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Birthday: July 23, 1963
Country: United States
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Flake Free

I try to send my swaps within a day or so of being notified of my partner. I use the swaps as creativity prompts. Working ahead, I tend to not even join swaps untiI I have them close to completion so that by the time the swap partners are announced, I'm ready to mail! (I don't want life to have the opportunity to get in the way!)

Sent When Sent

Additionally, I don't hit "sent" until they are actually sent. So, if you haven't received yours, please contact me before leaving a low rating. I'm happy to resend.

Always Rate

I rate immediately after coming in from mailbox.

I had a situation recently where I thought I'd rated someone and a day or so later, realized it didn't go through. I'm not sure what happened but if you believe I've received your item and haven't rated, please nudge me.

I make mistakes

I've made mistakes. I had 3 envies I was to fill with 5 PCs. One of them only got 4. (I swear I can count!) The recipient was kind enough to tell me. In another swap, I missed the instructions about decorating an envie (I also swear I can read!) and the recipient was kind enough to tell me. In each case, I tried to more than made up for my errors.

Not to use it as an excuse but my mother is on hospice (she has ALS and can't walk, talk, or do much of her own self-care) and I not only care for her full time but I also work a full time job. Sometimes my brain just leaves the room without telling me!

Lost & Found I've received things from these people but the swap info is not there. Please let me know who you are. :)

Peggy in Berlin - Lovely PC! I'd love to rate you for it!

Susan in Lansing - I received your beautiful package but it doesn't list what swap it is for or what your username is. Please contact me! Thank you!

Someone from Council Bluffs, IA. Beautiful goodies!!! I would love to be able to thank you but I know little else about you. :(

About Me

First off... I moved to Austin, TX in Jan. I've met up with a couple of Austin SB crafters and would love to meet others in the area as well. It's great finding new friends!

Now about me... I have 3 grown children, 3 grandchildren and live with my parents! lol I moved in with them a few months ago because my mother was diagnosed with ALS and needs care. So I'm trying to learn how to live with other people again and value my artistic time as a way to deal with everything.

I'm a web designer / marketer by trade. I own my own marketing firm which allows me to work remotely most of the time. I'm a fine artist who works primarily in acrylic and have some of my work in a gallery. Don't be impressed because most often you wouldn't know it from some of the things I come up with! I also love creating digital art when I have time. I love to craft and am really into paper crafting at the moment... especially junk journaling. But I love to make cards, ATCs, postcards and other paper crafts. You'll find that I love to upcycle, reuse, repurpose, and create new things from scraps. This is actually what got me hooked on junk journaling! I'm a tree hugger at heart and want to use rather than send to the dumpster (or even to recycle!).

With the exception of my "don't likes", you likely won't offend me. Nudity, cursing, risqué, scary, horror flick stuff (especially psych horror!) etc are all fine.

I enjoy putting little extras in my envies I send out but please do not feel as though you need to include anything you send to me. I give hearts for effort and kindness. Any goodies you do send will be appreciated but possibly passed along.

Favorite Entertainment


I like a lot of music from pop to rock and country to r&b. Just a few of my favs would be Disturbed, P!nk, Maroon 5, Commodores, Lady Antebellum, Fleetwood Mac, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins, Melissa Etheridge, Blue October, Passenger, Savage Garden, Cindi Lauper, Chicago, Joe Cocker, and Pure Prairie League. That's a LOT! lol


  • GOT!

  • We have MSNBC going all the time downstairs so I hear that a lot. Otherwise, I don't want much TV.


Wicked (obviously!)

Favorite Crafts

  • ATC's

  • Junk journaling

  • Art journaling

  • Collaging

  • Mixed media

  • Acrylic painting

  • Photography

  • Zines

(to be continued!)

Some things I enjoy


  • Frida Kahlo, sugar skulls, Edgar Allen Poe, macabre, goth

  • Botanical, watercolor flowers

  • Magical, fairies, dragons

  • Bohemian

  • Black, purple, lavender, rose gold, palest of pinks, other pinks

  • GOT, Dr. Who

  • Inspirational, feminism, empowerment, badassery, Zen


  • Vintage papers - receipts, ledgers, post cards, invoices, stamps, BINGO cards, flash cards, pages from foreign language book, etc

  • Other papers - scrapbook paper, tracing, glassine, ephemera, die-cuts, etc.

  • Interesting bits - buttons, eyelets, bead caps, bits of crazy yarn or thread, unique paperclips or safety pins

  • Scraps - lace or trims (small bits of fabric that might be lacy, bohemian, macabre, black - I have TONS of other fabric - quilting mostly - so hit me up if you want some!)

  • Almost anything "bohemian" - fabric scraps, trims, beads, buttons

And things I don't...

  • Cutesy

  • Religion

  • Racism, misogyny, bigotry, and the like.

Ha! Short list!

ABCs of Me

Give me some time to get this all sorted... lol I'm sure it will be an ever growing list!

  • a - ATCs. Art journals.

