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Returning after flaking on my last swap several years ago- I feel awful about it and I'm trying my best to make up for that. My plan is to angel a few folks and hope that my partner will accept a long overdue apology and swap. The next step will be working on my rating, a couple nice folks suggested private swaps for that. I'm not there yet, but it's nice to look forward to.

I live with Princess Bobarella the iguana, and when Sadie Sue the Boston Terrier moved in she became a princess too. She's a huge dork, we get along great.

My doll collection began when I was 'too old' to play with them. It's a lie, it just means I play with nicer dolls. Mostly I collect vintage dolls and the 1/6 scale fashion types, Barbie and whatnot. The special one is my BJD, an MSD size lady named Loolu.

Favorite Music

I love music, I used to work in a concert hall and I miss hearing a different band every night, even if it wasn't a good band, it was different. My favorite genres tend towards classic rock, goth rock, ska, punk, grunge and just plain good old rock and roll, with side trips into country and disco and new wave and folk and bluegrass.
I'm an old-school goth at heart, but I have other varied musical interests.

Favorite Movies

anything directed by John Waters, starring Vincent Price, or very low-budget. The cheesier, the better, I just love cheese.

Favorite Television

Documentaries about killers, people with unusual beliefs or lifestyles, trashy talk shows and cartoons. Really fond of "My Strange Addiction", and those type of shows- especially the collector ones.

Favorite Crafts

Lots of crafting going on! I crochet, sew, make frustrating attempts to knit, and I do beading/jewelry type things. Not all that great at needle felting yet, but I have a fabulous time doing it. My most popular crafted treats are hemp jewelry and crocheted hats, folks seem to like those best, and I love making them.

Tastes and wishes

I'm easily amused, and pretty open to most types of items but if you'd really like to make me smile-

  • I'll love it even more if you made it yourself

  • goth- skulls, bats, spiders, etc.

  • I'm very easily amused by things like kitchen potholders that double as bunny puppets and those tiny little comic books about going to hell that people hand me at fairs.

  • I like little things; the laminated saint pictures pinned into old purses, tiny plastic dinosaurs with three heads, inch-tall bottles of hot sauce, gumball machine prizes, the 'wade' figures that come with red rose tea... I like little things.

and I collect:

dolls- I love barbie the most, early vintage to brand new ones, if it's Barbie, I like it. Yes, I take them out and play with them, other dolls too, but I don't have many baby dolls. My latest is an MSD sized ball-jointed doll, I love her dearly, any 1/4 scale stuff would be lovely!

gnomes. I'm especially fond of naughty gnomes.

Tacky, trashy and awful things- is it creepy, crass or quirky? Don't worry about offending me- it's not going to happen.

little toys, kinder surprise, homies, the tiny bobble heads from gumball machines, etc, whatever's tiny and fun. vintage clothing and accessories. pretty rocks, crystals, bits of beachglass, SHINY things. odd whatsits from thrift shops, funky knick knacks, pretty little saucers and giant coffee cups, crazy 70's fabrics- I don't mind a little damage if it's on something nifty.

ALLERGIES- I've been diabetic since 1985 (I was 5), and have a hard time saying 'no' to candy, so please enjoy it for me. Eucalyptus makes it hard to breathe. Also, I get a rash from glitter and certain types of tinsel, despite my love of shiny things. If it's sealed into something, I'm fine, it just makes me itchy if I touch it.

Dislikes- - brown. - mint flavored things. - sports

still need ideas? I could really use: fun shoelaces for boots or high-top sneakers, music cd's that you think are super awesome, little housewares type things, some beads, or bits and bobs of thin yarn or crochet cotton. Anything wool? I love wool- fabric scraps, yarn, roving, I'd grow my own if I had enough yard to keep sheep. Coffee or tea will never go to waste either.

for private swaps

I LOVE LOVE LOVE private swaps! Just in case you might like do a private swap, I could offer up:

-Handmade winter scarves, hats, etc. Any size- from itty bitty babies to extra-big dreadlock hippie hats.

-Cases, also handmade, for all manner of gadgetry

  • candy/international foods- There's a couple lovely Middle Eastern grocery shops nearby, full of European candies, chocolate bars and all sorts of international yummy- dozens of types of tea I've never seen anywhere else. I won't send candies in the warmer months- but during sweater weather I can send kinder, cadbury and other yummy.

  • DOLLS- if you like barbies, pullips or blythes, drop me a line-

  • sewing/crafting supplies- some vintage, most of it excessive. Buttons or beads anyone?

