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Member since Feb. 2008

As of March 29,2009 I will no longer be participating in public swaps. Once the site is under control and personal attacks are not allowed to take place I will consider private swaps with known members.

March 16.2009..going out door to hospital with hubby will be out of touch for a while....

March 14,2008....Hubby is extremely ill and has been. I am also sick due to taking care of him and stress. He is set to go in the hospital on Tuesday am. I am doing my best to get all my swaps completed, but it has been very difficult to find the time or energy to swap. If I am going to be late on sending I will pm you if you are my partner....

Feb 14, 2009...Just updating a I forgot to when he got home...Robert was discharged on the 8th...will be seeing a dr. about his diabetes and is being treated for Valley Fever.

Feb.1, 2009...My son in law Robert is currently in ICU wih complications from Juvenile Diabetes. Hubby and I are have our grandson with us and our grandaughter is with the other nana. Will not be on much....Please pray for Robert.

Jan. 21st, 2009...I know that I said I was going to back off swapping, but now that I am caught up and life is moving along at a bearable pace...I just can't help but looking at swaps :P So maybe just a few fq swaps wouldn't hurt LOL

Jan, 20th, 2009...I am happy to say that as of today I have caught up on all my responsibilities here on swap bot except for the journal swap that I still owe. I am in contact with my partner and we have made arrangements for me to finish that journal and send it to her.

I am going to back off on swapping for right now...I am not leaving swap bot....can't get rid of me that easy :P I just feel I need to focus on other things at this moment.

My oldest daughter has just found out that she is having a boy! She is due June14th. :)

I am available to angel if needed!

Jan. 12th, 2009....We are home from the hospital. We have had a very rough month of December and a bad beginning to the new year. My husband was turned down for a lung transplant :( We are not giving up and are going to try another facility in another city. I have answered all pm's and am in the process of getting caugh up on my swaps.

I am 39 years old and have been happily married for the last 8 years. I love to pen pal and swap! I collect teddy bears, fairies and pen pal supplies...I have a closet full...My family says I need to attend pen pals anonymous LOL
Lets see....My favorite color would be purple but I really like all colors.

I own 1crazy Chinese Crested puppy, a totally antisocial cat, a ball python and leopeard gecko. Love to cook when I have the time...I grill over cooking inside any day! I am the mom of three and ProudNana to a handsome grandson, a beautiful granddaughter and have another grandson on the way. in

Favorite Music

rock and roll, love music of the 80's, like some country, jazz, blue grass really like just about all music but can not stand rap.

Favorite Movies

Harry Potter, Back to the Future, Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, The Goonies,,,,see an 80's thing going on here? LOL I love horror and sci fi movies old and new. I am a huge Johnny Depp and Tim Burton fan!

Favorite Television

FBI File, Forensic Files, Court TV Channel, anything on the Discovery Channel or History Channel, I really do not watch any prime time tv

Favorite Crafts

At the moment I am focusing mainly on sewing. I am currently hand quilting a blanket for my MIL and have plans to make quilts for my grandchildren. I also enjoy crocheting.

Quilt is almost done...just have to bind it :D Now I am obsessed with knitting! And small quick sewing projects are also keeping me busy.


My likes

I love Disney Characters...especially Eyeore. I love chocolate, milk or dark, but without any filling...except peanut butter. I love sour candies and sugarless gum....I love plush animals that I can set up as decoration.....duckies, bunnies, frogs, chickens. My kitchen is decorated in roosters and chickens and some little stuffie door pulls would be awesome. I have a whole list of things I like and would love to receive at the bottom of my profile.

Ratings and Swaps Not Received

Ratings not received:

From: Sally for "Arm Chair Traveler Pen Pal(INTER, NEWBIE)....sent to her on June 2, have pm'd her...she has not read and not been online since June 29...and I see she never sent her end of this swap out.

