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About Me

**Recent News:

September 2017 I'm back for the winter and only taking a few tea swaps to begin with. Autumn/Winter always make me want to swap and settle into my home for the cold months :)

February 2017 Im taking a break once I finish up my last few swaps. I'm way too busy with school this semester to keep up with this right now and Im traveling to Iceland next month!

January 2017 The first day of the new year! I have big plans for this year :) I am still very sick and see my doctor on the 4th. I'm crossing my fingers that I can get my health under control so I can pick my traveling back up this year! I have a trip already planned to Iceland for my birthday in March and I'm hoping to either go to Seoul to see one of my best friends next summer, or ramble around Europe for a month. We'll see! For now, I'm sticking to limited swaps since I am 1)saving money and 2) its very hard for me to get to the post office in a timely manner when I'm sick and in bed most days. Heres to the new year, may it be amazing for all of us!

October 2016 I am back to Swap-Bot after a year hiatus! Autumn always makes me want to swap as I settle in for the cold months and I promised my family I wouldn't travel this winter until I got my health situated so that means more time for swapping. I will be in New Orleans for New Years Eve but I won't be going abroad until next year :)

  • I REALLY REALLY love anything from Germany as I am in my second year of German and love German products (especially junkfood!) Feel free to write to me in German too (so I can practice!) Right now I am obsessed with the Teekann German winter teas (Winterzeit and the Marzipan one) and would LOVE to receive those before the season is over

  • I also would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you sent me 7 day croissants. I had them in Romania this summer and they are the most brilliant thing ever

A little about me

  • Short
  • A natural redhead
  • Pagan (Celtic/Norse)
  • A threadbare, gypsy soul
  • Currently in the States living in Texas
  • Born in New Mexico, lived in Pennsylvania on a rural farmland that's been in my family since the 1700s (still own a house there), moved to Texas, moved to Siena, Italy after highschool and dreaming of moving back to Europe or the pacific north-west
  • 26 years old
  • Living in my first house (but most definitely not my first apartment, I move A LOT)
  • I have 1 cat (Toulouse) and a pembroke welsh corgi named Poppy (she has her own section at the bottom 👇)
  • I returned to University in the Autumn of 2015 for a bachelor's in forensic anthropology. I formerly was a Creative Writing major and decided, "What the Hell!" and now I'm getting a double bachelors in the two
  • I love to garden, write, read, paint, create, drink tea, bake,travel, smoke hookah, brew kombucha, beat the pants off people at monopoly,relax in a bubble bath, take my dog on long walks and take very long naps
  • I love love love to travel and spend last New Years Eve in Paris/Dublin, my summer in Eastern Europe in Romania (on a medieval cemetery excavation of human remains), Hungary and Austria and I'm planning on being back to Europe next spring or summer!

Ratings/Hearts/and other info

I've noticed my stars haven't been keeping up with the swaps I host and I'm not sure why. I would appreciate immensely if there was a reason and you would message me to tell me about it. I put my whole heart into hosting unique, swapper friendly swaps and love receiving stars.

The same goes for hearts. If I didn't receive one I feel I've let you down and would like the chance to make it up to you

When I mark it as "sent" it means it is sitting in my mailbox. Sometimes this happens after the mail goes out or on the weekend, but sent means it is officially out of my hands and on its way to you!

If you haven't received something from me please contact me before rating so we can resolve the issue and resend your swap. I try to be accommodating and understanding and I always ask the same of my partners.

if something arrives postage due PLEASE contact me so I can refund your money. I sometimes just throw stamps on a letter without weighing it and always worry about something arriving postage due. It hasn't happened yet, although I have received quite a few on this site from others whom (mostly) haven't refunded any money and I don't wish to be in that group, so contact me immediately with a photo of the letter so I can refund your money

I archive swaps I haven't received yet, but I don't keep track of who hasn't rated/received. Please contact me if you don't receive someone from me BEFORE rating. I always send my swaps, so it is lost if you haven't received it and I want to fix the situation immediately.

*I will rate each swap the day I receive it, if I haven't rated you I haven't received it *


My World

Often I will join swaps for presents for my little best friend :) so this section is devoted to her.

