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About Me

Last updated - 11-14-09

With my crazy schedule, I often take advantage of the local Mail Service where I can mail at odd hours. These packages are weighed and sent through the US Postal Service. However, they are not always postmarked the day I mail them so please consider this if you check postmarks. I mark "sent" right after I return from mailing them as I don't know for sure when they get postmarked. If you have a question about this or a concern, please contact me.

ME: Sally. 39 years old. Born and raised in Indiana. Yes, I'm a "Hoosier" and no I don't know what that is:) Graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Criminal Justice & Sociology. Juvenile Probation Officer for 13 years and love my job! Also teach life skills & behavior modification to juveniles in our local detention center. Love to laugh, make new friends, travel, eat, shop, and try new things. Loyal, trustworthy, almost impossible to offend, have a great sense of humor, and always believe the best about someone until proven otherwise. Christian, believe in the power of prayer, tolerant of others, respect others' beliefs, and ask the same in return. Fascinated by all the different ways others worship/beliefs/pray and look forward to learning more. Sending me Christian or other religious items (no crosses or crucifixes though please) is fine:). Love spending time with my husband, dogs, friends, & family, traveling, going to bookstores, quilt shops, needlework shops, & antiquing. My dream is to travel extensively through the United Kingdom, take classes at the Royal School of Needlework, shop at Harrod's, have tea with the Queen, & try on all her fabulous jewelry. I figure if you're going to dream, dream BIG!!! Very friendly and easy to get along with - my husband and parents say I have never met a stranger. Anytime I go somewhere I'm always striking up conversations with whoever I meet. I have no problem going out to eat, going shopping, or going to the movies by myself either. I love to be on go, but also need "Sally time". I have tried to make my profile as complete as possible. Please note that all likes or dislikes are mine own personal preferences and are in no way meant to offend, hurt, anger, criticize, condem, or judge others. I joined Swap-Bot to meet & learn about others, to be inspired, to share my talents, to improve myself, & spread a little joy along the way if I can.

HUBBY: Tim. My best friend, can always make me laugh, the best teacher I know, and always has a "plan B". He has a chronic neurological disorder but never complains. He is truly a good man, the best husband ever, and my one true love and soul mate. He loves regular and sour gummie candy, peanut M&M's, and collects Coca Cola memorabilia.

FUR BABIES: Two puggles (half pug, half beagel mix) Harry Rex and Molly Belle. Harry Rex (pictured above) is a perfect gentleman & very serious. Molly Belle is a definite "girly-girl" & loves to dress up. She thinks the color pink was invented especially for her. They are the light of our lives! Molly LOVES to dress up and wears a size XL. Harry Rex doesn't even like to wear his collar. They love squeeky toys, ropes, and anything they can chew on. Peanut butter and cucumbers are their favorite foods. NO rawhide products please.

Things I've been asked to add:
- My sign - Leo.
- Bracelet size - 8 inch length please.
- Ears - pierced, one hole each.
- Necklace length - 18 inches or longer.
- Hair - VERY short and kinky curly. I LOVE bobby pins with rhinestones:)
- Silver, White Gold, or Platinum tone, no Yellow Gold please.
- Blue is my favorite color but do not like "country" blue.
- Of the four elements - earth, fire, water, and air - I prefer water.

Books, Movies, Music, & TV

Favorite Books:
Gone with the Wind, Bridges of Madison County, A Thousand Country Roads, The Devine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, The Ladies Auxilary, Garden Spells, Harry Potter series, Twilight series, & Amish Grace.

Favorite Authors:
Janet Evanovich, Nora Roberts (J.D. Robb), Fern Michaels, Jane Austin, John Grisham, Jeffrey Deaver, John Sandford, Iris Johansen, Shannon Hale, Stephenie Myers, Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson, Jan Karon, Tom Clancey, David Baldacci, & Vince Flynn.

Favorite Movies:
Bridges of Madison County, Animal House, Officer and a Gentleman, Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Shawshank Redemption, Driving Miss Daisy, & Disney & Pixar Animations.

Favorite Music:
Aerosmith, Elton John, Ray Charles, Etta James, The Beatles, Foreigner, Def Leppard, Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, Classic Rock, Rap, R&B, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's, a few country songs, some classical, & no opera. I have over 1,100 songs on my iPod and I'm always looking for more!

