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About Me

I'm a Mother of 6 and grandmother 0f 13..Am professional truck driver and business owner leaving me not very much time for enjoyn life...The love of my life ,as with my kids n grand kids and animals take care of those enjoyable needs i have. I have zero tolerance for ignorence and have no time to waste of thiefs n liars..if your fixin to come visit the dark side off me, bring a Big Flash Light to help ya when ya turn n burn on your way back out..you'll need it Love my mustangs(horses) ,had a love for horses my entire life..Tryin to keep healthy we raise our own meat (Goats n Beef)as with wild game from my sweety, the great white hunter . Our home , modest as it is, sits on a 67 acre ranch with a 3 acre lake in Kentucky..we like to keep things simple here. I'm also very proud of my Native American Heritage n family tradition.and attend pow-wows when i can.Wish it were more often. Riding the Harley and 4-wheelin with my man n hearin him sing are special moments we share.. Love photography, swimming,oh man do i love water,and hiking,talk bout relaxation hearin the wind blow, seein wild life and its great for the ole heart beat too as in playin with the kids in the family along with that occasional fishin with my man at our lake ..He loves the catfish in it too

Favorite Music

I enjoy most music but especial enjoy the sounds of Native flutes because its relaxing to me. Love country, oddies, n religious sounds as well... Dont care for Hard crazy stuff, lifes crazy enough..Theres a reason we live in the country:)

Favorite Books

Don't have a whole lot of time for reading ,but when i get that push to pick up a book its usually on Craft, Equine , and Native American books that are among my favorite but love clean humorous ones as well as books of real people..not into the whole love story mistery thing.. Back in 2006 i wrote a part for a Book called "The Unyeilding Praies" on behalf of my Great Grandparents , the highlander homesteader in Montana and proud of it. I'm now currently workin on an educational color book for kids.

Favorite Movies

As for movies i'm Blessed with quit the collection of my own videos Gone with the Wind, The Passion, Hildogo,any Movie that has to do with Horses, Biblical Collection, Disneys and such just to name a few..Having videos verses regular tv gives us with the jobs we have to watch what we want , and not have the show interupted with mind twisting commericals..

Favorite Television

Although we do have the cable here we dont watch much tv..Its mostly here for internet service or it wouldnt be here at all..Shows such as Csi, Ncis , n' House ,fox news are among the things we'd put on.. Dont watch much tv...i perfer to use my own collection of tapes n dvd's, and better yet if its beautiful the TV is OFF and we spend most of our day outdoors doin our thing.

Favorite Crafts

I've always found Crafting to be one of the pleasureable times in my life..Ones own creativity shows forth. It brings satisfaction ,fullfillment and relaxation into your life and beauty into the home. Scrapbookin, Drawing, Photography, crocheting, makin wedding flowers for family are among the things i do.. Theres a sign my daughtor got me..says,"Martha doesnt live here" I have my own feelings on Martha Stewart, thats whats great about livin in the USA..we can have an oppinion..I wouldnt n dont use anything product with her name on it.. thats not to say you cant...Have at it..just dont fetch it here. not interested


Through my life I've been to all 48 Main Land States along with Hawaii...leavin Alaska to visit one day hoping to catch those Northern lights... Also Traveled to Italy several times for #2 sons Wedding at Romeo n Juliets castles n the famous court yard of Juliets. Canada what a place beautiful country and the Caribean / Virgin Islands with the Harley Davison on 7 fabulous islands, omg The time of our life we had...Owning our own trucks ,semis, flag car service, we are able to pic n chose where we want o deliver n pic up freight and take off at our own pleasure too. My man n I are pactically with each other all the time..Upon retirement we have plans on movin to the Northwest to Big Sky Country.. .


I personally have no time for users.People that take from life and never put back into it...cant stand being around liars n theifs, they rate up there with child molesters n rapist n murders..could you hoestly ever trust them. Dont like litering at all and yes i come unclued when i see someone thru stuff out there windows..especially cigarettes..Come on guys n gals would you want me to drop my trash off into your yard..we need to take care of the world we live in and the people there of...Stop the insanitity ! Also i dont like to be flaked on just like the rest of ya, SO with that being sent"I WILL NEVER FLAKE " on a swap..there will be times that ur item will take longer for u to recieve only because of the job i have, which takes me to areas of the usa where its impossible to recieve a signal to get on the Laptop to retrieve the inform i need n a post office to send it..i do me best to make it happen..


