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No-Spending Swap (newbies welcome) II

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Swap Coordinator:Banshee (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous  Accessories  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:233
Last day to signup/drop:January 5, 2009
Date items must be sent by:January 15, 2009
Number of swap partners:1


For swappers who are low on cash or have a growing stash of nice but unused/not-needed swap items.

The objective of this swap is to not spend any money to buy items for the swap but to send items you already have.

What to send? You will send at least 3 items, worthed about US$5, to your swap partner. (Of course you may send more to aim for hearts for your rating!)

Example of swap items can be but not limited to embroidery floss, fat quarters, assorted teas, stationery, postcards, stickers, etc.

Do take some time to read your partner's profile and find out what he/she likes or dislikes. Please take note that some countries, like Australia, do not allow teas in the mail.

Please do not send used items or "trash". A good guide will be to ask yourself if you will feel happy receiving it.

Who is eligible? This swap is open to international. Newbies are allowed ONLY with completed profile. I reserve the right to ban suspicious swappers.

If the day of assigning partners arrives and you haven't completed your profile you will have to be banned.


hanfmuk 11/25/2008 #

Ooh, I loved doing the first one of these swaps - thank you for running it again!

AnitraF 11/25/2008 #

If 'Fat Quarters' are what I think they are (precut squares for quilting?) they would be great for biscornu backing.

AnitraF 11/25/2008 #

If 'Fat Quarters' are what I think they are (precut squares for quilting?) they would be great for biscornu backing.

lizardolly 11/25/2008 #

It's my second round in this one too, perfect swap for a packrat like me- thanks for hosting, Banshee!

dreamlily 11/25/2008 #

This sounds like fun! I've got lots of little left over swappy things to send.

mythomia 11/29/2008 #

A Fat Quarter is a piece of fabric 18 inches x 22 inches.

kayleighjo 12/ 2/2008 #

oohhh! i want to do this one, i have never done a swap before and am really excited to do my first, if i have the stuff ready can i send it early...or no? or will i not know who im sending to yet? sry bout all the questions lol

ninanner 12/ 5/2008 #

I'm all for not spending money :D

AnitraF 12/ 8/2008 #

I have a lot of crocheted granny squares that I'm never going to do anything with. If you are my partner, let me know if you can use them, and I'll send them along!

Motherfungus 12/ 9/2008 #

Definetely on my watchlist! Great idea.

nellyme 12/ 9/2008 #

I'm really excited....this sounds like my perfect swap....I'm already wandering around my house, looking in all the stuffed drawers...thinking of what I can send!

I only hope I get my real swapbot name back before then,,,,,not sure why I'm a number now!! x

patty 12/ 9/2008 #

I soooooooo need to do a swap like this. I have been swapping for a couple years now and have a bunch of nice stuff that needs a new home! Can't wait to do this one! Patty

crunchycrafts 12/ 9/2008 #

my husband says i have to get rid of things so much my 4 year old son tells me it now. so im here now ready to give!

croqzine 12/10/2008 #

This is my first swap-bot swap, but I have done a bazillion at Nervousness.org a couple years ago! This sounds like fun!!

Banshee 12/10/2008 #

If some of you are newbies, please complete your profiles, ok! I will ban those ones with an incomplete profile. ;)

Have fun! =)

thesmallthings 12/10/2008 #

I'm looking forward to this- haven't swapped before so all new to me :)

minnie53 12/12/2008 #

This is all new 2 me 2 but it sounds like fun

swededreams 12/13/2008 #

Count me in. I am new but have lots of goodies to swap :D

tisme 12/13/2008 #

hi i have postcards count me in ok? am new to this

Nicc79 12/13/2008 #

You can send some Tea to australia =) U can't send tea with fruit in it!

doublekissable 12/13/2008 #

I would love to do this but am not much of a sewer. Do you have to include these "fat quarters"? I would love more scrapbooking and card making supplies. Could we send or ask for that kind of thing? How big are we talking?

cronecreations 12/14/2008 #

I'm new to swapping but this sounds like a great one! Anything that involves not spending a lot of money sounds great to me! Would CD's be something that could be shared?

Banshee 12/14/2008 #

yes. CDs are welcome.

Newbies: Complete your profiles, please!!!

