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Date Joined: April 6, 2014
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Birthday: April 19
Country: Australia

About Me

Bringing joy to people, through small gestures, brings me joy. So I’m just being selfish making others happy.

Updated 03/08/19

Hi, I’m new (relatively) to the swap-bot scene, however I have participated in swaps organised on other platforms. I created this account in August 2014, but life happened and didn’t actually participate in any swaps until June 2019.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and love it. As much as I might say it, I truly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

I’ve been married for 7 years to my wonderful partner and we have an 12 month old son, these two are my reasons for living. I am a nurse, but haven’t worked in a few years primarily due to health, more recently because of my son.

We have a couple of animals that live with us. One crazy rescue cat, Edith May, she’s a Bengal and is energetic and lazy, affectionate and stand-offish, an old girl and a kitten, she’s a complete contradiction. She’s 8 now and she’s been with us for 6 years. We also have one chicken at the moment, we had two others who recently passed away from old age. Edith loves to sit at the back window and watch the chicken and other birds in the backyard. Sometimes she’ll let the baby join her.

I love to travel, both within Australia and internationally. I enjoy learning about new cultures, navigating foreign languages, and finding delicious vegan foods. Favourite destination to date is hard to choose, between New Zealand, Finland and Spain.

I love reading and drinking tea, both of which have been slightly limited in the last 11 months. Difficult to sit down with a book when I only have one hand most of the time, and a hot drink, hah, you’re dreaming! But since I got an e-reader for my birthday I’ve read about 50 books in two months and remembered how much I love it. I’ve also been listening to audiobooks, a lot, lately.

My tea of choice is jasmine green tea, but I will try almost anything, I prefer flavoured teas to plain (ie. I’m not a huge fan of earl grey, english breakfast ect, but I love black tea with fruit. Again not a huge fan of green tea, but add jasmine (or something else) and I’m there) I love chai. Just a request when sending tea, if possible to not tape the tea to anything, I like to use the packaging and it gets damaged by the tape.

I enjoy creating, drawing, painting just making in general, which, again, has been somewhat limited lately. I’d love to be able to create with a purpose again.

I enjoy finding new foods, trying new dishes. As a vegan, this is becoming easier and more varied everyday. Although I’m really not a fan of these new ‘realistic’ faux meats (or the mock meats that are pretty predominant in Asian food), I went vegetarian then vegan primarily for animal welfare, I cannot stand eating something that looks, smells and (?) tastes similar to animal flesh. It makes me physically sick.

I don't like brutality or cruelty. In any way. I cannot understand how people can treat others (people or animals) so terribly.


Dark, Depressing, Nature, Botanicals, Moody, Watercolours, Rain, Water, Outer Space, line drawing, cute, medical, anatomy and physiology

All this being said, I’m in this to bring joy to others, so I’m more than happy to angel for any swaps, finances allowing. It may be hard to believe but I’m not here for the free stuff, but more to give it away.

Favorite Music

Worship Music, Bayside, Copeland, Anberlin, Lauren Daigle, for King and Country, Macklemore, Ed Sheeran, Queen, Dire Straits, Paul Kelly

I love listening to worship music, but my playlist is very mood driven and eclectic. I was raised on 70s/80s rock, will listen to almost anything once. I dislike music with excessive explicit lyrics and themes.

Favorite Books

Harry Potter series (for life), Artemis Fowl series, Miss Peregrines series, Earths Children series, Tomorrow series (John Marsden), Tamora Pierce collection, Narnia series, Game of Thrones series (but not the show), The Handmaids Tale, Agatha Christie, Enid Blyton, HHGTTG

Fiction, fantasy, sci-fi are all my thing, if you have any recommendations let me know.

Favorite Movies

Harry Potter series, Fantastic Beasts series, Up, Inside Out, Pitch Perfect, Monty Python, Juno, Whip it, Psych

Favorite Television

Psych (c’mon son, all time fave, devastated its finished), Shetland, The Blacklist, Lucifer, Death in Paradise, Line of Duty, The Bodyguard, Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Hustle, Call the Midwife, Cuckoo, Man down, Bad Education, Bones, Green Wing, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Orphan Black, Hinterland, Doc Martin, Dr Who, Big Fat Quiz, Taskmaster, The IT Crowd, 8 out of 10 cats, Would I lie to you, Monty Python, Black Books, Asian Provocateur, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Midsommer Murders, Poirot, Miss Marple, Harrow

A pretty clear lean UK tv, police procedural, mystery, medical, comedy. I really enjoy UK comedy shows and comedians.

Favorite Crafts

I really enjoy most crafts. At the moment I’m loving getting back into ATCs and all that that entails, paper craft, painting, Watercolour and acrylic, mixed media. Creating keeps me sane, and alive. I love to try new things and am always keen to give things a go. I have wayyyyy too much art and craft stuff, so I am all for swaps and RAKs in order to relieve a little of the overstock. I do have a lot of washi, like multiple drawers full. I don’t know, I’ve always loved it, but I haven’t used it, so very keen to get into that, start using it and sharing it around.


