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About Me

Hello! I'm Halogen.


I'm a weird art hippie poet student. I'm the imaginary friend of my shadow. I'm a time travelling mermaid. I'm at university getting a degree in being meaningfully useless and rewardingly poor (ie I'm a Creative Writing and Theatre undergrad.)

I live here:


My flikr and ATCforall pages may have spoilers on them. They also have available ATCs if you're interested in a private swap.

I think the world is pretty and so are you.

Wish List!

  • a note on a small piece of paper saying "love from a stranger" in your handwriting (I collect them)
  • steampunk craft items like cogs and watch parts
  • colourful eye makeup (but not sketchy dollar store stuff please! drugstore stuff is fine.)
  • eco friendly skin/hair/etc products (no icky chemicals like parabens, sulphates, etc. please.)
  • maps of made up worlds (drawn by you or from books etc)


  • anything to do with the "Stuff I LOVE" section below...
  • old-looking maps
  • nature photos/old calendars
  • Art posters
  • colourful/pretty socks - size 11 girls.
  • Thoughtfully made ATCs (especially hand drawn/painted)

tangle tree colour girl star

Stuff I LOVE


  • Nature! Especially: The ocean, jellyfish, tide pools, seahorses, waterfalls, Forests, trees, leaves, feathers (not the fluffy dyed craft store kind), mushrooms, ivy, ferns, moss, dragonflies, fireflies,The sky (moon, stars, clouds), horizons, 4 seasons, Weather (rain, wind, storms, snow)
  • 4 elements
  • Mermaids, elves (lotr kind, not xmas), fairies (naturey not super girly please)
  • spiral staircases, castles, towers
  • tree houses, fairy houses, sandcastles
  • abandoned, post-apocalyptic
  • bird cages
  • swings
  • time travel, anachronisms
  • steam punk, clocks
  • hippie stuff
  • medieval/fantasy
  • science fiction
  • made-up worlds
  • pirate style, tallships
  • art with text in it, interesting fonts and handwriting
  • sea glass & translucent things in general
  • bubbles
  • eyes
  • lightbulbs
  • spirals, concentric and intersecting circles

gala sword


blue, green, teal, earth colours, autumn colours, blue + brown/gold/yellow, bright warm and cool colours together, rainbow (especially more muted or subtle rainbow colours)


  • Like: herbal tea, roibos, green, chai, (craving right now: orange or cranberry herbal, anything spicy for autumn)
  • hot chocolate *flavoured coffee (chocolate, vanilla, etc.)
  • Dislike: plain black tea, mint tea, chocolate tea, chamomile


Elderflower, kiwi, hazelnut, lemonade, blackberry, blue rasberry, coconut, nutmeg, pumpkin spicy, ginger


Un-like List

I don't really like/need...

  • Cartoons
  • Kawaii
  • Pictures of pets
  • Rhinestones
  • skulls
  • really girly things
  • earrings, I do not have pierced ears
  • bubblegum/banana flavour, marshmallow
  • heavily scented things (mild scent is ok) and very synthetic or floral smells
  • pastel colours
  • animal print
  • postcards of cities/tourist postcards that aren't of nature
  • bookmarks
  • recipes

Movies & TV

MOVIES: V for Vendetta, st Trinians, Serenity, The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, Thumbelina, the Hunger Games, A Very Potter Musical :)

lotr thumb tardis firefly merlin bones glee sherlock

TV: Firefly, Doctor Who, True Blood, House, Blacks Books, Glee, Merlin, Bones, New Girl, Sherlock

Favorite Books

I generally like fantasy that is particularly original and sci fi (especially dystopia/post-apocalyptic). Also retellings of stories/fairytales.

Some randomly selected favourites: The Lord of the Rings, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, The Hunger Games, Time Traveller's Wife, Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy, Ender's Game, Hexwood, The Chrysalids, the Tortall series, Ella Enchanted, The Golden Compass, Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, A Canticle for Leibowitz, Beauty, Chronicles of Narnia, Lullabies for Little Criminals, Jane Eyre, the flower fairy books!

Misc: XKCD, Post Secret, Improv Everywhere

Favorite Music

I don't really have favourite bands but some of my favourite songs are by: Radiohead, Dresden Dolls, Regina Spektor, Belle and Sebastien, The Stars, The Fray, MUSICALS (les mis, wicked, phantom of the opera, sweeney todd, Disney, Dr Horrible etc), Loreena Mckenitt.

I also listen to spoken word (Shane Koyczan, Andrea Gibson, Buddy Wakefield for example).

dream x

Swap Info: Don't stress!

I'm a pretty laid back person. If you're running behind on a swap just let me know what's going on, it's ok! (Even if your reason is "I'm having a bad day and would really like to not walk to the post office in the rain, I'll send tomorrow?") Note: I'm not implying I will send my swaps late for minor/foreseeable reasons, I know not everyone is a time travelling hippie like me :) If I do fall behind or mess up I'll be sure to let my partners know.

If you're missing a swap or rating from me just send me a message and I'll be more than happy to figure it out!

I take absolutely no offence if you ever want to re-swap something I made for/sent to you! As long as:

  • my name is left on it (if it was handmade)
  • it isn't writing (a poem, letter, story etc.)

I'm a dumpster diver. If you want to send me stuff you found being thrown out I am 100% supporting of that as long as is isn't: dirty, edible, makeup, or broken (in a non artistic way). Likewise, recycled packaging is smiled upon.

These people have flaked on me or in swaps I hosted. If you ever want to resolve this I would love you to get in contact with me. Until then I'm afraid you can't join any of my swaps.

