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I give from the heart, not for a heart..........though I sure love to get them!!! :) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ By Picxie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

UPDATE - My mother was in a public bus accident. She suffered several fractured ribs, broken finger and minor cuts and bruises. She is much better and is moving around slowly. I have been with her the first week til she was able to get around and am now able to be home to take care of my family and pets. I am the closest family member who lives 1 hour away from her, so I am the one who drives there 3 times a day to walk her 3 active dogs. ( I swear I must of walked over 100 miles and have not shed a pound!)
The crazy part of all of this is that she did not receive medical help on the day of the accident! I was not aware of what happened until the day after when I took her to the ER. Imagine all the paper work, police report and hiring an attorney. (Plus me almost having a heart attack, because of all of this) Today is my first day that I get to stay home, my brother will stay the long weekend with my mother. sigh
I hope to have the weekend to myself, after catching up on laundry, ect.... :( I am going to try and send out as many packages as possible Tuesday due to the holiday.
I am so sorry to all my partners but promise not to disappoint you. THANK YOU!

Hi, my real name is Suzie. I'm from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I have 5 beautiful babies, 3 boys and 2 girls. Ages 24,23,22,18, and 9! Those numbers are going to change starting this September! Yes! Their all still babies to me! I have 4 dogs, 1 cat, 1 bunnies, 1 ferret, and 3 birds! (Bunny, ferret, and birds are caged, Dogs and cat do not have access to all of our house, and am a fanatic about pet hair! If there were any concerns.) Hubby, he was my h.s sweetheart. We've been together ever since.
I'm VERY eclectic, in ALL areas! Did I mention I'm also computer challenged? Yep, have to get one of my kids to show me how to put pictures up, have no clue!

Favorite Music


An eclectic area, I like the 80s, classic rock, lite rock, 50s, italo, Hot Mix 5, and even my kids music, pop, rap, hip hop.....I love mixes!

Favorite Books


I like easy craft books with A LOT of pictures. As for reading (turning red) I like romance novels!

Favorite Movies


I like all types of movies, another eclectic area. Horror, comedy, Disney, make me cry movies, but lately.....SAW! 1,2,3,4,and waiting for 5 and 6! I just saw Coraline and loved the movie! Okay, now I just saw Phantom of The Opera loved it!!! ( I am not into musicals, but this was the exception!)

My Fave YouTube Video "Free Hugs" "Ninja Cat"

Favorite Television


I don't watch much tv, a little Hgtv, Tlc, Diy, reality shows, but I will go out of my way to watch Hells Kitchen and Ghost Adventurers!

Favorite Crafts


I love ALL crafts! Right now my passion is dotee dolls! I want to collect them from all around the world! I'm a beginner crafter, I can't knit or crochet, would like to learn in the future. I cant sew, just the most basic stitch. I would love to scrapbook, just dont know where to start, so overwhelming! Atc and decos are another craft I would like to try. Whimsy jars, Inchies, matchboxes, and altoids are something I could do, and would like to try. Lol! This site is overwhelming! Never even knew of some of the crafts here! Btw, I know I'm a newbie, but I would never send something I wouldn't like to receive myself. ...Pssst... instead of writing a note on a card (swap and who its from), when sent with swap package. Would love if you wrote all that information on a postcard where your from, and send it in the swap package! (Does not have to be mailed) test

My Likes.....


Colors - Pink! Any combo! Pink & black, Pink & brown, ect... Black! Any combo! Silver! Any combo! Pastels! I am now hooked on the color combo-turquoise, white and red/or pink! test Fabric prints (100% cotton,small prints) - Retro, Mod, Vintage, Shabby chic, Floral, Cherry blossoms, Fruits/cherries, strawberries, Zakka, Asian, Kimono style, Engelbreit florals, Polka dots, Stripes, Cupcakes, Owls/birds, Matryoshka, Kawaii, Chenille. test All things craft related (Beginner crafter here) Scents - Fresh, clean and citrus. Cupcakes, Kawaii - specifically Food/objects with happy faces or Kawaii poo. Amigurumi, Crowns, Fairies, Pandas, Origami dolls, All things Japanese, owls & retro birds, Momiji, 4 Leaf clovers, Anything considered lucky, Anything dachshunds, Cute chickens,(white,red,yellow) Hedgehogs, (woodland creatures) Cherry blossoms, Vintage jewelry, Sterling silver charms, Lockets, Chunky charm bracelets (the more charms/beads, noise, chunkiness..the better!), Pin toppers, Pincushions, Vintage hankies, Vintage purses (especially beaded), Teacups and saucers, White or pink milk glass, Pens & pencils, Socks, Change/coin purses, Collage sheets, Dollhouses,
Miniatures, Decole, Dress forms (paris theme, ohh la la), Matryoshka dolls, Kokeshi dolls..... test

My Dislikes.....