My Man, and My Family of course Recieving postcards from anywhere,especially around the world ,thats great... My animals Swiming holes especially my 3 acre lake Nature,theres beauty everywhere on a nature walk,just look for it Our heritage, Native American Native American / Western items Hearing children laughing n playin..It such a fast world that it seems no one wants to let there kids be just that a "Kid" :) Hearin Old Fokes tell stories of when they were young n the life they lived back in the day :) Doing crafts Trucks,all kind, large n small (i know thats weird for a girl) Takin lots of pictures Traveling, That nomad blood keeps me on the move,hahaha Nice people ,(otherwise just stay away from me,i have zero tolerance for ignorance .) and Longggggg dangly ear rings

how i feel about swap ratings

things that i really dont want to recieve thru swaps and emails are ... nasty smelly stuff animals,i'll throw them away or mail em back ta ya. not into dirty minded stuff and demonic items either, lets keep it clean..please and even thoug my name is Barbi i Dont visit the PINK row at walmart...This Barbi doesnt do pink..or Blue :) and i wont deal with inpatiance /nasty /pushy people.. now there r times i try and get packages ready to go , and have then on stand by, just because of the travelin job i have,so i grab items when available without readin ur profile..n hopes its pleasin to ya..but when ever possible or if a swap says to i do get on the profiles..i do try to keep things personable to all:) because this is suppose to be fun/ enjoyable for gods sake dont send junk! that leaves a bad taste in ones mouth.. i do my best to get the items out to ya..i'm NOT in CONTROL of the postal system..and lets face it, crap happens to all of us which may or may not interfere with our social activities..i do not rate on quickness of delivery, because i do understand..but if it becomes a pattern ,then its a different sorry, sorry..."COMMUNICATION is the KEY" :) so with this all being said, "HAPPY SWAPPIN YA"L"


