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Please Note: If I did not send you a swap back in 2012, and have not contacted you, please message me so I can make it right. Thank you!

January 30th, 2017 Just a quick update! I am updating all info below and swaps as I hear from people. I've not heard back from many...but hopefully can get most of the 7 1s that are left resolved.

January 7th, 2017 I am continuing to receive awesome advice on how to make up the swaps I didn't send, and repair my ratings. I'm so grateful for all the awesome, kind & understanding people here on swapbot now! I've started a section below with more details on swaps I'm making up. Please read that section for more info.

January 5th, 2017 Today I have heard back from several people that I messaged, including ones that were private or group swaps that I won't get credit for. I'll keep a list here, or update the ratings accordingly. I have erased the old updates I had written on my profile in an effort to keep this a bit cleaner and to the point as I work to restore my ratings. Thank you so very much to everyone who has been so kind, understanding and helpful thus far! Heard back from 2 of my #1 ratings. Also heard back from 4 others that I had sent, but not been rated for either. Feels good to be getting things started!

January 4th, 2017 A kind swapper posted a comment on my profile giving me advice on how to make things right. So, just now, I went through and messaged all of my 1s to see how I can make things up to them. You can see on those individual ratings the comments I left about messaging them. Next, I'm going through the comments on my profile to see if there is anything there to add to it. And finally I'll be checking out the angeling thread to help people out there. Happy New Year everyone! EDIT: Oh AND...I realized I had some messages I had never read so checking those too!

Swaps I'm working to make up

See the details of the swaps I've already been rated for in the response section of those ratings. Below are swaps I wasn't rated for, but didn't get sent either.

Craft Kit in a Bag! to marliese 01.07.17 Message sent on Jan. 4th. Received a reply on Jan. 5th letting me know I can send planner supplies instead of the original swap items. Original swap coordinator has not been online since March 5, 2014.

LRTS: Scrapbooking Layouts #1 to sgjolinar 01.07.17 Message sent on Jan. 4th to make things right. User has not been online since September 5, 2016. Will send if she comes back online. She was also the original swap coordinator.

Inspired by postage stamps green booklet #3 to MichelleWillow 01.07.17 User's account has been deleted. Unable to send a message.

Zine By You to smallwood, nellarules, duckduckgoose & doryrico 01.07.17 doryrico has not been online since May 13, 2012, sent her a message anyhow & will send if she ever comes back. duckduckgoose has been fully suspended so I'm unable to message her. I messaged nellarules & smallwood on Jan. 4th. Both replied & I will be making up this swap to them.

There are several swaps I was never rated for back in 2012. However, I don't remember which ones those are now...so I'm sending messages to the people who never rated me to see if there were any I never sent.

Hogwarts Series #1: You Have Been Accepted to Nyu. User has not been online since December 5, 2016. But I still sent a message checking to see if she received this from me.

ARTSY FARTSY PAGE #4 (International) to cornelia1965. Message sent on Jan 6th, and it has been read but no response yet.

Friendship Books + Label Bags + Sticker Bags Swap! to TwinkleToes. User has not been online since March 23, 2012. But I still sent a message checking to see if she received this from me.

Recipes and Household Tips to maciemcgowan. User has not been online since November 10, 2014. But I still sent a message checking to see if she received this from me.

The Shared Recipe Book Experiment #11 to SCBassetMom. User has not been online since April 10, 2012. But I still sent a message checking to see if she received this from me.

Secret Sister Swap to rmrascal. She wasn't worried about me sending this, but I am going to anyhow. Messaged Jan 7th, 2017.

What happened in 2012...


Pt. 1 - I found swapbot. I got addicted fast. I got in over my head and into way too many swaps.

Pt. 2 - Life began to go downhill. My husband lost his job and my health was beginning to decline.

Pt. 3 - I agreed to a swap with someone in which my part was to knit a long table runner, as well as a few smaller things. I am not a fast knitter and at this point life had started to hit. I was able to get the smaller things made, but the runner was taking me ages. Especially since I was in bed sick most of the time at this point.

