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About Me

I rate each and every swap I receive, usually within minutes of opening them! If you HAVE NOT received my rating, it is because I HAVE NOT received your swap.

If you send extras of any kind, I give hearts, no matter what the extra is ;)

I send extras with each swap I send out ;)

I send every swap I sign up for out, period. If you have not received your swap from me, please let me know and I will ALWAYS resend.

Please rate me promptly, especially those outside of the USA because this lets me know that you have received your swap. I worry about my international mail getting to my international friends :)


I am Jenny Mae, a spooky grrrl, from California--the land of ungodly miserable heat. I am a mother of a gorgeous monster child named Lily who is my pride and joy :)

I am an avid seller on Etsy, come by and haunt my shop~! Creepy Crafts

I've been swapping for YEARS online. I also love private swaps, please contact me if your interested;)

I enjoy the darker side of life. Bizarre items make me happy :) I have a degree in Photography which is my ultimate passion. Too bad there aren't any jobs available doing it :(


Favorite Music

My Dying Bride, Misfits, Danzig, Samhain, Switchblade Symphony, Seraphim Shock, Johnny Cash, Type O Negative, Mazzy Star, A Perfect Circle, Alice in Chains, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Marylin Manson, Christian Death, Rammstein, Evanescence, Bauhaus...the list really could go on...ALL HAIR BANDS!

Favorite Books

ANYTHING Poppy Z. Brite, Kahlil Gibran, and Marry Higgins Clark. I do have A LOT of each authors books so finding out which ones I already have would be best :)

I also enjoy anything horror, Stephen King, Clive Barker, etc. True Crime books rock too. I also like anything on the subject of dying---burial, afterlife, reincarnation, autopsy, taxidermy, Body Worlds, you get the idea:)

I am ALWAYS on the lookout for used or new issues of these magazines:




*High Fructose


*Rue Morgue (My favorite)

*Any Heavy Metal or Rock Mags (Music ones, not the actual Magazine called Heavy Metal) (found at Walmart, Target, etc)

*Anything Gothic, morbid, or spooky.

If you have any of these, I'll gladly trade for them, even from my Etsy shop!

Favorite Movies

The Crow Pt. 1 only, Hellraiser Pt. 1 and 2 only, Big Fish, Legends of the Fall, The Notebook, Pelts, Around the Bend, Moulin Rouge, The Phantom of the Opera,Seven, Sid and Nancy, Memoirs of a Geisha, Perfume, Unrest, Nightbreed, Nightmare Before Christmas, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Powder, Sweeney Todd, Halloween, Friday the 13th, B Horror Movies, House of 1000 Corpses, Devils Rejects, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Juno, SuperBad, All of the Masters of Horror movies, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, toooo much to type out :)

I am always in lust for Horror DVD's--and some not so horror related. I'd be happy with a used DVD or a burned one, as long as it isn't a burn from a movie theatre...they just never turn out good. I'm also willing to do private swaps for any of the DVDs I have listed below or trade from my ETsy shop! PM me if you'd like to do a private swap;)

  • Stepbrothers

  • Bridesmaids

  • Role Models

  • The Salton Sea

  • Antichrist

  • Unrest

  • Superbad

  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

more to come.....

Favorite Television

I LOVE anything True Blood, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, and Grimm, The Strain, Helix, Fargo, VIKINGS, True Detective, and Hannibal related:)

I LOVE Brett Michaels, he was the one man I had the ultimate hots for in the 80's, seriously----and still do! I LOVE glamrock ;) Anything Glamrock/Hair Bands would be cherished!

Favorite Crafts

-----I LOVE handmade jewelry. I am a plus size gal so my jewelry sizes need to be larger than normal. Any necklaces need to be a minimum of 18 in. long. Any bracelets need to be a minimum of 8 in. long. I DO NOT wear earrings. Rings should be a size 10 or larger.-----Also, I'm not that fond of gold toned items but I'll still wear them, coppery vintage is ok and silver is the best :)

I LOVE beads. All sizes, seed, E beads (I use a lot of these, especially in black). I love crackle beads, catseye or fiber optic beads, strange and bizarre beads too. I LOVE bags of random beads!! I make jewelry so findings of any kind are always put to good use! I LOVE filigree pieces in any color, ring blanks, cabochons, clear cabochons, unusual pendants, etc. I also LOVE vintage broken jewelry as I am in the process of upcycling a lot of old pieces. If you have broken, but good, vintage jewelry that you don't want, I'm your taker! I'm a brooch whore too. I love brooches, even the old vintage ones!

