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About Me

First off, I love doing these swaps! I get super excited, will NOT flake, and will always rate. If you do not receive something from me, PLEASE let me know so I can resend before just giving a low rating. Mail arrives late/gets lost sometimes... I'm very grateful to those who share with me. It's fun to connect with people from all over the world!


I'm a 41 year old female & have the mind/sense of humor of a 13 year old boy... I have an emo 12 year old daughter that is French/English bilingual. I'm from New Orleans, LA, USA, but wish I lived in the mountains. People call me a hippie. I have a soft heart, love animals, & am an advocate for the environment. I practice yoga, meditation, & learned Reiki. I make my own homeopathic/natural cleaning products. People also say I'm "dark" since I like everything in black and love cemeteries. (Perhaps because I'm from New Orleans...) I've been a vegetarian since I was 10 & am vegan now. Traveling is the best & I wish I could do it more often. I'm nostalgic, keep journals, take lots of pictures. Reading & Internet are my favorite pastimes, especially when my insomnia kicks in. I'm always star-gazing; they're mesmerizing! Halloween is my favorite holiday. Sagittarius.
I have a cello (but I suck at it!)
In case clothing is involved--I'm 5'7"/67 inches/170cm, slender, usually wear medium, ring size 5, shoe size 8.5.

Favorite Crafts

I want to be more crafty! Even though I love creating art/crafts, I get intimidated. I learn all I can about the techniques & look at a million examples, but never actually try. This site has me so excited again to learn new techniques I’ve been interested in or haven’t heard of before! Like I’m seriously forgetting to eat & sleep, because I can’t stop searching through the swaps & learning about everything! I’m giddy!! 😄 I used to be very much into photography & altered art, but haven't really done any of it in a while. I make dream catchers & know how to sew. Lately, I've been wanting to do upcycled crafting like making skirts from old t-shirts or bookmarks from packaging that's not recyclable. Macrame is something I'd like to learn. Art journals, junk journals, & smash books are also on my list to try.

A few of my favorite things

Omg, Swap-bot deleted my whole loooong Likes section!! Starting from scratch.

I LOVE GLITTER & sparkles! Never enough. On everything!

FEATHERS (real)- I collect them. They're my symbol of hope/faith.

MOUNTAINS (snow-capped!) touch my soul! I will live in the Rockies someday!

Definitely into the hippie/ boho, crunchy, "Peace, Love & Light". I have a crystal/gemstone collection.

Astronomy- I'm always stargazing; they're mesmerizing! Favorites are Arcturus & Capella.

COWS are my favorite animal. I love most animals, especially baby ones. And with crowns or flower crowns.

Halloween/Samhain is my favorite day. (Just nothing gory or with mean, ugly, green witches.)

Willow tree: Seriously, when I die, I want to be put in one of those bio urns and I will be this tree!

Anything with feathers, mushrooms, ghosts...is adorable.

Postcards: I'm finding that I quite like touristy cards. Show me a piece of your area and write a little note! 💜 (Not so into the map cards.) I do like handmade cards and your art!

Guess I'll try ABCs...

A: Atomic starbursts; Avocado (food & cute illustrations); Angel statues like in a cemetery; Ayurveda; Aliens-cute; ATCs

B: Boho; Buddhism/Buddha; Ballet; Black; Bright colors; Blues: turquoise, aqua, peacock, cobalt; Birds; Blue-Jays; Belly dance; Burlesque; Bubbles; Black & white photography

C: COWS; Crystals; Cemeteries; Chakras; Celestial; Cats - esp grey or black; Cardinals; Circus style, but not the actual circus; Clouds; Crescent moon; Cherry Blossom trees (pink); Cello; Cartoon food (donuts, macaroons, avocado, cookies & milk, etc.)

