7, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

This is Swap-bot's 100,000th swap! Wow!

We have been running Swap-bot for almost six years and we never would have thought that so many swaps would be hosted on our fun, little website. To celebrate this milestone, I'm hosting a Swap-bot-themed mail swap.

Everyone is welcome to join this easy swap. Each person will have one partner to whom they will send one piece of Swap-bot-themed snail mail. It can be a postcard, a letter, an ATC, an inchie, anything!

This is a wide open, flexible swap. Your swap item can be a handmade postcard, a drawing of Ernie (the Swap-bot happy envelope mascot), a letter about why you love Swap-bot, an Ernie matchbox, a blue & orange mail art piece, swap cards or address labels for your partner, an Ernie stuffie... really anything! The only strict requirement is that your item go through the postal mail and that it references Swap-bot in some way.

I do not have strict rating requirements for this swap. All active swappers are welcome, but I will remove questionable participants.

Let's see how many Swap-bot creations we can send all over the world!

I know the requirements for this swap are a bit vague and usually I am a big proponent of very descriptive swap requirements. However, I wanted to leave this swap more wide open so that everyone would feel comfortable joining and celebrating Swap-bot in their own way. Also, I WILL ANGEL THIS SWAP.

I would love to share pictures of your Swap-bot creations on the blog, so feel free to post links or email me the images (rachel -at- swap-bot.com).


Fatherted 09/ 6/2011 #

I Joined :)

JohnnyDingo 09/ 6/2011 #

I'm IN! Why would anyone WATCH THIS swap? LOL. This is history in the making! Thanks Rachel!!!

Rubyfreckles 09/ 6/2011 #

Some people might be hesitating, because a lot of people no longer do open public swaps... But I am in...

grandmaroro 09/ 6/2011 #

Yep, I'm in, too. Why bother with watching!

bluemonkeymama 09/ 7/2011 #

Yay! Thanks, Rachel! :-)

pahasiga 09/ 7/2011 #

Some people maybe wanted to know what the swap was about before joining. :P

gooseberry 09/ 7/2011 #

Yay! I'm here, too! :D

lotti02 09/ 7/2011 #

Another reason people watch swaps is if the last sign-up date is a way off and they have other swaps that they want to participate in first. 'Watching' it means that they don't forget that they want to sign up when the time comes. That's why I tend to do it, anyhoo :)

ColeCreations 09/ 7/2011 #

Rock on Swap Bot

draco 09/ 7/2011 #

some people put it on their watch list while it was still a "private" swap and maybe didn't move it over to "join swap" yet

Kittyfuzz 09/ 7/2011 #

have been on a swap bot break but will be back to do this one for sure. 100,000 swaps - what an achievement :-)

kewlmom23 09/ 7/2011 #

Exactly Lotti, II am watching because I want to make sure I remember to join before the end of the sign up, still fairly new and only allowed 5 swaps going at a time, I assume that increases as my status increases. I am excited about this swap, but there are many others to join in the mean time!

janeengland 09/ 7/2011 #

what about sending our favourite things we like to swap or sending something from a group that we are officers in these are swap bot inspired.

DonnaLeeDesigns 09/ 7/2011 #

I am watching, cause my limit is full - great idea

CSNYfan 09/ 7/2011 #

Love this swap, but didn't I suggest champagne and cupcakes? ; )

missxkay 09/ 7/2011 #

Watching 'till closer to the sign-up date. There's so many good swaps going on now :D

Sha2ronS 09/ 7/2011 #

I'm with you, lotti02 and kewlmom23!!! You'll see me signed up as I get more ratings and the date gets closer...can't WAIT!

Sha2ronS 09/ 7/2011 #

And after I figure things out. Obviously, if I'm sending messages twice!

kewlmom23 09/ 8/2011 #

Could we send postcard stamps so the recipient can send more postcards??

racheljohnson 09/ 8/2011 #

WoW! Already the Top Swap! Thanks for everyone for joining.

I'm not sure I understand your question, @kewlmom23 - but for this swap, you can basically send any item you would like to your partner as long as it references Swap-bot.

Emika 09/ 8/2011 #

Any bets on how many participants the swap will close with?

fawnscrafts 09/ 8/2011 #

I am watching and will join closer to the date.

