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I have recently been accused of flaking, before a swap was even finished I was accused of flaking on someone. My partner did not communicate with me before telling the coordinator, who has now banned me from all her swaps without waiting for a reply from me.

If you have an issue with me, message me. I take it very seriously and will get back to you.

Lets try to remember that the people on the other end of swap bot are PEOPLE and not just annonymous accounts, and treat them the way we'd like to be treated.

I'm a biologist, pet-owner, wife, knitter and tea-addict living in Ontario, Canada and working in the non-profit sector as well as a day job as a civil servant. My favorite things to do include sitting in a cafe and knitting while sipping excellent tea (usually a flavoured black loose leaf but I'm flexible) and listening to an eclectic mix of music, hiking in the woods with my dog, and sleeping in.

Favorite Music

There are very few genres that I don't like in music. I love Jazz and Blues, classical, folk, classic rock, and almost everything else. Not a big fan of country or hip-hop, but that's about it. Favorite artists are currently Jill Barber, Meaghan Smith, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, BB King, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, The Decemberists, and composer Howard Shore.

Favorite Books

Oh, so hard to choose favorite books. Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, the Brother Cadfael Series, anything by Bill Bryson or Michael Polan, Neil Gaiman or George RR Martin. The Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. Hyperion by Dan Simmons.

Favorite Movies

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Fight Club, How to Train Your Dragon, Pan's Labyrinth, foreign films. Documentaries like Food Inc., the Corporation, etc.

Favorite Television

I don't watch much TV but we do download some series. HBO series are much watched here, with Game of Thrones being a current favorite. I also like bizarre humor, as in Community, and weird indy series like Frisky Dingo.

Favorite Crafts

Knitting, crocheting, sewing.

Dislikes/Things to Avoid

I have a lot of allergies, mostly to things that touch skin or that have scents. So most perfumed things (except with essential oils, which are fine) are out, as is 'costume' jewelry. I'm allergic to nickle and cobalt so any metals containing those (most alloys and cheap metals) I can't wear.

For this reason I prefer any bath/personal care products to be organic or made from natural plant-based products.

I am a vegetarian, but my husband eats meat so non-veg recipes are still usable, but their not ideal.

I hate PINK, and I'm not nuts about yellow or orange either. No offence to people who've already sent me things of this colour, and I won't rate you badly for sending these colours, but if you've got a choice, not-pink is always better.

Not a big fan of Hello Kitty or other 'uber-cutesy' things. Again, no offense if you've sent something like this - you had no way to know.

Not a big fan of religious stuff that is kitschy or fundamentalist - I am religious but I try to be very open minded and appreciate things from all cultures, so really blatant religious stuff rubs me the wrong way.

Chamomile tea. It just doesn't do it for me.

Likes/General Trends

I like celtic things, and tribal designs. I'm interested in anthropology and world cultures, so anything aboriginal interests me. I like nature.

I like big dogs and black cats.

I like frogs and toads.

Dinosaurs! Who doesn't like dinosaurs?

Dragons, not so much the Asian variety but some dragons are better than no dragons.

Mythic beats, especially monsters (kraken, sea serpents, hydras), and unicorns are okay too, as long as they're not all "My Little Pony" and cutesy-poo. Same with fairies.

Tea. Especially fruit/spice flavored but I'm pretty flexible. (Except straight chamomile or hibiscus).

I am not a wiccan/pagan, but I find those traditions interesting.

I like botanical prints (on fabric, paper, china, whatever).

Chocolate, especially dark, and fairly-traded.

Nerdy stuff. Especially science/math geek stuff. Not so much with computer/video games.

Medieval stuff.

Little leftover snippets of fancy fabrics and yarns. I specialize in using up bits.

I like things that are tone-on-tone coloured - yarn that is variegated different shades of blue, for example.

Purple, Green, Blue, Black, Red....especially dark jewel tones.

Interesting stamps. I've realized a package pleases me more if its got interesting stamps on it. I don't collect stamps, but my sister does, and I like cutting out and saving the interesting ones for her.