AnitraF 12/15/2008 #

The crocheted granny squares are gone in a private swap. If CDs are acceptable, I also have books, anime DVDs and VHSs.

snpyrunner 12/15/2008 #

I'm a sewing fanatic! Fat quarters are always welcome in just about any pattern or color. Your scrap fabric is just fine, although I have no use for anything smaller than 4-5 inches square. I love to cook so any unused spices or kitchen utensils you can send my way. Even those free recipe cards you get in the mail or a recipe book you have lying around unused are great. Blank note cards are good, I draw on them and sell them/send them. Patterns for quilt blocks are welcome too.

itsmecheri 12/15/2008 #

Ooooooo! I have alot of things to swap that will fit perfectly! If you get me please keep in mind that I am not really in to ATC's, don't really know what fat quarters are and don't think I need them or floss or thread. I also crochet so I am not needing Granny Squares either--although I love them and have made many! This is just WAY TOO FUN!!!!

ladyrn 12/16/2008 #

I think this would be fun to join. I have things that I have bought and thought I needed later to find out that it's still sitting there waiting for me. I like lots of stuff and think this would be fun to open a surprice package from the mail. Count me in.

Slytheringrrl 12/16/2008 #

This sounds like fun! I love getting surprise packages. I don't cross stitch, but I do knit. Love tea and coffee but am trying to limit caffeine. No allergies. You know what would be great? Something local from where you are--a keychain or pen from a radio station, a fridge magnet from your city, a bookmark from your local library, a solid gold brick :-) something like that.

ArtsyCraftsy 12/17/2008 #

newbie, here... can i join the swap??

Crazipurplelady 12/17/2008 #

Hi, I love purple, coffee, vanilla, stickers, not too much in love with yarn, fibers, etc... I have so much I don't know what to do with what I've got! I collect magnets, love them. I have over 1000 magnets! I love strong dark teas, gotta have caffeine!!!


Dibrittain 12/18/2008 #

This sounds like a great swap just make sure you run over everyone before assigning partners. Too many flakers lately and everyone wants to enjoy a swap like this. I will join in cause I like moving on all this stuff I got for swaps but never found a swapper to send it too.

Smudge 12/19/2008 #

This swap sounds great fun! I love Cross Stitching and Cardmaking and have many other crafts I like to do, all are listed in my profile. :) I would love to try ATC's so any supplies for that would be great. :)

I would prefer not to receive CD's or DVD's though as we have so many I wouldn't know where to put them! I also do not drink tea or coffee, so none of those either please. My profile is filled out fully, so if my partner needs any ideas as to what I like/dislike then please take a look. :)

aglanceatmyworld 12/21/2008 #

I can't wait for this swap to begin! I'm more into sewing then paper crafts so I hope to get things like fabric, buttons, ribbons, tea, yarn, etc. :)

If you get me as a partner and have something you want to swap but are unsure about it just convo me.

stacirose 12/22/2008 #

I love the idea of this swap! Unfortunately, the last partner that received from me didn't like her items and although I sent far more than was necessary and the cost was more, the items were extremely decent...they just were things she didn't want. I was rated with that sentiment and I felt like I couldn't help it because this IS a regifting type of swap!

I hope everyone keeps that in mind...your partner might read your profile 50 times and still not have things you specifically request...Just enjoy the thoughts and the spirit of this swap!!! :D

Have fun!

Naoya 12/22/2008 #

My profile is fairly filled out but I love crafting materials, TEAS!!!, writing supplies...Im not picky! And always rate on the effort someone puts into the swap, not whether the items are my 'thing' or not.

alwireman 12/23/2008 #

I am new at this swapping thing, but I am extremely excited to get started. I am a graphic designer/crafter/art teacher.

Over the years I have accumulated many art supplies and crafting materials. I love experimenting in all mediums and can't wait to share some of my things that are just sitting around.

I am working on filling out my profile a little more today. :)

tsireldi 12/24/2008 #

Sounds like fun, especially for a pack rat like me! Got stuff that is just begging for a good home where it will have a better use than sitting in a drawer!

I have one concern though. What if, say, I'm into scrapbooking and have lots of leftover supplies, while my partner is into sewing and has no use for paper supplies? I guess I could find something else to send, but isn't it possible that your partner and you have such different interests and tastes that you have nothing for them at all? Also just to clarify, this is not limited to craft supplies, right?

cronecreations 12/25/2008 #

LOL For me the fun of this swap is that I'm a packrat too and I'm 100% sure that I have something tucked away that would appeal to anybody!