I can always use new or used soap safe scents as I make a lot of soap. Any scents are great;) Used molds are great too;)

I'm a rubber stamp and clear stamp---a holic! I really don't like cutesy stamps but since I'm a huge collector I am usually not that picky. I don't mind used stamps either, they work just as good!!! Hand carved stamps rock too! Me ♥ stamps!!!

---Fat Quarters--spooky Halloween prints only, please no cutesey candy corn, pumpkin, etc. I have no use for FQ's in any other print than spooky Halloween;) I use them for table top covers;)

My Favorite Things Are:


A is for: altered art (of any kind), absinthe, amigurumi’s, animals, amethyst (my birthstone), ass, asshole, address labels, art noveau, antiques, ATC supplies, animal bones, animal skulls

B is for : BLACK NAIL POLISH!!! broken jewelry bits, bats (the flying kind), black stamping ink, bugs, beetles, brooches (vintage, handmade, any), burlesque, bees, buttons, bitches, bizarre items, Brett Michaels, b-horror movies, bags of random beads, bags of random ephemera, bags of lace scraps, BEADS (I make jewelry so I can use almost everything!), bones (real or fake), Brom (the artist), bizarre photographs, bizarre anything, BLANK CARDS, blank tags, band aids (funky designed ones), cabochons (any color, type or size), bottles (vintage, little ones), blood, blood vials, BROKEN jewelry pieces-necklaces-chain-etc, Bath and Bodyworks Hand Sanitizer (the lil ones, any scent) Bath and Bodyworks Body Sprays AND HAND SANITIZERS from Bath and Body Works!!! The small ones, any scent or kind!!

C is for: cemetery, cabinets of curiosity, card making supplies, clocks, charms, cephalopods, circus sideshow freaks, clove, citrus scents, cats, cthulu, candles, collage sheets, cabinet cards, curio cabinet supplies, crows, clear stamps, coffins, cardstock, cameos, Clive Barker, candy (any kind), chocolate (any kind but white), claws (animal), Charles Manson, carving supplies, clay, clay supplies (molds etc), cat eye beads (any color, any size), cat eye cabochons (any color, any size), CHAIN (for jewelry, broken pieces are great too!-any color, any length, any size), cosmetic grade glitter--any type/color)

D is for: Day of The Dead, Dia De Los Muertos, dick, Danzig (band), Depeche Mode, Disney Villians (especially maleficent and the evil queen), dead, dying, death (anything to do with the subject of death, dying, dead), dye ink for stamping, Dexter Morgan, doll parts for altering, dead dolls, dolls (creepy preferred) danse macabre, darkside, darkness, dark, deco tape (any and all kinds), Dorian Cleavanger Artwork, Domo, Dave Gahan, Dracula, digital collage sheets, DIY Notecard Packs,

E is for: ETSY FAVORITES! (link is at the top of my profile), EYEPINS (for jewlelry, any color, any size), ephemera (all kinds), eyeballs, envelopes (handmade), erotica, Edgar Allan Poe, Elvis, Envy, empty bottles, empty vials, E600 glue,

F is for: FILIGREE (for jewelry, any color, any size), fangs, fuck, fags, feathers, fat quarters (spooky prints only), frogs, FIBERS (all kinds, all designs, all colors), forest blend scents, Fimo clay, fiber optic beads (any color any size) fiber optic cabochons (any color any size)

G is for: ghosts, gothic, goth, Giger Art, gummy candy of any kind or flavor, glycerin soap, glycerin soap safe scents, glycerin soap safe dyes, gears for steampunk items, Gluttony, gypsy items, graveyard, gravestones, Glue Dots (any shape/kind) glitter glue (not dollar store type), glitter pens,