I'm into science and critical thinking, consider myself a bit of a skeptic.


laubee rated for Simple Tea Swap on Aug 13, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the teas and the lovely note! I'm really excited to try both the drinks and the podcast you recommended--very thoughtful.
Response: So glad! Let me know what you think of the podcast!
NorthernNeedles rated for Simple Tea Swap on Aug 12, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the great teas and note. Good luck on all those dog walks! Emily :)
Response: Lol, thanks! Some days I need it!
Cesaria rated for Simple tea swap on Nov 19, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the nice teas (I love how the smell of cinnamon was already noticeable before I opened the envelope. Yum! So you have Dutch family members? Saskia is a pretty common name here. I had fun reading your profile; you gave me a few ideas for changing my own profile :-). Thanks!
Comment: Wow! Love the extra reusable bag and tea samples! Thank you so much for the resend, and the interesting fabric you used for the bags.
HappyCrafter rated for Vegetarian/Vegan Recipe on Aug 26, 2012
washi rated for Happy happy mail teabags #8 on Aug 24, 2012
Comment: Thank you Kathryn, your swap was lovely. I agree cancelling Firefly was one of mankind's biggest mistakes ;) and I can't wait to try that Korean brown rice tea!
marinda rated for Vegetarian/Vegan Recipe on Aug 23, 2012
Comment: LOVE kale. Can't wait to try the pumkin one! Thanks!
aliensunset rated for Vegetarian/Vegan Recipe on Aug 23, 2012
Comment: wonderful recipes,thank you!
Druidha rated for Happy happy mail teabags #7 on Aug 6, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the tea swap. I love that mango one. Thanks for the note too. I have a similar situation at work but I found my way around. Have fun with the furry kids..
MBrunt rated for not-so-QUICK Tea swap #1 on Jul 18, 2012
Comment: Thank you!
notme78 rated for not-so-QUICK Tea swap #1 on Jul 18, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the teas.
Comment: tHANKS SO MUCH:)
MagicMuggle rated for Tea for Three #8 on Apr 3, 2012
Comment: Hello Kathryn, thank you for the teas, happy swapping! ;)
SKKCreations rated for Tea for Three #8 on Apr 2, 2012
Comment: ooo, that green chai one smells so yummy! Can't wait to try them all, thank you!
ladeiraven rated for Tea for Three #8 on Mar 28, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the great smelling tea. I cant wait to try them.
irisdays rated for 5 cups of loose tea on Mar 25, 2012
Comment: Hi thanks for the nice tea :) They are all beautifully wrapped, but some of them comes out in the bigger envelope... perhaps zipper plastic bag will be safer to use :) Can't wait to try them, thank you for sharing:D
Response: Oh shoot. I was having such fun with the tiny envies, but your right, a plastic baggie would not have gone amiss. Live and learn, as they say. Hope you enjoy the tea.
Wennie rated for 5 cups of loose tea on Mar 16, 2012
Comment: The teas arrived! Thanks, they smell delicious.
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful tea's.
Mimy rated for ★January is Hot Tea Month★ on Feb 14, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the lovely teas :) !
Bug rated for 10 tea bags international Jan on Feb 11, 2012
Comment: Lovely, I can hardly wait to start brewing!

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Karenmomofthree on Sep 17, 2012:

My apologies! I was a day early with my judgment, the mistake was mine. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I believe you are able to erase previous my comment. Thank you for the understanding.

shelbysbarn on Jan 31, 2012:

hello! I was wondering if you were planning to do any more of your A-Z vegi recipe swaps? I'd love to do some more!

Pippin on Nov 17, 2011:

@ Itti: when things settle down at work! I'm thinking of doing Asparagus next, though :)

Itti on Nov 15, 2011:

Are you making a "B" Alphabet Veggie Recipe? :)

rainbird00 on Oct 3, 2011:

Thank you for your warning:)

PixelPixie on Jun 8, 2011:


Great to see you here! Hope you are enjoying it! I am on here just about every day, lol!


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