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Update: March 2017

After a 3 year hiatus I am back to fix the mess I made. I do not plan on swapping I just want to right the wrong I did. Maybe if I trust myself enough I will, but as of right now I will not be swapping.

I am a simple Texan, with an amazing appetite for all things ATC, art doll, altered art, dotee and zine related. I really put a lot of time and effort into my dolls, so please if you ever recieve one, give it a good home.

I am a student and and artist as well. Art is my life, and I find a true appreciation for those who show their love of art in the crafty items they make. To me it blurs the line between art and craft when we create things like ATC's or altered dolls, zines etc. I enjoy the thought of us being a community, faceless as we are, but we are still a strong community.

My first ATC I ever made:


Currently I'm founder of Softie Lovers where we create softies, felties, stuffies, and even amigurumi.

I'm co-founder of Dotees of all Kinds! and 12 Months of Dotee, so please let me know if you want more info on making dotees, or softies and if you want to be in any of my groups ^_^

Tardiness/ Late on Swaps

I am a laid back person and swapper. Please if you are going to be late just let me know. I understand life gets crazy but ignoring me or not communicating wont help. Also you can always make up your swap if you dissapear then reappear. So dont be afraid... ^_^

Favorite Crafts

Im really, really into:

  • ATC's
  • Art dolls
  • Journal pages
  • One of a kind art pieces
  • Softies
  • Zines!

I want to get more into doll trading as it seems so few people make them.

Im not into post cards unless they are handmade/handdrawn. ^_^

I always appreciate everyones style of work so dont be afraid to try something new, but please dont just slap things together ~_~

One on One Trades

Here are a few examples of the work I have made for swap-bot!! Please PM me if you ever want to do a private trade!!

Art Journal Pages

Art Dolls


Favorite Music

I love all types of music, yes everything from Rap/ Hip Hop- Classical- Jazz- Rock-Metal-Country- Alternative, all of it!!!

I do however have a very big spot in my heart for Grunge music and no I dont mean just Nirvana. All the great music of the 90's is still with me. Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Live, Collective Soul, Alice in Chains, etc...I love music so much so if you ever need a recommendation just ask I bet I have something perfect for you!!

What I will collect

I love collecting ATC's, Dotees, journal pages, unique art, art dolls, and zines.

If anyone ever wants to do a personal swap. I usually do cutesy, pretty dolls and cards but I am very willing and open to do the morbid, scary and ugly.

Just let me know.^_^

Some dolls I made:

Wish List

I love polymer clay faces, and molds. Charms, , stamps, ribbon, markers, gelpens, and inkpads and also a few of the things I collect. And Im really in love with paper flowers, pretty cutouts, and little items for shrines. I would love any Virgin Mary and Frida Kahlo images or charms.

I personslly love wierd art fibers, I use them for dotee hair so please clip off a piece if you can and send it my way. I do not use furry fibers at all so please keep those. I have gotten into making my our art yarn but will welcome any made by anyone else.

Likes and Dislikes




Birds(any except eagels)

Cute woodland creatures(this means deer, racoons, bears, rabbits, etc)

Rabbits (not cartoony)

Piggies (not whimsical)




Surreal(Think Salvador Dali)





Zetti anything(art dolls, dotees, charms, chuncky pages)

Pink haired ladies



Virgin Mary

Frida Kahlo


stuff made from recycled materials


canvas tote bags

costume jewelry

pinback buttons


notecards and stationary

multicolor pens


rub ons

Stamps(lightly used is great!!)

pretty paper


Unique beads



dotee dolls

Zines (of all types)

Rainbow things

Any art doll


Custom Made Dolls

Handmade items

  • I collect things that are related to meditation and relaxation.

For example:

scented candles


calligraphy pens (brush and metal)

buddah figurines

hindu gods and goddesses figurines

flavored teas

books on yoga/relaxation


red, coral, vermillion, lemon yellow, pale yellow, banana yellow, pink, hot pink, magenta, purple, lavender, mint green, lime green, chartreuse, pale green, periwinkle, baby blue, navy blue, royal blue, sepia, khaki, mauve, warm grey, cream, slate, cool grey and black


Whimsical country theme

note cards (I have plenty ^_^)


plastic baby dolls


shaped sequins( leaves/ shells/ flowers)

rubber bands

fake doll hair (curly kind) / fake doll eyelashes

I dont celebrate cheesy holidays but I do like seasonal things (ex: fall, autumn, harvest, winter)but please no Valentines day, St. Patricks day, etc.

(Side not: I am a patriot and do celebrate the 4th of July.)

rushed work (ATC's, dolls, etc)

socks ( I am barefoot all the time, and I live it Texas...its hot!)

handlotion/ handsanitizer (dont use it)

airfreshners (car, home, any, i dont use them)

lipbalm or lipgloss( I dont use it!!)

feathers(on cards)

furry fibers( I prefer thick ones or ones that have some body to them)

decorative napkins

Colors: Dark browns, anything matte or dull, Greys, cheesy orange, camoflage greens and browns



  • I am allergic to artificial sweetners. I seriously get splitting headaches.