H is for: Handcarved rubber stamps, horror, horror movies, horror books, haunted houses, haunted, haunt, Halloween, headhunters, hang tags to alter, Hitler, Hitler era stuff, H.R. Giger, handcrafted by you, hair bands of the 70’s/80’s, Hello Kitty, HEM brand incense, H.P. Lovecraft, human oddities, HEADPINS (for jewelry, any color any size), Handmade Envies, Handmade Cards

I is for: insects, ink for stamping,

J is for: JEWELRY supplies, (I am a jeweler so I can use ANYTHING for jewelry—can’t express this enough), junk jewelry, jellyfish, Jeffrey Dahmer, Jason Voorhees, Jack Skellington, Japanese stuffs, Japanese candy, Jesse's Girl Makeup (especially loose glitter-any color, orange, orange orange:P), Jewels (any color/shape)-stick on ok;),

K is for: keys (old/vintage), kawaii lettersets, kawaii memos, kawaii candy, kawaii tape

L is for: Lovecraft, lampwork beads, LACE (all kinds, all widths/lengths, all colors), lettersets, Lush Bath Products (any and all except for Vanilla scents), leopard print items, Luis Royo Art

M is for: MICHAEL MYERS (I LOVE HIM), Maleficent (Disney) Memento Mori, macabre ANYTHING, morbid things, magical items, military items (vintage), mushrooms (vintage or cutesy), My Dying Bride (the band), murder, mass murderers, Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Monroe, Memories Dye Ink Pads, Memento Ink pads, Molds for soap and clay—any and all kinds, morgue related items, mortician related items

N is for: NAG CHAMPA anything BUT, only the real stuff, made by HEM or the like. Nag Champa oil, Nag Champa perfume oil, Nag Champa incense,NIN, nightmares, Nightmare Before Christmas, notecard packs (the more gothic/strange the better, but I’ll take ANY), Nosferatu,

O is for: octopi, octopus, obituaries, ORANGE—colored things, orange flavored things, odd, OOAK (one of a kind items)

P is for: pussy cats, pussy, Poe, photographs (bizarre, odd, vintage only), pinback buttons, picture frames (old), peanut butter candy, psychology, psychiatry, pagan items, pins (vintage), punk rock, patches depicting my likes, patchouli, POSTCARDS-bizarre/odd/gothic types (please no touristy types unless its in a swap where they are allowed) POCKY (strawberry, chocolate, chocolate w/almonds) photography, penguins, Pride, Polymer Clay, poison bottles, poison labels, poison, Poison (the band),

Q is for : quills (porcupine quills), Queen,

R is for: rotten, rosaries (any but especially vintage ones) Religious items (any religion) ribbon, Rammstein, ravens, Richard Ramirez, Robert Smith, Ranger art supplies—ANY and all kinds, rubber stamps, rhinestones (any color/shape/size)

S is for: STAMPING—Im a stampaholic, steampunk-ANYTHING, silver toned charms and jewelry items, Samhain, semi precious stones, supplies of all sorts, skeletons, skulls, skulls (reall animal skulls and bones), spiders, seven deadly sins, sloth, SERIAL KILLERS—I’m not a serial killer but I’m highly interested in them and their minds. Any serial killer books, images, handcrafted items, would be great!, Soap supplies—dye/colorant, any scents, molds, packaging, Salt City Candles (Christmas Wassail is my favorite scent), sugar skulls, SKULL BEADS (i collect them)

T is: titties, Tim Holtz-ANYTHING, taxidermy, tea, tattoos, turtles, torn pages (especially vintage), Ted Bundy, THE CURE, seahorses (dried and dead ones too), tombstones, toe tags,

U is for: Urban Decay makeup—any and all types and colors,

V is for: Victoriana, Victorian items, vampires, vampyres, Vincent Price, vials (empty),VINTAGE-ANYTHING! Vintage ephemera, vintage broken jewelry pieces, vintage jewelry, vintage beads, vintage rosaries, vintage magazines, Victoria Secrets Pure Seduction & Perfect Pear & Love Spell & Delicate Petals/Rose

W is for: witches!, witchy items, wiccan items,

X is for: Xrated items! I love naughty sexual things. Xrays,

Y is for: yellow (obnoxious yellow things) Yankee Candles

Z is for: zombies, zombie ANYTHING!