Comment: I am sorry to rate this a one, especially on a pc swap, but after waiting and attempting contact twice with no communication I have to leave a one for now. I look forward to changing it if I receive something.
Response: sorry bout this kido apparently with everything that went on since this swap i have forgot to send ya them post card..my appologys..give me ur address and even though the swap is long gone i will send u ur card as ur deserve..the 1 rating is fine..i understand n just pray u do as to why i didnt get to you..i dont like to flke but i also realize this is the real world and bad stuff happens to fokes and we tend to loose track on more mportant issues like i did..sorry..send me that address pleas
pinkqueen rated for Scrapbookers Pick 8 on Mar 22, 2012
Comment: Thanks.
Comment: Thank you for the BFSE envelope.
Eeyorerocks80 rated for Photography Hunt on Jan 31, 2012
Comment: Thanks for all the extra pics! The email pics were great too! :) Hope things get better for you.
Response: my apology, i got side tracked with sickness in our family :( well send...its late n i cant do anything to change this...and if ya look at my swaps this is the 1st...sorry...its comin i promise
Comment: The swap deadline was Dec 5th, was marked sent Dec 8th, the post mark on the Postcard is Dec 30th, with no communication.
Response: you look that hard at post marks, wow....i work over the road ans as i have explain , i drop them off at truck stop mail boxes ...i'm not in control of the time frame that they get the mail to the post office...3 is fine...it is what it is....i try to be open minded with the mail delivery...this is the real world i live in as with other fokes i'm sure where on occassion unforseen things come into our lives and mess things up...christmas mail ring a bell too ..it is what it is , i did send it out.on time...oh one time i mailed a birthday card to my son in seattle,wa..his birthday 6/7 he never recieved it...4 months later it was mailed back to me...by the postal service>>>hummm.i 'm sorry ur disappointed...
badandknowsit2 rated for 35 Random Questions on Dec 25, 2011
miia rated for JUST POSTCARDS #2 on Dec 10, 2011
Comment: Thank you Barb for your beautiful postcard, I like it! :)
Comment: thank you very much for the card... it was very appreciated.. :)
Morghandi rated for My Stickman Family Postcard on Dec 5, 2011
Comment: Haha, those are great stick horses! I know what you mean, I drew my cats for this swap and was like, wow, really? This should be easier... :) Happy holidays!
pandakitty rated for Christmas mug 2011 swap on Dec 4, 2011
Comment: Thank you for everything!
Kraftylady777 rated for Easy Used Book Swap on Nov 28, 2011
Comment: Hi Barb, Thanks for the cool book. Happy Holidays! Kim :o)
Response: ur welcome, hav a great christmas:)
bookwyrmm rated for Easy Used Book Swap on Nov 27, 2011
Comment: Thanks for both books!
Response: ur welcome, wasn't sure if ya'd like em so i figure at least 1 out of 2 wouldnt be bad so bonus, haha thanks..hav a great christmas n happy swappin
Rhondalea6 rated for Christmas mug 2011 swap on Nov 26, 2011
Comment: love it thanks
Response: cool:) i was worried it would be broken till ya rec ir,,, awesome n merry christmas
maxbenleo rated for Souvenir magnet swap #2 on Nov 19, 2011
Comment: Thank you Barb for the great envelope, I love everthing! Lots of hearts for you!
linmcquaw rated for Thanksgiving Card/USA on Nov 17, 2011
soniasadin rated for POSTCARDS! on Nov 14, 2011
Comment: Beautiful postcard of one of the places I'd love to visit in the world: Niagara Falls in Canada. Thanks a lot!
Response: you betja :)
faye411 rated for Thanksgiving Card/USA on Nov 10, 2011
Comment: thankyou for the beautiful card, and book mark.. hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving..
Response: many blessing to you n yours this holiday season...thanksgivin n christmas back ta back...nothin better
simonJester rated for Snapshot pc-s -Pets- on Nov 9, 2011
Comment: Lakota is a beautiful horse!
Response: thanks alot... he's a lover boy..he's been with me since he's 6 months old...he'll be six come april 2012
katzenjammy rated for Snapshot pc-s -Pets- on Nov 8, 2011
Comment: You horse is gorgeous. How lucky you are, having room for so many animals!
Response: thank you so much...Have a great holiday
Gabrielle rated for Postcards USA Swap on Nov 6, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the very interesting cards, and the really newsy note. Our older daughter homeschooled her kids, and they have done really well. Good luck with your home-schooling, and happy swapping!
Response: ur welcome :) happy swappin

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lakotafarrider on Jan 23, 2012:

i wont be doin swaps for a little while...we have our hands full enough with sickness with the parents and work on the ranch...my apoligys and i'll be back in a month or 2, i hope:) please keep my mans parents in your prayers for they both are battling cancer....later everyone n happy swappin

tialisa on Jul 4, 2011:

liked reading your profile. sounds like a fullfilling life :)

KentuckyGal on Mar 16, 2011:

~Read my profile and write a comment Swap~ Hi Barb, I'm from Kentucky as well! We lived in Eubank for a while and I told hubby that if they ever got that 2nd traffic light we would have to move to a smaller town. :p I love opening the window at night (ok not when it's cold) and hearing the sounds of nature.

islandgirl on Mar 15, 2011:

Hi, from Ylan and the quick profile swap! You sound like you have a zest for life, and a "keeping it real" attitude! Reading your profile was a lot of fun...I especially love hearing about your love for your man...and for your kids/grandkids...you have a lot of love in your life. I totally related to your comment about ciggs being thrown on the ground...I hate that! Ok, great to "meet" you and have a great day!

ABWebster83 on Mar 15, 2011:

Read my profile and leave a comment swap: Hi there how are you? Wow you have a big family bet you are proud too! You seem to a very busy lady with you making crafts, driving your truck and all your wonderful animals. But I bet you have seen some beautiful places driving truck what I would give to travel :) but you remind me of super woman to keep up with all you do :) it was great reading about you Amanda

sparklysushi on Mar 15, 2011:

Hey welcome to swap bot. Hope you have many more great swaps to come! I am one of your partners for 'read my profile and write me a comment'. You sound very interesting, with a big family. I am very jealous hehe. I would love that. Take care! x

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