  • b - Being human. Black. Bohemian. Botanical anything. Blush (the color). Brown. Buddha. Butterflies (all you people who don't like them can send them to me!).

  • c - Colors! Costa Rica. Curse words. Crap - the kind in which my studio is overflowing but I still want more!

  • d - Dr. Who. Dark themed anything. Dragonflies. Dandelions.

  • e - Elephants (hand drawn or similar - not cartoony) and Ganesha.

  • f - Frida Kahlo! Flamingos (it's a long story). Florals. The F-bomb (let my kids use it as soon as they could name all of the parts of speech in which it could be used). Fruity tea. Focal points for my ATCs, clusters, etc.

  • g - GOT. Ganesha. Goddess. Gothic. Graffiti. Grunge

  • h - Hekate. Herbal tea. All things Halloween. Handmade over store bought (except things like humorous PCs)

  • i - Inspiration. Impressionism.

  • j - Junk journals.

  • k - I got nothin'.

  • l - Liberal... very liberal. LGBTQIA. Lowbrow art.

  • m - Macabre. Mountains. Moths.

  • n - New Mexico.

  • o - Oceans.

  • p - Paper. All sorts of paper. Vintage, new, scrapbook, writing, ephemera, etc etc etc. PostCards.Poetry. Pink. Purple. Painting.

  • q - Quiet, serene settings.

  • r - Red (particularly deep, rich reds, blue reds). Road trips. Recycling.

  • s - Sugar skulls. Sewing on paper.

  • t - Tea (just getting back into it due to a lovely - swapper!) Turquoise / Teal. Typewriters.

  • u - Uplifting quotes (not religious).

  • v - Vintage. Van Gogh.

  • w - Watercolor. Whimsical. Weaving (just started this)

  • x - Xacto knife (I use it almost daily!)

  • y - YouTube. Yellow (mostly pales)

  • z - Zines! (Just collected this passion!)

Wish List

  • Anything with Frida Kahlo on it

  • Anything I can use for a focal point on ATCs. Tiny images, stamps, die cuts, etc.

  • Specialty papers (small bits are great!) like handmade, unryu, mulberry, natural inclusion type papers, embossed, papyrus, lacy paper, banana, mango, etc... You get the idea!

  • Vintage ephemera - BINGO sheet, tickets, invoices, etc.

  • Die cut shapes of any sort. I don't have any punches or die cut machine so I'm always needing them.

  • ANYTHING genuinely creepy or macabre

  • Sugar skulls of any type

  • Address labels with my info on them

  • Blank ATC stickers for the back

  • Anything handmade by you

Ask Me For These:

I have quite a few vintage books - maps, music, Shakespeare, dictionaries, foreign language, etc... If you would like a small envie of vintage book pages, I'm happy to send you one. Most are from before 1920's. No need for a swap - just ask me for one.If you want a larger package, just send me postage. I'm also happy to do a private swap.

Info I need

Current News

Update July 22 I'm sending out the two packages I am aware I owe (I will email them directly). If I owe you something, PLEASE let me know. I tried really hard to keep up with everything but I've been overwhelmed with taking care of my mother's final wishes, grief, you name it. I appreciate your patience...

Update July 19 My mother passed away on Tuesday the 16th. I will be back to rating and everything next week. Thank you for your patience.

Update July 9

My mother is rapidly declining so I'm joining fewer swaps for a bit. She is requiring more time and I will not risk sending my swaps out late. I'm still joining as I can and as I can make ahead. A day without creating makes Cheryl a dull girl! lol


