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MY POOR RATINGS: Yes, there are some 1's. Two years ago I suddenly went through some very unpleasant things. My partner cancelled our wedding. I had to go to hospital for several months. I moved twice. It was just too much for me, so I disappeared without finishing my current swaps. I know this wasn't right, but I just couldn't handle it at that time. I contacted everyone in hope they'll give me a chance to fix everything. I never meant to disappoint anyone.


After a very long break I'm back! I know I got some low ratings. I had a really rough time when I disappeared and I'm very sorry for the swap partners I let down. I'm trying to fix everything as soon as I can. If I owe you a swap, please let me know!

First, let me say a few things about swapping with me. :)

I always put a lot of thought and effort in any of my swap packages. I always try to send of time, but as you might know, sometimes life happens. If I'm going to send late I will contact my partner to let him/her know what's going on. As soon as I send out my package I have no control about what might happen to it. When it gets lost, it's not my fault. If this does happen, I'll try my best to send another proper package. If you don't receive your swap item in time (may it be a package, a letter or just an e-mail), PLEASE LET ME KNOW and don't give me a low rating. I ask you to contact me if any issues might occur. I'm sure we'll always find a way to work it out. I also ask you to rate me soon after you received my swap item. I rate as soon as I receive. Electronic swaps are an exception, since I'm pretty lazy at those. Sorry for that. -_- If I'll send you something you don't like or can't use feel free to give it to someone else who will appreciate. I don't mind. :)

But know on to the fun part. ^^


My name is Jeni (short for Jennifer), I'm in my early 30ies and I live in Germany. I have a 9-5 job which can be very boring.

I'm a mom to six parakeets (Nuri, Lune, Keir, Elrik, Dillon and Chili) and a dwarf hamster named Venara. I spoil them rotten. ^^;

I wouldn't consider calling me a goth, but I'm close. I only wear black clothes, with just a few exceptions. I own a pink flower power dress which I love so much (and irritates everyone who sees it because they would never expect me to wear something like this XD). But I love colorful accesoires like socks or scarves or hand warmers.

My hobbies: Reading - I always loved reading and learned how to do this before I went to school. Scroll down for more information about my favourite books.

Video games - I don't play as often as I would like. I own a PS2 and a PS3. I have a love for jump&run. My favourite games are "Kya - Dark Lineage", almost every "Ratchet & Clank", "Psychonauts", "Final Fantasy X" and "Alice - Madness returns".

Crafting - I wish I would do more crafting since it's something I really enjoy. And I always love to learn new crafts. When I was about 9 my grandma showed me how to knit in garter stitch. In school I learned how to sew and spin yarn. I learned everything else I know on my own. Youtube was a great help. ;)

Cooking and baking - Most of the time I'm too lazy to work in the kitchen. But I really enjoy preparing meals, baking my own bread, bake cupcakes and try new recipes. I'm a vegetarian.

Skating - I used to attend roller derby training. After two years without seeing a chance to ever pass the MST I gave up. But I never lost my love for skating. I'm not that good (and received several bad injuries), but I love it.

I'm a bit religious, which is strange since I'm the only one in my family (expecting grandpa who died a couple of years ago). I'm okay with some religious stuff, prayers and quotes to cheer me up. I'm also interested in Bhuddism and Wiccan things.

Favorite Books

I love fairy tales, fantasy, horror, historical love stories, mangas... My favourite authors are Stephen King and Terry Pratchett. I also love to read something new that was recommended by someone else and I wouldn't have read on my own. I don't like boring historical stories (the ones that are mostly political), chick lit and crime.

Favourite books:

The Mermaid's Sister, Therdeban, Chase the moon, Room, Outlander, Mort... Okay, maybe I'll continue this later. I've read most of the books in german and have no idea what their english titles are. ^^;

Movies and tv shows

I'm not very fond of action movies, though there might be a few I really like. I almost never watch horror movies since I'm scared VERY easily.

Favourite movies:

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Boat that rocked, Sin City, Tokyo Godfathers, Repo - The Genetic Opera!, Ronal the Barbarian, almost every Disney movie, I'm a cyborg but that's okay, Old Boy (the korean version), My neighbour Totoro, Spirited away, #9, Housebound, The Hunger Games, Labyrinth, uhm... need to check my dvd collection to find more.

I don't watch much tv. I'm not even able to watch tv at home. And I don't miss it that much. I watch a lot of tv when I'm at my boyfriend's. I prefr watching documentaries about history or science. My current favourites are documentaries about outer space. I also like those tv shows where they reconstruct murders.

I've watched a lot aof tv shows when I was younger. Now I'm not very fond of them. But I still have a few favourite shows.

These are: Avatar - The last Airbender, Shameless, Outlander, American Horror Story (oh, how much I love Season 1!), Twin Peaks and Kingdom Hospital.

