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4/28/14 Update: And I am back! Sort of... Although I would love to be back full-time (being an obsessed many-swaps at a time swapper) I am going to start off small and then maybe fully move back into being full-time swapper. Been a long time, almost three years, since I have been on here religiously and looking to get back in the game! I have updated my profile as my likes and dislikes have changed in three years. If you do find yourself having a question or two please feel free to message me and I will gladly get back to you :)

5/27 Update: I got a job!!! So, this means I may not be coming back to do swaps as soon as I thought. With school ending and then with my new job starting, and a busy summer I may just be a fall/winter/Spring swapper. I do check in almost daily still to see what is going on.

Update: I have had to recently re-do my complete profile after it got deleted somehow by my ridiculous computer. I don't have the time to make it as wonderful as it once was, so if I left something vital out that you would like to know about me, please PM me. :o)

Update 2: I am sloooooowing down on my swaps. I started commuting a hour and a half north for school again, which costs more $$ and time than previously when I was just taking classes online. Once the term is over I should be back to my old swapping self!

Hi! I am 29 and I live in the lovely yet almost always rainy Pacific Northwest (Oregon) with my husband and my 6 year old daughter. I worked for 6 years for a giant sports and outdoors store until June of 2009 when it closed its doors. I then moved on to work three years for Nordstrom as well as a part-time merchandising position at Lane Bryant. I am a student at the Art Institute of Portland for Fashion Marketing. I got married on June 7th 2014! After possible deployment we will be doing a big fancy smancy wedding in a year or so. I am back now after being SB MIA for several years but I can still say I am glad to have found SB and have met so many wonderful people since I joined in 2009!!!

Randomness... things I like:

*Crafts *Fashion *Country Living Magazine *Friends/family *My daughter, Isabella *Shopping *Anthropologie *Pinterest *Love Maegan (blog) *Road trips *Wine *Brunches *Cooking *Project Runway *Phil Collins *Etsy *Tea *Summer *Snowboarding *Button Fairies *Lifetime movies *Murder She Wrote *Oregon Coast *Vintage *Estate Sales *Collage *Mixed Media *Tim Holtz *Records *Stampington & Co. *Pictures *Ephemera *Gesso *Accessories *EDM music *Concerts *Portland, OR *Painting *Robert Deniro *HGTV Magazine *DIY Magazine *Gardening *Wedding DIY *Goodwill *Nordstrom

Rating: I promise to always rate. I also rate based on a swap, not the extras, although extras are always a nice surprise. I love when someone makes something and it shows they cared and they take a look at my profile and see what I like. I won't rate down if it isn't something not profile related though. I love things handmade and I love to see other swappers creativity. There are many things I can't do myself and I love to see how others do those things. It your swap to me will be late, please contact me. I am not part of the postmark police, but I appreciate the communication. If I haven't rated you it is because I haven't received the swap yet. I will always contact before rating down.

If waiting for a swap from me: If international, please give it a month before contacting me and rating me down. I have done a lot of international swapping and have seen swaps take a week all the way to a little more than a month. You never know what holiday can be slowing the mail down somewhere. I appreciate your patience.

My Likes and Dislikes


-Handmade anything

-Altered anything (art, accessories, etc)

-Mixed Media

-Paints or paint related items

-Thrift Stores

-Antique stores

-Anthropologie-like anything (a lot is very easy DIY)

-J. Crew-like anything (accessories are also easy ish DIY)

-Cooking (recipes, healthy, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, slow-cooker, drinks, etc.) Please no items with cream cheese.

-Craft supplies (no dollar store items please)

-Stickers (no rewards stickers please)

-Stampington and Co. type crafts and/or back issues.

-HGTV Magazine, DIY Magazine, Country Living Magazine back issues

-Wooden fold-up rulers (vintage? antique? whatever you would call them, I collect them)

-Vintage fabric measuring tape (collect it too)

-BUTTONS!!!! All kinds! I love those random, different, something special about them kind of buttons best! But all buttons work, I won't turn any away :o)

-Vintage flower frogs (with spikes or holes)

-Tea. I love to drink it and dye things with it!

