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Date Joined: May 26, 2008
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Country: United States
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*If you are receiving a swap from me, you might want to avoid my flickr page. I'm not organized enough to add photos there after my partners receive, so I'm just adding as I send things.

*If you are my partner and need to get a hold of me please go through swap-bot. I tend to ignore mail that comes from names I don't recognize through my e-mail. Thanks.

I'm in my late 20's and live in beautiful Minnesota. I spend most of my time creating, crafting, camping, gardening, baking, seeing live music, going to festivals, thrifting, fishing, and spending time with friend's and family.

I love personal swaps. If you think you have something I'd love or want something from me don't hesitate to ask. I prefer to set up a swaps so ratings are involved. It just takes the stress out of personal swaps I think.

Favorite Music

I love almost any music if I can see it live. My favorites are bluegrass, folk, jam bands, old blues, Americana, and classic country.

A random pick of some of my favorites: Trampled by Turtles, Hank Williams Sr., Sufjan Stevens, Ben Harper, Ben Folds, The Grateful Dead, Old and In The Way, Reveren Peyton's Big Damn Band, Elliott Smith, John Hurt, Robert Johnson, The Wailin' Jenny's, Joanna Newsom, Daniel Johnston, ...the list could go on and on.

Favorite Books

I love any kind of how-to book. My favorite book of all time is either The Great Gatsby or Of Mice and Men. Also, I can not avoid picking up a magazine about anything and reading it. There's just something about the format of a magazine...the short articles and pictures that I can't resist.

Over the last year or so I've been trying to read all those books of stories everyone knows but have never actually read. A few of my favorites have been Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, The Hobbit, Gone With the Wind, and The Jungle Book. Also there's been quite a few that just aren't that great...maybe it's because they were written for children?

I'd love ideas of books you think might fit in this category....or just books that you think are worth reading.

Favorite Movies

I love B movies....especially sci-fi and horror from the 40's thru 60's. Teenagers From Outerspace is one of my all time favorites!

When I'm not watching movies that are so bad they're wonderful, I love documentaries, mockumentaries, romantic comedies, and corny family movies....My All Time Favorite Movie is: It's A Wonderful Life...who doesn't like a happy ending..and a little Jimmy Stewart? :)

A few more of my favorites...The Science of Sleep, Fido, American Zombie, Pleasantville, Coraline, Wall-E, Monster House, Tim Burton anything, Live Music Recordings on DVD, Rushmore, Royal Tennebaums, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Waitress, The Stepford Wives...

Favorite Crafts

I've been crocheting for the past 10 years or so. I also sew, cross-stitch, embroider, draw, attempt to write creatively, and whatever else I might be interested in at the time.

My new crafting hobby is paper crafts. I've never really enjoyed them in the past but I've been trying inchies and a couple of ATCs and I love them!

I love giving and receiving handmade objects. I really respect the thought, work, and creativity that goes into diy.

Random Wish List

  • a package of generic embroidery thread (Where there's like 20 in a package of various colors) My local craft stores quit selling them, only individual DMC available now...or any embroidery floss is always appreciated.

  • Recipes. I love from scratch cooking and appreciate recipes that fit into that category the most, but any tried and true recipe is appreciated.

  • A tin or wood recipe box. I've looked and looked for one, but haven't found one in dime stores, thrift stores, or rummage sales yet. I'd be more than happy to receive one that is ugly and needs a make-over too.

  • Fat Quarters or fabric scraps. Please not too tiny though.

  • Broken Color Crayons.

  • Any sheet music for piano, mandolin, organ, or violin

  • I love magazines and zines

  • Candles. I like rich smells...bakery and food smells are great if they smell like the real thing. I like peaches, cranberry, citrus smells, cherry. I don't really like 'beach scents' or anything overpoweringly floral.

  • My favorite colors are all of them. I like jewel, rich and earthy tones best...but brights and pastels are great in some things too. I'm not a big fan of neon anything though.