Banshee 12/26/2008 #

Newbies: Complete your profiles, please!!!

AndreaJ 12/26/2008 #

How about scented candles?

leighdon 12/27/2008 #

I would like to swap art cards. [email protected]

faithnbliss1 12/27/2008 #

I am new to Swap -Bot just signed up and I believed I have completes my profile I entered this swap and want to make sure I am doing everything Correctly....

sassytinkgirl64 12/29/2008 #

this sounds like awesome fun, but I can't afford overseas postage, so maybe if in the future , u might consider a USA version ! sigh ... have fun tho ! you sure got alot of sign-ups and thats wonderful !

Franstuff 12/29/2008 #

Well...I am really excited about this one! I am a Newbie to swap-bot, am pretty sure I have my profile completed, and can't wait to get my partner so I can have fun putting together a package of goodies. If my partner enjoys vintage stuff, be sure and let me know, since I have a bunch of that, as well as other stuff. I can probably accommodate just about any type of craft, since I am a TRUE pack rat! I doubt there are many crafts out there I don't have supplies for, although I may not be actively doing them right now. My favorites right now are beadwork, jewelry making and collage or altered art. Fran

Franstuff 12/29/2008 #

BTW.... From experience, most International postage isn't too bad if you keep your package light, and I am sure the person doing this will try and keep people as close as possible.

balanced 12/29/2008 #

Hello, I'm new and i have a few questions. :)

What exactly constitutes a completed profile? I thought I completed mine but now I'm looking at other peoples and theirs are much more elaborate.

Also, is this swap just for supplies? I was thinking it was for handmade items using materials we already have.

I'm a little lost. :P Thanks!

Banshee 12/29/2008 #

a completed profile has something about you and your likes and dislikes. =)

balanced 12/29/2008 #

Ok, thanks Banshee. :)
So I guess we find out if we're accepted if/when we get a partner?

katrinainaz 12/29/2008 #

love it! This will be a great box to recieve.

croqzine 12/29/2008 #

Yay, I'm excited!

vampiremyself 12/30/2008 #

I love surprises, but a t the same time i love jewellry, sweets ( rare, different), chocolates, tea and music ( POP or R&b, latin, or some typical of your country/city).

I´m so excited cause it´s my first swap here¡¡¡¡¡

Thanks a lot to include me¡¡¡

Happy New Year¡¡¡

reauk 12/30/2008 #

loved a dottie doll or something for my cats or new colourful duck lol

Faeanne 12/30/2008 #

I love this idea of a swap! I've had a hard time finding swaps to participate in because we have a very tight budget that doesn't allow me to be able to spend much beyond postage, so this is great! Whatever I get will be fine with me- I'm an easy to please person. I hope my partner I get to send to feels the same way! I'll try my best to send something related to their profile, but no promises!

renate 12/30/2008 #

I love to do this swap. I like lots off stuff from candles,candy from other countries, pink/ purple office suplies stationary etc Hopefully we all have fun with this swap.


mystmaiden 12/30/2008 #

Looks like a fun swap, I can't wait! Thanks for hosting it

JustDucky 12/30/2008 #

I'm excited to make this my first swap!!! :)

julieb 12/31/2008 #

I think that handmade items would be OK. I'd like that. I think anything goes. But looking at the profile would be most specific for the person.

reauk 01/ 1/2009 #

i dont do crafts artirtues in my hands like cat items jewerelly smellys.please read my profile

jenthewen 01/ 2/2009 #

I'm a stationery fanatic, also a crafter so anything along those lines..........

inkyandie 01/ 2/2009 #


Does each item have to be worth $5?

angelbowen 01/ 3/2009 #

I am so excited for this swap!!! My profile is fully filled out for my partner. Fun is what these swaps are all about!

jkdawn 01/ 4/2009 #

jkdawn i love stationary scrapbooking crafts pens and sticker galore i love it all so anything would be fine cant wait to start

normajean460 01/ 4/2009 #

yes I would like to do the crocheting thing again or the quilting but right now I am mostly just country and am looking in swap/tradeing a horse cart for a motorcycle sidecar to ride to work. Have to feed these critters so I work to pay for feed. well n electricity n gas n my car workings too. so now could I get some advice on how to? normajean

sherrykadan 01/ 4/2009 #

I'm not picky. I don't knit or crotchet but I would love any cross stitch or sewing stuff. If all you have is knitting stuff I can pass it to the nursing home down the road, they would appreciate it.