I love incense! My favorite brand of incense is HEM. You can find them in liqour stores in all different scents. My favorite is Nag Champa and Patchouli by them but if you can find Night Jasmine, hearts will be headed your way! I'm also game for handmade incense but it needs to be strong and long lasting.

My Favorite Colors Are:

Black (yes, I know its not a color) and green. I also enjoy purple, crimson, silver, and brown-earthy colors. ORANGE!!!--its become a new favorite of mine;)

My Favorite Scents Are:

honeysuckle, sage, blackberry sage, rose, eucalyptus, peppermint, mango, peach, nag champa, tea tree, green tea, chai tea, orange spice, clove, foresty blends, gardenia, pomogranate, pink grapefruit, hawaiin ginger, guava, lemon, lime, Lovespell, Pure Seduction, Any scent from 13gypsies on Artfire, Any scent from deepmidnightperfumes on Etsy, I suppose I love every scent, except vanilla.

Things I Dislike & Cannot Use

Below is a list of things I am NOT fond of or cannot use because of allergies and or complete vile-ness:

vanilla,pastel colors, cutesy frankenstein items, pumpkin themed items, catsup-ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, swap lifters, girly stuff, unless its for my kiddo, postcards...I don't care for them unless they are just weird or spooky.

I am not a girly girl! Frilly, american country (roosters, chickens, etc) make me gag. Pink princessy things are also gag worthy.

My daughters name is Lily and she loves arts and crafts too. She loves teenager type things, anything that is hot on the market so to speak. She likes Domo, Hello Kitty, and Sponge Bob too.

I have 5 cats and a bunny. I have a farm inside this apartment:P Toys and treats for them are always a good idea....so that they will leave me alone for awhile!

Douchebag FLAKERS!! Wanna angel me? I'll angel you;)

