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Date Joined: August 15, 2020
Last Online: March 3, 2021
Birthday: August 21, 1948
Country: United States

About Me

I live way out in the country - 5 miles from Rock Island. There is no rural mail delivery out here, hence the PO Box. Rock Island has about 100 people but I think they are counting legs not people.

A bar and the post office are the only businesses in town. Mail is slow. Please have patience with my mail. If you don't get your mail from me within a reasonable time, please let me know and I will send it again.

Rock Island is not an island and there are no rocks here. It was named in the 30's to entice Yankees to move here with the promise that the beach was close. The beach is 70 miles away!

My husband and I do not share the same last name. Obviously, my name is Patterson. If you get a label with Jack Giesecke, he is my husband.

My husband just got his second COVID vaccination! That was Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021. Yea!!! And he has not had any side effects, no sick, no fever. Another yea!!! We had to drive to Houston to get it - about 90 miles away. He has diabetes II and cancer. His cancer is treatable but not curable. His chemo is 2 pills a day that leave him very weak. He is essentially wheelchair bound. But he is alive as long as he takes his pills.

I guess I am too healthy to get on a list. I will be trying again tomorrow, March 2.

I have Bipolar II with depression and I have been having episodes. My doctor has increased one medication and that worked for a while. Then he had to add a new medication. Iamdoing much better now.

Most of you have heard about the terrible weather we had. The only problem Jack and I had was the rolling blackouts - ANNOYING. But seriously, neighbors had burst pipes. Folks in big cities had it really bad. Glad we live in the country!

Favorite Crafts

I have been crocheting since I was 10 when my Grandmother taught me. I have made afghans, sweaters, and toys. I have taught crochet. Making small things is my new passion!

I quilt - love making tops. Scrappy is my favorite. And I quilt them.

I really like paper and fabric. Homemade postcards, homemade envelopes, junk journals, fabric books, homemade paper, smash journals, etc. My manic side takes over and I get into too many projects.

Finding swap-bot has fueled my creativity and stretched my mind. I love it!

Favorite Books

I read fiction...mostly science fiction these days - lots of pandemic and EMP end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it types. I have read the Red Rising series and really liked it. My favorite authors in this genre are: Ryan Schow, Christine Kersey, Jack Hunt, and T.L. Payne.

I also read thrillers and mysteries. Yes, all escapism.

Favorite Paper Crafts

I love paper. And I love fabric. I love combining them for whatever I am making. I like making junk journals from old books or from ideas I see on Pinterest. I have made books out of fabric. And just started making paper, especially from recycled paper. My next experiment will be using peanut shells. Saw it on Pinterest so it gotta be fun.

I love postcard swaps and making postcards. I like decorating the cards with bits of paper and fabric. Denim pants are a great resource: I use a seam line, the small watch pocket, top of the big pocket, even a patch work of different colors of denim. Then sometimes a sticker, a bit of lace or applique. To attach any fabric to a card, use double sided fusible interfacing or Stitch Witchery.

I do NOT like glitter but I love the color purple. In fact, my hair is in-your-face purple! Note: on Feb 9, 2021 I got my hair cut to 1 inch long. I wanted to see how gray my hair really is. It is solid gray around the front of my face and then salt and pepper for the rest - lots of salt but plenty pepper, too. When my hair grows out, it will be purple again. Seems funny to look in the mirror and not see purple hair.

What I like in mail:

Color - especially purple; bright colors; and have grown into tans like vintage..

Texture - I LOVE texture. It can be subtle, background or the focus. Fabric is great.

Shape - All shapes on the project are great. I really like geometric, and freeform shapes (torn paper).

Other - I like butterflies, birds, cats, frogs and roses, Flowers are good. Plants and other animals are also good.

Religious - I am a Christian and I like religious symbols.

I really like homemade postcards, sending and receiving. Because the towns around here are all small, I don't have a way of buying them around here. I order some from Amazon and use those when required. My girlfriend, Vicki, has recently given me her collection of pc's and her uncle's collection. They are mostly travel cards but some are old but in good conditions.

What is NOT a favorite:

Cutesy - 'sweet', cartoons, Disney


Glitter - yes, it is a texture, but it is not a favorite.

Funny - it is ok, but not a favorite.

Negative thoughts

Political from any party or group

Tea - I can drink only herbal or decaf teas

If I receive anything on my 'Not a favorite" list but the item meets the swap requirements, then you will receive a 5.

ABC's of Me

Saw this on a couple of profiles and thought I would give it a try.

A - Altered books, Animals, Accordion music, Avocados

B - Blue, Black. Bipolar II with depression

C - Cats, Cookies, Crochet, Crafts, Catfish fried

D - Donuts, Dogs, Decaf coffee

E - EMP (survival Sci-Fi), handmade Envelopes, cheese Enchiladas

F - Friends, Fabric, Frogs (but not as pets)

G - God, Grandchildren, Gmail

H - Holy Bible, Hugs

I - Iced tea unsweet, decaf

J - Jesus the Christ, Jack my husband, Junk Journal

K - Kathleen my daughter

L- Love, Lace, Lap quilt

M - Mexican food, Mockingbirds

N - Nuts

O - Orange, Okra

P - Prayers, Postcards, Purple, Paper, Pinterest, my front Porch, Pecans

Q - Quilts, Quilting, Quality time with my husband

R - Rain, Roses, Reading

S - Sean my son, Smiles, Sunshine, Swapping, Sci-Fi, Sewing

T - Texas, Twinkle lights

U - Ultramarine

V - Venison backstrap

W - Water, Waffles, Wordplay game

X - Xi'an archeological site (I got to visit it and it was breathtaking)

Y - Yellow, Yams

Z - Zoos!


teejlc rated for Create a Paper Scrap Postcard on Mar 3, 2021
Comment: This is such a pretty card and I loved how you described your artistic process! It's amazing what we can do with scraps! Thanks so much.
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Dagmar rated for Vintage Envelope Paper Embellishment on Mar 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you -- I love the envelope embellishments! Also, your handmade paper is beautiful! I always love the look and feel of handmade paper! That is something I really have to try someday! :)
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Kairbear rated for Take 10 Postcard Swap #29 USA on Mar 2, 2021
Comment: Holly, thank you for the Ireland card! I love it! I would also love to go there someday!
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Burger1girl rated for Quote in a Card #3 USA on Mar 2, 2021
Comment: I appreciate the wonderful quote, one I firmly believe in. True, doubt does hold me back from what I deserve! Society pressures us by how it wants US to live, not what the universe has in store for us! I can only imagine!! Thank you (no u do not think too much, you see more than others)
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Response: Never worry about the expense on my side. When I get carried away, I know what the postage will be. Doesn't hinder me from doing more than required!
Comment: Thank you so much for the cool post card! πŸ–€πŸ€
Comment: Thanks for the postcard and the story about it!
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MCGalaxy rated for Rating Booster $Store Card Swap! on Feb 28, 2021
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Response: Did you just now get this card? If so, wow! I am glad you did get it. My mail is often slow, but 5 months?