Would love: fabric & quilting stuff the most

poohme1966 01/ 5/2009 #

NO TEA for me please.....customs will just confiscate it again....

Love Erika

ChelelosGirl 01/ 5/2009 #

This sounds like so much fun...let's see, I collect elephants, bracelets, love cross-stitch, stickers and pretty paper.....I can't wait to do this swap!

Saulute 01/ 5/2009 #

Almost there! It is so fun to read people profiles and then put the package together. And I guess to get one too - I just started- so even though i send out a few already - didn't get one yet. It even made me to organize my craft supplies...

luisfearn 01/ 5/2009 #

Just thought I´d add a few suggestions for my partner. I prefer useful things (pens, socks, candles, lip balm, buttons), but I do have a soft spot for all pretty things (vintage postcards, old photos, ribbon...). Hope this helps.

bleh 01/ 5/2009 #

I'm new! so i'm very excited. I don't really mind recieving anything, I guess i prefer fabric. But I'm fine with anything else. I would love a postcard from whereever my sender is from.

bunnysmommy 01/ 5/2009 #

Hi everyone! I am also new and I am excited to get started. I filled out my profile with all I could think of. If anyone looks at it and can think of any other things about me that might be helpful please message me! I think this is going to be great fun!!

Dihtri 01/ 5/2009 #

I'm also new here. I have lots of cutesy stuff to swap! Looking forward to sending them along!

MyAliceFair 01/ 5/2009 #

Just joined! :)

danhoneybun 01/ 6/2009 #

i literally love everything. i really love crochetting and drawing though. i'm crazy for pens, fun paper, wool, crochet hooks, books, music, literally everything!

jqtoyou 01/ 6/2009 #

Hello, all, this looks like fun! This will be my third swap.

I don't do any yarn-based crafts and I am not a scrapbooker. I love fabric, especially quilting fabric (non-stretch cottons) in just about any color or pattern, you scraps are fine if they are 5" by 5" or larger, I do a lot of scrap-based projects. My 2-year-old just fell in love with stickers so those are welcome. Not a coffee or tea drinker or the biggest fan of chocolate, but I do love fruity candies.

Looking forward to this!

croqzine 01/ 6/2009 #

Mine is ready to send!

Franstuff 01/ 6/2009 #

This was fun! I just happened to have things my partner would want! Is the person we send to also the person who sends to us?

croqzine 01/ 7/2009 #

Sent mine to Spain from the USA!

CraftDiva4 01/ 8/2009 #

Just sent my first international swap to Australia from the US!

jqtoyou 01/11/2009 #

whiteway, I just sent off your package yesterday morning - I hope it gets to you soon!

MP 01/12/2009 #

is it ok to mail early?

mary paull (mp)

Lori 01/13/2009 #

I hope my partner will forgive me - I've had a terrible week and won't be able to get my package out by the deadline on Thursday. It will be put in the mail on the weekend. (I'll make it extra special to make up for the delay. Please, please, please forgive me!!!

angelbowen 01/14/2009 #

Petra, I got your package sent out today, Hope you like everything I sent to you!!

Ookamiko 01/14/2009 #

I was sick this past 14 days but I've finally kicked myself from bed to send the package. Barely in time, but in time it is ;) Thanks for understanding tannermom, I hope it arrives safely to you. (Please note I live in Europe so the time can be quite long...)

vampiremyself 01/16/2009 #

Croqzine¡¡¡ the swap is now here¡¡¡ so beutiful¡¡

i´ll hope mine arrives quickly¡¡¡

balanced 01/19/2009 #

Yes, the person we send to is the person who sends to us, correct???? I sent my stuff already to the partner I thought I had, but I just got a message from someone else saying they haven't shipped my stuff yet. I'm confused.

ozrob 01/20/2009 #

you always receive from a different swapper than the one you send to

croqzine 02/ 2/2009 #

Here's a photo of mine from communikate http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3248270179/in/set-72157612783266719/

ninanner 02/19/2009 #

Sadly I never received this swap.

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