I also love podcasts, which is how I discovered Swap-Bot. I was listening to the CraftyPod podcast and it kept mentioning Swap-Bot. I had to check it out and the rest, as they say, is history!

I'm not much of a TV watcher but if I get the urge I like CSI Miami, Antiques Roadshow, Two and a Half Men, NYPD Blue, & the originial Twilight Zone.

Basically I like things that make me laugh, cry, think, or fit whatever mood I'm in at the time. There is nothing better than a good, thick book I can't put down or a song from the soundtrack of my life.

Favorite Stores:
Anthropologie, iTunes, Etsy, Target, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Joseph Beth Booksellers, Dick Blick Art, Antique Stores, Quilt Stores, JoAnn's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Thrift Stores, Scrapbook Stores, Garage Sales, Auctions, Needlework Stores, Godiva Chocolate, and Speciality Boutiques.

Favorite Magazines
Somerset Life or just about anything from Stampington and Co., Mary Jane's Farm, Cloth, Paper, Scissors, Piecework, Quilting Arts, Inspirations or any needlework mags from the UK and Australia, People, Cosmo, Glamore, Cross Stitch, Fine Lines, or pretty much any kind of hand (not machine) needlework magazine.

Other sites:
sendsomething.net - SallyStitching
Etsy - sallystitching
Ebay - salfra12400
Facebook - Sally Francis McHugh

Favorite Crafts

I love journaling, hand or free embroidery (no machine!), cross stitch, knot work, quilting, altering journals/blank books, water colour painting (tubes or pencils), making stationary/cards, simple sewing, and attempting to draw. I'm also into altering matchboxes, iris folding, inchies, and ATC's.

I love to try new techniques, get inspiration from others, share ideas, and see how others express themselves.

I Can Never Get Enough Of...

  • Anything from or inspired from my Etsy Favorites (see link above).
  • Vintage, Victorian, Shabby Chic, French Country, & Cottage Style.
  • Colors, especially any shade of Blue except "country blue", Pastels, Color Combos - Pink & Black, Light Blue & Brown, Pink & Brown, Black & White.
  • The ocean, sea, water, calm, soothing, the surf, a babbling brook or stream.
  • Crystal, Rhinestones, Extra Fine Glitter, Vintage Jewelry, Pearls, Sparkly things, Bling, Shiney, Gem Stones, Chandalier Crystals.
  • Vintage Crocheted or Tatted Trims, Ribbons, Lace.
  • Vintage Hankies, especially embroidered ones or those trimmed with tatting or crochet.
  • Tea, Tea Rooms, Tea Parties, Tea Service Items, Exotic teas, loose tea, bagged tea, unusual tea, tea mints.
  • Pincushions, Needle Books, Antique Sewing Tools/Items/Notions.
  • Blank, Unlined Journals, Altered Jounals, Moleskin books, Quotes, Journal Prompts.
  • Wax Tarts, Scented Oils, Reed Difusers
  • Antique Ink Wells, Fountain Pens, Bottled Ink (any color), old ink bottles (empty or with ink).
  • Stationary, especially handmade, Italian or French writing papers, Crane's, Paperchase.
  • Pretty patterned papers, especially vintage, victorian, shabby chic, french, italian themed, vintage wallpaper.
  • Scents - citrus, lilac, spices, chocolate, coffee, fruits, bakery, coconut, vanilla, berry, cucumber, melon.
  • Flavors - chocolate, citrus, coconut, watermelon, peach, berries, melon, blueberry.
  • Pin-up girls, Betti Page, Anne Taintor, 20's-30's-40's glammour girls/movie stars.
  • Velvet, Satin, Silk, Wool Felt, or other fine fabrics, scraps are great!
  • Ephemera, embellishments, beads, buttons, ribbon, trims, lace, etc. for ATC's, inchies, crazy quilts, and other altered projects.
  • Cameos, Vintage Jewelry (whole or broken).
  • Crowns, Tiaras, Non-Disney Princess items.
  • 7 Gypsies papercrafting/scrapbooking items.
  • Burt's Bees, Crabtree & Evelyn (esp. the sweet almond!!!), LUSH
  • Anything HANDMADE by you - especially if it's the first time you've mada an ATC, inchie, dotee, altered journal, stuffie, needlebook, etc. Practice on me!!! I will love it no matter what:)

Oh, How I Wish I Had...