-Coffee. Keurig pods as well as the grind-it-yourself type.

-Yikes pencils (from the '90s)

-All colors. There are no bad colors, just bad color combos.

-Junk jewelry

-Jewelry made for me to wear. I love it all, rings, necklaces, earrings (both post and dangling), and bracelets. I am really into the Anthro-type jewelry like bib necklaces, show stopper pieces. Some are so simple yet so freakin' cool to look at.

-Crafts using recycled materials. (Green Craft magazine)


-Old books, books in foreign languages, old children's picture books and old children's school work books.

-Stamps and stamp pads (clear, mounted, unmounted) new or used is fine

-Keys (can be old or new)

-Rusty crusty things

-Crafts based on Murder She Wrote and Phil Collins :o)

-Button fairies

-Cleaning supplies recipes (window cleaner, etc)

-Jewelry-making supplies (wire--all sizes, clasps, crimps, etc.)

-Beads (no plastic please, unless real pretty can't-tell-its-plastic beads)

-Shabby chic type items

-Bath/beauty products (lotions, bath salts, etc)



-Seeds (flowers, herbs, and so on)

-Something from my Etsy wishlist

-Craft books/magazines -- new or used is fine

-Something you think I will like but I don't specifically have it typed down on here

-Fabric (vintage or new)


-Watercolor pencils (new or used)

-various embellishments

-Jelly Roll gel pens -- all colors

-Movies (DVDs). I am desperately looking for a few I would like to have in my collection.. Tombstone, Commando, Cliff Hanger, Casino, Don't tell Mom the Babysitters Dead, anything scary or action.

-Things my 6 year old girl would enjoy. She is a girly girl and loves Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins, Ladybug Girl, and Disney Princesses. Loves puzzles, books, and crafts.

-Military (National Guard) created crafts. I am engaged to a Sergent. I like to decorate the house in a few American Flags here and there and have seen some great DIYS on Pinterest.

-The letter "S" or "I" in any form (I collect them and hang them up around my home)

-Need more ideas? Check out my pinterest boards. I spend a lot of time on their and if you are wondering, well, you will probably find out on there.


-Please don't send me these items. I either have a lot of it, or just don't care for it. If I am in a swap that has to do with one of these items, then don't worry about it being here in my profile :o)

-Cutesy things (Kawaii, Precious Moments)

-Rewards stickers, tiny stickers

-Swaps thrown together with no thought

-Rude drivers

-People who read your PM and don't respond despite you needing their response on something.


-Kate Gosselin

-Candy. I used to have my favorites but literally overnight woke up and realized I hated sweet things. Fruit, yogurt, candy, pancakes, etc. It is depressing.

Favorite Music

I am about double my age in what music I like. I love 60s, 70s, and especially 80s. I should have grown up in the 80s instead of being born right in the middle of it. I do like some music from today but music is definitely not as good as it used to be. Some favorites of mine include Genesis/Phil Collins, Don Henley/The Eagles, Depeche Mode, Howard Jones, Bruce Hornsby, Alice in Chains, Def Leppard, ELO, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kaskade, Rusko, and Enya.

I really like all types of music as well. I love everything from Dance (Abercrombie type music) to EDM (Rusko, Skrillex) to Hard Rock such as Disturbed. I also love smooth jazz and country. The only music I don't listen to is pretty much Gospel, Bluegrass and Big Band.

Favorite Books

I love books! I don't get to read as much as I would like but when I do I usually am reading:

-Craft related books

-Mystery (Love Nora Roberts)


If you have any of the above that you don't want anymore, please send 'em my way! I would really like to read Ann Rice. I heard they are great.

Favorite Movies

I love all kinds of movies. I don't think there is a genre that I haven't cared for. Some favorites include:

-Christmas related (Christmas Vacation, Elf, Home Alone)


-Romacing the Stone

-Dumb and Dumber

-French Kiss

-Book of Eli


-When Harry Met Sally

-Last Vegas

-The Hangover



(If you haven't noticed a pattern, I love Robert Deniro, anything the man is in, I love. If anyone wants to make me a Robert Deniro ATC or Button Fairy, that would make.my.day.