  • Crochet, Sewing, Cross Stitch, and Embroidery Patterns

  • Yarn

  • Homemade Paper and Journals

  • Anything Patchwork or Quilted

  • Handmade Soap and Beauty Products

  • Vintage thrift finds....my wists are a great inspiration on styles I like. Anything unique or handmade is a great find that I'd appreciate. Right now I'm searching for a set of measuring cups, a tupperware pickle container...with the grate that you lift up to get the pickles out of the juice, a flour sifter, pins from old hot roller sets...the ones that are shaped like a U.

  • I Collect Vintage Crafting, Recipe, Etiquette, and Homemaking books, pamphlets, and clippings from 1965 or before...but I love looking at these types of books from any year.

  • I'm just starting to get into atc's and inchies, I'd love supplies and backs for them and a really good paper crafting glue if anyone knows of one.

  • Punched designs. I'm sure there is a proper name for these, but I don't know it. Punched out paper that comes in different shapes and designs. I'd really really love some 1" circles and 1x1" sqaures for inchies and rinchies.

  • .05 G2 Ink Pens in black...once I saw an even finer tipped G2. They didn't have it in black so I passed on it and have never seen them again...if anyone runs by them...that would be awesome sauce.

  • Thin tipped sharpies

  • CD's...see music likes above....and don't hesitate to send me music that doesn't fit into my list above. I love being introduced to new music anyway I can.

  • Blank journals, notebooks, stationary, stickers, cards, etc...

  • Photographs. Scenery and vintage....people, places...it doesn't matter. I just love looking at old photographs. I miss them now that everything is digital.


I'm not terribly fussy, and if you think for some reason I'd like something that's on my don't send list...send it anyway...you might be right. :)

*Cheap dollar store decorations, wall art, etc... I like dollar stores as much as the next person, but I just don't have the space for things that aren't super special to me. Chances are good these items will go to the thrift store or be regifted.

*Dollar store brand cosmetics and lotions, etc...my skin hates them...and I love my skin too much to experiment very much.

*Religious items of any religion are ok, but not prefered....however, please no i heart jesus items or other new age evangelical propaganda. I enjoy celebrating my faith in a more serious and non commercial way.

*I'm not a coffee or tea drinker...I tend to avoid caffeine when I can. I also don't like sour or spicy candies.

Stuff I Can Make and Trade

  • Sewn or crocheted tote bags, makeup bags, cozies for cellphones, i-pods, etc...

  • Amigurumi

  • Crocheted washcloths and reusable Swiffer Pads

  • Embroidered Tea Towels...or anything else you'd like embroidered.

  • Random Stickers

  • Sewn Tea Bag Wallet Style Holders

  • Sheet Music for Piano and Guitar

  • I enjoy music and making mixed CDs

  • Atc's, Inchies, Rinchies, Altered Art, etc..

  • Penpals. I'm not a great letter writer, but I love sending little things and notes or short letters. Things like that...if you're looking for a little novel or wonderful creative writing, I might not be your best match.

A Couple More Things...

Now that I've been on swapbot for awhile I've figured out a few things about myself and swapping. :)

  1. I've been a member for quite awhile and haven't done tons of swaps. I only sign up for swaps when I have the time, money, and attention to spend preparing the swap.

  2. Because I'm careful about what swaps I choose, I'll never flake on you...if you don't receive from me, please let me know right away and I will resend.

  3. I love getting handmade, thrifted, and recycled things....I also love sending them.

3.5. I recycle envelopes and other shipping things when I can and definitely do not mind if I receive them. If you have a problem with getting reused items for shipping let me know before I send and I will make sure you get new and shiny packaging.

  1. I'm a smoker. I don't smoke in my home, but I do smoke. So far I haven't had any comments or complaints. I just like to mention for partners that are extremely allergic.

  2. I rarely send out swaps really early. Usually on the due date.

  3. And as much as I love swapping and am dedicated to making sure I stay on top of the swaps that I am involved with, swapping is just a small part of my life. As nice as it is to receive everything on time...I'm very understanding if something comes up. Just get a hold of me as soon as you can. There's nothing more annoying to me then a swap partner that emails me 30 times the same week that I send pressuring me to resend or poor ratings. If I think my swap will still come in the mail, I will wait a few days before resending...but will always resend.