I wish my Fairy Godmother would bring me:
- Anything from or inspired from my Etsy Favorites (see link above).
- Moleskine Notebooks or like-brand with good quality unlined, sketch or watercolour paper.
- Chandalier crystal/prisims.
- Vintage sweater clips/guards, especially with rhinestones or pearls.
- Somerset Life Magazine - ANY ISSUE (especially the January 2008 issue).
- Antique glass/crystal ink wells, colorful ink for my wells, fountain pens.
- Any embroidery, cross-stitching magazines from the UK.
- Sampler Magazine.
- Vintage hat pins or stick pins.
- Old rhinestone jewelry, conditon does not matter - I LOVE it!!!
- Diamond Glaze
- New teas to try, bagged or loose (except licorice, chamomile, lemon, or mint).
- Wool felt pieces or scraps.
- Vintage floral greeting & valentine cards, any condition is fine.
- Vintage flora wallpaper - any size.


These are things I would prefer not to receive or cannot use. If I receive these items or any others that I cannot use I will gladly pass them on to a better home so they don't go to waste:)

  • Kawaii items, cartoons in general, Disney
  • Clowns, gnomes, bad witches, ghosts, scary/evil things, Halloween, aliens, gore.
  • Bugs, bats, spiders, worms, snakes, mushrooms, hedgehogs, owls, trolls, cats, rabbits.
  • Kid items, reward stickers - don't have kids.
  • Make-up except lip gloss and mani/pedi items. I don't wear make-up but I love to do my toes and nails.
  • Crosses/Crucifixes.
  • Coffee - love the smell but I don't drink it.
  • Licorice, spicy hot, grape flavor, gum, chamomile, sour things.
  • Raisins, Raisins, Raisins!!!
  • Cowboy, Western, Sports Themed items, Country (geese, etc.) style decor.
  • Cell phone charms, socks, hair accessories (except rhinestone bobby pins:).
  • Fake fur, animal prints, foam shapes, craft form, polyester, pompoms, plastic pony-type beads, googly eyes.
  • Please no raw hide treats or chews for my dogs - they can't have them:(
  • Did I mention Raisins, Raisins, Raisins???

Swapping with Me

  • I will NOT FLAKE on you!!!
  • If you have not received a swap I owe you, PLEASE message me before you rate. I will be glad to re-send if necessary.
  • If you owe me a swap and for whatever reason are going to be late or otherwise cannot meet your obiligation, please let me know. I'm more than willing to work with you and I don't bite.
  • My goal is to always go above and beyond the minimum swap requirements. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with a package from me, please let me know and I will do my best to make you happy.
  • I ALWAYS rate as I'm opening the package so no one gets missed. If I haven't rated you, more than likely I haven't received your package. If you feel I owe you a rating, please contact me and we'll get it taken care of.
  • I ask that you also rate me in a timely and fair manner please:)
  • I always acknowledge and respond to the ratings that are left for me.
  • Extras - 99% of the time, I will include extras in my swap packages. This is done only to please you and make you feel special. I love finding the perfect surprise for someone and try to make my swaps as thoughtful as possible. I do not expect extras in the packages I receive. I appreciate whatever you send to me that represents your best effort.
  • I give hearts based on the thought, care, love, kindness, and effort that goes into the package - regardless of extras or not.
  • Items that I receive that I cannot use may be passed on to someone else. It's nothing personal, I just don't want to see anything go to waste. Please feel free to pass on anything I send you that does not meet your needs.
  • I recycle shippng materials whenever possible to save money and to be eco friendly.
  • I do not decorate the outside of my packages as I do not want to draw undue attention to them and risk them being opened/stolen.
  • I take ALL of my packages to a US Post Office or Mail Service to have them weighed and stamped. You should NEVER receive anything from me "postage due". If for some reason this happens, please contact me immediately and I will reimburse you for any postage. I will also be having a discussion with the Post Office!
  • With my crazy schedule, I often take advantage of the local Mail Service where I can mail at odd hours. These packages are weighed and sent through the US Postal Service. However, they are not always postmarked the day I mail them so please consider this if you check postmarks. I mark "sent" right after I return from mailing them as I don't know for sure when they get postmarked. If you have a question about this or a concern, please contact me.