Favorite Crafts

I do a lot of crafts, like knitting, crocheting, drawing (well, at least I used to draw), sewing, quilting, a little bit of jewelry making and papercrafts. I'M best at knitting and crocheting. My sewing skills also grow with each project. Last year I learned how to quilt and got obsessed with mug rugs. One time when I was in hospital I crocheted several amigurumis each week. I had a polymer clay phase in which I made tons of canes, beads and mini foods. Years ago I made my own skirts and bags. Recently I discovered my love for homemade beauty products, but I'm still a beginner here.

Styles, themes and colors

Styles and themes I'd like to receive: anything off my favourite lists, kawaii, sloths, foxes (!!!), llamas, black, gothic, Studio Ghibli, Disney, glitter, cute food, ATCs, dotees, hooplas, patchwork, earrings, knitted socks, Claude Monet, William Turner, funny, tea, sweets

What I don't like: creepy stuff

Favourite colors:

Black. You can't go wrong with black. ;) I also like pink, teal, silver, rainbow (yes, this is a color XD), purple and dark reds.

There are colors I really don't like, but which might look good when combined with other colors. Like: orange, yellow, green, brown, gray and neon colors.

On my Pinterest I have a board with color combinations I like.


A -> autumn, ATCs, animals

B -> books, black, boho, baking, butterflies, Big Dipper

C -> crocheting, cats, crafting, Chuck Norris jokes, cherry, chocolate, Christmas, crystals, cross stitching, cooking, cutesy, cocktails

D -> dreamcatchers, dogs, deers, Disney, donkeys,

E ->

F -> foxes, fairy stuff, fabrics, fire, flowers, fingerless mittens, Ferrero, felted things

G -> gel pens, glitter, gothic

H -> hippie, hot chocolate, crockpot, cartoons, hamsters

I ->

J -> earrings

K -> knitting, knitted socks

L -> leo (zodiac), llamas, legwarmers, lip balms, Lush, lucky cats

M -> music, movies, mug rugs, moon, manatees, makros, metal (music)

N -> NaNoWriMo, Nightmare before Christmas

O -> outer space

P -> postcards, polymer clay, patchwork, parakeets, puns, PlayStation, pressed plants, pocket letters, psychedelic

Q -> quilting, quad skates

R -> rainbow

S -> sewing, stuffed toys, Studio Ghibli, stars, sloths, sweets, sixties, stamps, semiprecious stones, seaside

T -> tea, Totoro

U -> unicorns

V -> vanilla, vegetarian

W -> woodland critters, washi tape, water, woods, wind chimes

X ->

Y -> yarn, Yves Rocher

Z -> zen

I collect

Right now I collect ear rings, postcards, cotton fabrics, buttons and teas. I'd love to start collections of hooplas, dotees and ATCs.


I'd love to receive:

  • anything fox related
  • dotees
  • hooplas
  • teas
  • bento supplies
  • books
  • beads of any kind
  • buttons
  • cotton fabric
  • journals with blanko pages
  • a beautiful rosary
  • waldorf school lesson books (A4 preferred)
  • stationary
  • bookmarks
  • perfume samples
  • toe socks and yoga socks
  • toys for my parakeets and my dwarf hamster
  • knitted socks
  • fingerless mittens or legwarmers
  • vegetarian baking and cooking recipes
  • chapsticks
  • buttons
  • safety eyes
  • stickers
  • crafted dolls or stuffed animals
  • ATCs
  • inchies
  • ear rings
  • spices for cooking or baking
  • postcards
  • healthy snacks
  • Candy Corns (I LOVE them, but you can't get them here)
  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • sweets and snacks from other countries in general ;)
  • stamps (diy stamps are very welcome)
  • ink pads
  • mug rugs

CHOCOLATE: I love almost every type of chocolate. My favourites are chocolates with liquid filling. I'm not a huge fan of white chocolate. I prefer milk chocolate, but even dark is okay. I like caramel, coffee, cherry, nougat, but I always love to try new things. I also love weird flavours. (One of the best chocolates I've had was with cheese.) What I strongly dislike is orange, lemon, berry (strawberries or cherries are okay) or pineapple flavour. Lindt, Reese's, Zotter and Kinder are a few of my favourite brands.

SWEETS: I love almost everything. My favourites are gummies, but it's kinda hard to find vegetarian gummies that are actually good. I'm crazy for peanut butter and anything cherry flavoured. I'm not very fond of taffy (though I would like to try salt-water taffy just once) or chewing gum. Same with licorice. Cookies are also great, I like almost every kind.

SAVOURY SNACKS: I love everything with cheese, honey & mustard, sour cream or garlic flavour, as long as it's vegetarian friendly. One of my favourite snacks are Snyder's Pretzel Bites. I love chips, but I understand that they are hard to send. I don't like foods that are too spicy.