I’ve done a fair bit of traveling, it’s something that my husband and I really enjoy, and we can do it together. Most of the places in Asia and Oceania we’ve visited multiple times.

Asia: - Vietnam - Cambodia - Laos - Thailand - Indonesia - Malaysia - Singapore


North America: - United States (LA, NY, PA)

South America:

Europe: - Scotland - England (well 7 hour stopover, so doesn’t really count, but planning a trip for 2020) - Finland - France - Spain - Andorra

Oceania: - Australia (obviously - when I was 11 our family travelled around Australia for 3 months) - New Zealand - Cook Islands

Not a Fan

  • Animal Products or Animal Cruelty
  • Loose Glitter
  • Violence
  • Anime
  • Alcohol

A to Z

This is currently a WIP...

A- Alice in Wonderland, Art, Autumn, Art Journalling, ATC’s

B- Botanicals, Bubble Tea, Black, Bush Walking

C- Chai Latte, Cemetries (the older the better), Cloves, Colours

D- Ducks, Dark

E- Embroidery, Essential Oils

F- Felting (mostly needle), Fairy Tales, Fibre Art, Fabric, Fat Quarters

G- Genealogy, Galaxy, Gaudi,

H- Harry Potter Universe, Handmade

I- Illustrations

J- Jelly Belly, Junk Journalling,


L- Lego, Luna Lovegood, Liberty

M- Mixed Media, Maps, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Macabre, Mermaids (realistic over cartoon)

N- Nature

O- Overalls

P- Paper, Pantone, Paint Chips/Swatches, Paint Sticks, People watching, Psych (tv show), Postage Stamps

Q- Quotes

R- Rubber Ducks, Red Riding Hood, Roaring 20’s (1920’s), Recycling

S- Severus Snape, Snail Mail, Stars, Stickers, Sketches, Sensory

T- Travel, Textures, Typography, Tea, Tim Burton, Typewriters

U- Umbrellas, Upcycling, Unicorns

V- Vegan, Vintage

W- Washi Tape, Watercolours, Wood, Water




Inspirations :

Tamara Laporte, Jane Davenport, Jenna Ramondo, Lisa Junis, Tim Holtz, Kelly Rae Roberts, Marija Tiurina, Lisa Nilsson, Karla Pereira, Anke Weckmann, Alexis Winter, Helena Leslie, Shawn Coss (mental health series), Toni Burt, Simona Candini, Raul Guerra, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Lisa Falzon, Karen Nicol, Frederic Guibrunet, Sophie Mouton-Perrat

Wish List:

Harry Potter LEGO Minifigure # 22 - Grindelwald

Harry Potter postage stamps Alice in Wonderland postage stamps.

Well if you’ve gotten this far, thanks so much for reading. Have a great day.


I like to try to send my swaps as soon as partners are assigned, and definitely within a couple of days. When able, I like to begin working on my swap as soon as (and sometimes before) I sign up. Of course that doesn’t work when it’s recipient specific.

Sent When Sent

I will mark ‘sent’ once the mail is in the post box, or I have sent the message/email, never before. If it’s marked sent, it’s on its way. Although due to being in a different time zone the ‘sent’ date and the post mark will be different (swap bot time zone is set to PST/PDT for everyone). Please let me know if you haven’t received it. Although Australia Post is generally reliable it can take some time for international swaps and can take a bit longer at peak periods (ie Christmas).

Always Rate

I will rate as soon as I receive. If I haven’t rated, in all likelihood I haven’t received the swap. Feel free to send me a message to clarify.

Postcard Preferences

I’m not so much into PC swaps (mainly because it costs me the same to send a PC as an envelope up to 50g (how does that work?) and I’d rather send an envie with goodies) but I will sign up for the odd swap if it piques my interest. Swap guidelines always take precedence but my preferences are as follows:

  • handmade PCs
  • if it’s handmade to please send in an envie to protect and ensure it arrives intact.
  • if it’s not handmade, written and naked please.

Thank you for reading, Happy Swapping.