D: Dandelions; Day of the Dead; Diwali; Dream catchers

E: Elephants; Ethereal; Envelopes

F: FEATHERS; Flamingos; Firemen!; 1920s Flappers; Forests; Food-cute cartoons, like happy milk & cookies having fun together lol :) Feng Shui; Foreign writing- Thai is my fave; Flowers- real or vintage illustrations; fuzzy/fluffy texture

G: GLITTER; Gemstones; Gothic; Gardenias; Gerbera daisies; Ghosts (cute ones); Glow in the dark; Gypsy; Gratitude

H: Halloween; Hippie; Holographic; Haiku poetry; Hygge; Hot pink; Herbology; Humor

I: Iridescent; Indian colorful things & patterns; Inchies

J: Jewel tones; Journaling

K: Kwan Yin

L: Love; Lace; Lavender (plant); Lotus flower

M: MOUNTAINS; MUSHROOMS -esp bright colors; Moon; Meditation; Moroccan; Mandalas; Masquerade/Masks; Mantras; Metallic; Magick; Mermaids, Macrame; Muscular men haha; (Retro) Mid-century modern patterns

N: Neon - especially paints, pens, markers; Nature; Namaste

O: Om symbol; Organic

P: Planets; Psychedelic; Planchettes (Ouija board pointers, but I’m scared of using the boards!😄); Photography; Peacocks; Paganism; Postage stamps (unused); Postcards; Pink; Patchwork, but only bright colors & hippie-like

Q: Quiet; Quirky

R: Reading; Reiki; Rose Quartz; Rose gold; Reduce, re-use, recycle

S: SPARKLES; Stars; Saturn; Swans; Samhain; Skulls (not pirate related); Sugar skulls; Saris; Sequins; Sanskrit; Shabby Chic; Silly things; Spanish Moss; 60s Mod style

T: Tarot cards; Twinkle lights; Tea- only organic herbal, like lavender or chamomile; Triple moon; T-Rex; Tie-dye

U: Unicorns

V: Volkswagen hippie van/bus; Vintage ladies; Vintage bottles; Veganism; Voodoo (only for good!)

W: Weeping willow trees; Wicca; Waterfalls; Whole Foods; Witchy things; Windchimes

X: Xenomania? Lol

Y: Yoga

Z: Zinnias

Color combos: Pink or hot pink & black; Pink & grey; Pink & gold; Aqua & grey or black; Coral & mint; Red & black


NOTHING RELIGIOUS unless it's related to Paganism, Wicca, or Buddhism. No evil witches. PLEASE NO Jesus/God/Lord or crucifixion anything!!

I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, perfumes, and most scented items.

Please no make-up, toiletries, or any body product.

Please no foods.

Drinking, smoking, sports, bugs (the ok ones: dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs), politics, clowns, incense, perfume/lotions/body stuff/make-up, denim, hats, things made with animal products (like gummy candy or leather), citrus flavors/scents. Dull colors. Disney.
Onions & garlic are the worst to me! Not like I believe anyone would send that, but...Lol.

Favorite Music

Deva Premal chants; Billie Eilish; Mogli; The Pixies; Mazzy Star; Massive Attack; Fiona Apple; Lana del Rey; Chris Cornell; 90s Grunge; Classical

My Daughter

If anyone throws in a surprise for her, she loves black, Harry Potter-Slytherin, Supernatural & Umbrella Academy tv shows; Hot Topic; My Chemical Romance, Panic!At the Disco, Pierce the Veil, wolves, flair buttons, gothic, emo...