Fabrics - Solids, neons, tie dyed, hand dyed, psychedelic, funky, western, realistic, camo, Cartoons, Disney, Dora, large prints, or just plain ugly.

Characters - Hello Kitty, Diddl, Disney or cartoons.

Bath products - (prefer shower)

PLEASE nothing that smells of smoke or food and that has hair on it. Nothing that is torn, ruined or that you do not want. Chances are really good that I will not want it either.

Other than all of the above, I believe I am easy to please. =)

My Wish List.....


Dotee dolls from around the world, Anything cupcakes, Amigurumi, Kawaii poo or food/objects with a face, Bento box (Don't own one), Japanese kawaii fabric (even a small 5"piece), Post cards from around the world, Altered journals, Collage sheets, Felt that has a pattern on it (polka dots, hearts, flowers, ect...)
Matryoshka dolls, Kokeshi dolls, String doll (voodoo baby), Blind box, Owls, Zakka, Momiji, Vintage jewelry, Charms for charm bracelet, Chunky charm bracelets, Lockets, Things considered lucky, Pin toppers, Pincushions, Vintage hankies, Vintage purses (especially kiss lock or beaded), Teacups and saucers, White or pink milk glass, Handmade purse/tote, Change purses, Handmade dolls or stuffies, Anything dachshunds, Decole, A fairy house or door (want one sooo bad), Anything at "Etsy" or under "Zakka", Address labels... Im new to crafting, would like anything handmade, atc, matchbox, altoid, fairy jar, lucky stars, inchies, ect..... test

I just saw the movie Coraline and loved it! Would love a handmade Coraline rag doll!

DOLLHOUSES (especially vintage) and anything that goes in them! (Pm me, and we can work something out)

UPDATE: I just acquired a lovely vintage Lundby dollhouse! The problem is that its empty! Would LOVE anything handmade, used, old or new to put into it! ANYTHING!

A Little Bit More About Me.....

test That cute cupcake girl picture was made especially for me by my daughter! Isn't she simply adorable?

After reading my profile, many of you might think of me as a cutesy, pink, old lady with bows in my hair! :P LoL!

First, I really don't wear that much pink...only accessories like a pink scarf, socks, ect... Second, there's not one bit of pink decor in my house.

My style of clothing is casual, anywhere from jeans to sweats. If I have to dress up, I always have my little black dresses. :) Color staple, I always wear black with another color...white, beige, gray (mainly neutrals) Jewelry is only platinum, white gold or silver and occasionally gem stones. One exception is chunky bracelets! Love them, the more charms/beads, noise, chunkiness...the better! :)

My home was totally renovated 6 years ago from a 3 bedroom ranch to a 2 story 6 bedroom. No carpet, just hardwood floors. Tried to go for the comfortable modern zen look. Think black, white and neutrals throughout home with silver fixtures and appliances. Shoji screens. Plants and more plants, even bamboo! Nice picture? Think family of sevens clutter added to that and lots of it! :P ...So much for the zen look! :(

Sooo...my fave color (pink) and all its cuteness is my girly side and is only shown through my crafts and this profile. :P :)



