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About Me

I absolutely love letters and little gifts!

I love writing (I want to be a writer when I'm older), reading, making things, drawing (not that I'm sure I'm very good at this), letters, birds (especially Ravens and birds of prey- one day I would like to have a Harris Hawk) and herbal tea (especially Rue, ginger-if that counts- and rose hip. Also unusual kinds). I also also LOVE stickers, ribbon, thunderstorms and cats (well...most animals, really).

I am Eclectic Pagan (probably dark enough to be labelled "dark Pagan", and even though there would be no problem if I was, I'm not). Gods and Goddess' personal to me are Bel, Lilith, Nimah, Pan, and Hecate. I am very lucky to live near a wonderful magic shop that also do all of the Sabbats so even though I'm not in a Coven I get to worship with other Pagans. Obviously because of this I love Pagan mythology, symbology and imagery.

I am a Goth and often dress in black and red (they /are/ my favorite colours). I love to wear corsets, velvet and skirts. I also love vintage style things.

OH- I forgot to mention- I am a pescitarian so if you decide to send me any food items please only send me things suitable for Vegetarians. Thank you! I also don't eat/use products made my Mars or Proctor and Gamble so I'd appreciate not having products from these companies- they test their products on animals.

That's all I can think to put for now, if I think of anything else I'll put it down!

Favorite Books

I'm a Literature student so I spend a lot of time reading, usually classic literature. Right now I'm studying renaissance Literature.

My favourite books and plays are:

  • The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

  • Milton's Paradise Lost

  • Wise Children by Angela Carter

  • Most poetry by Carol Ann Duffy

  • Fight Club

  • Marlowe's Doctor Faustus and Edward II

  • Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Likes and dislikes

I'm not too difficult to please- but I really love to receive the sort of things in the list below! ALSO I LOVE YOUR HANDMADE THINGS. YOUR ART. Feel free to share it with me!


  • Black and Red, I also like purple, silver and grey.

  • Gothy/Creepy things. I am very much a goth and like all things gothy, black, red, purple, lace, velvet, Victorian style things etc... If it's gothy, I probably will love it.

  • Speaking of creepy... I love animal specimens provided they were obtained humanely (so found dead or died in captivity- not killed). By this I mean feathers, insect specimens (of all kinds- from butterflies to scorpions to flies to beetles) and animal bones.

  • Taxidermy/anatomically correct, Victorian/Twisted medicine theme.

  • I LOVE insect themed things.

  • Buttons

  • Bird and feather decorated/themed things

  • Apple and cherry themed things

  • Mushrooms and toadstool themed things

  • Fantasy related things e.g things to do with dragons, faeries, unicorns (but they don't have to be). Anything cryptozoology related is awesome, in fact that less common the better.

  • Rats (and related items). Pet rats, plague rats, I like them all.

  • Hedgehogs

  • Raccoons

  • Deer/stags

  • Keys, cool clocks

  • Absolutely love Steampunk, whether that's papers, fabric, clothing/accessories, cogs, trinkets, brads...

  • Brads in general. Metallic charms/jewelry trinkets and related items.

  • Pagany style things e.g Pentacles, moons etc... Things depicting Pagan Gods or Goddess' or things for my altar. ATCs and art are also appreciated along with information about Gods/Goddesses or myths especially when presented in a pretty/appealing way.

  • Socks. Especially long/gothy ones.

  • Letraset markers (I have the manga set 1)

  • Faber castel pens (I love them)

  • I'd love pieces of fabric especially ones with things that I've already said I like. Also the bigger the better! (I love fat quarters of course)

  • I AM OBSESSED WITH MY FANDOMS. Anything do to with this stuff, whether merchandise, stationary, handmade... My fandoms are;

    • Mass Effect (Especially Saren, Nihlus, Garrus, Fem Shepard, Aria and Liara)

    • Binding of Isaac.

    • Repo! The genetic opera.

    • Fight Club

    • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    • Adventure Time

    • The Stanley Parable

    • Dragon Age 2 (I've only finished the 1st act though so please no spoilers.) My favorite characters are Isabella, Cassandra, Fenris, Anders and F! Hawke.

    • Steven Universe (any of the gems, but especially Amethyst and Jasper and Pearl, I really love Blue Pearl).