@ruoto @Powderedtoastgirl @aer90 (twice) @bright16 @Twiffly @AdorablePenguin @BeautifullyFrayed @creepyweirdo @akhilpreeti @memecrease


mslighthearted rated for Canadian Autumn on Dec 15, 2013
Comment: I'm a dodo.... I'm cleaning up my Swapbot and realized I never rated for this swap. My sincerest apologies! I loved your poem and the card you made. I love handmade things and find them so personal. Funny co-incidence: I lived in Montreal most of my life and spent part of it living on your street. I don't remember the exact address but it was at the corner of Rachel. Small world, uh? Thanks, once again, and so sorry for the late thank you.
Comment: Thank you so much! Great Artwork! :)
KateKintail rated for Hunger Games in a Bag on Dec 12, 2012
Comment: Happy Hunger Games is right! Wow! I absolutely adored this package! So many handmade items, including the Katniss ATC to complete my collection! I love the leaf arena drawing and Cina's sketches. But my favorite was your map of the districts! I'm going to frame that and put it up in my home library! I adore maps based on books! Thanks so much for the wonderful, clever package!
Response: So glad you like it! Maps are one of my favourite parts of sci-fi/fantasy books too :)
tanjch rated for 25 Writing Prompts x 2 on Nov 14, 2012
Comment: thank you :) can't wait to "try them out"
bluehairedmary rated for 25 Writing Prompts x 2 on Nov 5, 2012
Comment: Thanks! These will definitely come in handy!
wreckthisgirl rated for Draw me This! on Oct 15, 2012
Comment: loved the drawing! Thank you :)
Popcornikimppu1 rated for Map of the Imaginary #2 on Oct 3, 2012
Comment: Since you are the host, I presume you know what "a legend and/or small info section about the world" means. Is it the box where all the sings of the map are explained? I ask this because I have not yet sent mine, and I tough I should include a extra paper telling about the area I invented. However, I like it, very interesting.
Response: Yes, I guess in that context it could be a bit confusing. A 'legend' on a map is an explanation of the symbols used. I meant it in that sense in the description, not in the story sense. I've edited the description to be clear. The idea was that if you weren't using map symbols you would write a short description of the world instead to meake up for it. You are welcome to do both if you would like to.
samsstuff rated for Nature Uncovered on Sep 20, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the sweet drawing!
BluGinhm rated for BBC Sherlock in a Mini Bag on Sep 10, 2012
Comment: This is the coolest stuff! I love the Sherlock quotes! And I especially loved your deductions about me! I will tell you that you came up with deductions about my swap-bot name that I never thought of but make perfect sense. And since you did such a great job about deducing, I'll tell you BluGinhm actually came from a Chatty Cathy doll outfit that was really hard to find and almost always was sold as a separate outfit, but actually came on the Chatty Cathy I briefly had as a child. It had a blue gingham dress, white pinafore and blue velvet shoes with a blue gingham lining. But I love the Wizard of Oz and like that reference, too! Thanks for sending it all!
Response: So glad you liked it! I had fun with the deductions :)
ZzMonstruozZ rated for Time for an ADVENTURE! on Aug 28, 2012
Comment: Ooops! I'm sorry O_o I thought it was already raten! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure! =D
catestalkergc rated for Time for an ADVENTURE! on Jul 25, 2012
Comment: Thanks for taking me on your adventure. I can relate to lost camera cables :P
RWB411 rated for Time for an ADVENTURE! on Jul 19, 2012
froglet rated for Time for an ADVENTURE! on Jul 17, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the charming, summery ATC!
Comment: Love me some hand drawn art! Thank you!
RWB411 rated for Let the Scavenging Begin! #2 on May 29, 2012
Comment: high five! good job!
bean rated for Let the Scavenging Begin! #2 on May 27, 2012
Comment: Awesome photos, that dress is so pretty! I am afraid of strapless things too (the curse of the bazooooooms!)
VioletLove rated for Let the Scavenging Begin! #2 on May 25, 2012
Comment: Thanks, great pictures. I have tried that stinky lotion. It does work really well :)
Comment: This was BEYOND waiting for! What an amazing package! I loved the ATC & the tree. You are a very talented artist! And the Halloween lagniappe rocked! Thank you so, so much, my fellow Sherlockian!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! It was fun to put together. And don't worry at all about forgetting to rate before, since you were kind enough to wait for me to send!
taoiionam rated for ATreeC on May 21, 2012
Comment: Thank you <3 I like your style ^^

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KateKintail on Dec 1, 2012:


Lord of the Rings in Bag profile check. Happy swapping!

KateKintail on Oct 31, 2012:

Hunger Games
Hunger Games in a Bag profile check. Happy swapping!

VioletLove on Apr 18, 2012:

Thank you for the wonderful envelope of goodies. It was so sweet of you :) I look forward to the next hunt.

LINDA50 on Apr 14, 2012:

Your Flickr pictures are fantabulous and wonderful!

PenguinParade on Apr 12, 2012:

yay, welcome to D13! Btw, XKCD rocks :)

RyeRye on Apr 4, 2012:

snout on Feb 28, 2012:

Glad you received it!

tengu2 on Feb 28, 2012:

Welcome to the hand drawn/painted ATC group. I hope you are very active with us and find many swaps to enjoy. I look forward to getting a chance to get to swap with you in the group. Happy swapping.

jandmterry on Feb 11, 2012:

Thank you so very much for my envelope of goodies!! I love everything you put in it. I also appreciated the quotes and note you included. I have read The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and thought it was a great book. Your envelope made my day! Thank you again!!


LavenderSprinkles on Feb 9, 2012:

Hey! I collect maps and flags for made up countries and lands. I never knew anyone else did. I actually even had a website for my made up country. LOL-I wish that I still had it but the server closed down. Wow, I want to remake it and then redo the map and flag all over again. Would you like to help me?

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