Favorite Television

I love a great TV show, but with no cable at the moment, I rely on Netflix or movies. Some favorites include:

-Murder She Wrote (own all available seasons on DVD)

-CSI (all of them, I watch every episode every week thanks to on demand!)

-The OC

-Curb Your Enthusiasm


-Game of Thrones

-Food Network anything

-Walking Dead

-Project Runway



-Army Wives

Favorite Crafts

I would love to dabble in every craft out there. Then there are crafts I love and crafts that are just not for me. Although I may not list a particular craft here as a favorite, probably because I don't do it myself, doesn't mean that I won't love it if you send something made by you doing it to me. I would really like to get into pretty packaging and envelope art. I love altered art and mixed media. I love to make jewelry and I love fashion/accessory DIY. I can always find a handful a day that I want to make. I also love to make button fairies and work with buttons in general. I am in the process of learning to sew on a machine. I am looking for good websites and books on the above crafts. Painting is currently one thing I do the most around my home. Painting on canvas, wood, mason jars, etc.


4/28/14 Update: At this time I have no tags to send out and none of which I have received. Will update as they happen :)

4/2010: Since my profile recently was deleted by my ridiculously slow computer (bug?) I lost my list of tags that I have received and have sent out. So this list is starting from April 2010.

To Send Out:

Sent Out:

Sewing Notions and surprise to @lovestosew

Button Fairy to @Chinacat for the Tag in SOS (5/11/10)

Waiting to Receive:


Handmade mini journal from @smokeyquartz1980 for the Tag in SOS (4/20/09)

Flakers and Non-Raters and Ang

4/28/2014 Update: Just getting back on after being absent, I have no new names to add to the list and hopefully won't be adding any to the list in the near future.

4/2010: Since my profile was accidentally deleted I lost my entire list of flakers and non-raters. I will have to go back to my past swaps and see who has not rated me and re-type it out here since there is a lot of them!




@maliksmom for Pin-Up Girl Button Fairy (not active member)


@xraznskinnerx for the Phobia "D" ATC

End Post.

Please check out my Pinterest boards as well as my past swaps on Flickr. I will update my Etsy favorites to get that current. If you are ever interested in doing a private swap, please message me. I have enjoyed doing those in the past. Look forward to swapping!