I think I am still limited to swaps, and if I see thirty that I want to join, or is it twenty, I would have to jump out and jump back in, so I am watching for now and will, unless unforeseen occurrence happens, I will join.

fawnscrafts 09/ 8/2011 #

Bets on how many and this is already top swap?

Hmm. well it depends on how many users are signed up and how many are active.

I would say at least 1,234.

stlouisphile 09/ 8/2011 #

I'm going to go with 1310 participants. I just know this will be awesome though!!

Gofeen 09/ 8/2011 #

What about Crusher? He's lovely. I'm going to swim across the Ocean and kidnap him one day!!!! @CSNYfan I hope you are my partner. Champagne and cupcakes would go down very well, thank you! ;>)

fawnscrafts 09/ 9/2011 #

Ok I am going to see how many more sign up each time I check this out.

Right now there are 149 signed up and 170 watching.

It is day time in the UK and Europe, so I imagine a lot more will be signing up whilist I sleep.

katjh 09/ 9/2011 #

Sorry for sounding silly, but the minimum is just 1 item will do? Am I right?

Just want to make sure I'm on the right page..

racheljohnson 09/ 9/2011 #

We are well on our way to having more than 200 participants - yay! - but I don't know if we can hit 1,000... that is a lot!

And, @katjh - yes, you just mail one Swap-bot-themed item to your partner. It can be a craft, a letter, a postcard, anything.

wunderland 09/ 9/2011 #

Hey @racheljohnson ... just out of curiosity, what's the highest signup number for a single swap?

bearnbabs 09/ 9/2011 #

I don't mean to have a senior moment, but you mentioned Ernie...are you talking about Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street or is that the name of the little Swap-Bot logo??? bearnbabs

fawnscrafts 09/ 9/2011 #

180 are signed up and 194 more are watching.

Perhaps over 1,000 is a stretch, but look how fast this got to near 200.

Megbomb 09/ 9/2011 #

Bearnbabs- yes that is Ernie the envie!!

Megbomb 09/ 9/2011 #

185 Joined, 198 watching.

funkhoup 09/10/2011 #

Just curious~~how many total swappers are there?? (In "our" whole group). I love Swap-bot~fantastic people!!!!!!!!

Unna 09/10/2011 #

@fawnscrafts - 200, baby! ;D

fawnscrafts 09/11/2011 #

I see @Unna

There are 212 in the swap and 229 watching.

fawnscrafts 09/11/2011 #

This is an idea for groups leaders, if you want to why not PM and/or do a group message about this swap?

Megbomb 09/11/2011 #


bobogrl 09/11/2011 #

I'm in! Thank you for letting me a part of this momentous event!

draco 09/11/2011 #


draco 09/11/2011 #

i say maybe 500 people sign up for this

winniethepooh 09/12/2011 #

Swap-bot is great, I have it on my watch!!!

racheljohnson 09/12/2011 #

Ernie = Ernie the Envie, the Swap-bot logo...

I think the largest swap ever had over 300 participants, but I need to check...

There are currently over 44,000 members of Swap-bot! Wow!

darcilena 09/13/2011 #

Good thing this is my day off!! Holy, that was alot of reading!! LOL! I'll join just to get the numbers up...have no clue yet what my partner will get. International ones will get something flatter!! :) We could always list 5 favorite items and then the partner could send one item from that list!!

LeosMom4Life 09/13/2011 #

right ! Rachel you are fantastic ! I am watching untill I get some swaps out but I will be joining for sure ! This site is my other family ! I would be so board with out this swap !

Megbomb 09/13/2011 #


fawnscrafts 09/14/2011 #

263 sending 271 watching

Woo hoo!

fawnscrafts 09/15/2011 #

295 in 301 watching

mizvicky 09/15/2011 #

I just had to sign up :)

Miabiff 09/15/2011 #

I'm number 300!!!!!!!

Mugsie 09/15/2011 #

This is unbelievable ~ I'm 312!

zanylady 09/15/2011 #

How cool. Thanks a million, Rachel! I'll drink the champagne and send the package!!!

Rock on, Swap-Bot!!!!