Flaked on by @LizzieRayne in a swap I hosted!!! Altered Soda Can Doll

Flaked on by @JensTreats Dia De Los Muertos Chunky Charm Bracelet-Handmade

Flaked on by @Ampercant Pin/Brooch Swap

Flaked on by @LavenderLizard Stamped Ribbons


luleemik rated for Altered Spools: January on Jan 24, 2016
Comment: Holey moley guacamole!!! Love, love, love this little spool doll. Thank you soooo much for designing it with me in mind:) The DoD theme is perfect and you did an amazing job!! Love the mantilla and color combos---it will take center stage in my DoD collection.
Response: I knew you would love her and I was glad I got you as a partner! Thanks for the fangtastic rating!!!!!
georgiafae rated for Oddities O.o CHRISTMAS EDITION!!! on Dec 28, 2015
Comment: Wowee! This is quite the collection and I love it-love the spook value and the kitsch value-it was worth the wait-thanks for sharing! Happy new Year!
Response: Oh goodie!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it all!
Comment: Thanks for the fun gifts and the extras!
Response: You are most welcome!
Comment: Hi Jenny. Tank you very much for the lovely parcel you sent me. I love the small pocketbook with all of the surprises, and the other stuff is really cool too! I hope, that you are ready to start swapping again, so that others also can enjoy the nice things you make:)
Response: Wow, it already got there? Rockin! Thanks so much for re-rating and working with me on this! I'm glad you enjoyed everything!
Comment: You did email me the first week of September and offer to send a box. I just said not to worry about it, since it had been so long( a year) I a glad you are feeling more like swapping but I don't have a need for the swap now. I will change my rating so as to not seem unfeeling as your response sort of made me feel. Sorry to rate a 1, but after a couple of messages back and forth I have not received the box that was due to be ailed out by Oct. 6th. I also see multiple swaps that HAVE been sent out for other swaps so I don't understand. Maybe in the future you need to limit the amount of swaps you participate in. No one likes to "flaked on" as the saying goes!
Response: Although it has almost been a year, I messaged my partner recently to let her know I was going to be resending this swap. She has refused it. There is nothing I can do about this rating. 9/6/15 Thank you for re-rating this swap. Should you change your mind and decide you'd like this swap, please let me know. Take care ;) 9/8/15
Comment: Woohoo! Thank you for the Coven ATC. I like the addition of the feather, which makes me think of the Stevie Nicks fan witch (her name escapes me).
Response: I'm glad you like it ;) I chose Stevie just because she appeared on the show and I'm a huge fan of her music. The gal who was a lot like her was Misty Day ;)
Comment: Sorry for the rating confusion. I hope I've sorted it out now. Thanks for sending and I apologize for my extremely late rating on this. Thanks!
Response: It's ok, thank you for being kind enough to re-rate!
Comment: Thank you!!
dana1214 rated for CCC ~ American Horror Story ATC S1 on Oct 30, 2014
Comment: What can I say but I love it!!! Thank you as always!!!
Response: You are so welcome!
Saristotle rated for CCC~ Serial Killer ATC Series #4 on Oct 2, 2014
Comment: Fantastic Charles Manson ATC. I love the crackle effect and all of his crazy faces. I like the x's on the girls heads too. Creepy! What did you use to get the crackle? Thank you so much for the extras too! (off to etsy to review the awesome dentures!)
Response: Lol, the dentures :P If you go to Michaels or JoAnns or maybe Hobby Lobby you will find One Step Crackle by DecoArt. You could probably find it online too. It is super easy to use and quite an addiction of mine :P
neekahbelle rated for CCC~ Serial Killer ATC Series #3 on Sep 25, 2014
Comment: wow, awesome ATC! Thank you so much! :)
Response: You are very welcome darling!
hannibal rated for Call in the clowns! on Sep 7, 2014
Comment: Thank you for all the great magnets and the hair clip. They look great on my fridge. Your images are awesome.
Response: I'm so glad you got this, I had wondered!
aada rated for Dead-u-tante Calaca on Sep 6, 2014
Comment: Utterly amazing doll. Thank you so much! She is beautiful. <3
Response: I'm so happy she got there! Thank you for your compliments and for your rating!
esew123 rated for Calaca Maraca on Aug 8, 2014
Comment: I got it! thanks
Response: I'm glad it made it to ya!
haiku25 rated for CCC~ Serial Killer ATC Series #1 on Aug 3, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for the ATC, Jenny. So creepily amazing :) And thank you for the cut-outs, they'll be so handy in future swaps :)
Response: You are so welcome! They work great for these swaps!
luleemik rated for Edgar Allen Poe Baggie USA on Jul 20, 2014
Comment: Great selection of Poe themes. You always have to freak me out a little....lol! I know exactly what I am going to do with all of the little ravens. Thank you for being a great swapper.
Response: So you did find him creepy?!!? YAY! Enjoy everything!
Comment: What fun the baggie of goodies look. I took the tissue off but will keep it all together until October! The sucker looks like tons of fun! So I will stop trying to see all in the bag! Super cute and fun to come. Thank you Jenny. Hugs, Mona
Response: Lol, I wouldn't wait until October :P Enjoy it all now! You are welcome!
Comment: Thank you for the awesome card! I absolutely love it and will be waiting impatiently for Halloween so I can send it! Great job!
Response: You are so very welcome! Glad you enjoy it!
MrsSparkle rated for New @ carving swap - 1 stamp on Jun 16, 2014
Comment: Thank you very much for the stamps! They are lovely :-)
Response: You are so welcome, thank you for working with me!
sabbysteg rated for $6 Etsy Swap #2 on Jun 15, 2014
Comment: Awesome, thanks! I love the seeds!
Response: You are so welcome!!!!

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Happy Halloween!!

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I was just going through your Flickr photos and I fell in love with your crime scene dolls and the very beautiful "A Delightful Day of the Dead Necklace".

You made me smile. Thanks


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I am stalking your profile a bit after I saw your post in the thrift shop swap... Have you ever read any Caitlin R Kiernan? If you like Poppy I think you might like her as well. Silk and Threshold are fantasticcc.

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