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We've had a bad scare with my hubby the last few months. His immune system is attacking and destroying his platelets. The doctors have diagnosed him with ITP. But the months of worrying triggered MY disease (I'm bipolar type II) and so I've been very out of it all year. If I owe anyone anything please PM and lemme know. Goddess bless.

happy hippy pagan mom, aggressively fighting the stigmas associated with being bi-polar.

I'm 25, married, and mothering. My partner and I have been together for 7 years now, married almost 5. He's 36, and brings with him 2 pretty awesome kids from a previous marriage. They're good kids. We have one child together, a 4 yr old boy I affectionally call "Killer" (abbreviation of his name). I have a Boston terrier named Molly, of an indeterminate age. She's got grays in her eyebrows and a few grays on her stub. She's neat.

I love animals, but don't collect them. I did keep fish for a while but I ended up crying everytime they ate each other which ended up being about every day. So no more fish. I bought 2 finches before halloween, and "my" finch died on halloween. Killer's finch is still alive and peeping.

I have been a vegetarian my whole life. If I ate a piece of meat it would make me sick, I lack enzymes to digest it properly (having never eaten it, except on accident). I was raised vegan, but until they make a good soy cheese I am just a lowly vegetarian. I come from a large family, I am the oldest of 8.

Yadda yadda yadda. Thats the good stuff.

love you elvis! (costello)

Favorite Books

Written on the body, the passion. The golden compass, spook, geek love, water for elephants, slaughter house 5, the ladies coupe, johnathan strange and mr norrell, the wolves in the wall, stardust, good omens, the wheel of time series, on the road, desi, dangerous angels (weetzie bat series), necklace of kisses, girl goddess #9, prozac nation, haunted, diaries of anais nin, paradise kiss (manga), nana (manga), dogs of babel, on the spirit of crazy horse, my life is my sundance, american gods, the clan of the cave bear, the legacy of luna (julia butterfly hill), the elric series, savage beauty, strangers in paradise trade paperbacks, cunt, fanny hill, watchmen, v for vendetta, pure trance, goodbye chunky rice, off the map, the curious sofa, indestructible, y the last man, maia, watership down, walden, the sandman series by vertigo, doris, neverwhere...

Favorite Movies

Lock stock and two smoking barrels, devdas, amelie, he loves me he loves me not, most woody allen films, labyrinth, the cat returns, donnie darko, 300, hot fuzz, shaun of the dead, the phantom of the opera, marie antoinette, harold and kumar, momento, etc.

Favorite Music

golly... i listen to everything except country music. some people I am keeping in rotation are : belle and sebastian, magnetic fields, tori amos, bright eyes, johnny cash, the beatles, dresden dolls, tegan and sara, sleater-kinney, le tigre, etc. I like me some grrl rock. I'm really interested in The Gossip...

Favorite Television

greys anatomy, passions, reaper, chuck, house, ace of cakes, iron chef, desperate housewives, lost, heroes, la ink, pushing daisies, the L word,sex in the city,

things im super interested in

elephants, tegan and sara, tori amos, tofu, vegetarianism, your favorite cheesecake recipe, stamps from foreign places, PANDAS, bento, old circus photos, cupcakes, bees and boston terriers.

any of that pretty much equals a million hearts to me.

If you're looking for somethin

I always appreciate little stickers and things for my son. He's 4. He loves most everything. Cars, Spongebob, dogs, etc. Anything that has wheels or challanges his brain. He adores hot wheels too.

As far as candy (if its a candy swap or something) I do enjoy: swedish fish, raisenettes, gummy bears, peach rings, nestle crunch, etc. Chocolate isnt good to send in the summer tho, I live in a hot climate and it melts. :( I also love cracker jacks. Who doesnt love a prize?

I prefer people not to spend a whole lot, unless the swap specifically calls for it. We try to live frugally and I would feel guilty if someone spent a lot on a swap for me just to get a heart. I award hearts by how much thought and love was put into the swap, not by how much stuff was sent.

IF these things happen to come up: I wear a size medium shirt. I dont eat meat (please dont send leather or shells or feathers). I'm afraid of bugs (mainly spiders) I'm genderqueer, so if that bothers you dont swap with me. I promise not to hit on you through the post.

  • I also do own a dog and she does shed. I promise you wont get a box full of hair but Molly might manage to sneak one hair in there. +

I smoke but not inside my house and not very often at that.

I play guitar (left handed), new picks are always cool, especially if they are neat looking. I love photobooths, and if my partner ever sent a strip of them it would be instant love! I also like polaroids! Show me something interesting!

A few things I wouldnt like much: *americana memorabilia (flags, etc) *anything disney. I cringe when I see Disney * any religous stuff based on Christianity (unless it is gloriously tacky like a glow in the dark jesus or something) *vanilla scented stuff *tea (my mom sends me like a box a week, no kidding) * lipgloss (I have drawers full of lip stuff)

I'm really easy to please. I'm here to have fun. Check out my myspace, and if you have one please add me as a friend!

ps. if you send me a picture of a sunset from your house, i will reciprocate!

Sites I Love (U might too!)