Bandeau 09/15/2011 #

Hah! I joined last night...then realized I never even read the description! I guess I was just excited : D

MarleyJayne18 09/15/2011 #

I am very excited to be part of this swap

carmen 09/16/2011 #

Darn! My baby's due date lands right in the middle of this swap! I might be a tiny bit distracted.

camelsamba 09/16/2011 #

There was something on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me last week about how to save the US postal system. My suggestion: Require everyone to signup for swap-bot and participate in at least 2 swaps per month. (Detractors of this idea could call it Obama-Mail :^).

camelsamba 09/16/2011 #

@carmen if your baby is late, you're going to need something like this to keep your mind off that fact! :^)

fawnscrafts 09/16/2011 #

Woohoo 345 in

342 watching

fawnscrafts 09/16/2011 #

Pm group leaders if you are in different groups than I am in. ( sent to most of mine and will finish that) You can go to my profile and see which groups I am in.

Group leaders PM all your members.

Lets advertise this.

40,000 of us on this site and only 300 signed up.

ladeebug 09/16/2011 #

count me in, I love to craft and know I can come up with a craft item for my partner.that will fit the bill.

dreamerkins 09/16/2011 #

@fawnscrafts you have to keep in mind that not all 40,000 still all swap. If fact, that number includes anybody who joined from the very beginning 6 years ago, I think, including some who signed up, but never swapped. Many that do swap avoid public swaps entirely, not everyone on here is available to swap right now (real life timing, like with @carmen s due date, etc), some use swapbot to exchange partners for other groups and don't even look at the main swaps, etc. The fact that nearly 700 of those left are either in, or considering it, is a pretty phenomenal thing as it is :).

draco 09/16/2011 #

358/353 now

kittenred 09/17/2011 #

out of the current participant list, there are a couple of newbies, the vast majority are 5.0 and nobody any lower than 4.8... Woo! that's a hell of a lot of respectable swapper scores!

fawnscrafts 09/17/2011 #

364 in 356 watching.

fawnscrafts 09/17/2011 #


Oh I know. I would like to see over 1,000m but really see 2,000 join this swap.

Each day it gets higher, and I think more and more are spreading the word.

reauk 09/18/2011 #

im in 20 swaps at moment will after put on my watch list... could i send a swapbot postcard from the meet up we had in sheffield uk would that count as its was sent for the swap bot meet up we had? rachel would that be ok?

fawnscrafts 09/18/2011 #

380 in 368 watching

@reauk that is what my situation is also. I think that closer we will see a lot of the 'in' number jump up. And the watcher number start to go down.

laurendoodler 09/19/2011 #

Ah heck, I signed up! This is history for Swap Bot :) I'm a huge trading newbie but I'm sure I can do something. :)

Sha2ronS 09/19/2011 #

I predict this swap will be for Swap-bot what the Missoni lane for Target was for Target...who's with me on this??

Sha2ronS 09/19/2011 #

That should be Missoni LINE for Target was for Target--minus the computer issues, of course!

reauk 09/19/2011 #

tend to stick the swaps that are a month or over on watch...that way i dont miss joining out on other good swap that are due long before my swaps on watch lists.i agree with you @fawnscrafts ..

LyndensMommy 09/19/2011 #

LOTTI02 i do the same thing i put what i want to join in my watchlist so i can join after i get my recent swaps sent!!!

racheljohnson 09/19/2011 #

Wow! We are almost at 400!

fawnscrafts 09/19/2011 #

394 in

379 watching

fawnscrafts 09/19/2011 #

This is a thought, if you are sending a lot of cards out this week and next, maybe mention this swap.

There are a lot of folks that know nothing about this so far.

I have about 30 cards going out about 20 partners that I could tell, just in the swaps I have partners for as of right now.

Megbomb 09/20/2011 #

Ah hell im #400!!

hollycm6 09/20/2011 #

Wow!! Lucky you! :)

angeliclizard 09/21/2011 #

I already made my swap, I can't wait to send it out. :)

fawnscrafts 09/21/2011 #

410 in

382 watching

blessedtwox 09/21/2011 #

I'm so sad :( I would absolutely LOVE to be a part of this swap, but I'm pregnant and due on October 30th. I would hate to join and then have my baby early and not be able to fulfill my end of this. But everyone keep me in mind if you get flaked on, I will be happy to angel (it might take a little bit considering I will have a new baby and all). I'm so happy to be part of this amazing website and community! Good luck everyone!

DinjaDONUT 09/22/2011 #

What a great idea!!!!

