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Date Joined: October 15, 2011
Last Online: February 15, 2014
Birthday: April 12, 1990
Country: Israel
my deviantart page

About Me

I put my work in my site!!! So if you are in a swap with me and don’t want spoilers don’t enter!

-Hi swappers! if you don’t receive the swap I'd send you in 3 weeks let me know, I will resend it or remake it and then resend it.-

-I really love getting letters but it's really hard for me to read Cursive, so if you do write to me I would really appreciate it if it won't be Cursive.

Hi all! My name is Nuphar and I am a 22 year old awesome person from Israel. I really love all crafts and making staff for friends and getting surprises in the mail. So that's what I'm doing here!

Favorite Books

I really love fantasy books. And if i found a book I really like I can read it 12 times and more! I love dragons magic and fairies :)

Favorite Television

Television is bad for you! go read a book! (running 2 watch dexter... I'm so weak!!!)

wish list

hmmm some things I would love to get on mail :)

  • I collect pins.

  • I love love love stickers

  • any kind of tea

  • nice papers

*hand drew painting/drawing/ATC you made :)

Other than that, there are some things that are very very very hard to find here in Israel. so I would love swap with someone the following:

  • mini Hama beads or PerlerBeads for ironing

  • wax and stamps for sealing envelopes

  • rubber stamps

  • charms for a charm bracelets and charm bracelets. :(

  • (don't laugh) beef jerky :P

what crafts I do

Well I'm a really open minded person who like all crafts and experimenting with new things. I mainly do now ATC's and probably won't enter a knitting swap or any swap who demand long and Sisyphean work, I just don’t have the time (or patience) to make one.

Would be interested in doing if possible:

  • Matchboxing

  • Hand saw puppets

  • beading

  • Interesting new things:)

What I like

Everything! Well not everything but if I say I love this and that I will be less exposed to new things, and I do love to be surprised, I thing people do best when they do what they like best :)

But here is a little list of staff I like:

  • steampunk (!!!)

  • Dark humor (don’t be gentle with me, I can take it :) )

  • Girly things (like butterflies, flowers, Fairy, Lace, glitter etc)

  • animals(Especially caricatureish ones)

  • Colors: Black (adds drama!!), red, blue ,lighter and darker variations of red and blue. Metallic everything!

What I can swap


But I am interesting swapping in addition to the crafts:

  • Pins

  • Stickers

what I would rather not receiv

  • Mast admit I'm not the biggest fan of vintage.

  • Mail without a note.