Comment: Love the card! Thanks
EccentricNincompoop rated for Mermaid Themed swap on Oct 12, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for my first ever atc card!!!! ❤
Response: Oh yay! Honored to be the 1st! Here’s to many more!
SatisHuman rated for ☆ EMAIL QUESTIONS #10 ☆ on Oct 11, 2019
Comment: Dude, being frugal sucks. I feel your pain.
Comment: Oh, so precious! You an absolutely super job on this PC! Love it. Thank you so much for being my partner and, just for the record, you should do some more painting.
Response: So glad you liked it! Thank you so much. Swap-bot is definitely helping me to be more creative.
mejulia rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #166 on Oct 11, 2019
Comment: Thank you for sharing the weekend with me, I especially enjoyed reading about the cow festival. The recipe you sent sounds yummy, plan to try it soon.
LizFinn rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #163 on Oct 10, 2019
Comment: Thx for sharing your weekend with me.
mags142 rated for MissBrenda's Halloween Card swap #3 on Oct 10, 2019
Comment: Hello Kellie! Thanks for the Halloween card and decorated envie! That is so awesome that you sew your costumes, I have tried to do that many years but i am such a procrastinator! LOL Happy Halloween!
iamred rated for Halloween Postcard swap #2 on Oct 10, 2019
Comment: fantastic postcard! thank you so much! Happy Halloween!
LouJan38 rated for TGIF Weekend Notecard #165 on Oct 9, 2019
Comment: Thankyou xxx I love the sound of the pride day :)
Amyncognito rated for WIYM: ORANGE POSTCARD SWAP #1 on Oct 8, 2019
Comment: Love the parrot card!
Comment: Kellie, Thanks for the cute little card. That is awesome that you make both of your costumes each year. Happy Halloween :)
debbiespoms rated for Halloween Postcard swap #2 on Oct 7, 2019
Comment: Thank you ! I love the Sanderson sisters postcard! I love Hocus Pocus & own the movie! I watch every Halloween. Wishing you a happy Howl-o-ween!
Response: I was hoping you liked that movie! I loved the image & had to send it!!
Comment: Thanks for sharing :)
Poeprincess rated for Collaged Face PC on Oct 6, 2019
Comment: Kellie, this is sooo cool! I can see why it made your daughter laugh—great job! Thank you.
Response: Thank you! So hilarious!
KSENiA rated for ESG: One Word on Oct 6, 2019
Comment: Thank you for sharing.
Dinkyde rated for Heart Postcard on Oct 5, 2019
Comment: Gorgeous postcard; thanks for sharing!!
tentmari rated for Sinful snack postcard on Oct 3, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the postcard. 🙂 These little ice cream sandwiches look delicious. Also, good for you for eating healthy. 👍 I'm trying to do better myself, but it is sometimes difficult because my family doesn't always like my healthy choices.
PenPaperPostage rated for 7 day Journal Entry on Oct 3, 2019
Comment: Very interesting journal. Thank you very much!
Comment: Wow, thank you so much for your letter and the letter set! Your stories sounds very interesting! I heard several stories from the TV about houses like your friend's house, it's incredible! I'm so sorry that it didn't work with the guy - it seemed that you were born for together :(
Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my crazy little stories!

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Amyncognito on Oct 8, 2019:

A crystal loving Sagittarius? We ARE twins!

pepsimaxx on Sep 9, 2019:

alt text Hi, hope your day is going good! Thanks for the Hello Kitty <3

IDreamOfAfrica on Aug 12, 2019:


Kellie, hike more, worry less. Lora

Mickiruth on Aug 1, 2019:

Profile Hello From All over #10 -- I forgot to add this in my comment!! First time I've done this. Sorry.


Mickiruth on Aug 1, 2019:

Good morning. I hope this finds you well and happy. My favorite quote is from a unlikely source - at least a lot of folks might think so since I am a 60 year old grandmother!

If it looks good, you’ll see it. If it sounds good, you’ll hear it. If its marketed right, you’ll buy it. But... If its real... you’ll feel it. -- Robert James Ritchie aka Kid Rock

But, I also have to tell you -- after reading your profile, that I also have the mind/sense of a teenage boy. Going to the theatre to see the new Fast and Furious movie!!! My 69 year old husband humors me and goes along for the popcorn!

I hope you enjoyed the quote I shared. Have a beautiful day. Mickiruth

tentmari on Jul 26, 2019:

Cute profile #2

Hope these little cuties brighten your day!!! ☺💖🍄

KSENiA on Jul 26, 2019:

Cute profile #2

Hope you'll like my picks for you. Cutest day to you! Ksemia

sadiebaber on Jul 10, 2019:

Profile hello from all over #1

Hello from the UK! I feel like I know you so well just from your profile so let me tell you a little bit about myself!! I'm 21 and i've lived in a city called Bristol my whole life (not sure if you've heard of it.) I just started a brand new job today!!! I work in a little coffee shop that just opened in my village. The hairdressers next door decided they also wanted to be coffee shop owners too haha! One of the ladies is Thai and makes a 'Thai dish of the day'. Her food is absolutely gorgeous! Suddenly i'm hooked on Thai food lol. It's a really loved little place and i'm so happy to be working there! Are there any coffee shops in your area that you love to go to? I hope you have a wonderful day!! <3

cherlita on Jul 10, 2019:

Profile hello from all over #1 Swap

Hello! A little flamingo has visited you! I feel like I'm getting to know you better by reading your profile. You like a lot of mystical things as well as colorful things! Wow, that's a lot of things! I also like some of your likings like flamingos and nature, I even have washi tapes of them, who knows we can swap one day! Well, I hope you're having a good day!


Hell0Z0mbie on Jul 1, 2019:

Thanks for your comment! I do most of my "adult" swaps in my Totally Inappropriate and Trashy Swaps group... I'll send you an invite if you're interested! :)

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