I'm in!

thisismeAXiD 09/22/2011 #

I'm #418!

venzo2b 09/22/2011 #

I'm in ! N° 420 :)

dabellaraquella 09/22/2011 #

I am happy that I joined just in time to celebrate! I am so looking forward to all of this! ^^ NUMBER 423!

gloworm1947 09/23/2011 #

I think I am in...lol

flowerchild 09/24/2011 #

I'm holding out...I want to be #500!

funkhoup 09/25/2011 #

OK Dumb question--how can you tell what number you are?????

funkhoup 09/25/2011 #

That is besides counting them ALL!!!!

kittenred 09/25/2011 #

for whoever I get partnered with - no religious items please. (or talk of religion in letters) thank you.

StephanieFromTN 09/25/2011 #

Yay, I'm excited about this swap!!! @Kittenred - just a suggestion, I would wait until your partner is assigned and personally contact them with your request. There are just so many comments on this swap I wouldn't count on your partner digging through them to see what you've posted. :)

KarliAnne 09/26/2011 #

wow..this will be my first swap here! I cant wait to be able to send it..gonna get to it right now =) by the way, do i receive my partner address on October 17 or before?? im new here, but not new on swaps, if the cordinator wants, i can send the link of another communite account =)

hollycm6 09/26/2011 #

Yes and hopefully @kittenred your partner will respect your wishes, but it is not a requirement of the swap. (I would DEFINITELY PM them if it is important to you. It seems unlikely all participants will read these comments first) The requirements are super simple and it is sender's choice, so if you receive something you consider religious, just toss it!

I am happy to be part of this swap, makes up for missing out on all the other 'notable' numbers!

CometaGuavaberry 09/26/2011 #


You look the number of peolple:

Number of people in swap: 440

And when you sign up that number increases in one (441) ans that's your number

fawnscrafts 09/26/2011 #

447 in

401 watcihng

fawnscrafts 09/26/2011 #

If you all want it to get higher and higher tell all you have any contact with before the swap starts.

I feel sorry for my partners a few days ago, they all got told about this.

I will tell a few more, if I get some I have not told yet...

piglet59645 09/27/2011 #

Congrats on this site becoming what it is. What an accomplishment! Thankyou Rachel. :)

piglet59645 09/27/2011 #

Thankyou to your partners too. ;)

piglet59645 09/30/2011 #

Wow, almost 500!

draco 09/30/2011 #

489/408. if all 408 (for now) people who are watching signed up, just might hit 1000 people by the 17th

nasreen 10/ 1/2011 #

I am waiting so that I can be number 500.

Amigirl 10/ 2/2011 #

500 in the swap!!! Yay!

nasreen 10/ 3/2011 #

Aw, @Amigirl beat me to it.

onlyincambodia 10/ 3/2011 #

Quick! A few of us can drop and then it will be back to 499 again ;)

fawnscrafts 10/ 3/2011 #

Over 500! woohoo!

racheljohnson 10/ 3/2011 #

Woohoo! Over 500! Amazing! I am extending the mail deadline just a bit due to popular request. Now the mail deadline is Friday, November 4th.

LASummer 10/ 3/2011 #

WOW! You'll angel?! That's commitment!!!

piglet59645 10/ 3/2011 #

I could angel a few for you. :)

piglet59645 10/ 3/2011 #

I'm sure you will have several angel helpers before it is all over.

Bananajana 10/ 4/2011 #

I enjoy being part of the historical mega swaps. Anyone reading this please fill me in if you see some I miss. Good luck everyone.

Bananajana 10/ 4/2011 #

I'll definitely angel this swap.

ChantalB 10/ 4/2011 #

definately join this :D mine won't be paper but i am in love with my new turn a pic into a knitting pattern program i just got, so someone might be getting an Ernie coaster/small Placemat :D (all depends on the size of needles i settle with lol)

ChantalB 10/ 4/2011 #

I would love to angel this swap as well

Angie 10/ 5/2011 #

What does "angel a swap" mean?

Deeno1105 10/ 5/2011 #

@Angie .........if your partner doesn't send to you that means they are a "flaker". An angel is someone who will send to you in place of your original partner who flaked.

principeta 10/ 5/2011 #

I am 505,yay =o)

MSturgill87 10/ 5/2011 #

507/428 - That's a LOT of people!

Geebes 10/ 6/2011 #

I just joined Swap bot yesterday.. How do I go about joining in on this swap?