    • Don't Starve

    • Rick and Morty

    • Transformers (shh) I'm up to volume 5 More
      than Meets the Eye and season 2 of TFP. My favourite characters are Starscream (all versions), Knockout, Pharma, Soundwave, MTMTE Megatron, Drift/Deadlock, Rodimus/Hot Rod, any of the DJD especially Tarn and Nickel, Whirl, Cyclonus, Tailgate.

I am a huge nerd and love all of it whether it's something to do with the thing- art or even just you talking about it.

  • Things related to Midsummer Night's Dream or most Shakepeare plays or other literature.

  • I also have a special penchant for Milton's Satan from Paradise Lost (and other versions of Satan). I'm not a Satanist nor do I believe in Satan- I just like his character and so art/ATCs or other related things would really be appreciated.

  • ATCs to do with things I like. Or any art/hand made things especially to do with things I like.

  • Lush items. Especially things in pots or bottles rather than soap bars (but I wouldn't complain about these either!)

  • Nice jewellery, I prefer simple or delicate things to chunky or large items. Any jewelry depicting leaves/nature or other things on my likes list would be appreciated.

  • Any gothy style clothing, right now I'm especially looking for just a plain black strappy top/vest to wear under things. I'm a size 8/10 UK.

  • Sci fi themed stuff especially art. I prefer generic sci fi (like robots, spaceships, space etc... rather than anything within the sci fi genre like Doctor Who etc... I don't watch that, the exceptions of course being in my fandoms). The more weird/twisted the better (although things like cute robots are also welcome).

  • Space themed things.

  • Altoids tins or similar (with or without altoids, I don't mind!)

  • Altered/filled matchboxes

  • Pride themed things, rainbows and other flags and such. Bonus points for not just gay and lesbian themed stuff, transgender and non-binary pride particularly (I know people who would really appreciate seeing this stuff, and I much prefer LGBT+ stuff when it includes /everyone/, not just the L and the G).

-The crude, the rude, things containing swearing, "naughtiness", anything with nudity, I'm cool with that, and certainly won't be offended. I only ask that none of this sort of stuff be sent "naked" (haha) because it could be interesting to see the porter's face when he puts that sort of thing in my pigeon hole (please don't). Also I like women so anything with nudity would be preferred if it was a girl (just to be clear I'm referring to postcards, ATCs, artwork by this). But yeah, I'm not easily offended at all so if you're unsure, feel free to send.


  • Any form of hate, homophobia, transphobia, racism. These people are among the worst sorts of people.

  • Anything with gelatine in, this is not an exception, I'm a pescitarian so can't eat it.

  • Pink (and overly girly stuff). Pastel colours. I'm also not so keen on yellow, bright orange and bright green in large amounts. And gold.

  • Hello Kitty and Diddl

  • Memo pads. They're cool but I have about a million.

  • Christmas stuff- I don't really celebrate Christmas. Yuletide stuff is great but nothing like santa stickers or nativity scenes and such (unless of course the swap specifically asks for it. However even if a swap asks for a Christmas card I would be equally happy with a card of your religion whether that is Christmas- Hannukah or Yuletide or neutral. Anything like that would be cool.)

  • Temporary tattoos

  • Make up

  • Generally romantic or teen fiction isn't my thing in books like Twilight and such.

  • Mars products

  • Clowns and cherubs

  • Generic gothy skulls, although interesting, arty and anatomically correct style ones are awesome though.

  • Earrings

  • Things depicting alcohol, or to be used with alcohol (such as pictures of champagne bottles or beer cozies). I rarely drink so these things have no interest to me.

  • really chunky metal jewelry

Food likes and dislikes

I've been doing an increasing number of food swaps so I decided to include this section in my profile!


  • Chocolate, of almost every kind, but I far prefer chocolate with something in it rather than just plain.

  • Caramel

  • Foods that I can't get in my country

-`I far prefer receiving coffee and hot chocolate than tea to be honest, but I do enjoy teabags in smaller swaps.

  • Cakey/biscuity products. They're not always the best to post but sealed packets tend to work quite well

  • Pretzels

  • Interesting ready to make/eat savoury products. I'm a uni student so this is always welcome.

  • Christmassy food, in the case of food, my scroogyness is reversed. I love christmassy food.


  • Pictures of real naked penises (drawn/art ones are fine if it makes sense in a swap- since I've recieved nice art of this sort before but please no real penis pictures).