  • I will take any Starbucks VIA packets, and any drink without artifical sweetners, any candy really, chocolate and Haribo products.



starhiker rated for No Sew Art Doll: Round 1 on Apr 24, 2015
Comment: Never got anything but a PM 10 days late saying she sent and didn't mark sent. Late on swap prior to mine and late on the one after. Bummer when the host flakes and changes the send by date. This was Angeled by @kiddo47 EDIT 4/24/15 Got a lovely doll today and one for kiddo47 as well its a yr late but you made good thank-you. ♥♥♥♥♥
Response: Very happy you like your doll. Glad I could make this up to you :)
Comment: Nice stuff, very packed! Thank you!
Response: You are welcome. I hate that this took so long to get to you but glad you got it :)
Star7Lily rated for Dark Art Doll on Dec 29, 2014
Comment: Sadly after 8 months of waiting I have not received this swap ...and you my host, you did so well in the light art doll, i was hoping to have a companion for it... as I so enjoyed making my lady for my partner, such a shame.
Comment: This swap experience was a huge disappointment to me, and I wish I had rated a 1 for it sooner, but I foolishly did not want to be the first person to give you a bad rating. :/ ETA: yes, I did wait too long to rate this. We were in touch at the time via pm and I did send a pm asking for a tracking number because I hadn't gotten it. I do regret not rating sooner.
Response: I'm very disappointed that this rating came 2years after the swap had closed. With my current history I know people won't believe me but I did send...but that was 2 years ago. I will of course be sure my partner gets something because I don't want them disappointed.
Star7Lily rated for Light Art Doll on Jul 18, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for your amazing light art doll! I am so sorry rating late i had a lot going on at work, i love the artistry. Thank you
Comment: Oh dear! I am still waiting on this swap. :( I know you said you sent it and forgot to mark it sent, but it's been a month now. ?? I'll happily change my rating if and when I receive the softie.
mamalynn rated for Partner's Choice on Jun 5, 2014
Comment: Waiting for this since February... I hope all is well with you and I will be happy to change this rating when I receive the swap!
Comment: My eyes have crossed from all the comments! Fun though!
Comment: I have PSP. Would that help so you could join?
Comment: Very funny messages : ) ....great to have you as a partner again
Comment: Thanks for a great sarcasm swap! I really love handmade sarcasm, and yours was awesome!
Comment: LOL, Venezuelan Beaver Cheese!!! LOVE the sad? puzzled? beaver pic, hilarious! Now that I am looking at all the posts all over again, I am laughing so hard!!! (^^)
Comment: Such a beautiful beaver you posted, the art is immaculate! (such a fun swap, I've been waiting for partners so I can rate you guys accordingly :D)
mandymo rated for Love Art Doll on Apr 10, 2014
Comment: Meg, I cannot express how much I love the doll you created for me. I can't stop looking at it! It is amazing. I LOVE that it represents a mother's love because the love I feel for my children is the most profound I have ever felt. The colors are so pleasing and perfectly matched! Also, it is a wonderful little bird with her sweet little egg baby! I can't get over it. Thank you so very much. It will always be one of my favorite pieces of art. Let's swap again sometime!
Response: I would swap with you in an instant. I am so happy you like the doll. She took so much time to get her just right. Very happy she has a good home with you.
mandymo rated for Private Triptic on Apr 10, 2014
Comment: Oh My GOSH! I LOVE the triptic you created for me. You are an incredible artist! The colors are wonderful and the theme you chose is my favorite! Thank you so very very very much!
Response: Thank you very much!!!!
blaacraft rated for Handmade Red on Mar 30, 2014
Comment: Edited: Got it today! Thanks so much - I love the dolls as does my daughter who is playing with them VERY carefully at the moment! I love how you have used the roving for the different hairstyles too & thanks for the extra packet of wool - I don't have those colours so they're great! Off to re-rate you now.. I'm hoping to receive this....I never received the original that you sent on the 10th, and I am waiting for a resend. I will re-rate once received.
Response: Very happy you got this new package. I was getting worried again. It was great fun making those dolls and I'm very happy you and your daughter like them. We can always do a private trade later for more:)

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starhiker on Apr 24, 2015:

Wonderful lil art doll thank you she's a gem!

anrtist on Apr 18, 2015:

Welcome to the APDG ~ Group!

I just posted a BAOBAB Tree themed swap ;-)
They are beautiful! It will be a fun pic swap too.
You may host some group swaps now too if you please!
ENJOY the Group!
Blessings, cc

kiddomerriweather on Apr 5, 2014:

gooseberry on Apr 4, 2014:

That's about how I feel right now...I need a nap! :) Thank you for the cute comment. :)

RyeRye on Feb 14, 2014:

mrsskordas13 on Feb 7, 2014:

I stumbled upon your profile and those dolls are AMAZING!! You are so gifted!!!

SabrinaDeeBerry on Dec 24, 2013:

Happy holiday wishes! In the New Year, may you be blessed with laughter, peace, and love.

cmdunderground on Dec 17, 2013:

Those dolls you've made are AWESOME!!! I especially love the one with the X'd out eyes in the middle of the 5 and The 2 in the picture together above your music section, if you made those.

kiddomerriweather on Oct 16, 2013:

So pissed that I missed out on the swaps you're hosting. They seem like lots of fun. I was ill for a while and missed them. :(

ginabee on Sep 24, 2013:


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