Geebes 10/ 6/2011 #

Never mind.. I found it! sheepish grin

themuppet 10/ 6/2011 #

I guess I couldn't pick a better swap as my first on swap-bot!

clkea 10/ 7/2011 #

I have a quick question...does what we send need to be an "Ernie" something? Like an Ernie ATC / doll / inchie / drawing. A few of us were wondering. This is so much fun!

fawnscrafts 10/ 8/2011 #

521 in 425 watching

Megbomb 10/ 8/2011 #

@clkea if you read the requirements, it says it must reference swap-bot in SOME way, it can be just a letter or a postcard or it can be something ernie related, but it does not have to be.

Evilwitch 10/ 8/2011 #

just had to do this one :)

racheljohnson 10/ 8/2011 #

@clkea - @Megbomb is right, your swap isn't required to have Ernie (the envelope mascot) on it. It just has to reference Swap-bot in some way. So you could write a letter about Swap-bot, make a Swap-bot bookmark, use the orange & blue airmail stripes to decorate a matchbox... anything!

clkea 10/ 8/2011 #

Thanks @racheljohnson There was a little group of us that were a wee bit confused. It's clear now!

nasreen 10/ 9/2011 #

I was number 533.

hartline22 10/ 9/2011 #

I'm just watching it till the date comes closer because I like signing up for A LOT of swaps, and I can only have 20 at a time, so I need room!! I'll deffinately join though!!

hartline22 10/ 9/2011 #

So if I write a Penpal letter and send a Postcard, is that ok? Please PRIVATE MESSAGE ME!!

Thank you in Advance Laura

EnchantedKittenz 10/11/2011 #

wouldn't that be cool if a 100,000 people signed up and sent out stuff?

DawnI5579 10/11/2011 #

@racheljohnson I will help angel if necessary :)

sagesparrow 10/11/2011 #

yippee, I'm making an Ernie mug rug!!!!!

fawnscrafts 10/13/2011 #

So if you want to PM anyone you think might like to join.

If they have joined they will understand, if not, they may join!

I am going to go head and join tonight, in case something happens and I cannot be at the computer the next three days.

I may go to my archives and peruse my partners and see if any have nto joined yet, if not I will Pm some. I am caught up on my swaps and will only watch Tv other wise.

bluecrayons 10/14/2011 #

@Chantal B id love your coasters. i believe i bought a fairy from you on FB,

MurphyPagan 10/14/2011 #

This I hope is going to be a huge success. I was looking at the view participants, because, YES I am in, but my name does not appear in the list. I am confused.

snout 10/15/2011 #

595, watcher turned swapper ;) Just started on swap-bot, but I'm super excited and already loving it!

snout 10/15/2011 #

Woa, not sure why the font was so large on that message. Yikes!

cherriesberries 10/16/2011 #

If my partner is going to send a coaster to me, must I send back something similar to it or can I just send a postcard? Will the items be surprises or should we let our partner know what we are sending, you know, in case he/she thinks it is unfair or he/she doesn't like it and gives low rating?

AmericanHeiress 10/16/2011 #

Do we need send something with Ernie The Envelope in the swap? Or can it be anything swap bot related them like: scrapbook supplies, postcards, journals, etc? Just to be clear, I don't want to mess this up.


Loonstruck 10/16/2011 #

@MarieAntoinette & @cherriesberries - "The only strict requirement is that your item go through the postal mail and that it references Swap-bot in some way."

This is essentially a sender's choice swap using the theme of swap-bot.

flowerchild 10/16/2011 #

since I missed being #500 I was going to try for #600 but the numbers keep jumping around and with my luck the computer will die...so I'm in!!!

StarMouse 10/17/2011 #

I'm in because this sounded like a great idea! I'm new, and want to participate e in something Celebratory like this!

PixelParadox 10/17/2011 #

Last day to decide if you will sign up. So many fine participants!

If anyone is looking for a source for many, diverse new postcards, check out the website for VisionWorks at www.changingworld.com Featuring new postcards from hundreds of different publishers, organized by topic with a great search engine.

Nekozet 10/17/2011 #

Ya know what would be cool? A little pouch decorated like Ernie, that will hold postcards. You could keep it in your purse and when you see PCs you like, free or bought, you could tuck them in the pouch to keep them safe til you get home! Hmmm, wonder if my poor sewing skills could temporarily improve to make something like that...