  • I LOVE doing private swaps with experienced, trustworthy swappers. Please pm me and I'll be glad to set something up for us. Private swaps appeal to me because I believe they are more personal and I get to know my partner better.

Current Swaps

As of 11-14-09:

I OWE the following:
- @chincho - lace surprise - in progress
- @justj - Goddess Rosary - in progress


Swappers who did NOT rate:

Swaps I was FLAKED on:(
- @rachel92491 - Newbie Whimsy Jars (http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/16502) - ANGELED perfectly by @17Papergoddess - Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I LOVE to angel packages. If you were flaked on and it is something I am capable of doing for you, I'd be honored to be your angel. To me this is the most satisfying part of swapping:)

  • Please allow me 2-4 weeks to prepare your package. I use this time to research the swap, study your profile, gather ideas, design & make any needed handmade items, purchase whatever is necessary, and get the package ready to mail. I know some swappers feel this is too long a time to take on a package when someone has already been made to wait due to being flaked on. However, I feel it's important to take a little extra time to make the swap special and do a great job on it.
  • If you are waiting on an angel package from me, you can check my progress by watching this section of my profile for daily updates.
  • When your angel package is ready, I will PM you the day I ship so you know to be looking for it in the mail. I do NOT expect anything in return for a package I've angeled, but I would sincerely appreciate it if you would let me know that it arrived safely.
  • Just as with any other swap, I will re-send if your angel package does not arrive or you are not happy with the contents. Please let me know if there is a problem of any kind and I will do whatever I can to fix the problem.



  • I have NO FOOD ALLERGIES. However, I have asthma and I'm allergic to smoke and cats.
  • I am Hypoglycemic so sweets are a No-No for me:(
  • I am technically challegened and do not have the first clue how to post pictures, etc. I'm learning slowly thanks to my very sweet husband. Please be patient with me...
  • I am a creative (horrible) speller so I apologize in advance for any errors. Feel free to correct me, I need all the help I can get!
  • While my dogs are not allowed anywhere near my sewing/craft room, the random dog hair occassionally finds it way in. I apologize if any of these stow away in your package.
  • I get all the drama I need at work and get paid for dealing with it there. I just want to have fun, be inspired, and make others smile here on Swap-bot. I'm easy to get along with, hard to offend, and look forward to getting to know all of you!

Fabulous Finds

  • Check out my group The Stitch N' Bitch Embroidery Circle
  • www.nordicneedle.com
  • www.sendsomething.net
  • www.sublimestitching.com
  • www.woolandhoop.com