Comment: Oh wow! Thank you for such a thoughtful package! I really appreciate the washi and the adorable stickers.
Comment: The ribbon you used is super cute! I love the whole space/ magic theme, very cute. You packed this sucker full of goodies!! you did an amazing job! I love everything and can't wait till I get to dig right in and go through everything
Comment: Thanks so much for the extra stickers, washi, and Bible versus! I thought there was actually little clusters in the apple cluster thing you sent me so I ruined it :( I am so sad about that.
Babsiepoo rated for Tea for Thee # 10 on Sep 16, 2019
Comment: I really love this! Thank you so much for the big amount of tea, I can`t wait to try them! Especially the australian one! ! It took a while before it arrived but it was worth waiting!
Response: So glad you like it, sorry it took so long, the post internationally can be so inconsistent, some times it’ll take an unbelievably short time and others, well it usually gets there eventually. Enjoy the teas ☺️
Comment: Thanks, Marc
Response: Thanks for the rating and heart 😊
Comment: Lovely ATC! The stone acceptance is my favorite aspect of Uagadou and you captured it woderfully. Thank you!! Extra thank you for the extras! The teas sound interesting and I look forward to trying them
Response: I’m glad you like it, it was a challenging card, but I was really happy with the result. So glad you like it all. ☺️
BluePixie rated for WIYM Decorated Tag ATC on Sep 14, 2019
Comment: I can not thank you enough! The audio books are perfect! they made me so happy. I've enjoyed them so much. You are too kind!
Response: So glad they arrived, 😅. I no longer have a CD player so they were looking for a more loving home. Glad you like them, hopefully they continue to bring you joy. 😊
Johannag11 rated for Intl ATC Terrarium/mini garden on Sep 12, 2019
Comment: Thank-you so much Saasha for the lovely ATCs. Two! I’m so Thrilled. I love the sloth. And thank-you for the extras. I love the Star Wars cards. Wonderful package.
Response: Yay, glad you liked it. I think the sloth is pretty cute. 😊
AZmom875 rated for Buddy cards starter challenge INT on Sep 11, 2019
Comment: I got your buddy cards, and will start working on them soon. I so loved all the extra things you send along. The teas and the paper stuffs.
Response: Yay, can’t wait to see the results. I’m positive that they will be fantastic and will not disappoint☺️
Comment: OMG I feel so spoiled. Absolutely amazing package, it was such a special experience opening it. You really made my day with your generosity and creativity. Thank you so much, I really needed something special today and you went way past that. <3 <3
Response: I’m glad you got it and enjoyed it. I had fun putting this together, I love these type of swaps together always so much fun to see how much I can get into the package. 😊
Comment: I LOVE the DAJ Mermaid page! Thank you for this and the terrific extras.
Response: So glad you liked it. I did have fun putting it together. It was a great experiment, and got to try some different techniques. ☺️
Snuppy rated for Tea for Thee # 10 on Sep 11, 2019
Comment: Absolutely amazing ☺️
Response: Glad you liked it. 😊
WoodlandBanshee rated for AAA: Challenge #2 on Sep 10, 2019
Comment: Thank you for your very beautiful atc and other crafty things. A very lovely swap. Much enjoyed!
Response: Glad you liked the swap, it was a fun one to put together. Thank you for the rating ☺️
Comment: Love the washi and you sent so much! The envelop was damaged in transit but all of the washi made it.
Response: Oh I’m so glad it all arrived despite the damage. I’m never sure, sometimes I just cover it in packing tape, but it doesn’t look as pretty, but I guess it’s more important that it arrives in one piece. Thank you 😊
Eulegirl rated for Tea for Thee # 9 on Sep 7, 2019
Comment: Wow! This tea looks amazing and it was so kind of you to put bath things, too.
Response: Glad you liked everything, enjoy a nice bath and a cup of tea? Have a great day☺️
Comment: Thanks for the stamps, but OMG ! The washi is awesome! Never seen Harry Potter washi before.
Response: I do love the Washi, definitely some of my favourites I think I got it from Universal Studios Tokyo. There are a few things I got from there that I want to go back just to get things again 😆. Maybe go on the rides this time! (Devastated but couldn’t go on the rides last time cause pregnant) I glad you liked the stamps too. 😊
nadithings rated for ☆ TEA TIME #8 ☆ on Sep 5, 2019
Comment: So much tea!!! Some i never tried before! Thank u so much for sharing! Also thanks for the extra stamps.. have a great day shead! Xoxo nadi
Response: It’s always a great swap when you can send something new that they’ve never tried. Enjoy!! 😊 thank you ☺️
ktk8 rated for AAA: Wings on Sep 5, 2019
Comment: What an amazing SWAP.....besides the BEAUTIFUL ATC with wings all the extras... I just love this swap.... you have made my day...... many many many hearts to you!!! I love the little My pin....she is my favorite character.....big hugs...
Response: So glad you liked it the package. I’m glad little my is your favourite, I chose the right one then. Thanks for all the hearts 🥰 have a great day 😊
dartha rated for Harry Potter letter #41 on Sep 3, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for your cool letter! And stickers and stamps - thank you so much, darla
Response: I had so much fun writing this letter, trying to change perspective. Glad you liked it. 😊
Corina rated for Disney ATC swap with a twist #8 on Aug 30, 2019
Comment: ❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much! I loved everything about this little package! I can’t believe you actually sent me some gold wax ❤️ AND you read my whole profile, thanks for paying attention 😊 I’ll definitly be sending you a thank you card!
Response: Glad you liked it, you’re so welcome. I love reading profiles, it helps me personalise my packages. ☺️

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thisismeAXiD on Aug 8, 2019:

Thank you so much for my mom's birthday card. Plus the extras for me! You're too sweet. Take care, Meredith

hibiscus on Aug 2, 2019:

You are a great example of a most generous and creative artist ... the extra atc’s as well as the challenge atc were just wonderfully done! Thanks so much hope to swap again

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