From hachi for "25 questions pen pal edited

Swaps not received:

From purypuryn for Super Quick Pen Pal Swap



From thazgetto-profile surprise for 30's group-received 7-12-08

From Lousmomma - rubberstamps, gelpens - received 7-2-08

From Midnite1961 - rubber stamps, scrapbook sticker - received 7-1-08

From sbergeron00 - RAK (matchbox madness)-received- 7-8-08

From rockstar20h- received great package of stickers and glitter gel pens

From lilychouchou-assorted teabags-received on-6-19-08


sbergeron-matchbox for matchbox madness tag-sent 7-14-08

YingYing - knitting neeles, rubberstamps for One on One trader group P2PIB - sent 6-26-08

Lousmomma - handmade soap, girls toys for One on One trader group P2PIB - sent 6-26-08

Jasnraysmom - matchbox for matchbox madness - sent 6-26-08

kthanxbye - RAK for matchbox madness -sent 7-2-08

Kimbeewa-Emily the Strange mini notepad and 3 Emily post cards-sent-5-28-08

Salfra a teacup pincushion, filled whimsely jar, material


vintagesuzeq-Ratings Booster #2- sent-7-14-08

somekindabird for Homemade Envie Swap International sent 5-23-08-received 6-1-08

DearKrys for Homemade Envie Swap International sent 5-23-08-recieved 5-27-08

sleepwoven for Homemade Envie Swap International-sent 5-23-08-received 5-2808

My wish list

-yarn - no acrylic please...I have garbage bags of it....love the 100% cotton "sugar and cream" brand

-bamboo knitting needles.....my new must have item thanks to @Invisible ..have one pair size 9...any other size, double pointed, circular

-self pattern yarn

-fabric..even scraps for postcards...would love some vintage, shabby chic type fabric

-a zipper pouch, or handmade wallet

  • a mail carrier type bag in purple with pocket or pouches, think something to carry my current knitting project and needles

-Cat toys

-atc's....I am not talented in paper crafts but love these, have received 3 in vamp pin up and would love more.