mommabear rated for 3 month journal on Mar 12, 2011
MamaD rated for ♥ The on Jul 3, 2010
Comment: ♥♥♥♥Oh my gosh! I wish I could give you a whole bunch of hearts! Everything was just wonderful! Thank you so very, very much for making my day with the package!!!! ♥♥♥
Response: You are always so fun to make packages for! Sorry for the late send off - I think we're drying out in most places now, but the mosquitoes are vicious! Enjoy and thank you for my heart!
Comment: Thanx so much. The book is awesome. The ATC is really nice also.;0)
Response: I loved finding your daughter the book and I think it's really cool she learning different languages! Glad this package arrived and thank you for my heart:)
Comment: I'm impressed you could do Satin stitch on paper. Thanks for the pretty, bright FQs and the sock monkey hanger and fabric.
Response: My goal is to do all the stitches on paper as I'm just getting into paper embroidery. It definitely takes some planning! Glad you enjoyed your goodies and thanks for my heart:)
weeatcrayons rated for May Kindness Swap USA/Canada on May 26, 2010
Comment: Oh you are so AWESOME! I love my books! Thank you!
Response: I love to go to Half Price Books to browse. I never seem to leave empty-handed and made sure I had your list with me:) Don't forget to update the list on your profile so you don't get duplicates! Thanks for my heart and happy swapping!
GemMedia rated for Yellow Mini Inspiration Kit on May 22, 2010
Comment: Thank you very much for all the yellow goodies!
Response: Glad you enjoyed them! Thank you for my heart:)
jfreeman rated for Creative Journaling Kit on May 16, 2010
Comment: I'm utterly speechless.......This was the BEST swap I have EVER received. You went WAY above and beyond my expectations. I had to pinch myself several times as I couldn't believe my eyes. I kept digging further in my "hand-made bag" and kept pulling out more and more items. Pencils, scissors, ink pads, rubber stamps, sharpies, bottle-caps, jewelry pieces, mini stapler, gesso, colored pencils, ATC's backs......the list keeps going........was pastels, photo sticker squares, storage containers, calligraphy pens, needles, Q-tips, travel bottles, tacky glue, sponges............not done yet.............cute paper clips, staples, files, moist wipes, buttons, brads, keys, coins, metal pieces.....................and the best thing of all --- the hand made gorgeous bag to keep all these supplies. WOW!!! I'm so thrilled and feel thoroughly privileged to have received this fabulous gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Unbelievable how fabulous this was. Thanks, Sally!!!!
Response: This was surprisingly one of the easiest swaps I've ever done. I read your profile several times, took good notes, and things just came to me. I'd be out and constantly being seeing things that I just knew were meant for your bag. I'm thrilled you love it so much and I hope it continues to bring you even more inspiration and creativity! Thank you for my heart and the sweet rating:)
proudmama rated for Lavender/Blue Mini Inspiration Kit on Apr 26, 2010
Comment: Wow!!! What an amazing package!!! I really love it! One of the best swaps I've received in a while. And thank you SO much for angelling the Whimsey jar!!! Those stamps are awesome!! Would swap with you again, anytime!!
Response: I loved collecting items for both the swap and the whimsey. I was surprised how much Xmas was still around. Blue is my favorite color so it was easy to go overboard on it. I tried to make sure I included plenty of the lavendar too:) Enjoy and thank you for my heart!
mizvicky rated for April Kindness Swap USA/Canada on Apr 23, 2010
Comment: wow Sally!! You did awesome with this!!! THANK you for everything you put in this box!! i am going to use everything!! LOVE it!!! Now,tell me the funny story you were going to share with me!!!!!!!!!! Again,THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH
Response: You were great fun to go shopping for! Now for the story - the "V" rub-ons I got you are really "A"'s. I guess I had them upside down in the store but didn't figure it out until I got home. I felt so dingy I couldn't take them back. So use them as V's and if anybody says they're A's, just tell them they're looking at them wrong way:) Glad you liked everything - I love doing these kinds of swaps. Thank you for my heart and I hope you all get a new video store soon or at least a 2nd Red Box<3
Comment: Thanks for the cheery ATC. And the fqs are just my style.
Response: I loved using the bright colors for your ATC! Embroidery on paper is my new obsession and I love doing these swaps as they are the perfect way for me to play:) Enjoy your fabric and thank you for my heart!
Comment: well i received my package late but it was worth waiting for thank you
Response: Sorry the first didn't make it, but maybe it will still show up! I can't wait to see what you make with your goodies:) Thank you for my heart<3
Comment: WOW!! a hundred hearts to you......amazing package, I've already used some goodies on a few ATC's. thanks for a great swap!
Response: My pleasure and I'm glad to hear it was useful in your crafting:) Enjoy and thank you for my heart!
Comment: OMG! This is the most AWESOME swap, you really outdid yourself! Thank you sooo much, I wish I could give you more stars!
Response: It makes my heart happy to know you like it so much:) I get alittle carried away sometimes with these but I can't help myself - and no one else seems to mind either! Have lots of fun and thank for my heart!
Comment: WOW!!! I thought I did a great job putting my kits together until yours arrived, just FANTASTIC!!!! I adore it. There are so many wonderful goodiies in the box. Little Sage and I are already using the items this morning in our crafts. Each little item will make wonderful goodies. Thank you so much for the smile on my face. You were my perfect partner. Hugs & 1000 Hearts. Mona
Response: So glad you and Sage are crafting together with your goodies:) I love doing these kinds of swaps and it's soooo hard to find a stopping point - I found several but then kept right on going...lol Enjoy and thank you for my heart!
missstamper rated for March Kindness Swap on Mar 25, 2010
Comment: Wow. You rock! This kindness package sure brought a smile to my face. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the tiara cookie cutters. How appropriate for a Crafting Queens Swap. The cookbook and other goodies are just as awesome. Thank you so much.
Response: Tiaras are awesome no matter what form they come in - so glad you liked yours and didn't already have them. You were fun to shop for and I hope we can swap again soon:) Thank you for my heart!
Response: I hope you enjoy everything. I had lots of fun putting it all together for you:)
adaiha rated for ATC Sampler Series #1 - Backstitch on Mar 18, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much!!! I love the package you sent! The ATC is so cute, and you're totally right, I love things with my name on them because I never find anything in stores with it, of course! Thanks for the cute fabric and all of those awesome buttons and the floss, too! Love the varigated ones, especially the yellow one! A million hearts! :)
Response: I'm so glad you liked my first ever attempt at paper embroidery!!! I had the best time doing it and will definitely be working on some more projects using this technique. It's kind of scary though - once you punch the holes, you're committed. I hope we get partnered again soon and thank you for my heart:)
MoonHalo rated for Profile surprise swap on Mar 4, 2010
Comment: wow what a way to sart my day. Awesome. It has been awhile since i have recieved such a special package you make me want to go play. So much for laundry today .lol
Response: Boo for laundry:( Yeah for playing! I hope you make lots of new things for us to peak at on your Flickr. I love packages that make others want to play!!! Thank you for my heart:)
isabellasnow rated for February Kindness Swap on Feb 24, 2010
Comment: All I can say is YOWZA!!!!! What an absolutely FANTASTIC package! I was so utterly amazed when I opened it. I am literally saving it 'til tomorrow so I can go through it AFTER my classes for the week are over! I am REALLY excited. You put together THE best package I have EVER received on swap-bot. I wish I could give you 100 stars! Thank you thank you thank you....lucky me to get you for my partner!
Response: No, I'm the lucky one to have such a fun person to "hunt and gather" for! The more I read your profile, the more I kept searching out things for your package. I hope it brings you many hours of enjoyment and creativity:) Thank you for such a sweet rating and my heart!
Comment: Thanks for the awesome stuff! The giftcard went to buy a ton of new books (I love clearance sales, lol). Sorry for the late rating, I've been without a computer for quite some time.
Response: Too funny:P I used my cards at a clearance sale too! I had a lot fun putting your package together and hope it made up for your previous Xmas gifts. I hope your computer is up and working for good now - I'd go crazy without mine. Thank you for my heart and I look forward to swapping with you again soon:)