-Clothing in general. I'm in the small to medium range. I mostly wear black and gray, but I have a variety of colorful things to offer, some designer. Handbags too.

  • a myriad of odd trinkets, let me know what you collect- I might have a box full of it. I'm about ready to thin out my tiki collection, and there's a small bucket full of state shaped magnets I'm not using- think they're 70's and 80's ones if that matters.


Amorina rated for Oh, you beautiful doll! on Dec 27, 2009
Comment: Hi! It seems like you don't swap here anymore. I didn't want to rate a 1 but I think I must do it, just in case you come back. I´ll change if I get anything!
Response: sorry, I was going through a really rough time, pre-divorce- I think I sent something, possibly january-ish? If I still owe a swap to you or anyone else, please drop me a note. sent a message on 7/1/13, I'd really like to make this up.
kthanxbye rated for Profile Surprise on Jun 10, 2009
hanfmuk rated for Etsy Hearts-NEWBIES WELCOME!!! on May 17, 2009
Comment: Thank you very much :)
scrapkween rated for Etsy Hearts-NEWBIES WELCOME!!! on May 13, 2009
DizzyLizzie rated for Etsy Hearts-NEWBIES WELCOME!!! on May 12, 2009
karikatzi rated for Etsy Hearts-NEWBIES WELCOME!!! on May 12, 2009
Comment: Wonderful swapper thanks
Comment: Thanks for hearting my shop!
pumpki3 rated for Etsy Hearts-NEWBIES WELCOME!!! on May 11, 2009
Comment: Thanks for adding me! :)
IssueGirl rated for Etsy Hearts-NEWBIES WELCOME!!! on May 11, 2009
ukstash rated for doodled dotee doll swap on Apr 17, 2009
Comment: Thank you for a lovely package, and thanks for sending this swap when things are hard for you. I really like your needle felted doll, you should not doubt yourself. This is not a craft that I can do myself, so your doll is extra special. Take care of yourself now.
Response: aww, thanks for being a sweetheart- you're an awesome swapper
Comment: What great barbies!! Thank you, I've already been re-doing one!!!
Comment: thanks, the kids loved the things you sent
mazzlestar rated for Complete Surprise Swap on Jan 18, 2009
Comment: Thanks so much!
ScruffyRasputin rated for Complete Surprise Swap on Jan 15, 2009
Comment: Thanks Allison! I was excited to get your package ^_^
getcr8v rated for Simple Earring Swap on Jan 2, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the adorable earrings. Happy New Year!
Comment: Thank you for the great package! Baileigh immediately put on her scarf (it matches her winter coat perfectly). And those hair ties you sent for her, we received some about six months ago in a swap package and have been looking for more ever since. What a great surprise! And the bracelet you sent was absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for everything.
Response: Awesome! Glad Baileigh liked the goodies. Those hairties were a sample from somewhere, seemed like they'd be good for hair like hers. What a fun swap, thanks again, it was just lovely
pandakitty rated for earrings on Nov 27, 2008
Comment: I love the ones you made. They are very speccial and will remind me of you when I wear them. Thanks!
Comment: Hi there! Thank you so much for the lovely package. The buttons are especially nice. :) And don't worry about sending a bit late--as long as my swap partners let me know things are late, it's okay.
Response: Glad you liked the buttons, it was very fun putting together a swap for you.

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renate on Aug 29, 2013:

thankyou gimmiemail

structuredchaos on Sep 7, 2009:

Hello :)

I just wanted to stop by and invite you to the "Shop Swap & Blog" USA Swap!


1CrazyQuilter on Jun 2, 2009:

Hi I have sent you a message and I have not herad back from you. I hope all is well with you. please send me a message. happy swapping, Pam

Helena8664 on May 29, 2009:

Hey there! Just a note to let you know that there are 2 new swaps up at Mind Revolutionaries and Chocolate Milk .....come check them out! Adultish Email Survey and Quick Party Pic Swap .....hope you join, we need support in the group!

grannylove60 on May 16, 2009:

You're invited to come on over to Granny Squares Galore and join in our bingo game:))

Who knows....ya might just win a surprise package of goodies:))) Hope to see ya there:)

djmom11 on May 11, 2009:

I mailed off your wish granted tag today. Hope you like it. :)

simindy on Apr 10, 2009:

join us

Avalance on Feb 4, 2009:

Hi there ^_^ .. come join the first swap of Pullips United!


Cheers !!

JennyTheArtist on Jan 12, 2009:

June models your hat: photo

JennyTheArtist on Dec 31, 2008:

photo ... for the fantastic crocheted black Blythe hat! I love it!!

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