The Facts

  • Poppy is 4, born May 1st 2013
  • She's a Taurus and in typical Taurean fashion, she adores food of all sorts, especially treats!
  • She is 100% Pembroke welsh corgi and is very petite for her breed
  • She acts more like a fox than a corgi, most days
  • and yes, she's been mistaken for one on multiple occasions
  • her favourite pastimes are: chasing her older brother (a cat) Toulouse, doing tricks for treats (she dances, rolls over, shakes, gives kisses, lays down, sits, goes to her bed and lays down, talks, and is learning "do the penguin" where she sits upright with her front legs in the air) stealing food out of mummys mouth, nipping mums heels, whining to get her way, long walks, and rip-roaring around the house leaving all the rugs pushed up against the baseboards just to see how mad Mummy get when She walks through the room for the 100th time and has to fix them
  • Her best friends are both boys (in typical tomboy fashion) one is a Lhapsa Apso named Albus and a mini Doxie named Schautzi (neither are mine)


  • Treats! Anything and everything as long as it isn't rawhide or made in China
  • Her Kong ball and treats that fit inside of it
  • Sweaters and tshirts as long as they are the kind you have to slip over her head and NOT the kind you use velcro across the chest to fasten. She knows how to rip the Velcro open and tear it off. I love Nightmare Before Christmas/halloween/hello kitty themed stuff for her and am always looking for something with foxes on it (She's a medium)
  • Handmade fleece blankets with woodland creatures or foxes for her crate
  • Big, cow bones (just nothing she can swallow)
  • Bully sticks
  • anything with a squeaker, but no toys that are fluffy and easy to tear up. She knows how to gut fluffy toys in under 2 minutes
  • Indestructible brand toys
  • Hello Kitty/ Halloween/Fox themed toys and super girly pink stuff
  • Flowery, girly collars and leashes
  • always looking for fox ANYTHING for her
  • Homemade cookie biscuits and Puppaccino treats (nothing from China)
  • dog puzzle toys

No shoes, clothes with Velcro across the chest that she can reach and open, rawhide, food made in China, tiny toys, fluff filled toys


AMAZING angels

These are people who have gone the extra mile and angeled for something I was flaked on! ❤️

@JennaZ who hosted the "Christmas for the Dogs" swap and angeled when my partner flaked on me twice in a row. My pup loved all the toys she sent (she sent quite a package of goodies for her!)

@Minxy1964 angeled me the Random Acts Of Happiness #3 swap :) thank you so much, dear

@Artistic was the swap host for the Writers Year and sent me a huge Angel package to make up for my partner flaking! She went above and beyond the swap requirements and sent a really lovely package! Thank you so much!

@queenelisheba for angeling the winter solstice swap

@Tiffaknee for angeling the "cup of tea for you and me" swap. A+ friend and swapper ❤️❤️

@CariahCreates sent Poppy a sweet Valentine's gift from her pup Toby, since Poppy was flaked out of a Christmas present for the "dogs of Christmas" swap. It warms my heart how kind some people are! I was angeled twice for this swap (from @JennaZ first.)

@SabbySteg angeled one of the Lush Boxing Day swaps I was flaked on. Such a very sweet package and sentiment, thank you dear!

@henjomaani for angeling AND resending the Tea for Tealovers swap and sending me a big envelope of tea

@sal410cat for angeling the BoS swap AND an Autumn swap I was flaked on last year. Thank you so much :)

@schaefchen87 for angeling the "not my country" food swap! So many delicious treats :) thank you!

The following swaps I have been flaked on and haven't been angeled for:

  • Sweets and chocolate swap- 8$ of candy from your country (this has NOT been angeled so far, despite the comment on my profile. The comment is from someone who flaked on another swap with me, so I'm not holding my breath.)
  • Private Lush Boxing Day Swap- was the host of this swap in my Lushaholics group. I was supposed to receive 10-15$ of holiday products (which included the bogo sale extras), I was flaked on by @mailboxqueen30 and it was not the first flake, but the most expensive since I sent her a nice box of lush surprises in exchange.