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AngieTheArtist on May 11, 2009:

Thank you for being so thoughtful and sending me the lovely butterfly stamps from Costa Rica and the unique handmade butterflies for my GGGW April wishlist. I am so thankful for you.

Invisible on May 7, 2009:

Thank you! Thank you so much for the big bag of buttons! They are perfect. :o)

JennyTheArtist on Apr 23, 2009:

photo ...Thank you SO much for the wonderful package! I love the buttons, stitch witchery and stiff felt! You are the best, Sally!!!

5trawberry on Apr 23, 2009:

Thank you so much for angeling the Magazine Journal Swap! I can't wait to read it through :).

Gayle on Apr 2, 2009:

Thank you so very much for the adorable card for my son. Love that puppy on the front!

::big hugs::

CrayonMom on Apr 2, 2009:

Thank you for the white ink pad-- I've never used white - can't wait to play around with it on dark paper. Thanks!

Susi on Apr 1, 2009:

thanks for the great assortment of notecards you sent for my march wishlist!

Invisible on Apr 1, 2009:

Thank you! Thank you! For the thread and buttons from the GGGW wishlist. :o)

Kathleen on Apr 1, 2009:

Thanks so much for the notecards from my March Wishlist, I love them! I especially like the ones with those string-and-paper-button closures.

lvpoohbr2 on Apr 1, 2009:

Thank you so much for the assortment of buttons! I love them all!! Ü

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