-glitter gel pens





-ribbon...thin or thick, solid or print

-buttons.....plain or fun shapes

-thread for sewing machine

-sewing patterns for holiday decorations

-rooster plushies or knob pulls for my kitchen

-sock monkey...would love you forever as my grandsons nickname is monkey

-material-Fq's in cotton

-hand knitted socks or slippers

-dottee doll

-addy labels-fairies, summer, girlie, skulls, cherries

-flavored lip glosses

-hand lotions-love fruity scents and warm musky scents

-swap cards- with fairies,dragons,gnomes,skeletons, cherries-

-little metal tins-round, square does not matter


Invisible rated for GGGW Scavenger Hunt on May 8, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much! I love everything...you know just what I like. :o) Thank you thank you!!! (((Big hugs)))
Response: You are so very welcome. I am glad that you like it all. Thank you for the heart {{hugs}}
timmetje rated for Easter Egg Shaped Dotee~ on Mar 24, 2009
Comment: Thank you Lisa for the really nice Easter egg shaped dotee. Kind regards Martha
Response: So sorry for the late response...Your very welcome and thank you for the heart :D
PaperPassion rated for Fabric Postcard Swap - March on Mar 22, 2009
Comment: Great Job love your postcard.One of my favorites!
Response: Invisible did an awesome job on the postcard and I send her many hearts and hugs for helping me out with this swap!!!!!! Glad that you like it :)
smilingsassycat rated for Bottlecap Pincushions - USA on Mar 21, 2009
Comment: Loved the pincushions- all three were my favorites. They are just too much fun. You did a nice job.
Response: Oh My! I am so sorry that I missed responding to your rating :( I am so happy that you like them all :) They are very addicting LOL thank you for the rating and the heart
Comment: This dotee was angeled by dBowie and the Polly is beautiful!
Response: dBowie did an amazing job on this and I so greatly appreciate her doing this for me....I am very happy that you like her...thank you for the rating and heart {{hugs}}
frogerella rated for Dotee Goes to Sesame Street on Mar 19, 2009
Comment: I got my Cookie Monster today! I loved the felt cookies. Thanks!
Response: I am so glad that you liked him....he drove me insane to make...well the cookies did lol.....thank you for the rating and the heart!
Comment: Thanks so much for the wonderful swap
Sarita rated for Fabric Postcard Swap (February) on Mar 13, 2009
Comment: Hello Lisa, Thank you for the postcard, I got it today. Loved the heart!
Response: So glad that it made it and that you like it!!! Thank you for the heart
Comment: Thank you for the sweet Dotee! I love her braids and little lamb. I'm getting a lovely collection of Dotees hanging in my sewing room and love how each one has her own personality!
Response: sorry for the late response. I am sooo happy that you like her and thank you for the heart!
meggert rated for Glittery Profile Surprise on Feb 28, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much for all of the glitter that you sent me for the profile suprise!!! I can use it all and I love the colors that you sent!!! thanks again! love and peace mary
Response: Glad that you like and can use it all....I am soooo not up on what to get for paper crafts lol Hugs Lisa
B3ntButN0tbrok3n rated for Handmade Cupcake Postcard on Feb 14, 2009
Comment: just so you know i absolutely LOVE it ..i was sad when u dropped from the swap at first because i was really hoping to get one of your cards fun how that worked out like that (: anyway awesome job!!!!!!
Response: You are sooo very welcome :D I did laugh when I saw that you were one of my partners :P
7bar7 rated for Sender's Choice Quiltie on Nov 22, 2008
Comment: I WISH I could give you 10 hearts... wonderful quiltie... and the extra books... just perfact... thank you thank you... you are awsome!!!!
Response: You are so very welcome and I am so happy that you liked it and your books....thank you for the 5 and heart. Hugs
salfra rated for PN & sf's fairy quilt swap on Oct 23, 2008
Comment: You are TOO GOOD to me!!! I love my fairy quilt - it is just perfect!!! She is the first piece of sculpture I have ever owned and I feel very special:) As if the quilt and fairy weren't more than enough, my needlecase is even better than the picture I saw of the original. The clasp is my favorite part and very clever. I have a feeling you will be seeing that particular element again in the future... Then, I look in the box and it is filled with still more amazing things. I love the whimsy jar, but I refused to take the ribbons out because I love the way they look from the outside! I already have a 1000 ideas for the texture plates - I've never seen those before and I'm fascinated by them. Tim loved his washclothes and I so appreciate you thinking of him. The little apron is adorable and Molly tried to claim it. Maybe I'll get a cute picture of her with it for you:) My package could not have been nicer and the card you included made me feel all warm and fuzzy:) Thank you sooooo much for swapping with me - I can't wait for you to get your package!
Response: I am sooo happy that you like the quiltie and fairie. I had so much fun making the quilitie once I got passed my initial fear. I want to thank you again for doing this swap with me and I very happy that you received my very first qulitie :D I am glad that you enjoyed your box....you definitely deserve it and more for all that you do for so many people. I would love to see Molly with the apron :D LOL Love to you you and Tim ;heart;
5elementknitr rated for AMIGURUMI HAPPY TIMES on Oct 3, 2008
Comment: Love the red - thanks!
Response: you are very welcome :D thank you for the heart
Comment: Awwww! I wish you could have seen my pups just now! Truth's eyes were all bright and shiny as I was opening up his and Avril's swap! They LOVE the treats and toys - you made their day and night!!!! THANK YOU :)
Response: I am so happy that they liked them :D We have small dogs so was not sure what to get for your two big ones LOL Thank you for swapping with me and thank you for the heart
Comment: Thank you for the gift card! I can't wait to go shopping!
Response: Have fun:D and thank you for the heart...sorry I forgot to thank you when i first commented
Juliuslove28 rated for Newbie Whimsy Jars!! USA only! on Jun 30, 2008
Comment: I love it thank you so much! The bears are in my china cabinent and I cant wait to use the stickers!
Response: glad that you love it all...I had fun shopping for all of it :D Your are so very welcome and glad that every you can use everything!!!
kacka rated for Another Wonderful Pen Pal Swap on Jun 25, 2008
Comment: thank you for wonderull letter, i love the baby stickers:), anyway I write you soon, so we can continue:))) greetings Katka
Response: sorry for the late response....I am glad that you liked the stickers and I look forward to a letter from you....thank you for the heart :D
Lousmomma rated for Ratings Booster #2 on Jun 19, 2008
Comment: Thanks a bunch! Happy swapping :)

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Hoped your Christmas was awesome Hugs Robin

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Welcome Back (: Hope You Have An Awesome Christmas !!! Merry Christmas (:

biasbabe on Dec 2, 2009:

I am so glad to see you on here, I am jumping up with joy. I was going through names and yours just calling to me first. Hope to see you more. I just got back myself after a absence. Hugs Robin

HoneyBadger on Nov 29, 2009:

Glad to see you back here. I seem to always be missing you to chat!

creationsbysamantha on Jun 2, 2009:

Happy Birthday!!! :-)

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Hope it is a awesome day for You

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hey, I posted something here blessings, Gypsy

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Just wanted to say Hi & I love you!! I am BACCCCKKKK!!!!

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