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luckycharms rated for For the BIRDS LP on Aug 29, 2010
Comment: I hate giving a 1, but it has almost been 4 months. I will happily change rating, when the swap arrives.
Comment: Especially liked the little pink bucket of buttons and the paint chips - I'm a huge fan of these! Thanks.
Response: You are very welcome. Thank you for the great ratings. =)
Comment: OMG!! This is too much!!I'm speechless.Everythings are too cool and I love them so much!! This is the best swap I ever have. You are truely an angel.Thank you for this, you really made my day.
Response: You are so very welcome. I LOVED what you sent me just as much! Thank you for the great ratings. =)
Comment: Thank you for the goodies! I can't wait to use them.
Response: You are very welcome. Thank you for the great ratings. =)
Comment: OMG Suzie, you really pampered me, thank you for everything! You deserved much more than a heart!!! A lot of hugs from Brasil, Carol
Response: You finally got it! Phewww! You are very welcome. Thank you for the great ratings. =)
Comment: Thank you everything is sooo nice
Response: You are very welcome. Thank you for the great ratings. =)
Comment: Cool kit!! Can't wait to get crafting!!
Response: You are very welcome. Thank you for the great ratings. =)
honeybee rated for Birds & Spring Lucky Parcel on Apr 15, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the great swap! I can't wait to use the goodies you sent me.
Response: You are very welcome. Thank you for the great ratings. =)
CrazyCatChick rated for fun cute coin purse on Apr 13, 2010
Comment: It's great! I would have given you a heart for just the purse, but you included the adorable Maneki Neko cats and that was over the top! Hope things are well with you and your family. Thanks so much!!!
Response: No, thank you for your understanding and patience. I LOVED your package just as much! =) Thank you for the great ratings :)
Comment: Really beautiful package and lovely goodies, thanks so much
Response: You are very welcome. Thank you for the great ratings. =)
Comment: Can't believe you got 3 lovely teacups and saucers for $5.00. Thanks!
Response: You are very welcome. I love your ideas for the teacups, please let me know if you post any pictures. Would love too see what you made! Thank you for the great ratings! =)
aifos rated for PS: kupkake & aifos on Apr 7, 2010
Comment: Thank you! I loved your swap! You made me very happy with it!
Response: You are very welcome, I'm glad you liked what I sent you :) Thank you for the great ratings. =)
boatingbelle rated for Private birdie/material swap on Apr 7, 2010
Comment: Thank you Suzie for your wonderful package of material. I shall have great fun creating things with it.
Response: You are so very welcome. Thank you for the fantastic swap and the great ratings! =)
Comment: thank you so much! love the cat fabrics and the extras. hugs.
Response: You are very welcome. Thank you for the great ratings. =)
Comment: thank you so much! theyre perfect!... i love them all and cant wait to use them! awesome package!
Response: I got it right! Yay! You are very welcome and thank you for the great ratings. =)
Stregatta rated for Charm all About it on Mar 30, 2010
Comment: Thank you very much for charms I loved what you sent. Cheers =^_^=
Response: You are very welcome. Thank you for the great ratings. =)
dmarie rated for Private between dmarie and kupkake on Mar 26, 2010
Comment: I so wish that I could give MANY HEARTS - this swap brought tears of joy!!!! Thank You
Response: You are sooo very, very welcome! You are an EXCELLENT swapper and deserve a package that can bring so much joy! =) Thank you for the great ratings :)
Comment: I am thrill over the the inspiration kit you made for me. Each time I look through it, I find something else to marval at. You did a terrific job putting it together. The packaging made it even more special. Thank you so much.
Response: You are so very welcome. I send what I would like to receive. I am so happy that you like it! Thank you for the great ratings. =)
ifluctuate rated for Thrift store profile surprise on Mar 24, 2010
Comment: thank you for the lovely package!! The optimism jar is lovely, it will remind me to be optimistic... cause i can be a rather pessimistic person actually LOL. Love the good luck cat... I've always wanted one of those. The books are awesome. I remember reading The Happy Man and his dump truck when i was little... so i think i will keep that one intact! =)
Response: Pheww! This swap was hard for me, I am so glad that you liked what I sent you. Was worried.=/ Thank you for the great ratings! =)
kellylynn9 rated for Color Series #2 Turquoise on Mar 22, 2010
Comment: She is beautiful! I really really love her!! It is so fun that we live close to each other too!! I don't see many other people from Illinois. Thank you so much for the extras and the gorgeous button fairy!!!! :) I hope we get to partner up again soon!
Response: You are very welcome "neighbor" =) I am so glad that you like her :) I have been to Elgin on several occasions, particularly because of "Grand Victoria" :P I too hope we partner up again. Thank you for the great ratings. =)

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Nekozet on Sep 1, 2011:

I would like to angel you for the Red Mini Lucky parcel swap - only about a year late. If you ever come back, send me a message so I can verify your address and I'll send it!

Jazza on Jun 30, 2010:

I came across the chirstmas dotee that you made and was so impressed that i wanted to invite you to my new dotee group.

dmarie on Jun 19, 2010:


dmarie on May 24, 2010:

happy belated birthday !!!!

biasbabe on May 21, 2010:


Sorry I missed your B-day yesterday. I hope it was a awesome day

LindaRuthie on Apr 29, 2010:

I'm glad to see you're back. Sorry you were going through such a rough time. Take care of yourself so that we can keep swapping. :-)

chachakate on Apr 26, 2010:

Thank You so much for my wish from the wishlist. You're so sweet.

JoyAnne on Apr 23, 2010:

You were my secret sister in Private Swappers Unite! I absolutely LOVED everything you sent, what an AWESOME package! Thank you sooo much!!

dmarie on Apr 22, 2010:

I did it :)

dmarie on Apr 22, 2010:


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