TEA: I love yogi and herbal teas. Orange is fine, too. And I love Christmas teas. Almost every flavoured tea would be great. I strongly dislike red fruit teas, green, white and blacks teas.

Foods and drinks I've received in previous swaps I totally loved (and wouldn't mind receiving again XD):

  • Twining's Herbal Tea Lemon & Ginger
  • Nestlé Princessa orzechowa
  • KubuÅ›, ciastka 8 zbóż żurawina
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel

What not to send

There are a few things I wouldn't be happy to receive.

I have no use for ephemera.

And I don't like kiddy stuff. Cute things are okay. For fabrics I even like prints that might be suitable for kids, but please no princesses or pirates or such.

If you send treats for my parakeets or my dwarf hamster please make sure there's no added sugar or even honey. Especially in hamster food, dwarf hamsters have a high risk of developing diabetes. Please keep it as natural as possible.

For me, please no animal parts. No fur, no bones, nothing. Unless you know where it comes from and the animal wasn't killed for it.

If you send something food related: no meat, no fish. Thank you. :) (There's one exception: marshmallows. I know this is inconsequent, but I love marshmallows!)

Allergies / Allergens

I don't have any allergies and don't even mind cat or dog hair on my item. ;) To me pet hairs are a proof that yur little darling loves you.

As I mentioned above I share my room with parakeets. Their feathers are everywhere in my appartement. So if you're allergic please let me know and I'll take care not to bring my swap items home. I smoke occasionally. Due to my featehred litle friends I smoke on the balcony only. If you're allergic to smoke please let me know and I will take extra care not to get any smoke on my swap items!


Leanne85 rated for Smileys :) - Photography on Aug 13, 2018
Comment: Love the pictures, the burger and fries looks delicious its making me hungry !
KSENiA rated for Book Lovers Day swap! on Aug 13, 2018
Comment: Thank you for sharing.
Fabriqueen rated for Book Lovers Day swap! on Aug 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing with me! Hugs, Diane
BugLeigh rated for Book Lovers Day swap! on Aug 10, 2018
SwanPrincessLeah rated for Book Lovers Day swap! on Aug 10, 2018
biphobe rated for Random Card Swap International 1 on Aug 10, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the lovely card, the gorgeous stamps, and for the random facts (that penguin pee is sooo gross lol. and for the honey bee... Have you seen the relevant Black Mirror episode?). I hope that my swap will arrive soon, you was my partner for this swap :)
LilyPuBear rated for Book Lovers Day swap! on Aug 10, 2018
Comment: Thank you for sharing a wonderful lists of books and I see if I can find a few of them at my library.
USAFwife rated for Book Lovers Day swap! on Aug 10, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing your memories and opinions! :) For so many years, I couldn't find anyone other than my husband who had read The Dark Tower books, and now thanks to swap-bot, I'm finding more. My favorites of the series are the same as yours, and Eddie is certainly one of my favorite characters, not sure there's only one. :) Have you heard the audio versions? There are 2 narrators for the series, and one really GETS Eddie's accent, really brings him to life. I also love fairy tales of all sorts. I never liked the happily-ever-after endings as much as life isn't usually that perfect! But the original Grimm Brothers are amazing! :) That's who I should answer for those "If you could interview anyone in history, who would it be" questions - the Grimm Brothers! haha! :) Thanks for joining the swap and sharing your stories. :)
mileymade rated for Book Lovers Day swap! on Aug 9, 2018
Comment: I just listened to Water For Elephants and I adore it!
MrsKytes rated for Smileys :) - Photography on Aug 9, 2018
Comment: Thanx for sharing your pictures! That star pillow really does seem amazing. :)
rainydayangie rated for Smileys :) - Photography on Aug 8, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the email! I may need to get one of those star pillows - looks great! Hoping the darkness has lifted for you. <3
mb58ca rated for Smileys :) - Photography on Aug 8, 2018
Comment: Awesome pics! Love the light pillow! And your irreplaceable items. Thanks for joining :)
RabbitsnChihuahuas rated for Something from your work on Aug 6, 2018
Comment: So very cool! Thanks for the materials - such an immersive experience :) and for the goodies! Your work is incredible! I enjoyed your letter very much <3
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Thanks for a great card and interesting message.
dandilion rated for Send a bookmark! on Jul 31, 2018
Comment: thank you for the bookmarks! 3 ones.. and so creative i like cross stitched one so much!
vyronix rated for Rachel’s Quick PC Swap Round #1 on Jul 28, 2018
Comment: Hello Jennifer! Thank you so much for the postcard :D Thanks for attaching a message along with translation of it :)
Comment: Thank you for the little extras!
Comment: Thanks
Autumn5 rated for 3 Vegan / Vegetarian Recipes on Jul 25, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much! :)

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