  • Anything with gelatine in

  • Mars products

  • Salty nuts

  • Wasabi (other spice is fine)

  • Liquorice and banana flavours

Another thing

I am a mostly lesbian lady in a poly relationship with a wonderful lady named Holly, and a lovely man named Sam @Megatron on here). I was hesitant to put that on here, but I love the swap bot community and hope not to get judgement for this relationship ^^

Most of the time I'm living at my university in Cambridge, but in the holidays I spend most of the time with @Megatron and Holly, and our albio demon-hedgehog named Marceline. ^^


KristinKing rated for Video Game ATC on Aug 4, 2017
Comment: I've never played animal crossing but this guy is cute. Thank you.
urocyonfox rated for Comic book ATC swap! on Aug 2, 2017
Comment: Super cool, I love ladies and feel like there need to be more of them in transformers. I think thats why I wasn't interested in it as a kid cause of the lack of females. She almost reminds me of Sailor mars from sailor moon <3
Response: Yeah!! A few have been introduced lately and I'm really pleased about that!! Glad you liked the ATC!
Paulaeliza rated for The BIG One - International- on Jul 29, 2017
Comment: Great choices for me. Especially like the octopus pc and the jellyfish note book.
Response: I'm so glad you liked it!!
SMaria14 rated for Swap #2 Happy Mail on Jun 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much. I loved everything .
saffronnginger rated for Queer mail on Jun 5, 2017
Comment: Thank you for resending, i have received yr swap!
Response: 19.04.17 I was contacted that this swap never arrived and sent a resend a week or two later. I never knew it didn't arrive. I have contacted my partner again to resolve this problem EDIT: 23.04.17: Didn't get a response to the first message, I just sent another. Update: This time I sent from etsy straight to my partner, sent my partner copies of the receipt.
pcmiminini rated for Ugly Bug Ball on May 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the resend! The invitation is really cute. It's really elaborate, thank you so much! I think you are among the few people who actually resend, thank you so much.
Response: 22.04.17: You too? I'm so sorry this never got to you-- I'll get another one to you shortly. Update: This is now sent Final update: I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for the 5 and the heart and sorry for all the trouble with this !!
SuMay rated for I DARE you! on Feb 6, 2017
Comment: Thank you for your mail I DARE you to go to the craft event!
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing your day with me. I love to know how it feels like to live as someone else.
pactodeficcion rated for Polyamory penpals on Sep 14, 2016
Comment: Thanks for your lovely letter! Can't wait to write back :D Please PM your address when you can, have a nice day!
Comment: Thanks so much for the temporary tattoos! The feather one is actually one of my favourites and I've gotten them a few times. The dream catcher one is awesome! This is the first time I've gotten such a big one! Thank you!
JossieAyame rated for Gothic Valentine on Sep 1, 2016
Comment: Wow! The resend arrived today and I am blown away. Thank you so much!!! I love everything. Did you make Henlock? He is just so adorable and I will find a special place to put him. He's definitely one of the coolest things I've ever gotten in a swap! I also love the other goodies you sent. I immediately put on the anatomical heart necklace because it matches my outfit. The zombie heart pin is really cute (I'm really obsessed with zombie hearts at the moment so this was an awesome surprise) and is now on my bag :) The earrings are really unique - what are they made of? They have an interesting look and texture. The stickers and cards are also cute - my favourite is the cat one! Thank you for all of your effort with this swap, it really brightened my day <3
waldfee rated for Etsy 1+1 on Jul 27, 2016
Comment: Very cute, thank you!
Gixxychic rated for APDG ~ Quick Swap ~ Raccoons ;-) on Jul 26, 2016
Comment: Thanks for Sharing!
Comment: Thank you very much much for the great package. It seems that I have to bake today :-))
Keebzler rated for APDG ~ Quick Swap ~ Raccoons ;-) on Jul 11, 2016
Comment: Thanks so much for the great images on my profile! :)
Comment: Love the photos! Thanks :)
Comment: Thanks for the variety of raccoons you added to my profile page.
Comment: Thanks for the postcard!!
Arhel rated for One Big Gift Swap - Europe only on Jul 4, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful fantasy-themed shirt, I love it! :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the images!!

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APDG Quick Swaps - Racoons!

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I have chosen some animations and photos...

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