  • www.BUST.com
  • www.naughtysecretaryclub.com
  • www.sock-dreams.com
  • www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com
  • www.buyolympia.com
  • www.veganessentials.com
  • www.etsy.com
  • www.mcphee.com
  • www.shopexit9.com
  • www.sublimestitching.com
  • www.all-pop.com
  • www.janetjewelry.com
  • www.kidrobot.com
  • www.all-mighty.com
  • www.herbivoremagazine.com


happypup rated for Flamingo ATC on May 1, 2008
Comment: wow-very lovely ATCs and thanks so much for the teas! :)
Phoenix rated for Flamingo ATC on Apr 29, 2008
Comment: I love them. Thank you so much.
Felix rated for Feminist ATCs on Apr 28, 2008
Comment: I really loved this ATC and the words you chose were very special. Thanks for this great swap!
Chloetron rated for Feminist ATCs on Apr 25, 2008
Comment: Thanks!
beenebag rated for blythe atc - yay! on Mar 27, 2008
Comment: How cute...thank you for the cards and the extras. I think my mom will like the cat note card...and I am digging the Christy Road postcard. I was eyeballing a Blythe doll as well but just can spend that kinda dough right now. Maybe if I save up for her...then it won't be so bad. take care brenda
Response: Im glad you liked them! I stick mainly with collages because I cant draw. lol Someday I will buy a Blythe, probably a mini first because they are a little cheaper. :)
JewelzyBug rated for Boston Terrier ATCs on Feb 8, 2008
Comment: Molly is a sweetie! Great ATCs! Thanks. I have seen Sweeney Todd. Great movie! Depp goes above and beyond in this one!
Response: Thank you! I definitely have to see Sweeney Todd now. :)
Phoenix rated for Boston Terrier ATCs on Feb 8, 2008
Comment: I love them both and I love the Hello Kitty stuff!! Molly is such a cutie. Thanks.
Response: Im glad you enjoyed them!
ladydy5 rated for Boston Terrier ATCs on Feb 1, 2008
Comment: Sweet, sweet, love them bostons'. Thank you Molly is adorable. Mine has blue eyes does yours?
Response: No! I didnt know they could have blue eyes! I'm jealous! lol
Comment: thank you for the great answers, you are not boring at all
Comment: Thanks!
amberlantern rated for Quotecard Postcard #6! on Dec 12, 2007
tobiejonzarelli rated for Quotecard Postcard #6! on Dec 8, 2007
Comment: Nice work on the card and the quote!! Thank you, Mary
Cadfael57 rated for Quotecard Postcard #6! on Dec 7, 2007
Comment: Thank you very much for your nice card and great quote, really appreciate ! Bravo !
Response: I'm glad you liked it!
lullaby rated for Flight of Fancy on Dec 2, 2007
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful ATC and the letter, too! ♥
Response: Im so glad you liked it! It means a lot to me, since we have much in common. <3
te3dd rated for Altered Text ATCs on Nov 26, 2007
Comment: Thank you! I especially like the divine modesty one. Sorry for the delay in rating you-received them over a week ago but I have not been on swap-bot since before then. O-Clan of the Cave Bear is one of the greatest books-have you read the rest of the series? They are also pretty good.
Response: I havent read any of the others, but I will keep an eye out for them now! If you happen to scan them or post them on flicker, can you let me know? My scanner was broken and I was pretty attached to these atcs lol. thanks!
Comment: Robin, Thank you for such a nice list. I appreciate your fabulous handwriting and you are an interesting person. I know how you feel, not having met any swap partners :( I've met one partner, and we have loads of fun exchanging ideas and chatting. Thanks again, Doskie
bobosgirl rated for Altered Text ATCs on Nov 20, 2007
Comment: Thank you for the ATCs, they were great.
MissAlissa rated for Nasty Girl Atc Swap *EDITED* on Nov 10, 2007
Comment: this was GREAT. you did an awesome job. its funny, we're both new to ATCs. let me knwo if you ever want to swap this theme again. thanks!!
Response: thank you so much! im glad you liked them! i have a HUGE book of pinups and it was a blast looking thru them to pick just the perfect one!
zigg13pra rated for Chill CD Swap on Nov 2, 2007
Comment: I'm excited to listen to it! Thank you!
Response: I hope you enjoy it! <3
user6731 rated for I ♥ lists on Apr 11, 2007
Comment: Hello Kitty is the spokesperson for Sanrio, yet she has no mouth! XD Actually, I think the story goes, "She has no mouth because she speaks with her heart." Awwww!!! Thanks for your adorable list!!

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howunremarkable on May 30, 2009:

It's time for a second wave of feminist ATCs! Hope you'll join!

Boolie on Jun 9, 2008:

I noticed that you like Sandman! You might like to join my An Endless Named Death swap. :D

cobaltgypsy on Apr 16, 2008:

I JUST MADE A NEW GROUP: I hope that you will consider joining! Blessings, Gypsy


craftaddict02 on Mar 24, 2008:

Thanx for joining the Flamingo ATC swap. :-)

neopostretro on Mar 4, 2008:

Thanks for joining the Etsy Addicts! We currently have a $5 profile surprise swap going on, if you would like to join.

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missbianca on Jan 29, 2008:

OOPs! Not your swap on Bostons is it? It's just one that you are in! lol

missbianca on Jan 29, 2008:

Thanks for the nice note about our "Mollys". They are very loving little things, aren't they? I would join your swap on Bostons, but I don't do ATC's. Have fun!

zigg13pra on Dec 17, 2007:

(the front image)

zigg13pra on Dec 17, 2007:

PS. I LOVE that postcard, it was awesome

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