Pt. 4 - Life got worse. My son was diagnosed with autism (which I NOW see as a blessing...but it was a huge hit then). We ended up losing our house and then our vehicles.

Pt. 5 - I left swapbot amidst all the drama that I had started with my over-eagerness to swap. Which was followed up with life keeping me from completing my swaps. Over the next 5 years it constantly plagued me. I tried to come back a few times, only for life to continue to be crappy and prevent it. I decided to wait until I felt comfortable coming back and making things right. Now here I am :)


mellyrose89 rated for mellyrose89 shelbysbarn swap on Jan 23, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much Michelle!! The stickers will come in handy. Thank you for the extra postcards! It was a pleasure swapping with you :)
ghostlysun rated for St. Patrick's Day Themed N&N FBs on Jan 6, 2017
Comment: Never received. Member offered to send but I don't swap.
Response: Jan. 6th, 2017 - Received a reply telling me she doesn't do these anymore, and would update rating. I offered to send something else instead, but she states she doesn't want anything else. Thank you <3 Message sent Jan 4th, 2017 to make things right. She hasn't been online since April of 2016.
lissame rated for Bag It! Label Bags #1 on Jun 26, 2012
Comment: sorry for taking so long to rate, things got lost on my desk and then life just got messed up, you know that I got it and loved it....
Comment: Will re-rate when received. :(
Response: 01.04.16 - has not logged on since January 18th of 2016. Will send if she logs back in. Sent a message as well.
audreydoll rated for Zombie Safe House Journal Pages on Jun 1, 2012
Response: 01.04.16 - has not logged on since May 8, 2013. Will send if she logs back in. Sent a message as well.
Comment: thanks!!
Comment: Thanks for all the bags and booklets - lots of exciting new ones for me here! And for including extras - this is going to be great fun! You did include 2 homers though and the swap description said max of one. I don't mind so it's okay but be sure to read it carefully next time!
anrtist rated for Private: shelbysbarn & anrtist on May 15, 2012
Comment: Update March 2014 ;-) I see you have logged back in and want to make your flakes right. I am very glad to hear this & that you are doing better.... and I am so ready to get an altered rolo from you! I will change this rating if i ever receive the swap from you...Blessings, cc
Response: 01.05.17 - anrtist responded, I will be sending this exact swap. Will update when sent. ///// 01.04.17 Message sent to make things right.
rosedzi rated for Wishlist papercraft supply #3 on May 14, 2012
Comment: I hate to do this but I never even recieved a message from you about this swap.
Response: 01.04.17 Has not been online since November 2, 2014 . There was a comment on her profile that someone heard she has passed away :( I don't know if that is the case or not so sent a message anyhow. Will send swap if she logs back in and responds.
CINDYAC rated for GS: Granny Square Me a Scarf Pt. 2 on May 13, 2012
Comment: REALLY???!!!!! - how can you flake on your own swap? thanks !
Response: Jan. 5th, 2017 - Responded, will update when sent! Message sent Jan 4th, 2017 to make things right.
Nandin rated for TXM: X-Slip Bags on May 12, 2012
Comment: These were awesome!
sanae rated for Sticker bags-fast version #6 on May 10, 2012
Comment: Thank you! Sorry, not for rating sooner.
jmvav rated for GS: Granny Square Me a Scarf Pt. 2 on May 10, 2012
BetsyG rated for A.R.T.(USA)~March/Shamrock Rolo on May 7, 2012
Comment: As of today I have received nothing. I will gladly change my rating when and if I do receive something.
Response: Jan 6th, 2017 - She responded and said to look at her profile and see what I can send. Will update when sent! Message sent Jan 4th, 2017 to make things right.
HannahsMommy07 rated for JiJ: Prompt me a Journal #1 on May 1, 2012
lissame rated for Springtime Themed N&N FBs on Apr 30, 2012
Comment: Thanks love the fbs and stickers
Comment: Thank you for the book Michelle. I also truly appreciate all the extras. I will put them all to good use! So many fun little bits and bobs! Though the swap was very late I am still rating a 5 because you communicated with me and you did send a great thoughtful swap! Thanks Pat BTW I love your paper beads! Very well made! They are perfect for something i am working on!
NickiSlater rated for Hand warmers - Easy on Apr 20, 2012
Comment: We have had several conversations about this swap. You always assured me you were sending the next day. But then my next message to let you know I haven't rated because I haven't received was answered with a different excuse. I'm sorry to have to do this but it's been over a month since this swap was due to send. Update: I've amended my comment. Instead of nitpicking a bad rating, get your swaps out on time from now on. No more excuses!
Response: Jan 4th, 2017 - I sent a message to make this swap right. She hasn't been online since October, but hopefully will be back at some point. Sent in 2012: I deserve this one but not for the reasons stated. I did not say I forgot. I said I forgot to message you. I have NOT forgot to send them. In fact the message I sent you specificially said that. So while I totally understand the 1 until it actually arrives, please at least put the correct info. Here is the exact message that I sent to her: "Oh Nicki I am so sorry...I didn't end up getting them sent that week and I totally forgot to message you. Completely my fault. This mess with CarlyJo has me getting behind on other swaps and that is NOT good...one is bad enough. I promise you I am getting it out to you ASAP. I completely understand if you want to rate me badly, I totally deserve it...this year has just been horrible, but I have luckily been getting caught up the last couple of weeks. I haven't forgotten you I promise, just didn't message you when I had more crap come up in RL. I need to take a break from Carly's swap to get that out to you...I hope you will forgive me :( I'm sending extras too...profile surprises more than likely. -Michelle"
Comment: I really enjoyed your letter along with your beauty tips. Thanks also for the little Hello Kitty notes. Hello Kitty is my favorite. <3
institches rated for Monthly Holidays - March on Apr 19, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the fun Decos! Sorry I didn't rate sooner, I've been very ill.