Tea likes and dislikes

I will never rate someone poorly if they send me something from my dislike list..but I definitely give hearts and raves for giving me teas from my "likes"

I dislike: rooibos (African honeybush), Chamomile, basic Chai and English breakfast tea

Love: earl grey, fruity teas especially ones with actual dried fruit in them , loose leaf tea (I enjoy receiving these as long as you mark what they are on the baggie), Matcha, sleepy teas, Clipper brand and anything exotic like strawberry chocolate

Brands I absolutely adore: 1. There was this Praline tea from Russia with the brand name of Curtis. 2. I LOVE Strawberry tea/ Erdbeeren Tee! 3. I love dessert teas that have fancy flavors like cake/cookie/pastries 4. I also really love good fruity evening teas without caffiene. I'm not as big on herbal night teas and want something before bed that has a good flavour but wont keep me up. Twinings makes some that are delicious and caffiene free. 5. Please PLEASE send Moomin tea! I love it :) and Nordqvist! 6. Teekann Winter teas from Germany such as Winterzeit!

Food Swaps

Things I especially love for Food Swaps

  • Crisps, especially spicy ones or paprika ones
  • Teekanne winter flavors like Winterzeit and the Marzipan/orange flavor!
  • Chocolate! Milka, German chocolate, Kinder, hazelnut chocolate, you name it!
  • 7 Days Croissants (You get automatic hearts for sending me 7 days croissants. I adore these!!!!)
  • Gummy candies (such as gummy bears/worms/similar fruity candies ESPECIALLY the ones from Germany like Lach Gummi)
  • Lingonberry
  • Blackcurrant
  • Eis Tee (Especially the watermelon flavor!!)
  • Junk food from around the world
  • Tea and hot chocolate
  • Noodles!
  • Cute foods that are shaped like animals (i'm a child at heart!)
  • I have a big sweet-tooth, so pastries or other sweets are much appreciated :)

Pagan/Witchy Swaps

** Pagan/Witchy swap ideas**

Path: An eclectic mix of: Norse (Asatru), Celtic, Romani and Hedgewitchery

Goddess: Persephone, Frau Hölle

God: Cernunnos, Odin, Anubis

Symbol: Vegvisir, the helm of truth, the valknut

Astrological Sign: Pisces (water)

Totem Animals: Fox, Stag, Hind, Bat

Tarot: Wildwood

Incense: Nag Champa, Bergamot

Herbs: Lemongrass, Pennyroyal

Other Plants: Belladonna, Foxglove, Datura, Palo santo

Crystals/Stones: Amber, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine

Loves: Handmade dolls/poppets, sea glass, hag stones, witch balls, gods eyes, corn dolls, bells, handmade, bones, toadstools, gnomes, elves, feathers, wax melts, candles,besoms, cauldrons, archaeology, mythology, black cats, halloween,burial/death rituals, Santa Muerte


I Dislike:

  • Foods with meat/mushrooms
  • Glitter and confetti, it's lovely in theory but I get super annoyed when it falls out unexpectedly all over my floor and clothes. If you send either, please put them in something sealed separately that is see through or has a warning. It's a weird tick of mine.
  • Black Licorice (fruity twizzler flavours are ok though.)
  • Marzipan
  • Dog toys that have fluff that are easy to tear up and anything rawhide
  • Vanilla and candy/cake scents
  • Roses
  • Roller stamps
  • Hello kitty
  • I'm just not a big fan of kawaii anymore. No Diddle (or whatever his name is) but I do love anything with Kokeshi dolls, Puka, little witch, keroppi, Choco-cat...but most of the other stuff isn't my thing anymore
  • Religious items from the three mono-theistic religions. Polytheism is great. Please keep your monotheism to yourself 😈
  • Not a big fan of de-stash unless I'm in a swap for it. I just don't like having loads of stuff that is random and not my style...I love little extras if they are based on my likes, but please don't send me an envelope of random crap because you're trying to get rid of it
  • no cheap dollar store items! If you are just going to throw a few unthoughtful, dollar store items in an envelope I would rather be flaked on