  • Sloppy work

flakers :(

Grimm's Fairy Tales #1 - Cinderella - @SpookShowBaby


TwiggyFairy rated for Israel's private swap! on Jul 1, 2012
Comment: מקסים מקסים מקסים מקסים מקסים!!! אין פשוט מדהים! אני כל כך מודה לך - זה פשוט חבילה מושלמת ^^ אינלי שמץ של מושג איפה מצאת את העיפרון הזה לעיניים כי אני מחפשת אותו כבר שנים ואף פעם לא מצאתי את הגוון שאני רוצה, והמחזיק מפתחות... וואי פשוט הייתי בטוחה שזה קנוי. כאילו בכלל לא חשבתי שיש סיכוי שהכנת את זה. הוא פשוט מדהים! אין חבילה מושלמת... תודה תודה ושוב תודה. אני מאוד מקווה שהחבילה שתקבלי תעמוד בציפיות ותשמח אותך באותה מידה שזו שימחה אותי ^^ שמרי על קשר D:
Response: אני ממש שמחה שאת אוהבת את החבילה :) היה חשוב לי לקלוע לטעם שלך, שמחה שהצלחתי :)
Comment: Fab ATC - thank you so much! I love your style of artwork, it's brilliant!
Itti rated for Animal ATC on Jun 6, 2012
Comment: Beautiful card! I love the combination of painting and stickers :) And the notecard was beautiful too!
CarlaDMG rated for ATC color series - purple! on Jun 1, 2012
Comment: Very creative ATC. (The little BBs create a sound like a whole bunch of butterfly wings.) Thanks also for the tree watercolor; quite lovely. ☺
Amblnc38 rated for ATC color series - purple! on May 30, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the cute card.
PinkDixie rated for ATC color series - green! on May 22, 2012
Comment: Thanks
Jan rated for ATC color series - green! on May 21, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the green ATC - very classy - I love it. :)
barbieloufromKY rated for ATC color series - blue! on May 19, 2012
Comment: Very nice ATC....thanks so much for making it special!
Comment: How amazing is this ATC! Thank you so much - I love it :-) Your artwork is amazing :-)
sweettems rated for a star! on May 18, 2012
Comment: Awesome ATCs! The smiling little star on the one just makes me laugh every time. I love him!
donnastamps rated for a heart! on May 18, 2012
Comment: Thanks so much for hosting a private swap with me! I can't wait to try the teas that you sent! You put so much work into the ATC with the envelope and matching card! Thank you so much!! ~donna~
Rejoicing rated for ATC color series - blue! on May 17, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the wonderfully blue atc!
Comment: Thanks for the great cards, they are wonderful. Have a fantastic day.,
Comment: What a fun ATC. I just love it! the extras where really nice also. Thank you for putting a smile on my face after a long day at work.
Comment: Oh Thank you for the awesome octopus card. I do not have one that is black background and white foreground, like this. You did an awesome job. It will be proudly displayed. And thank you for the lovely note and extras. Your a great swapper!
Candyn29 rated for Private swap - Candyn29~nupharhall on May 11, 2012
Comment: I truely appreciate the your kindness of sending me charms and 2 fantastic atc's. I would do a private swap with you anytime for atc's, inchies, or postcards. You are a great swapper!
Response: im happy you liked it :) thx so much
towenby rated for Painters/Masking Tape on May 9, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the "angels" ATC (masking tape). It's beautiful!!
Comment: I love the cat ATC its so beautyful and also thanks for the tea. But please have a look for it to let clue or something like that enough time to dry before you put in a protction sleeve. I had problems to get it out and some of the orange clue still stick on the paper and a little of the paper is now on the ATC. But I love the ATC anyway :)
Response: ho im sorry, I will keep that in mind next time :)
jammum3 rated for Winnie the Pooh on May 8, 2012
Comment: Lovely-thank you!!
Halogen rated for ATreeC on May 7, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the atc! Also, I'm pretty sure the tea you sent as an extra is the best smelling thing in the world.
Response: happy you like it :)

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Paige1900 on Jul 9, 2012:

Hi...just stopping by checking on you...Hope you are doing wonderfully!

TwiggyFairy on Jun 23, 2012:

טוב בנות! ההחלפה תצא לדרך רק עוד קצת. אני אנסה להישאר היום ערה עד חצות ולפתוח ואם לא מקסימום בבוקר P:

אני ממש מודה לכן שהצטרפתן להחלפה הזאת. לא ידעתי שיש פה 7 ישראליות פעילות. זה נשמע מה זה קצת, אבל תכלס במדינה כזאת קטנה זה די הרבה לא? (: חחח גם ראיתי שהרבה התלהבו שכתבנו בעברית P:

יאללה בנות, נסגר מחר. נפגש והפי סאפיינג. אינלי מושג איך להגיד את זה בעברית ^^

Paige1900 on May 10, 2012:

OMG...I just looked at your art work! You are awesome!!!

Paige1900 on May 7, 2012:

alt text

But I want you to have a good one!

Twiga on Jan 11, 2012:
tiggerkitn25 on Dec 1, 2011:

Hi! Welcome to Swap-bot! I too saw your rating for @rabu and wanted to let you know that I think you did the right thing by putting a comment about the quality of her ATCs. They do look like her kid does them! I wouldn't dare send something that poorly done for a swap. And she has a reputation for being rude. I'm sorry you got her for a partner.

I don't do many ATC swaps but if you'd like to do a private one after the holidays just let me know. I like rainbows. =) Have a great day!

Moosecastle on Dec 1, 2011:

I too have been the recipient of rabu's ATC's.

You should join Swapbot Flakers Group - that way you can avoid swaps with questionable swappers:)

Paige1900 on Dec 1, 2011:

I saw the comment you left @rabu on your rating...then I read the very rude comment she made to you. That was uncalled for. She has been a questionable swapper for sometime, because of her shabby swaps and her attitude.

Would you be interested in a private ATC to make up for the shabby one she sent you?

Juliajae on Nov 29, 2011:

Welcome to the ATC Addicts Club!

StarMouse on Nov 14, 2011:

I just got the beautiful Rainbow Inchies! They are amazing, and the mounting is very original! Wish I had thought of it. Today I learned that I can take pictures of projects in which I use India Ink IF I spray a Matte Finish on top! Otherwise the oil in the ink reflects too much light. Live and learn. Welcome to Swap-bot I'm new here myself. Almost everyone I've met is very kind.

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