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Eponita on Jan 4, 2017:

Hey there! Welcome back again. I see you are trying to contact admin. I am not thinking she will be able to help you much and mostly what you need to do is help yourself. Before you worry about getting back into other swaps, there is some stuff you can do to get back into the swing of things and show that you are serious about being back. What you NEED to do - and what will give you a lot of credit amongst other swappers - is the following...

-start making those swaps right. Contact swappers. Respond to the 1 ratings with dates and facts about your attempts to contact them and resend. Resend when you can. -try angeling swaps. Look on the forums for a thread about people looking for angels. -Go through your comments on this side bar and look for people that you need to make things up to. Make up for anything you've missed in the past.

Good luck. I hope you can stick it out this time.

kittyhahahotbot on Jan 5, 2014:

Wishing you a better NEW YEAR....health, happiness, harmony. I hope you look as good as this gal in the pic. Hugs, x.

Nandin on Apr 15, 2013:

Hi! I have a full label bag for you? Where should I send it???

Eponita on Feb 17, 2013:

Hi shelbysbarn!

I hope things are better for you now, it is good to see you back!

Just some friendly advice: respond to all of your ones with dates so that people know you are in contact with the people and trying hard to make up your past obligations before you keep swapping.

Good luck!

Lishmo on Feb 2, 2013:

The good news- looks like all but one of the swappers who rated you a 1 are still active, so you should be able to make all those swaps up, I'm sure you'll feel better after making things right. Sorry you had a bad year, hope this one is better.

dalbright on Dec 4, 2012:

Come join the next slam swap?! http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/135205

Eponita on May 16, 2012:

I see you haven't been on for a couple weeks, I hope you're okay. Thinking of you.

Barbi on May 14, 2012:

I see you are partially suspended now. I will be removing you from my groups. When you get all caught up, feel free to re-apply to join.

SabrinaDeeBerry on Apr 20, 2012:

Sending some happiness dust your way! P.S. Can't wait for the next Harry Potter swap.

BetsyG on Apr 16, 2012:
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