DeAnnaVarela rated for USATC - Embrace the Darkness on Sep 13, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful, dark ATC! I love it!
Response: <3 <3 <3
AncientPlanter rated for Halloween ATC - Spooky on Aug 29, 2019
Comment: What a fabulously Spooky Halloween ATC - Love it! Thanks!!
Response: Yay! Glad you like it!
Comment: Thank you for my notecard Cheryl! Chosing to kiss you husband in 1981 if you could go back in time pulled at my heart strings <3. I hope you are loving yourself and loving life! thank you so much for the postcard and the old book pages. I am very appreciative of these extras you included :)
Response: So glad you liked it... and yes, life is wonderful!
Comment: Got the resend! Thank you so so much for resending! Love that you took care to send extras with regards to my profile. Thanks for sharing your art with me! I hope things start looking up for you soon. Take care!! <3
Comment: Thanks for your wired leave clips and the extra's. I really like it.
Comment: Thank you for the lovely post card. I love it!
Comment: Thank you for the fun zine. I love how you were able to get the color to the edge of the page. My favorite page was "Sidewalk Egg Frying Day". My printer will not do this. The extras were fun... Thank you!
Comment: Thank you for your very professional looking July zine! Love the illustrations you used. Great swap!
PeliKat rated for Year of Wacky Holiday Zines - July on Jul 17, 2019
Comment: Cheryl, I love your July zine! That black background/edging really sets it off and makes the color pop! I loved the fireworks on the cover, but that guy on July 12, for Different Colored Eyes Day, really drew my attention, especially since that's my birthday - I didn't know about Different Colored Eyes Day at all! Thanks also for the extras you included; I love them all, especially that little tag! I can't wait to use them in my upcoming projects!!! Thanks for a great swap! You rock!
jenmcjen rated for OSS: Altered Postcard on Jul 17, 2019
Comment: Fabulous card! I LOVE it!
jenmcjen rated for Year of Wacky Holiday Zines - July on Jul 17, 2019
Comment: Awesome thanks and what a fun envelope! I'll PM you today some time.
georgiafae rated for USAPC: Tiny Tag Embellishments on Jul 17, 2019
Comment: This is a fun swap-I haven't done mine yet but by looking at yours-I see all the fun possibilities. Yours are very nice and well done! Thanks for the extras -love the wacky July holiday zine-I haven't done a zine in awhile but they too are a lot of fun if not challenging! The other extras you sent me were great too-I was just in an antique store this last week-end asking if they had any player piano music rolls but sadly they had some but had sold-so I was thrilled to get a piece of some in this swap-it really is fun stuff-Thanks for sharing and being a great partner!
Comment: I love the title on the cover...."Wacky July"...funny....and the fireworks design...great zine!...thank you for all the different goodies....I like all the fabric pieces...I will take up the challenge to use them in my art journaling...cheers!
user6937 rated for OOO: It's about time! on Jul 12, 2019
Comment: Thanks (I don't mind pink when it's cupcakes, lol)! Love the ribbon, and thanks for so many book pages :)
Response: Whew! Glad you liked it!
Comment: Thank you, the card is beautiful! Thanks for the feathers & skull extras, too. Your address label is fun, where do you get them?
Response: So glad you liked everything! I tried to find a few special profile items to add. :) Anyway, I drew my sugar skull girl and my labels are just her with my info printed on paper then I cut the paper. I don't know how to print on labels! lol
donetta rated for USAPC - ATC With a Button on Jul 8, 2019
Comment: What a treat to open your envelope, Cheryl! The most amazing ATC,..so many gorgeous elements!...and then the fabulous selection of incredible extras. I was dragging after work today...didn't think I'd have the energy to feed the cats, even (okay, that's a joke, because their needs come ahead of mine here at Chez Meow)...but your beautiful stuffs knocked the tiredness right out of me! Thank you for being the best sort of swap partner...for sharing your talent and attention to detail as well as the sweet extras. You made my day.
Response: I've had a rough 5 days (my mother's health) and this comment made MY day so thank you! I'm thrilled it made you so happy!!!
Comment: oh my goodness, this was an extra special swap indeed! How did you know of my love for SARK, or that sari silk is one of my favorite materials? Is it so wrong that I secretly hope to get paired with you many times in the future, and all your swaps to me are lost in the mail, so I can get this kind of extra special treatment on a regular basis? lol Thank you!
Response: Oh YAY! So glad you got it and are happy! Woot!!!
eranthika rated for Newbie Welcome May 2019 P.2 on Jul 3, 2019
Comment: thank you package i recevied it ..
Response: Thank you. :)
WhimsyEcoBug rated for Washi Washi - June on Jul 2, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the extra fabrics ! i'm excited to use them.
Response: Thank you and thanks for the heart!
keahirada rated for EP Paperclip Bead on Jul 1, 2019
Comment: Thank you! This was a great package to get! I love the beads. They gave me some great ideas for mine. I also love love love all the extras! It is all so specific to my profile! Thank you!
Response: You are most welcome! And thanks for the heart!

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LilysMama on Sep 3, 2019:

Thank you so much for the List 'Em and Pick 'Em Tag you sent. I love the ATC and little quote book you sent :)

Heirloom on Jul 23, 2019:

July Birthday Club - USA Happy Mail group

Mimosagirl on Jul 19, 2019:

I love the silk sari ribbons. These are my first ones! Your ATC is awesome 😍☀️🌙❤️⭐️WWJuly

bluehairedmary on Jul 19, 2019:

Thank you for the birthday card and washi samples for the WW group! July 14th is also Bastille Day (basically French Independence Day) so it makes it easier for my friends and everyone to remember! Thanks again for the thoughtful wish!

Cgscdy on Jul 15, 2019:

No way I will remember on the 23rd sooooo....

Wonderful Wishes-July

tcornell on Jul 14, 2019:

Thank you so much for the Amazon wish of ATC backs, I make ATCs all the time and can always use these! I really appreciate you thinking of me! July Wonderful Wishes

OrigamiGrace on Jul 4, 2019:

From Cheap Postage Group!


stiffneck78 on Jun 21, 2019:

MauiMami on Jun 8, 2019:

I was just going thru the particiapnts and looking at the messages... thanks so much for being so diligent and figuring out tbe markdown syntax (i still haven't 🙈🙊) .


💛 ~ Tanya

MCGalaxy on Jun 7, 2019:

Summer fun Swap!

Hope you have a great summer

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