nycphotog rated for Tea time on Oct 25, 2017
Comment: thanks for sending, the swap smelled so good when i opened it! i'm excited about that chamomile, my favorite.
mindles rated for Tea time on Oct 19, 2017
BeaAndtheBigBlueSea rated for week of tea nr.27 on Oct 14, 2017
Comment: You sent so many teas. I can't wait to try them all.
Comment: Thank you so much for all the wonderful items in this swap. I absolutely love everything. I am wearing the necklace right now.
ladybugluvsstuff rated for A cup a day--March on Feb 21, 2017
Comment: awesome selection /variety of teas!! the red felt envie is amazing!!! thank you for making my day😊
Comment: I particularly liked the altar clot, and the cauldron! Thank you!
kayfay rated for Spiritual Benefits of Chocolate on Feb 1, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely chocolates! I love this brand (especially the little poems in the wrappers!) - we have mini versions of the bars at my job, but not these flavors. I've been enjoying the raspberry one and look forward to trying the cherry.
cajiky rated for AMF: A Month of Tea on Jan 24, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for all tea. Did you make red envi? Wonderfull!!!! Thanks a lot.
Response: I bought it, but I thought it was perfect for big tea swaps! Enjoy!
Comment: Thank you so much for the generous swap! The notebook is beautiful, as is the incense holder! I haven't had much experience with oracle cards, so looking forward to trying those, as well as some recipes from the cookbook!
aprilivy rated for ATBR: Add me on Goodreads! #2 on Jan 14, 2017
changeling316 rated for ATBR: Add me on Goodreads! #2 on Jan 10, 2017
Comment: I ❤ Goodreads
mellyrose89 rated for ATBR: Add me on Goodreads! #2 on Jan 10, 2017
Comment: Thanks for adding me!
gigigigi rated for A cup a day~~January on Dec 31, 2016
Comment: What a fantastic assortment of tea! Thank you!
Response: You're so welcome! Enjoy and stay warm this January!
Mrrranda rated for Winter tea X3 on Dec 27, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the teas, nice variety! I grabbed my mail on the way to the airport, so I'm currently enjoying them with family in the Midwest!
sunrising42 rated for Winter tea X3 on Dec 24, 2016
Taliesyn rated for Winter tea X3 on Dec 23, 2016
Comment: Thank you! Merry Christmas!
kayfay rated for Feminist Christmas on Dec 23, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts! The journal is beautiful & the activity book seems like a ton of fun!
Comment: What an amazing package! I love chai and I love pumpkin spice! But you can't buy anything with pumpkin spice here. Thank you so much!
reauk rated for Pagan Holiday Greeting Cards on Dec 9, 2016
Comment: thank you for a lovely card and the winter spiced tea if you ever want to do a private swap just let me know
VioletFaye rated for Easy Tea Swap USA #2 on Dec 7, 2016
Comment: Thank You for all of the wonderful tea !

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CurlyTea on Mar 13, 2019:

Happy Birthday!

CurlyTea on Mar 13, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

njstauter on Feb 5, 2018:

Be the love you seek in the world

Bhindblueeyes on May 4, 2017:

Because I loved this .gif so much, I just have to leave it for all of the HFF members :)

JudalineZ on Feb 20, 2017:

Thank you for the collection of healing crystals for Jan ALW WTA I love them.

njstauter on Jan 22, 2017:

I am using the "Nevermore' soap. It was a slice, however, the quality of it is extraordinary and will out last other bars. I have the lotion at the ready as soon as the one I have that is almost spent is finished. I can hardly wait to open it...says it is a Lotion for Starry Nights. Holi Ka you find the most interesting items!

njstauter on Jan 21, 2017:

Thank you for the GWE WTA package. I love the scents! What a wonderful surprise in today's mail. You are an amazing SB Sister

njstauter on Jan 7, 2017:

I am honestly delighted that you were open to receive the mug and like it. I'd love for you to let me know how your doc appointment went and how you are doing.

njstauter on Dec 27, 2016:

Hope your flare doesn't last too long and is mild. I can identify with them, so hope you take good care of yourself. Your travel dreams look wonderful!!!

motherpie on Dec 20, 2016:

im so glad you like it! isn't it sweet? it really drew me in and i stood there kinda wishing i was a little fox for awhile. yaya! happy solstice to you lady! i had fun with this package, i love witchy swaps the mostest.

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