I was really hoping I'd never have to add this section to my profile. If you're on the list...please get a hold of me; I would love to re-rate after I receive.

*TamiLynne on Zentangle Fun Swap 9/2011

*CMAROIS on 4 Seasons Art Swap

*SOMETHING CUTE on the cupcake inchies swap. ~Angel'd by Bizzles :)

*ASTRO on the embroidery in green swap.


Comment: Sent pm to swapper. Will re-rate with re-send.
jandmterry rated for First flight of whimsy on Dec 8, 2011
Comment: When I receive something or hear from you then I will rerate.
mulletwing rated for Tiny Halloween Swap! on Oct 15, 2011
Comment: Thanks so much for everything, I think I'm going to make a halloween tree just for that little witch to hang on :) She's adorable, I love everything about her! :D Thanks for everything else as well, that little witch just stole my heart haha.
guinstar rated for Holiday Sheets (EDITED!) on Oct 13, 2011
Comment: thank you for resending! I love them all!! :)
snowqueen1426 rated for ZENTANGLE FUN on Sep 12, 2011
Comment: Such a wonderful assortment of Zentangle fun!!!.... Though I was fearful that I may not be able to separate the items.... it seems the sealer wanted to make friends with everything including the inside of the envelope.. but with patiencesss and determinationnnnn.... All survived.. Your zentangle style is wonderful... Many Thanks... ((HUGS)) cj :D
Response: So glad you liked everything. I had a ton of fun with this swap! Sorry about the stickiness...I never even thought of that. Thanks for letting me know so I can fix in future swaps. :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful package!!
AngelikFiona rated for Blue Dotee on May 13, 2011
Comment: Thank you! She's really cute! You did a really good job on her!
Response: Dotee's are lots of fun...so glad you liked her. :)
Comment: Awesome package!!! Very cool. I loved it. Love and light!
Nikoakd rated for US State by State postcards on Oct 26, 2010
Response: *UPDATE* I've tried contacting my partner multiple times to make up this swap. I'm ready to send as soon as she responds. Even without re-rating, I'd like the opportunity to send what was promised.
Comment: thank you! i love the book mark
mailjunkie rated for US State by State postcards on Sep 14, 2010
Comment: Hello Neighbor - I lived in Mpls for 20 years before I moved to Wisconsin. I love the fall season as well - It iis my favorite then the winter - as long as it isn't TOO cold.. Sorry for the delay in rating. Lora
chemicalsilver rated for US State by State postcards on Sep 10, 2010
kelekia rated for US State by State postcards on Sep 10, 2010
corynvall rated for book page skinny on Aug 24, 2010
Comment: Thanks a lot for the skinny, it's so funny and kitschy! Love it :D
Bizabeth25 rated for Fives, fabulous fives! on Aug 19, 2010
Comment: Thanks so much. I was so happy to see Stickers with my name on them... Then I saw we have the same name. Thanks for sendign me very special items. Happy Swapping
Comment: Totally AWESOME swap! The dishtowel is lovely - too nice to use in my kitchen - and I love the owls you embroidered. The recipes look great, too. I'm especially looking forward to trying the pulled venison sandwich. Thank you so much!
Comment: I love the bookmark and thank you so much for the lace!!! The crochet flower is so cute too. ^^
Comment: Thanks for the great recipes...I'm excited to make the cabbage roll casserole :)
Kimbeewa rated for a Rainbow of Inchies on Jul 26, 2010
Comment: These inchies were so amazing! Wonderful job and I'm so happy to have them in my collection ♥

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Hope you receive my butterfly package soon!!!!

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I've made the Cookie exchange swap sign up date and send by date a week later since there are so few signups, so if you are interested in joining with the send by date now May 8th, please do!

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Thanks so much for the crocheted wash cloths from the Old School Skills Group Tag Game. Talyn

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I liked what you did with the envelope that the Sticker Mods arrived in (closing up part of the envelope to create a smaller one) I would have never thought of that. My stuff just goes flying all over the place -Maggie

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