TeePeeMaiden 10/17/2011 #

Number 640, im in and I almost forgot.

vintageprincess 10/17/2011 #

All this talk about "Angel the swap"...I sure hope nobody would sign up and then not send!!! That and not rating really makes me sad!

ksj1717 10/17/2011 #

Nothing sadder than not receiving a swap! :( Can't wait to start this swap. My item is ready to go! :)

Sha2ronS 10/17/2011 #

@astark2009 I just read your comment. If you want to sign up I will make and send your item.

wunderland 10/17/2011 #

I'm #666 ... ****sprouts demon horns, laughs wildly****

MargotFaerie 10/18/2011 #

Huge swap closed with 666 swappers...creepy! :O

PapercraftFairy 10/18/2011 #

Lucky wunderland!

racheljohnson 10/18/2011 #

Oh man - 666 seems ominous! I will be checking over all participants and assigning partners today. Stay tuned!

clkea 10/18/2011 #

666 !!!! Perfect number for Halloween! BWAH HA HA HA HA

abbyaguas 10/18/2011 #

It's 665 when it closed.

dabellaraquella 10/18/2011 #

Too bad, 666 would have been perfect lol. Any idea when she will assign partners?

mizvicky 10/18/2011 #

She says as soon as she looks over the participants. This may take her some time.

Megbomb 10/18/2011 #

Yes, no rush!! We don't want flakers!!!!

racheljohnson 10/18/2011 #

Yes - I am sorry. I am still checking over participants, but I will get partners assigned by tomorrow morning. I'm sorry for the delay.

draco 10/19/2011 #

not a problem

dabellaraquella 10/19/2011 #

No worries. I was just wondering, I didn't mean to offend anybody!

dabellaraquella 10/19/2011 #

I made an Ernie Christmas Card!

DebR 10/19/2011 #

I dont envy Rachel checking through all those participants.

racheljohnson 10/19/2011 #

Ok - partners have been assigned!! I extended the mail deadline by a few days since I was delayed in getting them assigned. The new deadline is Nov. 7th.

I removed a handful of participants for rating issues, but I would LOVE to do a private swap with anyone (including those who were removed) on this theme -- just let me know if you'd like to private swap.

Remember, I'd be thrilled to post photos of your Swap-bot creations on the blog. Please email them to rachel -at- swap-bot.com - Thanks!

Happy swapping!

MsSuzanne 10/19/2011 #

I have a simple question, maybe it's splitting hairs but here it is: When you say, "reference swap-bot" do words need to be used? For example a granny square using orange, blue and white? That is an artistic reference, right? Just making sure now before I pull out my crochet hook or jewelry making stuff to only find out my intrepretation was incorrect. :)

summerhawk 10/19/2011 #

What is the deal with Swap-bot and cupcakes???!!! What am I missing?

racheljohnson 10/20/2011 #

@MsSuzanne - a granny square in orange, blue & white would definitely work! It references the Swap-bot colors! You do not need to use the words "Swap-bot" on your item, but you should include a note with your name, username, email, and name of the swap.

@summerhawk - As for cupcakes, I just really like them, so I think they have sort of been connected with Swap-bot. No need to have cupcakes in your swap, though. :)

Crazipurplelady 10/21/2011 #

I made address labels for my partner with Ernie on it!

cobaltgypsy 10/21/2011 #

My Ernie the Envie ATC for my partner in South Africa left home today!

Ellen123 10/22/2011 #

Lovely !!

chrissybaby 10/22/2011 #

Such a pity I have missed this great swap - would have loved to join, but I had not checked too many swaps recently

leecytx 10/23/2011 #

I uploaded my photo to the swap-bot flickr group.

fawnscrafts 10/24/2011 #

Mine is about the same as above, but with the square button the square card and the magnet or card, I would not tell what is above.

I wanted to let my partner have enough goodies, if she wants to share she can, if not that is cool also.

I do not have a photo of it, but they is are common swap bot items.

crmc 10/25/2011 #

My partner's top favorite thing is Miss Kitty, so I incorporated that into my image. I posted an image on my blog.