tigermousecat rated for VC: Vintage Bicycle ATC on Jul 20, 2014
Comment: When I get this swap I will change this rating.
tigermousecat rated for Vintage Sewing ATC on Jul 20, 2014
Comment: When I do get the swap I will change this rating.
Comment: Thank You! Happy Swapping!
Johkup rated for VC: Summer Time ATC on Jul 1, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the ATC and nice extras :)
bjmonroe rated for Somerset color challenge on Jun 28, 2014
Comment: Love it! You put so much work in this and it shows. Has a place on my craft room wall of fame. Thank you for making this for me.
Response: I am so glad you loved it! And that you have a place on your wall for it. I enjoyed making it for you and hope to see you in a future swap :)
Comment: What a beautiful ATC. Thank you.
Response: Your welcome. Glad you liked it and thanks for the rating!
kraftykj rated for May Random Journal on Jun 6, 2014
Comment: This was a wonderful journal filled with great art work. I really enjoyed it very much! Congrats on your upcoming wedding.
Response: Holy moly. That got to you quick! Thanks so much for the rating and I am very glad you enjoyed it :) I enjoyed making it for you.
Stittle rated for I Love My Crockpot - May on May 31, 2014
Comment: I can't wait to try them out. Thank you so much. :)
Response: I would love to hear how you liked them :) Thanks for the rating.
Comment: Looks amazing!
ransom rated for VC: Vintage Paper Doll ATC on May 27, 2014
Comment: You put a lot of effort into this ATC. So much detail. Thank you.
Response: So glad you like it! And thanks for the rating as well. It was a lot of fun to make :)
winniethepooh rated for Pin Your Interest: GLITTER on May 22, 2014
Comment: Thankyou Tara for the lovely glitter pins, these are fun swaps the glitter cakes look yummy. Have a nice day, love Jennifer.
dodothefairy rated for Pin Your Interest: GLITTER on May 22, 2014
ShenaLee rated for ATC: ABC's of Phobias: "D" on May 7, 2014
Comment: Awesome card! Thanks!
Response: You are welcome! I am glad you enjoyed it. Too funny to make :)
grimmlynn rated for Altered Barbie on May 10, 2010
Comment: I love Rave Barbie for so many reasons! I especially enjoy the shoes and the fact her clothes are upcycled! Newspaper has never looked so great! Thanks for participating and thank you for a wonderful swap!
Response: Thanks so much for the rating! I knew I just had to use the newspaper and am really glad that it ended up the way it did! Thanks for hosting the swap! Next altered Barbie swap going on, let me know!!! :o)
mystmaiden rated for I Made it for Me! Email Swap on May 9, 2010
Comment: Thanks so very much! What a great email! I loved the earrings you made for yourself and am so pleased you took the time to pamper yourself with three new things to wear! We all need that sometimes :)
Response: Glad you enjoyed my projects! I have been on a roll ever since I did this swap :o) Thanks for the rating too!!!
Gofeen rated for Fairy Tale Button Fairy on May 3, 2010
Comment: Thank you for a gorgeous button fairy. I LOVE the way you did her hair. Rapunzel was a great choice!
Response: Very glad you like her! Thank you so much for the rating and heart! I was very pleased with her as well :o)
mystmaiden rated for Handkerchief Rosette Swap on Apr 29, 2010
Comment: Thanks so much for the wonderful rosette! It really turned out beautifully! Thanks also for the tea! I've had it before but never tried dyeing with it, now there's a dilema - drink or dye?? ;)
Response: Thanks for the rating and nice comments! I too have that dilemma quite often, to dye or drink, haha. Well, old Merlot has similar results so there is always that option :o)
Comment: Thanks so much Tara : ) I love the 50's polka dot and pearls concept. Very well thought out. Cute, but in a good way : )
Response: Very glad you like it! I had to ask about the pearls :o) but I really liked how it all came out! Thank you for the rating and the heart!!! :o) Your stuff is just amazing, if you ever have any good steampunk for beginners ideas let me know :o)
denise364 rated for Home Sweet Home on Apr 20, 2010
Comment: Tara. I love it!! Hung it in my office!
Response: Yah! So glad it arrived safely and you like it! Thanks for the rating and the heart!!! :o)

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grimmlynn on May 24, 2014:

Welcome back! I came back to find the same thing (lots of good swappers I used to know are now missing or even worse, flakers). I was looking through my old swaps and thinking I might want to do another altered barbie down the line. It was a super fun swap. Glad to see you back on the 'bot!

TereDiane1954 on Apr 29, 2014:

(waving from Sandy, OR) welcome back to Swapbot!

colleenp on Apr 28, 2014:

Welcome back! :-)

ChinaCat on May 14, 2010:

OMG! The Larry David button fairy is hysterical!! I think you should send one to him - it might just make it into an episode of CYE! =) Thank you so much for your cute note - Yes, that is a good episode, but I think my favorite is the pot smoking with Dad and the hooker one. Or digging Mom up in the cemetery...or The Headless Doll!!! I do love that show. My Larry Fairy will be cherished!

Vblarney on Apr 29, 2010:

image and thank you for the birthday wishes!

chachakate on Apr 26, 2010:

The charms are so adorable, Thank You


homeandheart on Apr 24, 2010:

Thank you so much for being a officer in the Somerset Group!!!

MAGGIEMAY on Apr 21, 2010:

HI Tara thanks for the lovely M.M. skinny card. both were very nice. If i could i would give you two more hearts! :)

KrissyTwisty on Apr 8, 2010:

Tara, I think you should host a swap for a decorated match book like the one you sent me! Maybe make a few to send to a few different partners. I am looking at mine now! I would sooo join!

Doodlebabe on Apr 5, 2010:

Trying to figure that out right now. So far hubby is working all day so I can't go anywhere but he's trying to work his schedule so I can have a Saturday of fun for once. I'll let you know as soon as I do :-)

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