LavenderLizard 10/25/2011 #

How did I miss this?! I'm not surprised this is such a popular swap, and congratulations to Rachel and the whole Swap-bot family for enriching so many lives.

faeswapgrl 10/27/2011 #

Shrinky dink Ernie

faeswapgrl 10/27/2011 #

Oops! I attempted to leave a photo in my comment, and obviously I did it wrong..! The pic of my swap item can be viewed on my Flickr page.

kittenred 10/29/2011 #

posted mine today! my send-to / receive from both look like people I'd like to swap with, so that's cool! :)

racheljohnson 11/ 1/2011 #

Thank you sooooo much for all of the amazing 100,000th Swap photos! So awesome! I am going to try to get a bunch of them in a blog post today.

momoeight 11/ 3/2011 #

I did an ATC of Crusher. You can see it in my flickr

Obstminkerl 11/ 4/2011 #

This was the coolest swap EVER :o) Thank you Rachel ♥

Artistic 11/ 4/2011 #

A package to my partner went out. Enjoy!

Fittzwm 11/ 7/2011 #

Sent out my Ernie inspired swap today! Never made a glass bead with a face before... Sadly, I forgot to take photos. :(

billowing 11/ 7/2011 #

Guys I'd be happy to Angel! :)

Nightingale 11/ 8/2011 #

I made a puzzle with a message on the back... :)

ixykix 11/ 9/2011 #

Sorry I couldn't mark my item as sent on monday 7th - I did get it sent before the deadline :-)

sayux3 11/10/2011 #

i cant click here to tell that i sent already ;( is that some bug of swap-bot?

Toupti 11/11/2011 #

sssooo sad... This IS the super mega historical swap, and already, I can see some potential flaker. :-( Some people... There are a lot of later senders (and I can see already some that will surely turn into flakers).

I was so looking forward to receiving something cool swap bot related.

Sorry for the whining... just needed to vent it out after such a rough day.

emilyjane 11/11/2011 #

My partner hasn't sent and hasn't logged in since November 6th. Should I message her now or give it a couple more days to see what happens, as its only been a few days since the deadline?

bluecrayons 11/12/2011 #

i feel dumb. i forgot to hit send. sorry but its been sent.

ArtzyDiva 11/13/2011 #

This was mailed on time but it's been a busy week, no internet a few days and my great-nephew was born!!!! On 11.11.11 at 11:11 am no less!!!!

racheljohnson 11/17/2011 #

I hope everyone is receiving their swap packages... Did you see all the amazing creations on the Swap-bot blog?!

Once all rating options (1 and 3) become available, let me know (via message or email) if you have not received a package. Once you have rated your partner honestly with a 1, I will send out an awesome angel pack!

Cakers 11/17/2011 #

Looks like I got flaked on, @WhitneyPitney hasn't been in since September and has two 1's for two other swaps she's missed. :-(

Cakers 11/17/2011 #

Sorry, since October.

racheljohnson 11/21/2011 #

Hi @Cakers - please rate your partner with a 1 and I will send out a fun Swap-bot swag angel package to you!

Everyone: All rating options are now available! Make sure to rate your partner honestly with a 1 if you did not receive and then contact me (via the message system or email) in order to get an angel package.

onlyincambodia 11/22/2011 #

Lots of "Not Sent" on the participants page...very :( indeed.

Fenix825 11/25/2011 #

I messaged my partner to see the status of this since it is still unsent. I wanted to try to give her the benefit of the doubt before rating a 1, but I am beginning to wonder if I am going to get anything.

momoeight 11/29/2011 #

I have not received anything and I have not been rated. I made a cute Hand drawn ATC of Crusher! Both of my partner are total newbies with almost no ratings under their belts.

poeticpaper 11/29/2011 #

I didn't receive anything from my swap partner also. Flaked on the 100,000th swap!

onlyincambodia 12/ 6/2011 #

Mine has not yet arrived, either. It was marked sent on 7 November, the deadline. My partner has continued to log in, and I have messaged them to inform them of not receiving yet. However, some things can take up to 2 months to arrive in Cambodia.

princessblueberry 12/ 6/2011 #

It's sad that people flaked on this swap! Mine appears to be AWOL as well...

Am glad that my partner liked the postcard and ATC...

erinbit 12/ 6/2011 #

Mine has not arrived. I emailed my partner, but she hasn't been on in almost a month.

jojoanna 12/30/2011 #

Never received anything either. So bummed out, this was the big one :(

nasreen 01/ 1/2012 #

I have still not received anything. Almost 2 months now.

olivias 01/27/2012 #

mee too :(

Marleen1979 03/13/2012 #

me too:(

Brighteyes1028 03/15/2012 #

Same here :(

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